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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel are you ready to say goodbye to Cheap xrp I'll tell you what I sure as Hell am now I'm patient I'm as patient As they come but yes I'm definitely Ready to see the bull phase I'm ready to See xrp hit the new alltime high I'm Ready to see xrp Enterprise Discovery But uh what's cheap xrp anyway it's Always subjective right at the beginning Of the year mind you xrp was what about 32 cents at the time I'm recording this It's about 62 cents so about double what It was just at the beginning of the year So you know double the price like Directionally it's doing what we're Doing um but even with it being in the Realm of about 100% higher compared to Earlier this year at the beginning of This year it still looks relatively Speaking cheap to me I just don't think It's going to stay here very long and There are so many reasons and we'll talk A little bit from you know a technical Analysis perspective just not that I'm Not I don't do technical analysis as you Know but I want to share with you Perspective from a couple individuals Who are putting their necks on the line Actually putting out targets some with Actual timelines that's always seeming Particularly risky to me but even Outside of anything chart oriented just Outside the things having to do with

Chart analysis there are broad Expectations from industry participants Uh specifically leaders Executives at Major cryptocurrency exchanges Who Behind the Scenes right now are ramping Up their Readiness for what they see as An inevitable dramatic overnight Increase uh in terms of uh crypto volume Just just on the whole and it's Interesting because there's this article I want to run through part of this with You it's from coin Telegraph titled Strap yourselves in bull market coming Early 2024 say crypto exchange heads and These are exchanges that are pro xrp They offer xrp and in fact uh one of the Uh one of the exchanges that is uh Executives who's covered in this article Is a part of an exchange that is Actually a a an on demand liquidity Partner with ripple they could not be More Pro xrp and they have been I I want To say since like 2017 so if you ever wonder if it's just You are you just the crazy person that's Playing around with the magic internet Money the answer is no there are a ton Of very wealthy and very intelligent Individuals and Executives out there who Are absolutely counting on the same type Of activity that you are and as far as I'm concerned although it's not a Certainty it's a virtual certainty like We're going to be seeing that type of

Activity and when it comes to Xrp I don't make price predictions I Could be wrong and it goes to zero I Admit that but I think it's going to be Worth a damn fortune and I am ready to Say good buy to cheap xrp but uh but Before going any further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about about crypto related topics But just as a hobby and just for fun uh Now Bitcoin by the way it's 37,8 75 Bucks according to livecoin watch at the Time that I'm recording this video uh But got to mention yesterday and I'm Sure most of you are aware by now Bitcoin hit a 2023 high of uh something Like 30 what was it 38,300 something like that so it was Briefly above the $38,000 price level And you know it's just one of those Things again at the beginning of the Year here I'll head it here's a year to Price chart for Bitcoin it was what About 16, 16,600 so more than double from the Beginning of this year and it's it's Just like I keep saying it's one of Those things it always seems impossible Until it happens and then still you let

Enough time pass even at this price Level you'll still get some people that Start to lose hope but my God it's Clearly not many people not at these Price levels most people at these price Levels are recognizing yeah this isn't Just some sort of uh thing that's a Flash in the pan so people are it looks Like a lot of people are getting out of Disbelief I me I me look at the crypto Fear and greed index 73 out of 100 yall A bunch of greedy sons of as far As this chart says right 73 out of 100 Wasn't it just last year when it was at Six I think it was literally is at five Or six I'm I'm pulling from memory but I'm almost certain it was at like five Or six a year ago now it's at 73 and as I said back then I I don't know how long It will take but inevitably at some Point we'll be out of extreme fear and Back into greed and ultimately extreme Greed and there will be extreme greed Again Um take a look at this here's Perspective from um chart analyst dark Defender xrp chart analyst and he put Out this post a couple days ago he Sharing three price targets that he's Looking for in a timeline with them uh Now he did miss one of them but I I just I would to track it because look I'm Glad I'm not a technical analyst because Well first of all I find it boring as

Hell and I just I don't need the Additional scrutiny all right we all get Yelled at all of us YouTubers no matter What we do we get yelled at by the Internet because it's the internet That's fine I don't mind that I got a Thick skin it's fine but I'm telling you The chart guys man they get it bad and Especially if they're wrong so I Appreciate all the chart analysts but uh What I'm going to do here is just note What they're putting out into the public What their expectations are and we're Just going to track who's right about What and uh and and why if we can glean Anything that so far and um and you know It's always seems so risky to me even Though I'm not a Char I just to put out A a Timeline uh for for whatever your belief Was whatever structurally chartwise you Think makes sense I always find it Really like a risky move for them to be Putting out timelines just because even If you're right in your analysis and why You think directionally so and so is Going to happen and how a chart's likely To play out vers of you know based on Sort of historical uh price action from The past even if you're right about that There can be portions of a chart Progression that are slower or faster Than you know that particular that Particular chart progression in the past

So even if it's mirroring something Perfect from the past in terms of how Long that takes to play out it could be Much faster uh it could be much slower And so that's why I'm always like Anytime any any analyst puts out a Fairly precise timeline I go I don't Know man I'm not a chy I'm just saying If there's a particular particularly Tight uh you know expectation in terms Of when it's going to go then I'm just Uh kind of wiing a little bit but uh Here's an xrpusd chart from dark Defender and uh he wrote The Following Hi there all we recently discussed the Correction is over for xrp and again Targeted 66.4 I shared the $15 Target before now it is the first Time I have shared the structure I am Expecting and basing this Xrp uh to hit 67 Cents by tomorrow at The latest so folks nothing get some I'm Just highlighting what's what is out Here uh this is on November 23rd so it's Now been over a day since since then and Xrp did shy by a good 5 cents or so but Closer to 62 cents um but he has other Expectations and this is this is the Only reason I'm saying this and again to Be Crystal Clear nothing against any Analyst because I highlighted the same Thing with all sorts of analysts I mean How credible crypto he's one of my very

Favorite analysts out there and I hope He's right that bitcoin's going to hit Hit a new all-time high this year but if He's not I'll highlight that too because I still think he's way more right than Wrong but uh I just want to see how Expectations Play out from all sorts of analysts and Then he writes then a small correction And then road to 88 cents and $15 if you ask me I like the numbers I Expect to hit 88 cents between November 30th and December 1st not Financial Advice will watch and so look it's not That he's saying he guarantees this but In terms of these time that that first Time frame being missed that's what he He was indicating that a minimum was Probable so now if you're talking about 88 cents to a bucko five uh well we're Coming up against that now so we'll know Within the next few days whether that Plays out I hope so I sure I would love To see this um and it certainly doesn't Seem impossible to me especially if Bitcoin's going to further uh just you Know go on a rampage because it's always Bitcoin that leads us out of the market Anyway so I think that's ultimately Coment uh and then there's also Perspective from Rakesh UB who writes uh For coin Telegraph and he's their chart Analyst guy and uh it was interesting me Because he was actually looking at that

67 Cent price level for xrp as as well He just indicated he was more loose About it though he's just like yeah Gradually get the 67 cents and then once That's hit uh then yeah 74 cents Relatively quickly seems plausible That's the cut of his jib here and uh Credible crypto I don't want to read This whole post that's on your screen Although you can if you want to pause I Just wanted to share the the sentiment He he put out a lot of reasons why he Believes the market is healthy healthy And why while we're sitting uh where we Are in terms of price action Specifically for Bitcoin uh it's it's It's basically the column before the Storm if you look like the fact that We're where we are and there is not There's not sufficient sufficient Environmental factors to push Bitcoin Down is very telling so he absolutely Expects a continuation to the upside and He still believes that new all-time high For Bitcoin is in the cards this Calendar year and again the timeline is What makes me nervous when any analyst Puts out any sort of expectation which Is why just say I just think like even If they're right and they could be you Know dark Defender could be right the Incredible crypto could be right it's Just just a risky move because even if Things unfold the way credible crypto

Wants them to and they could and I hope So because again he's one of my favorite Analysts out there just you know what if It's a month or two later well there's Going to be a lot of well it's the Internet you know what it Is but still despite that Everybody I shouldn't say everybody but It seems to be wildly expected that this Is in some sort of fake rally at this Point it's a question of How High things Go but it doesn't look to be fake and Everybody seems to accept this uh here's Chart analyst Michael vpop he just Shared a crypto total market cap chart Here and he wrote uh the total market Capitalization for crypto is still Seeking for continuation here higher Lows higher highs which means that dips Are there to be bought next Target Remains $1.8 Trillion uh and that was a post from This morning and then this afternoon he Put out this uh this post which is uh in This chart is a crypto total market cap Uh ex excluding Bitcoin so all of the Altcoins every coin that's not Bitcoin This is the market cap for that and he Wrote The Following the altcoin market Capitalization is finally going to break Out of an accumulation range this Accumulation range has been intact for The past 18 months a breakout and I'm

Expecting a rally of 50% And so you can see for the last 18 Months I mean Honestly look I've made a a lot of Purchases over that time period there Have been big gaps where I wasn't doing Much of anything in terms of purchasing Because I've been ready for this thing To go for a long time in particular xrp Obviously so I'll still say for the last You know 18 months good year and a half Here there have been a lot of times Where I have been purchasing including Including recently and I've and I've Talked about that and why I've done what I've done because to me uh I I'm I'm Just a regular dude on the internet Right there's nothing special about me But I think I mean you got eyeballs Right you're looking at the screen right You can see what an accumulation range Looks like and even if you think it's Fairly broad which I would say yeah That's fair um it's it still is a range And and so I've been looking at this and I'm like stuff still looks cheap I Talked about all the stuff that I bought Recently and it's not like an overly Sophisticated approach I'm just looking At it relative to its alltime high and Then I ask myself do I believe the Market Moves In T them and then I lean Towards cryptocurrencies that have Developer activity and look like they

Have utility and look they could be Promising and if they look cheap right Now then I'm interested and I bought a Bunch of stuff but we're not going to be Here long and so the same's true for xrp It's like whether you bought xrp at 32 Cents or you bought it uh what it's at Now at the time I'm recording this 62 Cents which is still fine comparatively A lot higher it's these price points are Going to look Dirt Cheap in the future They like it's not going to stay here Forever xrp eventually is going to do Something and either all of us are Idiots and we're all wrong and xrp goes To zero or what I think is more probable It hits a new all-time high and melts Faces going into price Discovery and It's just just I I just it's hard to Fathom all of us being this wrong Especially with all the Real World Adoption like everything whether you Look at it from fundamentals chart Announc it's social media activity it's The Real World Adoption it's all there And fine Bitcoin leads the way because The Market's immature and and individual Coins are not sufficiently parsed out Based on their merits although they are Increasingly parsed out based on their Merits uh fine I'm happy with all that And again like I said at the outset of The video it's not just us crazy Internet people playing with our magic

Internet money there are sophisticated Executives running Exchanges who are doing their best to Get ready for the party look at this Headline from coin Telegraph I really Like this article I'm going to share Share a little bit about it with you Strap yourselves In bull market coming early 2024 say crypto exchange heads the Market has already entered the first Phase of a major rally with the number Of people buying crypto trickling upward Which is the which is expected to Accelerate early next year the heads of Australia's largest crypto exchanges Believe independent Reserve CEO Adrien Prelazi probably said that name wrong It's all good man told coin Telegraph he Expects Market activity to see an uptick In early 2024 and is hiring to build Infrastructure before that happens That's got to pause to ask is coinbase Doing that too please tell me coinbase Is doing that too because I mean if you Want to know if there's volatility in Crypto markets just try logging into Coinbase that's your Answer my experience like that was my Experience in 2017 and I was like okay Surely they've learned their lesson by Now and that nope 2020 2021 rolls around Price goes Bonkers nope I can't log In oh so hopefully hopefully you know

When things really get hot they're Actually going to seriously be ready Here so I I any I appreciate it though That the CEO of this exchange Independent Reserve is building out Infrastructure but again there is this Anticipation from the CEO of that Exchange yeah it's about to get freaking Bonkers so folks I just driving home the Point it's not just us that thinks this We're not living in some sort of fantasy Land here we have every reason to Believe that this is highly plausible in Fact highly likely it's going to get Really exciting we just went through a Couple years of some complete crap in Terms of price action right because bit Bitcoin topped roughly a couple years Ago and it hasn't been so hot since then And we had all the nonsense with the SEC Well now xrap got legal clarity now We've been digging ourselves out of this Entire bare phase of Market structure This is the part where things go Bonkers And this is going to be so this will be My third one of these things once this Once this finally goes so you know Unless we have something some sort of Situation where stocks just collapse Like I think I think we're there that Would but again so what I'm talking About then is a wild card event a Black Swan event if we have something like That with stocks and the reason I say

That is because crypto has always moved Especially for the bigger moves in Tandem with with the stock market Broadly Speaking so we'll keep watching what's Happening There but Um pending something like that I mean Other barrowing something like that I it Seems like a virtual Certainty here's a quote from him we're Just doing everything we can to get Ready for a bull market because we know That when the bull market comes it Happens very fast you need to make sure You have the processes people and Infrastructure in place so when your Business triples overnight you can Handle it end quote and that is the type Of stuff that we're talking about here In fact tripling overnight could be way More than that and I guess kind of Depends on what what exchange it is what You know because if you have a ton more Customers and you got a lot of them yeah It could could go absolutely Polistic uh and then he says uh quote I Think the next two years are going to be Good strap yourselves in in quote and Then they go to talk about another Exchange called BTC Markets um now this this particular Exchange despite BTC being in the name Uh they've been Pro xrp for a very long

Time and for many years they've been Teamed up with ripple as an OnDemand Liquidity partner utilizing xrp as a Bridge currency so they're all in on Team xrp that's for Dam Sure piece reads as follows BTC markets Chief Caroline bowler said market Conditions had grown more bullish over The year with a general recovery that Kicked off in January bowler added that While the traj of market gains hadn't Exactly been linear the industrywide Growth in both asset prices and Tech Applications was a reason to be Confident and she said Quote the current deployment of dry Powerder an influx of new users and an Uptick in trading Vines further support Our assessment that we are in the early Stages of a bull market end quote Y and So that's why also when I I was showing You that chart that was shared by chart Analyst Michael vop here it is again you Know accumulation range breaking out of That after 18 months yep that doesn't Sound crazy to me and I don't pretend to Know exactly when it's going to pop off But I'm just looking at where prices are For so many coins and I'm I'm mostly Interested in large and midcap coins uh But I I I go coin after coin after coin And I just look just for the fun of it Especially when I was actually about to Make some purchases recently and I just

Saw that there are so many things that They have mostly been about where they Are for much the year even if they're a Bit higher than they were in January 1st Of this year if you look at where They've been compared to the the rest of Their histories it just seems like quite The local low for quite a period of time And so I plac some educated bets here That a lot of the stuff is going to go Up I've already talked about so I'm not Going to go coin by coin in this video But just to speak broadly uh that's what I've done and I just I I have a strong Suspicion though no one can know Anything for certain fine I think think That they're right I think it's going to Go bananas again in the not too distant Future and this year's already it's just Been a little taste with you know xrp Being about double what it was at the Beginning of the year same for Bitcoin It's just been a little taste of what's To come but like I said this will be my Third completely ridiculous Euphoria Stage should we get it which I believe We will uh and it's going to be a lot of Fun and this will be the first one where Finally I I do cash out and I take that Live changing wealth I mean unless I'm Wrong and it doesn't come but I believe Is going to come um and and this is Going to be the one for me so and I'll Be talking about how I'm scaling out and

What I'm doing and stuff like that cuz Those conversations are always fun I Always love talking to people about what They're thinking and exit strategy so on And so forth but there's a lot to look Forward to here folks it's going to be a Lot of fun so are you ready to say Goodbye to cheap xrp well I sure as hell Am I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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