XRP Price Reaches TRUE Inflection Point

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel you know xrp on a fundamental Level has never been in a better Position than it is today I mean pick Aetric pick aetric I mean whe whether You're talking about actual utility you Want to talk about talk about the legal Status of Xrp things have never looked better for Xrp than they do right now yet even so Xrp price action is that the whim of Macro factors which um don't directly Have anything to do with do with it or Or even crypto broadly speaking you know It's and so in that sense it's like xrp Is effectively held hostage by other Factors the macro factors but we are at This point a true inflection point where We're going to see what happens to xrp Because uh either the Market's going to Keep blazing to the upside bitcoin's Getting going to hit a new all-time high And uh xrp in that case I think would Follow uh and hit a new alltime F Alltime High finally or bitcoin's not Going to hit a new all-time high And I'd be highly skeptical of xrp then Headed new alltime high and then we just Have to wait what potentially years so Look I'll just say I don't want to I Don't get too far ahead or concern People like to be honest with you I'm Cautiously optimistic and and so I That's that's really what I want to

Focus on in this video I'm going to Share with you perspective from a number Of analysts um because this is what we Should be be focusing on we should be Laser focus if you care about what's Going to happen to xrp and you Understand that the entire asset class Moves together and you know that xrp It's just data it's historical data if You know that xrp has never hit a new Alltime high without Bitcoin leading the Way you also understand that Bitcoin Follows what happens in the stock market Then we need to be focusing on what's Happening in the stock market so we'll Talk a little bit about what's happening In the short term regarding bitcoin Price action which does lead the way Like it or not and we'll talk about What's happening potentially throughout The rest of 2024 so again cautiously Optimistic but it is possible I admit For everything to just be lit on fire And we have a dumpster fire here like That that could happen that could happen But before going any further I do want To be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun uh

While the Market's basically moving Sideways in recent days you may have Noticed not recovering just yet xrp at 51 cents Bitcoin a hair above $40,000 at The time that I'm recording this in case Anyone's curious it is 6:23 p.m. central Time Thursday January 25th 2024 we've got the market cap for the Asset class down to 1.57 trillion and The crypto fear and greed index lowest I've seen it in a while 49 out of 100 so We're not in fear territory just kind of Neutral what can we expect in the short Term uh well the chart analyst credible Crypto uh just about an hour ago Actually uh was kind of asked what Happens you know in terms of lower time Frames of short-term price action for Bitcoin what are you expecting and Credible crypto still does think we are Going to see another move to the Downside for Bitcoin which means Everything presumably including xrp is Going to go down to at least some degree Uh but nothing horrific here he he wrote Ideally one more push down to $38,500 Yes so that's what he thinks is most Probable and then Bitcoin would resume Its move to the upside he still firmly Believes Bitcoin will heading a new All-time high uh this calendar year um And he acknowledges yes it's possible uh He just doesn't think it's probable but It's possible we could see a a much

Deeper move to the downside before Moving to the upside of maybe $34,000 But he does not think that's remotely Probable uh he spoke about that at Length in a recent video so I just Thought I didn't mention it but um he's He could not be more bullish at this Particular point in time and then there Is this post from James Van Stratton who Is the lead Analyst at at crypto slate Shared this chart and wrote The Following this this is fascinating and You you just you always see this at Times of capitulation he wrote long-term Holders sent over $430 Million worth of bitcoin at a loss To exchanges on January 22nd the day Bitcoin went below $39,000 more capitulation signs getting Closer so he's making the point that as The price was cratering that prompted People who are getting hit you know they Got their fuel feels going on they're Feeling very very anxious they're Feeling very nervous about this very Scared very stressed so what do they do They take their Bitcoin they send it to An exchange and then they sell it at a Loss tail us all this time my friends it Just it is what it is humans gonna keep Being humans like that's and this is This is what I say like the part of my Investment strategy a huge part of it is It comes down to this expect expect that

Humans are going to continue to make Very poor investment decisions like this This is it that's exactly what I'm Expecting over the long call and so even If in the short term they're wri and say Bitcoin crater down to $30,000 and they Be like glad I got out you know what Beats that type of Mentality is just holding for just Ridiculously long periods of time There's no shortage of data to show us That the people that do that when you're Talking about investing in equities or In crypto those are the people that make The money So they can do what they're going to do I'm counting on them doing that but I Will be more patient than anybody else But either way I still just wanted to Highlight this because it is just one More thing that you can look at this was Shared as of last night it's just one More thing you can look at and see yep You'd expect the humans to behave like This get hit in the Fel fields and then Panic cell yeah they are and then Eventually you run out of people who are Willing to panic cell bottoms are Formed um and then there's also uh this A headline from the daily huddle 600 Days of bullish Bitcoin momentum Incoming but there's a catch says Onchain analyst and they're sharing Perspective from a popular chart analyst

Ali Martinez and I'm not going to read The article just let cut to the chase They're covering this particular post From Ali Martinas uh in that article and uh and Ali wrote The Following and so he does Think that It's pretty probable that we are going To be hitting a new all-time high this Is going to be a very long cycle just Like we see in the past which I hope Ends up coming to pass here but here's What he said if Bitcoin mir's past bull Runs like 2015 through 2018 and 2018 Through 2022 from their respective Market bottoms projections suggests the Next Market Peak could land around October 2025 this implies Bitcoin still has 600 Days of bullish momentum Ahead and so if that ends up coming to Pass I'll take it that would be that' be Quite a bit out that's further out than Most people are expecting I mean again Happy to see it but U most analysts that I'm following at this point if they're The type that do think that we're going To be seeing a new all-time high uh they Think it's going to be in the calendar Year of 2024 so we're pretty much here And that of course lines up especially If you're talking about later in the Year then you actually it actually will Line up back with the the fouryear cycle

Uh then there was this post though Alesio Rani okay and so I think there are only two analysts that I follow who don't think it's probable That bitcoin's going to hit a new Alltime high though both of them do Acknowledge it's possible and that would Be alesio Rani and the blockchain backer And I think they're both absolutely Fantastic which is why I'm always Worried that they could be correct Because they are they are very good Alesia Rani Rani yesterday posted this Video on YouTube and you're right here The most dangerous time for stock Markets is coming in 2024 here's what why and so part of what He was talking about is the Fed pivot so Historically and I'm sure many of you Are already aware of this of course We've been talking about it a fair bit On the channel here and broadly within The xrp community certainly but it is The case that by the time the FED um Pivots and you're talking about uh rate Rate Cuts typically it's because something's Already gone off the rail so it's Reactionary and then shortly after that You can see that stock market's just Kind of tank and so he talked about that And there's six examples that he Highlighted in the video here but um he Did note right now there's no sign in

The charts from what he can see that We're we're um you know we're we're Hitting a top when it comes to equity so When you look at the stock market he Says there is no sign but even so just Because he's not seeing that in in in Terms of lower time frame action on the Charts he still does think that we're Going to be hitting in all probability This last gasp at some point this Calendar year and he also does think That there will be rate Cuts whether It's in summer this year maybe June or July or maybe as late as December but he Thinks they're coming so if that does Come uh Historically you know what that you know What that indicates and that would be Alarming but it could come uh just kind Of makes me wonder is there going to be Enough time for the market to move to The upside prior to such An Occurrence If that is what happens if the FED Responds in such away and so the these Are some of the most primary things that We're looking at here and um You again he he does say now that's not The end all be you know it's one metric It's one thing you can look at but uh if It happens if the fed's cutting rates We're just going to watch and see what The charts tell us but he does Acknowledge there is a possibility that We could see a move to the upside

Despite all of This uh and then there's also this from The daily huddle Fidelity analyst says Bitcoin Network remains on track updates Outlook on stock market I'm just going To cover the portion where the talk About what's happening in the stock Market because again I know we're we're Here for for the crypto we're much more Interested in crypto and specifically Xrp totally on board with that but it is The case that the market moves in tandem You know risk on assets crypto and Equities so certainly including xrp they Do move in tandem it just is the Case piece reads as follows Fidelity's Director of global macro is updating his Outlook on the equities markets and says That bitcoin's Network currently remains On track Jan Timmer says on the social Media platform X that the growth of Bitcoin is primarily driven by its Primarily primarily driven by it Scarcity and Central Bank monetary Policy and I want to skip past that a Little bit and just kind of get to some Of the stuff that he had to say Specifically about the stock market Because this is what I'm super curious About and I've been watching what the Blockchain backer has to say just like I Know many of you listening are checking Out what he has to say and he's at this Point he said we're at this point you

Know where we should be very nervous Because when you look at the Fibonacci Levels that uh that that the blockchain Backer has been talking about we should Apparently be a little queasy at this Point because like we're we're about at The top you're talking about U the move Being completed here so if somehow um This is isn't the top you know even the Blockchain backer was saying well okay Then I'd have to start you know maybe Reviewing the Um you know the thesis that he has in Place effectively I'm kind of Paraphrasing here but he's just kind of Noting if this isn't actually a top and The market shows that it can plow Through these particular levels if if Equities can well maybe it is time to Revisit whether or not Bitcoin could hit A new all-time high because if you're Talking about that type of move Historically we should expect that then So um but but still um he's he is in the Camp of uh that's not what's most Probable bitcoin's probably not going to Hit a new alltime high here but I wanted To highlight what Jan Tim here has to Say with Fidelity because um he's Talking about excuse me he's part of What he's talking about you'll see is What's happening with smaller cap stocks And how they're actually lagging behind What's happening um if you're looking at

What's happening obviously the S&P 500 I Think this is like the fifth day in a Row that the S&P 500 has hit a new Alltime ey in case you hadn't heard uh So that's something but small cap coins Uh not coins I'm used to saying coins Most thinking crypto uh but small cap Stocks um not so much and so you know it Just kind of makes me think you Know if it's the case that the smaller Cap stocks are lagging behind which There is historic precedent for might it Be the case that we're going to see a Really incredible 2024 and so anyway Here's here's what he had to say though U pece reads as follows looking at the Stock market the Fidelity analyst says That small cap stocks are lagging behind Larger equities creating uncertainty as To whether or not a true Bull Run is Under way timer says he has a hunch that Like most times in the past small caps Will ultimately catch up to their larger Counterparts and here's the quote from Them the rising tide lifts most boats With new highs for the S&P 500 Index the Question is when the rest of the market Will catch up and make new all-time Highs equal weighted index spw seems Close following the broad-based year end Rally small caps remain in a bare Market History shows that sooner or later the Rest of the market does tend to follow Suit often small caps break out

Concurrently with large caps as was the Case during the 1960s and 1970s but Sometimes there are lags in 1991 Following the Savings and Loan crisis in 1990 it took 10 months for small caps to Confirm in late 1998 following the Long-term Capital Management crisis it Took 14 months in the spring of 2019 19 Following the 20% drop in late 2018 it Took 20 months so I'm just pausing to Note here there is historic precedent For this type of thing to unfold and if History is going to repeat in that Manner um it's just the the whole Thing's going to be lengthened out and So again there's a lot of things to Consider like I was saying of course Will the FED be cutting rates to what Degree would that have impact and how Quickly uh and then the rest of his Quote is as follows with the Russell 2000 still 21% below its high keeping it In bare Market territory it's worth Asking whether it has ever happened that Small caps are in a bare Market while Large caps are in a bull market the Answer is no although we came close a Few times my hunch is they'll catch up Eventually just like in the past end Quote okay so that's the part that I Found to be most interesting about this And so there's uh there's the Russell 3000 and the Russell 2000 the Russell 3000 is an index that tracks the top uh

Three ,000 publicly traded Stocks and so that covers I believe I Want to say 96% of what you can invest in in Equities so it's very broad exposure Whereas with the S&P 500 obviously it's Just the top 500 firms and so you're Getting exposure to a lot of large caps But then with the Russell 3000 it's Certainly more Broad and then the Russell 2000 it's actually the bottom 2,000 uh stocks that are tracked in the Russell 3000 so these are just Indexes and uh and of course then there There are ETFs that track that so people Can invest that way too um I'm sure many Of you out there listening have done This um but um it's behind right now so Again like I said I think it's the fifth Day in a row where the S&P 500 is hidden In new all-time high uh and then you can Look at the NASDAQ 100 which is Obviously Tech heavy and um crypto Tracks it it does track it and then You've got uh the smaller caps here Though like the Russell 2000 still still In basically what he's calling here Anyway bare Market territory but there's Historic precedent for it to catch up so Might be we might we be having a fun Year in 2024 as that takes time to catch Up and then crypto ultimately pops and Hits new all-time high well it's Certainly

Possible if we want xrp to hit a new All-time high we better be praying that This comes to pass because as far as I'm Concerned it ain't going to happen Unless uh the you know equities continue To Blade to the upside which would then Allow opportunity for Bitcoin to keep Moving to the upside and then xrp Ultimately but if it doesn't happen like That I'm not exactly optimistic for the Short term now I'm still just going to Hold because I'm a stubborn son of a but that would kind of suck for The short term I'm not a financial Adviser you should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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