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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines is the Black Rock Xrp ETF debunk we're going to take a Look at that once and for all hopefully It may not be a we'll see James Wallace And 90% of central banks you're going to Want every single bit of it and could The World Bank be wrong about xrp and Xlm we're going to take a look at that Too and how about this is xrp preparing For a $240 Skyrocket ride I don't know But somebody roll that beautiful intro So we can find [Music] [Applause] Out digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it's 1.44 Trillion doll market cap for crypto the Market is off by. 3% good morning good Afternoon good evening wherever you are 36,100 Plus for Bitcoin right now just Over $2,000 for ethereum and 87.5 billion plus for tether market cap 63 cents for xrp at the moment off by 3.4 in the 24h hour and off by 7.4 on The 7 day the range of price very Quickly is between 61 cents and 66 cents Quite a spread on that right now where We are today we'll keep an eye on it It's up a little bit from this morning's

Video we'll keep an eye on it I know the Technical analysts say this is a very Important window we're in so we're Trying to watch it in the range of price And what's going on with it but let's Talk about this real quick there have Been numerous numerous scams online There are scam advertisements on my YouTube videos there are scammers in my Comments no matter how many times we try To go to YouTube and ask them to take Them off they don't do it but let me Tell you something this is pure VPN and They have so many products that you can Use and not just VPN that that you want To know about this ladies and gentlemen Black Friday at 83 83% off the golden Ticket plus 3 months extra the prices Are remarkable and again they have so Many other features than just highspeed VPN feature secure password manager Endtoend file encryption personal Privacy manager this is the stuff you're Going to want to have and look at this Price you can't afford not to do it That's where this is It's a golden Ticket no doubt about it 83% off click The link underneath for my sponsor and Get that today don't waste any more time And by the way talk about not wasting Any time it's linked to remember they Have Ripple private Equity that just hit Back on the board today uphold and Ripple you can get uphold on link to and

Guess what they're launching together to Do B2B payments on uphold through Ripple This is remarkable when and who who is Going to be the first financial Institution to use xrp and crossb Transactions from the us and we know That there's 46 plus billion in escrow That Ripple is dealing with as a steward Imagine hitting the all-time high or Breaking the all-time high as these Technical analysts are talking about This is what I'm looking for in an Investment ladies and gentlemen and I Know you are too we all know a lot about It but are you going to take the action Today and are you going to sign up and Register and get your Ripple and uphold Right here on link to's platform click The link from my sponsor below and get Started that's all it's that simple and You know what and look at this let's get Back to this let's see if we can get a Final resolution what's going on here Can we the Black Rock xrp ETF we're pretty much getting an Inclination here that it is fake but Listen I remind people this is the kind Of games that start happening when the The big institutions come into play here Now I'm not saying Black Rock Specifically is responsible for this but This is the kind of stuff that starts to Happen when the large institutions make Their way into this space and we as a

Reminder we are no longer in just a Speculative Market it's about to change And we're headed for deeper water which Means we're the little fishing minnows In this water and the great whites and The killer whales they're all coming in With their And their tricks at hand so be very very Aware of that listen to this one citizen Here making a gamechanging call to the Delaware registry exposing insights About the Intriguing connection between Black Rock and xrp and shout out to good Morning crypto and the person that made This call sir yes Ma'am I see that someone called earlier Today regarding this filing and this Request and certain things regarding That you got to give them time to to see What's going on with the request okay Okay so someone's already put in Information regarding this order there We have it so again we don't know Everything but it does appear that it Has been debunked at the at this time But again head on a swivel because going Back in history we know Robert mitnik Who helped develop the xrp calculator With Susan ay who's still at Ripple uh Went on to work and head up the digital Asset Division for Black Rock so again I Asked a question as I did yesterday why In the hell wouldn't they have an xrp Trust it's the only digital asset with

Legal Clarity Robert mitnik formerly of Ripple knows exactly the power and the Technology at hand here so why wouldn't They do it so again we will see where This all goes but Black Rock has said It's not them so we will see now for Some good news here fomo pay secures License in Hong Kong yes we love this Cuz it's a ripple partner so shout out Out to them for that then we have this This is James Wallace talking about What's the most exciting thing about Cbdcs and stable coins he says Innovation but so much more in this clip Now I am I often get asked I'm gonna he Says I often get ask now what I had to Do was do a special thing to get the Audio without the copywritten music here So let me hit that and let me hit this So we can hear it are you ready here we Go I often get asked a question What's the most exciting thing about Cbcs and stable points in one word Innovation my name is James W and I head Up cbdc at Ripple you might already know That over 90% of central banks around The world are now exploring cbdcs there Are many drivers for cbdc including the Decline of cash improving payments Efficiency lowering costs and the desire To innovate the ways in which money is Used Ripple cbdc platform is your One Stop shot for the creation of digital Currency designed for minting managing

Transacting and redeeming cbdcs and Stable coins here's how it works first Standard apis enable seamless Integration of the cbdc platform into a Central bank's existing systems this Allows the bank to leverage their Current infrastructure central banks can Then mint their cbdc on a private Version of The xrp Ledger that they Control digital currencies can then be Distributed directly to authorized Accounts either through commercial Banks Or directly to Consumer wallets Transactions run on a private Ledger and Are settled in seconds this is all done In a regulated and secure environment The Ripple cbdc platform also permits to Secure destruction of currency giving The Bank full control over monetary Supply the results lower costs faster Transactions great Financial inclusion For all and all done with a minimal Carbon footprint so explore this with us Today we'll work together to build a Custom pilot and future proof your Financial Infrastructure now that's what we're Talking about right there right and Those diagrams show you just how Important an asset like xrp can be to Serve as a bridge asset to the financial System not a challenge not a threat but A compliment to the system like water to Ease the friction between the currencies

Of the world and other tokenized things Of value as well derivatives stocks Bonds so on you get the picture you know This is really a point made here that I Want to highlight from Mark Phillips About this post from Ripple and James Wallace outstanding explainer by Ripple And it is this reminds him of a recent IMF news document which reads needs a Public version of distributed Ledger Technology as used by Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies is not suitable for a Cbdc because of concerns about control Privacy scalability and finality however Central banks are exploring some of the Technology features that DT offers in The context of permissioned private Version that is controlled entirely by The operator what a remark arable Comment that is because it makes me feel Of the same thing and then there's This the constant attacks that go on out Here by the cancel culture Twitter Police the crypto Twitter police a Pundit addresses concerns of xrp Pivoting to a stable corn when The xrp Ledger welcomes an automated Market Maker this was basically an attack on The very very real question and Conversation that that I wanted to have Based on the idea that automated market Makers could tighten the slippage deal With the Arbitrage and then change the Integrity or characteristics of the

Design of how the token works on The Ledger and qualify under a cat one Category basically saying a Stabilization mechanism makes it a Stable coin now that could be a peg one To one or maybe we're asking the Question in a open conversation way Because we do not know the answer we're Trying to open the conversation for the Greater good to get the conversation Going because the obvious thing is that Either we can dismiss it or we need to Embrace it or whatever the case may be But the reality is is that we've been Told that we're not allowed to talk About this right we've been told that This is not a topic we're allowed to Discuss because the crypto Twitter Cancel culture police out here have told Us it's not on the table right we are Not allowed to talk about this but the World Bank believes It so what we've learned here and we've Covered this multiple times if you've Been with me for a while we've learned That this the World Bank in fact Believes stable coins for crossb Payments are in fact xrp and xlm it says It right there Ripple xrp Stellar lum Xlm now what that really means is not Only are we not allowed to talk about it The World Bank has it wrong too you know Here's the funny part about this I'm not Even saying that we're right I'm saying

That we should be willing to have the Conversation because the World Bank is Having it Too but these people believe that they Are so they're so smart look these People are so arrogant that they're now Flying in the face that the World Bank Doesn't even have the right to do it to Have this conversation this is where we Need to get beyond the noise the Children right the ones that really are Out to have this dominance because of Their own ego I could give a less Whether I'm right or wrong what I care About most is is the fact that you know That we're speculating that we're asking The proper questions because the World Bank perceives these assets to be stable Coins in their industry and from where They sit and that is what matters most To me and if we can dismiss it I'm happy To but not because of their own ego and Arrogance but because we need definitive Facts that's what we need I'm not Interested in going back and forth with Children over their own what I'm interested in is getting the ansers Confirmed because if the World Bank sees It as such then I'm not dismissing it as Long as they're not dismissing it and I Don't care what anyone else thinks about It let the children squabble amongst Themselves now let's take a look at this Because I hope that all of these charts

We look at someday actually happen and Come true so even the children can get Rich and then they can forget about all The ridiculous stuff that they do to Attack all of us and tell us what we can And can't think so childish at any rate Here we are the big blue hump it looks Like we're waiting for that big blue Hump we're in the yellow dip but we want The big blue hump I want it to be Mount Everest thanks to egg rag crypto for That chart and then there's this from Andrew who says if you look at this Macro chart here of xrp's life in Existence this is what we see here look At this 1 2 3 four five right come over Here one two 3 four five and what Happened right after five right here we Saw the 2017 2018 bull run right which Happened over a few months from 6 Thousand of a penny all the way up to Its all-time high 384 we look down here what do we see one Two 3 4 what do we see here one two 3 4 Mimicking all over what we're seeing Here is what the technical analysts are Showing us so we're poised for that Moment is what they're showing us on the Charts Andrew says this would take us Xrp to around $240 now remember if it mimics this Mimics history and this mimics history And we haven't had this yet this Happened over the course of four to six

Months from 6 thousand of a penny to the 384 the 6,000 of a penny kicked off in Around April time frame Went up around the 20 cent range or what Have you you know and then it ended up Busting loose right towards the end of The year if this repeats like we've seen This portion of the chart repeat this Rep this portion of History I'm excited To see where it goes ultimately you know That this is what I'm here for I'm here For those major three four five digigit Gains because I believe in the asset Whether it ends up being a stable coin Or not right The reality is that I believe in the Market infrastructure that has been Built over the years by Ripple and other Entities that understand this Tech and I Firmly believe that we will witness the Network effects from all of that hard Work from more than a decade that is Taking place sometime in the future not Financial advice for me or anyone else But I want to invite you now to come Join us in the freedom Zone where we Talk about all kinds of things where you Will not be attacked and believe me it Spans crypto it spans the pandemic it Spans the economy it spans all kinds of Thing mandates you won't believe it side Effects the the country with a red flag We're going to talk about it today and You're going to hear from the eth gate

Whistleblower join us inside the freedom Zone dig perspectives. comom ladies and Gentlemen that's the link underneath the Video we'll catch you on the inside We're getting ready to get started right Now not Financial advice from me or Anyone else just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next One


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