XRP: What PRICE Will Convince YOU To Sell?

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Hello this is Matt on the moon family Said Dan Channel and I have a question For you like I think most of us are Anticipating that at some point in the Future xrp is just gonna Skyrocket in Terms of price and maybe it even happens Sooner than later there's a lot of Anticipation as a result of what's Happened with the SEC V Ripple case uh Crypto in general although down the last Week or so by and large clearly been Moving to the upside since the beginning Of the year so the question is at what Point are you going to sell your xrp not Necessarily all of it but even just the Initial okay I'm starting just like a Dollar cost average and making purchases Along the way at what point do you start Scaling out of your position to to some Degree oh that's effectively the Question that my fellow xrp YouTuber the Bearable bull ass and uh just the vice Knight actually and I'm going to share With you the results to this point uh at The time I'm recording this the poll is Still live so if you want to cast your Vote on his poll you'll be able to do That but first I want to share with you A video clip which I think is pretty Cool and I can totally see at some point In the future there will be something Comparable for xrp and so this was Actually a clip from an individual back In 2013 and this guy is losing his ever

Loving mind about Bitcoin hitting an All-time high of one hundred and eleven Dollars and so I can imagine and maybe Like maybe it'll be me but maybe I'll be Losing my ever-loving mind when xrp hits Four bucks you know maybe when it hits Five bucks but then you look past you Know another decade and you're like oh Yeah maybe thinking a little smaller I Get it that could happen but that's kind Of the fun of this stuff and so I wanted To share with you this video clip which Is something I don't normally do so for Those of you that care to look at your Screen I'm going to play the audio and Video actually and it's it's a short Clip but let me just play through this Because it's kind of a fun piece of History when you've got stuff like this And I fully anticipate we're going to See something like this when it comes to Xrp but but check this out I'm right Here watching history be made Bitcoin is now up to 111 dollars It's an all-time high and it's Continuing to rise I've seen it break uh Three times today went up to 110 and This is the highest that it's been it's Ridiculous Last trade 189 Bitcoin for a hundred and Eleven dollars a piece that's that's Amazing to me I mean just look at this Graph you see this graph that's the last Three hours

Give me a second I'll switch it up okay So that's the clip uh pretty cool stuff Here but before going further and I do Have a lot to say Um I want to be clear do you not have a Financial background of any kind I'm not Offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything that I say Are right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoys making YouTube videos about Crypto related topics but just as a Hobby and just for fun now of course at The time I'm recording this xrp is only 36 Cents womp womp we can cry about it But for a lot of people that represents Opportunity and frankly in the entirety Of crypto is just down at the moment That I'm recording this but even xrp Being artificially suppressed due to the SEC action reached two dollars when Everything was rallying back in April of 2021 but let me show you the poll from The bearable bull here because I think This is a fun one and I would love to Hear your responses in the comment Section below but um you can already see How I voted but the bearable Bowl wrote The Following on Twitter and this is his Poll at what price will you be selling Your first first portion of xrp not Entire bag but a small amount for profit Taking now he's already had and this is Just from last night at 7 20 p.m and uh

He uh he's got now 4 906 votes and there Are four options for those of you not Looking I'll just describe this the First option is two dollars section the Second option is four dollars third Option is ten dollars and the fourth Option is fifteen to twenty dollars now Twitter limits your your poll uh Selections to only four so that's why There's only four options here now Obviously with all of you listening out There clearly you're gonna be all over The map because there's a lot of Different people with a lot of different Ideas of when they want to get uh you Know to a point where when they be at a Point where they'd be willing to sell Their xrp but I think the way a lot of People treat are treating this the same Way that I did which is that I and I Don't even have like a specific exact to The penny you know amount that it needs To hit but for me I was just thinking What's closest to what I envisioned Being the case and and for me that's Four dollars and I wanted to talk Through this because it's so interesting Seeing people's responses here so let's Go through each of the four here so as Far as the people who did respond that They were going to sell at least some of Their xrp at two dollars uh that's 11.5 Percent So a couple things there it could be

People that have an absolutely massive Massive bag of xrp and they maybe They've been here a long long time dirt Cheap and they just want to you know Start scaling out that soon uh there Could be some people of course Respawning that haven't been in it as Long and maybe they don't have as a Grand a vision in terms of what it would Mean in terms of life-changing wealth For them and for them they just want to Start scaling out some if not all at That point in time so that's 11.5 Percent then there's people like me who Clicked on four dollars so that's Roughly the range where I'd start to Consider scaling out at least to a small Degree I would I would not sell all of My xrp at four dollars most certainly Not Um but but 16.4 percent of xrp holders That have responded to this poll had Said Yup start scaling out about four Dollars and I'll just tell you my Strategy here and I have kind of Mentioned this before but I want to talk It's so interesting to see everybody's Various perspectives on this my whole Strategy and I'm not encouraging anyone To do what I'm doing I just think it's Fun to talk about this just to be super Duper clear but my whole strategy has Been to take Um more risk in terms of the amount of

Dollars that I'll put in to that I put Into xrp than most people have and I Know that thanks to the uh you know the Open source nature of what The xrp Ledger is showing you know how many Accounts hold you know what amount of Xrp you can figure all this stuff out so I know that relative to relative to Other people I hold a lot of xrp and I'm Not comfortable saying what that number Is but I'll just say subjectively I I Feel like I have a lot and if you look Compared to others it it's a lot but and Still they're playing out listening Right now that I'm sure I have way way Way more than me Um I'm not trying to come off as money Bags just talking through this but Um you know when you my whole strategy Has been put in a lot of money nothing More than I'm willing to lose so I'm not Like risking retirement or something Like that in case I'm wrong because I Could be maybe it all goes to zero fine I think that's the responsible way to Look at this but I put in more than most Um and risked a lot more in terms of of Actual dollars uh anticipating that if I Am right about this even if there's just One more massive rally where xrp hits a New all-time high interest price Discovery I'm good I put in so much Meaning I took on a lot more risk in Terms of the number of dollars I put in

Than most people and for me that's That's partly the strategy now on the Flip side if I'm wrong it's going to hit Me harder and faster than almost anybody Else also so there's a trade-off there That is risk which is why again I'm not Encouraging anyone to do this I'm just Sharing with you what I personally Thought made sense for myself because Again like I said a fun topic for Conversation here Um now that also means though so if I'm Right though and and the reason I put The dollars in that I did is because I Do have this conviction if I'm right uh Then once xrp hits a new all-time high And interest price Discovery I will be Sufficiently enticed to sell most if not All of my xrp sooner than others so it's Kind of a trade-off yes I'm taking way More risk but can scale out here and so There's going to be fewer people who are In that bag and so it's to me looking at The results of the poll here it seems Like it is it just kind of reaffirms This idea I have that since I have taken A bit more risk I promise you I hope It's not coming off right I do not mean This in some sort of braggy way I just Think it's what I'm talking about this Uh based on the results here this is More or less what I would have expected I wouldn't have been able to guess the Percentages but it's in line with my

Thinking on this so that while other People there will be a lot of other People out there who are for the first Time jumping into xrp actually and so Thankfully all of us are here first Regardless of the quantity of extra People we're all here first so you know Awesome that's how it is in investing we Benefit first should this thing move to The upside But um I think that a lot of people are Going to be holding on longer as other People are jumping in and so that's That's again my personal strategy is get Out at that point because it's going to Be an outsized portion of my overall net Worth if I'm right in terms of where This ultimately goes but again that's The risk I chose to take now this that's Again for people saying they'll scale Out at four dollars 16.4 percent then the third option was Ten dollars thirty three point four Percent And then you look at the fifteen to Twenty dollar bucket that's 38.7 percent so there are people that Are looking for much higher price levels Than I am before before they'll even Consider now another interesting thing Is like even if you're in the bucket Where you're like no I gotta have at Least fifteen to twenty dollars or maybe Your number is even higher than that

Certainly not knocking anybody Um you know it may be the case that a Lot of people out there even if I'm Right and I start selling and say I sell Everything at six bucks just making up a Number and I'm completely out for for That moment at least Um even if that happens it could be the Case that people out there that are Holding a lot less extra feed than me if They hold it for a longer time period You know should it continue to move the Upside and get a whole other cycle after That could make way more money than me And that's good on them then uh but it's You know times a factor in all this and So for me I'm just trying to reap the Reward uh sooner but totally interesting To see where this is all landed and it's Kind of just reaffirmed this idea that I Think I have a sufficient amount of xrp To get to the point where like once this Thing starts going I will be among the First to begin scaling out of my Position and I do that with I would do That with anything that became an Outsized portion of my overall net worth Whether it was a stalker any other Crypto that's just if it becomes too big A percentage of growth on overall net Worth you'd be silly not to do something About that Um and it doesn't mean even if I sold All my xrp it doesn't mean that I

Wouldn't Buy in after markets crash Because you know a cycle I don't need to Preach to you about this you guys you Guys are smart out there you know you Know more than the typical investor Frankly once the emotions run high and People get you four conventionally Things crash that's a time where I would Start scaling back into xrp should such A scenario unfold so that's kind of what I'm looking at here and so that's why I Thought it'd be fun to kind of start That video with that guy back in 2013 Mind blown about 111 or Bitcoin Because we now have the benefit of Hindsight and we saw go to damn near 70 000 each So it'd be really interesting uh you Know the if my supposition ends up being Correct and we really are going to see Outrageously high xrp prices compared Now like say fast forwarded you know 10 10 years or 15 years whatever what if Xrp really is 50 bucks or 100 bucks or Just pick whatever your really high Number might be maybe it's maybe it's More it'd be so funny to look back at This I'm sitting here on camera here Um you know talking about 36 Cent xrp Well it's a screen grab you know what I Mean though and uh talk about how Thrilled I'd be at you know four five Six bucks well Look at how excited he was at 111

Bitcoin it's the it's the same thing and It's totally reasonable it's not to Laugh at it just kind of make to the Point that well a couple points first of All it's fun as hell to be in crypto and The opportunity is very real but it you Know it's it's I also want to make sure That everybody's keep in mind Like the way things unfold I still Firmly believe if you're truly talking Over the long haul my I think my Investment thesis from 2017 is solid Which is quite simply that you uh Utility matters and will win the day That's typically how I word it because I Do think ultimately in a mature asset Class yeah if if there's a crypto that's Useful it's probably gonna be here Probably gonna be here for a very very Long time effectively forever and in the Short term I also get that It's not quite the case that Cryptocurrencies are sufficiently valued Based on their own uh utility and I Understand that today and there's this Tweet from xrp Community member who goes By the name pompous Maxie and he wrote Personally my highest expectations for Xrp Price come from expectation of Bitcoin's price and I'm betting utility Will take over some day when the whole Market matures in the past my most Unrealistic xrp price expectation were Rooted in unrealistic bitcoin price

Predictions see Saying the same damn thing for a year so That resonated with me so I thought I'd Just highlight it Because yes it's silly that everything Moves in tandem today but I don't think It's gonna stay like that in fact you Know what I think is going to drive this Price just outrageously high if you're Talking about not just through perhaps The next Market cycle but you know going Through a market cycle where we are in a World where utility matters well that's When we get to the talk of you know Well certainly the utility play but that Looks like you know On a chart a technology bell curve it Looks like an s-curve which basically Share a pretty similar damn information But they represent that data in Different ways and I'm going to talk About that real quick but what got me Thinking along those lines was this Article From the daily huddle titled Bitcoin Targeting 10 million dollars amid rapid Global crypto adoption according to Quant analyst Plan B and so plan B is The guy that came up with the uh always The first to apply the stock to flow Model to bitcoin so he's famous for that He's got 1.8 million followers on Twitter so one of the most uh you know Famous analysts in all of crypto hands I

Think very easy to say that and not that I buy into his stock to flow model at This point as with each subsequent Having I think it just it matters that Much less because almost all Bitcoin has Already been mined so even if you cut Down the reward for miners in half you Do that again and again and again it Matters less every single time you do That frankly there's it's already almost All out there right and so not that I Buy into that it's not that I Necessarily think that he's necessarily Right although if he is I'll be happy Because I'm a Bitcoin holder too but This idea of 10 million dollar Bitcoin Over the time frame he's talking about But when you talk about this some of the Concepts behind what he's getting at Here these concepts are true actually Um and so one of them was the s-curve And and I pulled up whatever this Website is I didn't even read it I just Pulled this website up randomly Unrelated to crypto uh because it has a Visual representation that I wanted to Share with you it's a chart just a Generic chart chart showing what an S-curve looks like and so basically what It's illustrating is that as time passes You can imagine whatever you're applying To this say it's a new technology it Could be the internet you can see that You know for a long time

Yes there's an uptick in terms of you Can imagine if this were internet users But it reaches this inflection point Where it's just like whoa and you just It just goes just ballistic in terms of Adoption it goes X it's like X truly Exponential adoption and then you can See it just look at the rate of increase Here if you're looking at the screen you Know what I'm talking about but then There comes a point where almost Everybody has already adopted technology So the rate of adoption actually slows Down and then you get this curve that Looks like an S so that's why they Called an S curve and and then there's Also a technology bell curve which is Actually fairly similar even though it Visually looks different and so here's Another website I didn't even read this I was just they had a generic graphic That was great for an illustrative Purpose for my video and so I just Pulled it up here here you can see that There's another S curve and then they Put a technology bell curve right on top Of it just overlaid it so when it comes To a technology bell curve it's Basically looking at the same data but Reporting it in a different way so Rather than showing uh you know an Endless increase to the upside Effectively because the whole world Eventually you know adopts whatever the

Technology is it's showing over a period Of time What what you know what percentage of The populace just generally speaking Would have adopted the technology at What time and so you get this rise here But then it goes back down it's not Again to be clear it's not indicating That fewer like people are un adopting The technology it's showing that later In time it's a smaller percentage at That particular juncture and time that Are adopting it so you can see it's it's Very similar data that's being Considered it's just being represented Differently and I've talked about both Of these uh before I've talked about the Technology bell curve many times over The years as well as the s-curve and the Visual makes it really easy to Understand what we're what we should Expect here you know should xrp continue To be adopted so the reason I wanted to Highlight this and make sure we're on The same page is because when it comes To xrp specifically Uh we are not seeing Um an s-curve Or um or a technology bell curve Adoption in terms of price action But that doesn't matter you know what we Are not not right now anyway you know we Are seeing we are saying uh xrp being Adopted in a way that would fit

Perfectly with the s-curve the kinds Concept of it as well as xrp being Adopted in a way that's perfectly in Line with what you would expect with a Technology bell curve in terms of Utility set price aside for just a Moment When you're talking about The xrp Ledger Being adopted and xrp specifically being Adopted it has been it was slow to start Just like any new technology relatively Speaking of course and so you know of Course there's always of course a ripple The most well-known Um you know participant in the xrp Ecosystem I think it's fair to argue That Um there's a very diverse ecosystem so Even without them xrp still lives it's Still fine but they're the most well Known at this point I think it is fair To say and so you can look at their Their adoption their adoption has been Exponential to an insane degree year Over year over year ever since they Launched on-demand liquidity back in 2018 the amount of participants in fact The last time they reported numbers I Think there was something up I can't Remember the last report was but I Remember talking about it and they were Up what 800 percent For and year over year for whenever that That report was out

Folks we've never seen anything like That for on-demand liquidity adoption Which of course requires the usage of Xrp so that's again that's just one use Case but then what have we also found Out well since especially thanks to the SEC V Ripple lawsuit well look at all The amicus briefs we found out that There are a bunch of developers out There building on top of the xrp Ledger Because it's incredible from a Technological perspective meaning it's Actually useful and there are more and More developers building all sorts of Cool projects that frankly we wouldn't Have even necessarily known existed Because anybody out there under the sun Can just start building on top of the Xrp Ledger without anyone's permission And you wouldn't necessarily know what They're doing with it but we found out About tap Jets you know we found out About uh Reaper we found out about uh You know what spin the bits is doing Just a few off the top of my head right Cool stuff here and we've seen increased Adoption also by the way not just as Stuff resulting from the the SEC lawsuit But with nfts because we had the xlos 20 Amendment passed and You can see what one of the point I'm Getting at I hope you're getting it the Point is the amount of adoption is Increasing but it's also increasing at

An increased pace So the next part that is important to Understand that but that's what I'm Saying we're at the beginning phases of What should if you know if we're right About it you know adoption continuing It'll look like an s-curve it'll look Like a technology bell curve that's what It's going to look like on a chart now Price doesn't look like that as I I Noted just a few minutes ago but even if You want to try to apply price to this Concept okay fine I get it why doesn't It look like that well because people Don't know what the hell they do with Crypto even in 2023 it's there's so many Coins out there how are you going to Sufficiently research them so that you Can be confident that you're putting Money where it makes most sense well Some people are are doing like I am Certainly with xrp and if you're Listening you've probably done your Research or you're in the process of Doing it if you're new and good on you Right but most people with over 20 000 Coins out there It's a lot it's a lot of muck to Wade Through so what we're seeing shouldn't Be surprisingly but you're still going To see Um you know ultimately utility mattering More than anything really frankly when It comes to investing but is it

Surprising we're not seeing that now I Don't think so so that's why despite the Fact that we're not seeing that when it Comes to price you know these these Types of you know chart figurations No it's it's not Um even though we've seen greater if you Compare xrp now in terms of price Compared to when it was first yeah of Course way higher fine fine but uh I Think as you see the asset class Continue to mature it you know and you See increased adoption you're going to See if you zoom out even though it Doesn't look right now like much of an S-curve it's still possible if you zoom Out and those coins that matter most That are solving real problems real People those are the ones that get you Know the Lion's Share of actual money Real investment you you would expect Actually to see that type of chart Formation if over a longer period of Time if you zoom out and that could be a Very long period of time your decades if You're talking about Real World Adoption Doesn't mean we can't have blow-off tops In terms of Market Cycles over much Shorter periods of time in fact I Anticipate that will be the case I'm Just making the borrowed a point that if You apply like consider what's going on In terms of actual adoption utility if That continues and then people figuring

Out and catching up that's why I started The video off the way I did that guy Saying hey I can't believe it 111 Bitcoin this is crazy it's so expensive It's so high well If if I ever record a video where I'm Just losing my ever-loving mind about Four or five six dollar xrp well fast Forward to the future a bit you know if We're right and it's not guaranteed but If we are and xrp Has tremendous adoption I think the Money Follows that's the broader point That I wanted to make about this and so Then you have this again this is the Article from the daily huddle about Plan B this 10 million dollar Bitcoin And I don't make price predictions I Don't pretend to notices go but but Check this out a rapid acceleration in Bitcoin's Pace of global adoption could Catapult the top cryptocurrency to Staggering New Heights according to Quantitative analyst Plan B and a series Of tweets astronomist strategist says The most powerful part of bitcoin's Adoption s-curve is around the corner The adoption S curve is often used to Track the cumulative rate at which People adopt breakthrough Technologies According to plan B bitcoin's pace of Adoption is about to witness an Unprecedented level of acceleration that Could bring its price to as high as 10

Million dollars by 2028 and he shared a Couple charts here uh the one on the Left there I believe that was the one That's um log I think and then the other The second one is linear and so anyway Here's the quote though from them if Bitcoin adoption is now one to five Percent then we will enter the vertical Of the s-curve next couple of years on Log scale left yeah on log scale left This just means more exponential growth Until 50 adoption For the linear thinkers on the right Everything Will Change Bitcoin might be Substantially undervalued although I Enjoyed Bitcoin adoption the last 10 Plus years especially the investment Returns I am really looking forward to The vertical part of the s-curve in the Next having period 2024 to 2028 end Quote so the the concept of the the S-curve as applied here does make sense In terms of the dollar figure But see this is this is a cool thing Though that's why I'm saying like the Dollar figures that we're talking about Here even for xrp and our expectations Like even the people that voted yeah I'm Gonna start selling my xrp at 15 to 20 Well if if xrp is globally adopted on a Major scale a couple decades from now People are like wow they were willing to Sell at twenty dollars that's insane so It's all about you know the moment in

Time you're in but that's also what Makes it so fun to even kind of think About Because you're talking here you know Potentially about when it comes to xrp My gosh six thousand if it's truly going To continue to be adopted I I think we All kind of like the writing's on the Wall and I think we all know what this Means if it's truly going to be adopted And increase adoption at an exponential Pace Wow like I can only imagine I will I'll Be looking like that guy I'm like oh my God I can't believe it's six dollar xrp And then somebody's gonna be looking in The future like but it's like 200 bucks Now bro who knows who knows what the Price of me I'm just making something up But uh but the concept is correct and we Are here that early and Look the opportunity and nothing's Guaranteed investing certainly but man If anything's ever going to pay off in Investing in in some sort of miraculous Major Way like like what we're talking About here if it pays off for any of us It's because we're here early enough That's that's true of anything when it Comes to investing now just crypto Um and so the other people you know even If you invest a decade from now maybe It's going to be go way way higher from There but in terms of percentage gains

From that point it would be meager Compared to what the first adopters Would get again true of any anything That you're investing in should it Continue to get adopted So it's a cool point to be and that's Like I don't know I even was like Everybody else I jumped into crypto 2017 I was like I wish I knew about it sooner Uh Kenny you have this feeling like you Missed out on something a little bit Late to the party but I quickly put my Feet grounded back in reality and I was Like nah I'm early it was 2017 I'm like No I'm early and even in 2023 less early But still very early people haven't Figured out hardly a damn thing at least Not the investing public are you kidding Me we're still arguing fighting with the SEC like We're nowhere near uh you know being to Any sort of reasonable completion level Here I think this is going to be worth Way way way more in the future and so We're going to find out what actually Happens but what a freaking Riot is Going to be so you all tell me what you Think I just thought I'd share some of My thoughts but I'll wrap up here I'm Not a financial advisor you should not Buy or sell anything because of anything I say right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon family sedan


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