CRYPTO “Are Banks Going Under”?

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Are the banks going under and why is it Important for you to understand how Banks work because if you do this could Radically transform your family's wealth Timeline my name is coach JB what I work To do is make very complex macro and Microeconomic strategies very simple so The normal everyday person can Implement Them in my videos first I share with you The facts figures numbers logic at the End of every video I tell you exactly What I'm doing it's not Financial advice I'm just speaking from my Paradigm but I Have went from 4 years ago being Completely broke to understanding how The money flows through the system how Multi-millionaires and billionaires Operate and I financially freed my Family and now we're in the next phase Which we call generational wealth Building so I have three amazing Resources I've helped over 7,500 people since 2020 break free from This just over broke Paradigm they're All free resources the first one is a 16-page guide on exactly how my Ecosystem is set up that's in the Description of this video second I'm a Licensed insurance agent in all 50 States I have a team that will cover all 50 states and we'll do a free Consultation absolutely free watch out For scammers we do not invest people's Money we'll never ask you to send us

Money it's a free consultation around How we ensure our wealth they teach you How to ensure your car your house but Not your wealth we do tax code 7702 very Important for this next Bull Run and the Future of securing your money Description down below free consultation And lastly you can start our Academy 7 Days for free to try it out if ready to Jump right into our education Academy All of it's in the description this Video or my social media platform so Let's dive into this so first of all let Me share with you a little bit of History so I'm coach JB and I was a Former Banker I've had a really wild Life there's a book about it but I want To share with you guys is I've had ups And downs and I've lost my money three Times I lost my money first by horrible Decisions 17 years ago got my Together got an executive banking degree CBA executive banking degree and got a Four-year degree and I end up becoming a VP at a bank and when I OD how the me Mechanisms of money run through the System and I realized that Banks Actually do not provide Financial Education their customers and they're Designed to keep us trapped in a vicious Cycle they're not a nonprofit Organization it's all there for you to Understand they secure your money for You and they take your money and make a

100 times on it so I started to ask Myself how can I do the same thing so The key was to understand how Banks work Bank makes money in three ways interest Income and I'm GNA make it very simple Okay interest income fee income and Capital markets income interest income Is credit cards auto loans um anything You do with a loan a personal loan home Equity okay then you got fee income That's your checking fees your bill pay Fees anything that has a fee attached to It then you have Capital Market income Those are just three Baseline ways right So as you put a $100,000 into the bank They're taking your money and making a 100 times on your money when you could Be doing the exact same thing so it's Important important to understand Are Banks going under no I don't believe so They're going through a massive Transition to blockchain technology Distributed Ledger technology on demand Liquidity and cryptocurrency is going to Be the new Financial system private Sector right now is really exploding in The credit sector but I'm here to tell You guys money is completely different From when your grandparents in your Parents group you cannot take advice From them guys the system is completely Different when they were in the system And we had a weird economy or high Interest rates they had a good balance

Sheet our balance sheet is destroyed we Have more debt than we have income so The system has to change okay but when You understand when the system changes How it affects you you can make a lot of Wealth doing that so at the end of this Video I'm going to share with you Exactly what I'm doing so first we're Going to watch a video and I'm we're Going to get their narrative we want to We want to hear from their perspective On what they're saying about this Economy and Banks and what what's going On so a lot of private lending kicked in Um a private Equity private lending I Did some private lending for one of my Companies because just banks are not Lending right now they're in trouble in Terms of where you can make the most Money is it still an investment grade Despite where we are right now well it's It's in higher quality credit the Reality is there's still this debate You'll have it with Torsten later on Soft landing hard Landing uh your friend Mr slock but the reality is the economy Is we're sort of a little bit in this Interesting gold relocks period right Now um concern about a Slowdown has been On everybody's mind the last six seven Months fed's actually done a really nice Job of maintaining higher rates so I Would argue that the fed put it order Back in the market right now and the

Reality is you can make as people are Worrying about soft and hard Landing in Credit you've been making double digit Returns in the last six to nine months So the and now the perspective that's Funny about this yeah the people who Understand money the wealth managers the Multi-millionaires they're making a lot Of money off this normally everyday Person is just trying to survive Okay This may seem easy to them a hard or Soft Landing is going to destroy the Middle class not the bankers because They have the Insight that's why it's Important for you understand how this Money moves to the system okay so now We're going to dive into another Perspective where Jay Clayton we know Who Jay Clayton is Right Jay Clayton was The one who initiated the case against Ripple on December 20th 2020 who left a Consult for a cryptocurrency firm which Is important to understand is that Jay Clayton is now on the board is now on The board for the bank bailin committee So you don't think he has a hand in the Decisions on how banks are rewiring and Reframing and getting ready for this new Economic system place is the process of Debank in a phrase that I think Jim said He didn't like this morning but it's a Phrase a lot of people use as places Like this take on more of that business At what point does a place like this

Pose the same risk as a bank and needs To be regulated as such how close are we To that moment so what we're talking About is non-bank financial institutions So remember 2012 Rosie Rio said to Reduce Co coining cash usage okay she Couldn't because the Obama plan turned The printing machine on full blast the Fomc future oversight committee sorry if I get that wrong with my dyslexia my Fomc I think is future oversight Committee which Gary Gensler was part of Starting that which is a future Oversight committee regulating non-bank Financial institutions which activated In 2023 when the bank started to fail And Jay Clayton now sits on the board For the bank bailing committee I don't I Don't think we're very close at all F First of all I don't think we're we're Experiencing quote de banking you know Banks are and will remain at the center Of our financial system true you know There's no doubt about it they they have He smiling he's he's guys he's sitting On the bank bailing committee the bank Is transferring it's transforming okay Banks are not going anywhere guys Everybody trusts their local bank Bank Of America I have a Wells Fargo account You know I put my money in there uh I Have you know I transact through there We have our business accounts set up There everything's there guys but I

Don't leave a bunch of money in the bank I do what the banks do with my money I Use them for transa they have their Purpose I use them to pay our bills to Pay our team members to do all the Things to you know it's a convenience And I take excess money and I invest in The capital markets I I put money into Insurance I put money into precious Metals I'm going to be going into real Estate I just basically do what the Banks do it's pretty simple actually the Customers they they provide you know the Vast majority of the credit but what What a places like this do at the Margins they provide a great deal of Credit and that that additional credit Source that places like Apollo and Others have Ed I think has been a great Stabilizing effect on the economy as We've gone through this transition when When you have more Nimble credit you Have a better functioning economy so how Many calls for the rich so we're not Going to go even deeper in that because It gets really boring it's stuff that I Love to hear about but basically they're Talking about private credit right so a Lot of people went to private credit Went to um I'm using the wrong word uh Private lending there's a there's a word For it anyways we did non-bank financial Institution lending to get money for one Of my my beard companies what I launched

I went to the bank and they wouldn't Lend to me because of the tightening of Lending which is crazy we're running a Lot of money through their Banks and so It shows you where the banks are at Right now the banks uh financial Institutions are all racing to get Liquidity back into their Banks okay now We're going to tap into a little bit Further now and I'm going to go into Rate Cuts okay so we're going to listen To the first part of this and you need To understand and I'm going to keep Repeating the same things until it gets A grain in your brain rate cuts are Going to be amazing for us investors it Is going to be catastrophic for the Normal middle Day Middle Class person Who's trying to survive buy a home live Normally being an investor right now is A very Very great opportunity if you have an Exit plan so pay attention 2023 comes to An end investment themes are already Beginning to take shape for the next Year uh for the new year I should say Joining us right now is Elizabeth Burton Goldman Sachs asset management and Elizabeth we're looking at some moves This morning that are kind of crazy with Things running up people expecting rate Cuts are going to come come down do you Buy it and if so if you think that's Really the story what do you tell people

To do with their money our position Remains that rate cuts are unlikely to Happen until the fourth quarter of next Year uh we think that the FED has been On a pretty trajectory and will stay Where they are um but things can always Happen and we can reevaluate so I Wouldn't uh be making Market moves right Now based on on what's Happening so do You think the runs that we've seen in Places like the equity markets and gold And Bitcoin are those overdone as a Result because we keep saying those Things are on the move because it looks Like rate cuts are coming sooner I don't Know if they're overdone what I would Say is I think we're going to be in a Rangeb area at least for the next 12 Months I think okay so she's giving you The blueprint I don't know why that cut Out we'll continue to move on on this Because it just gets into boring stuff But it's really exciting actually it's So basically what happens is rate Cuts Rate Cuts rate Cuts rate Cuts remember Rate Cuts rate Cuts rate cuts when they Cut rates guys our crypto is going to go Parabolic your stocks are going to go Parabolic the house you're trying to buy For 800,000 is going to shoot shoot over A million okay it is very good for Investors they jacked up this economy They are packing their bags it's not by Chance that a Bitcoin ETF is going to

Get improved in first quarter they are Going to make so much money for their Institutional clients they're going to Make so much money for institutional Clients and then it's going to transform Into a new type of economy a Crypto-based economy and those who held The line didn't trip dime in hand and Bought the dip are going to be some of The wealthiest people in the world so December 4th this came out fed is Disconnected from reality must cut rates Five times next year portfolio manager Says which one is it cutting rates not Cutting rates we know that they're going To have to cut rates we just don't know When that's why I'm going to share with You at the end why I have a very strict Exit Plan I don't care what they say I Watch what they do and I respond not Emotionally to what they do okay so this Is um uh this the last thing I'm going To show you guys so America is going to Have a big winner in Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Anthony Pano I love the Way he explains this so again it goes Back into interest rates we now know That Larry fin the video I showed you Yesterday told you that went from Cryptocurrencies used for money Laundering in 2017 to now Cryptocurrencies a flight to safety the Whole narrative transition this bull run Is going to make the previous fouryear

Cycles look like Child's Play just my Opinion because of the economic status Of America right now right now and let's Start Bitcoin specifically $42,000 what You ascribe the move to Yeah uh Bitcoin is a free market free Market asset and I think one of the Things people forget in finance is that Markets are forward-looking and so what We're seeing here is people are Allocating to an asset that they believe Is going to go up in the future Obviously uh things that will drive that Are the Bitcoin ETF but as people are Allocating to this 70% of the Circulating supply of Bitcoin has not Moved in a year the reason why that's Important is this is an $800 billion do Asset that has gone up 15% over the last 12 months so when an asset goes up 150% You would expect people to sell into the Strength kind of take profits that's not Happening and so bitcoiners are not Selling that Bitcoin they're not going To sell it to Wall Street and so wall Street's gonna have to continue to bid Up the price in order share issue so the 70% that has not changed not just this Past year but by the way that has not Changed I don't think this is so Important what they're talking about I'm Going to break this down in in our terms Right so basically 70% has not moved so Wall Street is trying to get in they

Have to bid up the price they have the Money to buy this right so if you are a Person who owes a couple Bitcoin you get To benefit from that because they have To because this is a different from any Other asset class guys our normal Financial system they can just print Money Bitcoin does not they can't just Turn the printing machine on there's a Certain amount of Bitcoin changes the Whole game for this asset changes the Whole game for crypto changes the whole Game now here's why I'm talking about Bitcoin so much because it's going to Drive the market guys when Bitcoin goes Up the profits are going to flood into Alternative coins and your altcoins are Going to go absolutely parabolic okay Super important important super Important this is why every single day On the back end of this video I'm going To share with you guys because what you Repeatedly do gets ingrained in your Subconscious mind what gets ingrained in Your subconscious mind becomes an Unconscious activity all of you need to Download Merlin everything I talk about I am the co-founder or creator of we Created Merlin because this saved our Crypto portfolios by using spreadsheets And having exit plans we are intelligent Investors in crypto we saw thousands of Our friends get wrecked in crypto Because they had the greed Gene guys

Stop listening to YouTubers telling you Where crypto is going to go when it Starts getting very hypy when you start Hearing Bitcoin to 100,000 Bitcoin and It keeps going up and there's all these Predictions that means you need to have Exits you need to be getting out because When they tell you it's going to go to 200,000 it's going to pull back at 150,000 I'm just making up numbers they Said it was going to 100,000 in 2021 to 2022 and it went to 68 somewhere around 68,000 you do not want to be the exit Liquidity write that down I do not want To be the exit liquidity Merlin is the Smartest way to track your crypto we do Not hold your keys and combos okay is a Interface that shows you your daily Gains and losses gives you a clear Picture of the market to make it very Simple is it up is it down and here is The most important part I'm a very Simplistic guy okay you're going to Create your own exit strategy we have Facts um videos we have customer service That can help you figure out what an Exit strategy is so basically for me in Cryptocurrency I have an exit strategy Set up as my crypto goes up I will be Exiting as you guys are all coming in or The public is coming in because of the Fear uncertainty and doubt in the Institutional adoption so as people are Going I'm gonna get rich quick I'm gonna

Get rich quick and it's going up I've Pulled three four or five times profit And when it goes to the point where you Are going to be the exit liquidity the Exchanges are going to shut down because They're getting liquidated the Institutions and me and my team we Already got our money we're g to pay Uncle Sam or do what we got to do or Figure out how to do that and then I'm Going to Max Fund my index Universal Life policies if I need cash flow from That to buy back in I will borrow from My policy um tax-free okay knowing that I don't even have to pay that back it Comes off the death benefit that's very Important on how you set your policies Up and I'm also going to be getting more Into real estate real estate is going to Appreciate like crazy if interest rates Go down I'm going to get more precious Metals I'm going to continue to develop More businesses that solve big problems For the world Merlin everybody gets 30 Days for free guys if you don't like it You literally go inside and click cancel You do not have to jump through hoops we Are very serious about helping as many People as possible possible we have Thousands of people that watch this There's already almost 1300 people using Merlin and the customer service results Are amazing guys this will change your Investment career because everybody if

You do not have a foundation of wealth If you've never grown up with wealth You've never been educated on wealth you Have to change your frame of mind Merlin Will get you in the conversation it'll Get you going it'll get you running like An intelligent investor you have to have An exit plan in everything you do guys Very important especially crypto Especially crypto you think when these Institutions come in you don't think They're going to pull super hard you're Going to be the exit liquidity just like Most people were from 2021 to 2022 when It came down 85% yeah it's exciting when You're making money and your spouse is Going to be really happy when you're Making the money but she's also going to Be pissed he he or she's going to be Pissed when all of a sudden you didn't Have an Exit Plan and you were showing Him or her how much money you had and Then all of a sudden you're showing them How broke you are that is a fact of life That happened over and over again to People in 2022 guys what goes up must Come down do the opposite of everybody Else I invert Everything


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