XRP Multi-Year Consolidation FAILED US?! Did it REALLY??

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel most of you listening have been Waiting literally for years for xrp to Hit a new all-time high and Enterprise Discovery um some of us have been Waiting longer than others but either Way even if you've been here a couple Years it's probably felt like a long Time for me it's been over six years There are also people here that have Been around longer than I have but we've Been waiting a hot minute haven't we Well I will tell you this after waiting For over 6 years not only do I not feel Impatient because I set the right Expectations going into this in 2017 but I have never felt more optimistic about The long-term viability of xrp I've Never felt more confident that it is Going to hit a new all-time high in Enterprice Discovery so long as the Market moves in that direction meaning As long as Bitcoin does I think the rest Of the market is going to go especially For those coins that are actually useful And offer utility because with each Subsequent Market cycle that becomes Increasingly important I think it's very Clear that's the trend we're seeing Within the market now that said the Negative sentiment on social media Within the xrp community seems to be Roughly equivalent in my estimation to What it was in late

2017 before xrp rampaged to an all-time High melting faces in the process of Course leaving little disgusting looking Piles of Goo um but it's it's just it's so Fascinating to see because it does seem If you listen to the Chart analysts um It looks like we're primed to be seeing A move to the upsite market wide xrp has Got its legal Clarity on top of that and What was happening right before this a Bunch of people bitching up a storm that Xrp isn't doing what they want and People feeling scared that's the Sentiment here to well go figure go Isn't that the case isn't that always How it is before xrp moves to the upside And so there's two articles I want to Highlight here in this video the first One's uh from the Crypt basic titled xrp Negatively drifting from its three-year Consolidation plan and then the other One also might sound a little negative On the on the surface here but we're Going to end this video up on a happy Note that's for sure uh xrp Army Questions thre Monon price lump but Remains optimistic before going further Though I do want to be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I'm not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys

Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun in case anyone is curious At the time I'm recording this it is 8:39 p.m. central Time Thursday uh February 1 that's right we're in a new Month I almost said January Thursday February 1st 2024 and uh xrp was in the uh upper 40 Cent region is around for how low did it Get 49 something cents 49.3 cents that's As low as it was within the last 24 Hours anyway uh 24-hour High though Because it did move to the upside today A bit uh 50.9 cents it's 50 and a half Cents at the time that I'm recording This uh Bitcoin 43,124 bucks and if You're looking at the 24-hour chart here For xrp and then you can compare it to What is now on your screen the 24-hour Chart for Bitcoin you can see that these Two charts as I go back and forth Between them uh hold on one sec uh they They look strikingly similar do they not It's just the market moving in tandem as Is always the case and it doesn't mean That xrp follows Bitcoin down to the Second the minute the day the week the Month the quarter so on and so forth Which is what scares people sometimes Frankly um you have the crypto fear and Green index at 63 out of 100 so barket Participants are still in greed so what About this xrp negatively drifting from

Its three-year consolidation plan well I Actually briefly want to touch on this But it's funny I actually made a video This is an article from today but Yesterday I made a video covering this Content there was analysis from xrp Community member analyst crypto Rover And he said xrp is breaking down on this Threeyear consolidation pattern and he Shared a particular chart here showing That xrp was breaking below it after 3 Years not a good sign and so I don't Want to rehash everything in that video But I will note that there are number of Analysts who respectfully were Disagreeing with the analysis from Crypto Rover saying uh you draw the not Draw you drew the lines on your chart Wrong you draw bad and uh and as a Result you're getting improper analysis There are multiple analysts I saw and I'm not an analyst I'm not pretending no I'm just sharing with you some of the Stuff that I saw but but a lot of people Saying no it's actually still within the Triangle there it did not break below And in fact the even the blockchain Backer this morning although I didn't See him reference anything from crypto Rover uh I did I did hear him state that Even when xrp was around the 49 cent Region that it was actually still Holding above support you know and so Take that for what it's worth here but

It may not be some sort of disaster Scenario uh breaking on down and so um Attorney Bill Morgan reposted that from Crypto Rover and tagged me and said good Luck putting a positive spin on that and I covered that in the video yesterday uh Including uh what's on your screen right There if you want to pause here and read It if you didn't catch it when I covered It yesterday feel free I'm not going to Read it just for the sake of time Because I covered it in the video Yesterday but for anybody that might Have missed it if you do want to pause Here read through it feel free just Wanted to give you the option but the Next piece is what I really wanted to Spend a couple minutes on here um the Headline here again xrp Army questions Thre Monon price slump but remains Optimistic yeah let's talk about this One this one's interesting here because Especially with so many people in fear And I don't know what percentage of the Xrp community it is all I note is that The people that are feeling fearful are In despair are they're like xrps crap Now because it's not doing what they Want when they want it to in terms of Price action those people are very vocal So I think it's probably in these Instances the case that those people who Feel beaten down uh they're just way More vocal than everybody else so it

Might feel if you hop on social media That every xrp holder on the planet is In despair I'm actually not quite Convinced that's the case but even if You're not in despair there's going to Be plenty of people that might be on the Fence are kind of questioning even if It's just a little bit and that's why I Want to talk about uh what's what's Going on here so the piece reads as Follows the SRP Community has expressed Concern about the asset's recent price Performance but remains hopeful of a Recovery in the coming months since the Final quarter of the past year the price Of xrp has underperformed when compared To other cryptocurrencies within the top 10 at the same time the asset has lost Two places on the top 10 list having Been overtaken by salana and more Recently usdc now I'll not at the time That I'm recording this xrp is in the Number six slot so apparently for for a Brief moment it did slip down to number Seven in terms of market cap it's pretty Close but frankly when when any coin Loses a spot to a stable coin which is Always a dollar I'm not impressed I Don't care because all you have to do is Print more of that stable coin market Cap go up because market cap is just the Current price which is always a dollar Times the circulating Supply so if you Make more of them you make the market

Cap go up you can jump up in spots just Just just I tell you what just print up Like a quadrillion usdc and you'll be Number what you can supplant Bitcoin It'll be a glorious day finally the King Has fallen right see this is how stupid It is Though um anyway peace Continues these developments have drawn The attention of even the most Hard-minded xrp investors in a recent Post on X several investors expressed Their concern albeit while maintaining Optimism that a turnaround is on the Horizon prominent xrp influencer Bill Morgan initiated the comments with Graphics showing the past three months Of price action among the top Cryptocurrencies notably xrp which Ranked sixth at the time is the only one Seing strong negative price action the Asset has lost 18% of its value in the Past 3 months despite all other Cryptocurrencies gaining in double Digits even major competitor cardano Gained 50% over the same timeline with Bitcoin seeing the lowest gain at 20% And folks isn't it amazing despite all Of that xrp still number six in market Cap will out be gosh Daren and so um Attorney Bill Morgan just to be clear There is no problem with bringing up Facts like this and data like this some People are being kind of rude to

Attorney Morgan and he's just bringing Up like his actual concerns and having a Pretty civil discussion so I don't like It when people get particularly rude to Him and he's not doing this to be a Troll I'll tell you that um he's he's Also in separate posts you can see like He's he's not he's not like squirly About it he's stating that as the price Has gone down he's been buying more xrp But he's also just engaging with the xrp Community in an adult manner so like Give that back to him the adult manner You can disagree with him all you want As long as you're civil civil discourse Is awesome we should be able to share Ideas even if they're opposing Viewpoints let's just be adults about it Right um and so he shared something Which I'll highlight and then um this Article actually highlighted my response To him uh because it was that amazing And the Crypt basic has Recognized just kidding I mean they well They did Cover what I said but um here Here's what attorney Morgan wrote the Three-month snapshot of xrp and other Top coins it follows the market Apparently I know snapshots are a Partial picture and can be misleading Depending on the time frame but it does Call for asking what is the explanation Why is xrp the odd one out amongst these Top coins what irritates me is that

People will say but the whole Market is Down today not just xrp as if the above Trend means nothing And so I will note that is one of the Things I said yesterday when I noted That xrp was down it was true the whole Market was down and so frequently that's The case and so the point he's making is Yeah even if that's true what about over A little bit of a longer time period Which is a few months here xrp's down What about these other coins well my Response and my thinking is kind of Similar regardless of that um here's What I wrote Because again he ended his Post by saying um what irritates me is That most people will will say but the Whole Market is down today not just xrp As if the above Trend means nothing and So my response was the above Trend means Nothing it's true your observation is The same as what people observed in the Second half of 2017 xrp was moving down or sideways While the rest of the market was ripping To the upside for months on end it Didn't mean anything because even months Are barely visible when you zoom out on A chart even looking at a few months is Just a short-term snapshot xrp lags Behind in price action historically this Is provably true as far as why this is True I don't know people have been Speculating on that for years I'm only

Noting this price action is historically Normal for xrp if Bitcoin hits a new All-time high and xrp doesn't that Market cycle that will be the point Where I'll believe something is likely Wrong I mean unless for some strange Reason pretty much no alt run so folks That's my stance it's even if you're Looking at 3 months that's too short of A snapshot to draw a conclusion because Again if that matters why doesn't why Doesn't the longer term period why isn't That more impressive to you xrp is Number six in market cap it's been in The top 10 for over a decade why doesn't That matter more than three months well Of course it matters more than three Months right so that's my perspective That's my humble opinion right that's Just what I think Anyway um but I I really do think you Have to zoom out more because if you Think what happened in 2017 again the Sentiment was the same until roughly the Middle of December when xrp started Rocketing to the upside and then quickly Everybody that was crying foul zip their Lips and everybody was in Moon booy mode And then when it hit the top everybody Thought that it was just going to keep Running and running it's going to be $20 $50 xrps going into the moon even Further it's going to go past the moon But that obviously didn't but that

Always happens just like last Market Cycle people were calling for you know 100,000 uh for Bitcoin or you know 200,000 for Bitcoin half a million for Bitcoin last Market cycle even when Bitcoin hit its alltime high in 2017 at 20 grand people then were calling for $100,000 Bitcoin so people are notorious For just being horrible at this stuff And judging where things markets are Going to Peak just the typical retail Speculator in particular right so the Sentiment is normal xrp's behaving like Normal the short-term price action which Is what attorney Morgan pulled up here I I'm telling you three months I can see It's longer than a single day so I can See why he was thinking the way he was Thinking but I'm just telling you in my Opinion that's still short term that That doesn't really paint a picture for Anything because you could find a Three-month period where I'm sure over The last 10 years you could probably Find multiple periods where xrp would Have been way up and other coins would Have been down or flat in the top 10 I I I bet you could hunt that down and find Tons of examples I just don't think it Matters because the truth is either We're right and this thing's going to Hit a new alltime high in Moon at some Point in in Enterprise Discovery or we Are wrong and we're all going to be a

Bunch of sad pandas but it's way too Early to know all of the the short-term Volatility here does not matter so far As I'm concerned because it's not based On anything of a fundamental Nature by Large almost all of it is just retail Speculation and the market moving in Tandem that's by and large what we've Been seeing so if xrp is going to have Legs this isn't the exact moment for us To know we have to wait and see what Happens with with the you know what's What's happening on a macro scale does You know equities keep running to the Upside because that's always been a Requirement for Bitcoin to hit a new Alltime high and then once Bitcoin hits A new all-time high our alt's going to Run and if so will xrp but we have to Have other happen and keep going in this Direction if that happens we'll get Another crack at seeing whether or not Xrp can do it my bet is yes I don't know For sure I could be wrong and xrp could Go to zero which is why I keep telling You this is not Financial advice I am a Dude on the internet with a stupid ass Name Moon Lambo come on Man I have the worst name in the entire Xrp community and I'm so proud of it so Look I just I don't think it makes any Sense to be freaking out and it's nice To see that xrp did go up a little bit Um now attorney Bill Morgan had a nice

Response to me he wrote um that is why We benefit from your insights it is not Timing the market but Moon lambo's time In the market that makes him a calm Voice of reason well thank you very much For saying that attorney Morgan I Appreciate that and I appreciate Everything that you do for the xrp Community um not just bringing up stuff Like this which absolutely is worthy of Discussion but also all of your legal Insight because uh you've been a voice When all of us are like blind the blind In the dark right I guess if I guess if You're blind you don't it doesn't matter If it's dark or bright but you get you Get the cut of by jib right we're a Bunch of blind numnuts not knowing What's happening from a legal sense Because the vast majority of us in the Community of course have different Professions and so it's nice to have an Attorney um who knows what the hell he's Talking about actually kind of guide us Through all the secb Ripple stuff when When we were in the thick of it and now We know xrp's legal Clarity and he's Still sharing his perspective and so Anyway I appreciate it I know everybody Else does too and it's nice to have Conversations like this it's worth it to Just share ideas and thoughts so we'll See what happens here but but uh I just Again I would be shocked if if Bitcoins

Get a new hit a new all-time high and Xrp number six in market cap it's not Going to run again to a new all time Even if it runs in correlation that's Not enough for me if it's not going to Hit a new alltime high here I will start To question whether or not uh the market Might be shifting gears in in terms of How it feels about xrp I would I we'd Have to have a come to Jesus moment we'd Have to have a talk as a community at That point honestly but we're not there And I don't think that's most likely to Occur it's possible we could get bad News but I'm I'm optimistic and I'm see This through either I'm right or I'm Wrong and I'm going to find out that's That and that's also why I feel more Comfortable having broader exposure Because if I'm wrong on one coin it's Not going to be as detrimental even Though xrp is a substantial percentage Of my crypto Holdings uh is what it is I've made my choice it's my largest Individual holding by a lot and I feel Really comfortable with that honestly Because I know all the short-term stuff Doesn't matter like I I firmly believe That I could not be more confident in That assessment that's just my opinion If I'm wrong I'm wrong but that is what I think you guys tell me what you think Though I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy sell anything because of

Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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