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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and today you Know what today is today Is the Auburn versus Alabama game now I Went to Auburn University but and I I am under No I don't believe in any kind of way That Auburn has a shot at Alabama but Boy wouldn't it be funny and then Tonight is Georgia Tech Georgia and I Don't think Georgia Tech has a chance But oo the Earth would Shake If Georgia Tech was able to pull it off my father Mother went to Georgia Tech just as a Side note here we go this is linked to They did a little um a little video Interview with Dr Martin what's his last Name I thought he had a Twitter handle Dr Martin hisb hisb Beck you say I'm not Sure how you say that anyway very smart Guy and up he he works for uphold head Of research very smart and and he's a, % Correct about this and before you listen To the video link to is one of my Sponsors I own link to private equity And uphold private equity and both of Those are available on the link to Platform the link is in the description Of this video listen to this position For for a market that's maturing or Let's just say looking beyond the the

The BTC eth Horizon with understanding That uphold has I believe over two 250 Digital currencies including altcoins And stable coins uh that is correct our Biggest holding is I think xrp that has Historical reasons because we never Delisted it we were never intimidated by The SEC and so we kept Xrp uh on the platform throughout the Their legal troubles which we've now Been uh validated um with the with the Ruling the Court's ruling a few months Ago yep uh funny enough the second Biggest asset I think I don't have the Numbers in my head I think is XTC um which we listed as the first uh Platform in America and one of the first Worldwide XTC is a network focused on Trade finance and closing the trade Gap Just to give you an example here there's A huge problem in international trade if You have money then you can just order a 100 grades of oranges if if you don't Have money um then then you can't so Small and medium Businesses have very limited access to Capital and uh xcc is one of the project That is trying to solve this with uh With crypto there are a lot of very Interesting Clips today folks this is a Clip from Brian Brooks who's very smart In this clip he talks about he's talking About how he was at the OCC which is the Banking regulator he's talking about who

Comes to visit him and while you listen To this we know for a fact that old our Buddy Gary Gensler was visited by the Same guy on many occasions while Ripple Was in the lawsuit before during and After listen to this when a technology Come by the way you're about to hear if You hear what you think is a tornado Warning Siren it's a tornado warning siren that You're hearing that in the background of The video because That happens sometimes on Saturdays at Noon listen to and we'll just see if we Can hear Brian over it long and says you Know um those things that your business Is built on those those actually weren't Permanent those were just transient Features of a pre- technological age and We can solve those problems and we don't Need that anymore well the incumbents Get very worried by that and we have Analogies In Our Lifetime where I think We remember this right so if you think About the original internet and you Think about the fact that the original Interet they're too young well I mean You know the lights are bright you I Thought I saw one person I I think I I Think Jim Asperger is out there he's old Enough because I knew him then okay if You think about the original internet in 1996 the internet became within one vote In Congress of being treated like a

Telephone company right there was a real Debate about whether the internet should Be regulated like a common carrier and It almost was that way And the reason for that was is that the Common carriers were super worried that Longdistance phone calling and all kinds Of other things that whole business Model was going to be ruined by the Internet and it Was to all of our Benefit but incumbents have a very Powerful ear and Regulators respond to Their incumbents so I can tell you like In my seat it makes you feel really Special when Jamie Diamond makes the Schlep down to sit in your office and Talk to you for two hours but that Happened to me every month it was really Amazing like oh my God and the normal Incentives you have when you're in that Seat are the incumbent Charter holders Of whether there's State Banks like Yelena or National Banks like me or Whatever is I want these guys to be Happy these guys are my customers in Fact in a prior era some Bank Regulators Did refer to Banks as their customers so When you have a technology that is going To destroy or at least disintermediate An incumbent Regulators are going to Have on average I think we were little a Little bit different but on average it's Going to be hard for them to embrace it

So is the US anti- Innovation I mean no One would say that they're anti- Innovation but they would all be super Scared of banks going away or whatever Their constituency was incumbency is Really powerful are you still wondering Why Ripple was Sued but then you have this I'm not Going to play the whole thing but this Is an interesting clip listen to the First minute or so was coming in from Bloomberg crypto bill is possible says Key Republican after the Ripple ruling Glen Thompson of course is one of the Authors of this bill house lawmaker says He's optimistic that the recent Court Ruling widely seen as limiting us Securities Exchange Commission power Will bolster up uh support for crypto Legislation uh that he's been Championing and of course the Ripple Decision as we know has highlighted what We've been saying all along there's Confusion now there will be some digital Assets that are treated under the Securities Law I think this is going to Be important because I feel like this is A period of time in which it's likely That regulation might actually come Around before we see any kind of legal Action coming back at the ruling and the Decision out of the Ripple case meaning Maybe no scenarios where the SEC comes Back in and tries to file against that

Again the likelihood is that we could See regulation before that which would Give us Clarity and obviously uh change Things for what we're going to be Dealing with the SEC and who's in charge Of this so let's break it down a couple Of things Okay interesting thought pattern there And and actually by the way it says Ripple Ripple Lait acted as an Accelerator for this Republican bill the Bill proposes that digital assets be Jointly managed by cftc and SEC cftc Taking the lead and the SEC playing a Secondary Role Interesting okay now this is interesting Too even though I'm not a big Laura Shin Fan because I think that She has an agenda instead of just Talking about what she really Feels but she's interviewing this guy Right here and this guy is a um a Founder of the digital assets Council of Financial professionals he's talking About the inflow that will happen from ETFs it's hard to say uh I I I would not At all be surprised if we see hundreds Of millions of dollars on day one uh a Billion or more wouldn't shock me um but I think la long term I think we'll see1 $150 billion dollar uh in the long run In these ETFs in the long run what years Five years like what's the long run oh

Uh I'd say two to five years two to five Years oh wow that I think that's the Highest estimate I've seen let me tell You how I get to that number so you can Help me decide how crazy I am if you Look at raas in this country there are 37,000 ra firms with about 300,000 uh Excuse me managing collectively about $8 Trillion in assets for clients if 34 of Those advisers are telling us that they Are going to buy this ETF and that their allocation is going To be call it 2% 8 trillion times 75% times 2% get you $150 Billion oh okay all right but then yeah If it all right that's all we need to Know there now this is interesting just In AR Argentina president Javier M Confirms he will shut down the central Bank then there was this um the office Of Argentina's President says the Closure of the central bank is not Negotiable it's not a negotiable matter This is a Fascinating I'm writing it down for a Thumbnail actually this is fascinating Right here this guy wants to blow some Stuff up now speaking of central bankers Riz xrp put this out from this is Christine lagard speaking at an MIT Event Recently hello I'm Vincent uh what's Your opinion about uh

Cryptocurrencies thank You you know what we have seen in the Last Um nine months or So with Tera with Luna with uh FTX with Now Binance I think proves the point that Cryptos are a highly speculative Asset that people may want to invest if They're prepared to lose it all but can Also be used as a very Um evil device to pay for an account for Transactions that are otherwise Criminally sanctioned and and not Acceptable so I have as you can tell a Very low opinion of Cryptos I also um unless unless I can Control Zim I'm also concerned about the the Level of Um bias and sometimes expression of Hatred that is associated with the Crypto Community we're not expressing hatred Here by the way we're just we're we're Just Pro as much Freedom as as possible Here um I've never expressed any hatred Towards Christin leard are free to you Know invest their money where they want People are free to speculate as much as They want people should not be free to Participate in criminally sanctioned um Trade and businesses and they should not Be insulting those who

Actually argue This now I know Now if she is heading in a direction Where she is wanting her government Friends to monitor people speech and say That you're not allowed to criticize her Opinions she's going in a very dangerous Direction I don't like looking at my Communication director he knows that in The there's a big difference between Pointing out things you think uh Politicians are wrong about and there's A big difference between that and Threats and those types of things if you Threaten anyone you should be get in Trouble but there's a big difference Between these things but the problem With these politicians is what they Would really love is to be able to take Away your speech and just hang some Label around what your speech is oh That's hate speech that's this kind of Speech those kind of speeches can't be Tolerated I don't like when you start Going in those kind of directions so Look as long as someone's not Threatening people with violence or Something like that or fear making them Fear for their lives free speech is Free Speech folks three hours I will be Bombarded with horrible and nasty X/ tweets and and other Things poor you you're the one that Decided to be in public

Office and live on the public doll here She is again there is an evolution that Is under way if you look at you know if You think about how you pay many things It doesn't involve coins or Bank notes You will use your phone you will Use electronically supported devices and You will use a payment infrastructure That helps you move your money around When you want to buy Something so we have to prepare for that Future and we have To you know be Sovereign in that respect As Well which is why we should continue to Develop and eventually launch if it is The decision of the governing Council a Digital Euro which will be a digital Version of cash so that we can be the Master of our destiny both in terms of The media on which our currency travels But also the infrastructure payment so That we are not at the mercy of anyone Who suddenly says ah you're not going to Use my infrastructure anymore I'm not Sending you any gas Remember does that mean that banknotes Will go away no no Because there are people and maybe some Of you in the room who are quite happy To Have a bank note in their Pocket and there is no reason why it Should go

Away but I I don't want to lead an Institution where eventually in a few Years time people will turn around and Say what have you been doing we are now Under attack by other currencies that Are invading our space and we are at the Mercy of somebody else including Possibly tech companies that will Actually manage all that thank you very Much I don't want to do that neither Neither does Yim nuggle or any of the Members of the governing Council we just Have to stand ready and to make sure That we are resilient as we have Said okay um I'm about to go off into The the uh member group you know Something that that occurred to me while She was talking you know one of the most Common things that is the two most Common things that are said to me when I Meet people who listen to this channel In person the first one is that I love It when you you talk about your son's Baseball the second one is they ask me They say what I hear those sounds you're You're like making there's like sounds That are going on during your video and I tell them well I have ner I have a Nervous habit a lot of times I'll have Something in my hand so guess what I'm Going to Do like this sound right here is Something I'm holding in my hand it's Just nervous habit it's something very

Specific listen to that Sound when we go into my member group I'm going to tell you what the sound Is but no seriously in and I will do That but in the member group what we're Going to talk about today da xrp.com We're going to talk about Corruption look the people of this world Are being hit from all sides first of All the media manipulation which has Been going on for Decades the manipulation of of the P Political process I'm going to show you Uh there's a there's someone who is Currently running and I'm going to show You a video that'll blow your mind about How I think that we how how thought out And and planned the manipulation even by The candidates that they Run it is done in this country this is How sick it has gotten now then I'm Going to talk about the illegal I'm Going to show a video about the illegal Monitoring of of citizens um and some Congress people calling some people out Good stuff I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment adviser This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and family D Xrp.com and you're about to find out What this Is all right here we [Music]

Go [Music]


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