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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and it looks like Link to has lowered their minimum Investment to $2500 for the entire Weekend let me let me make sure that's Correct I think it's the entire Weekend yes it's for this weekend $2,500 Minimum usually I think it's $5,000 so they are my sponsor by the way So go check it out they had Ripple and Circle on there this week I think and Some a lot of other stuff of course go Check it out Lq.com now look at this Egg crypto he's not backing down he does He's he's not affected by all this Negativity this week neither am I as we Look ahead to the next Bull Run I have a High degree of conviction and Anticipation that a double- digigit Growth is in play fueled by strong Conviction in reaching the co coveted $27 Target he's been talking about that $27 Target for quite a while so we'll See if he's right about that I saw this Today and I laughed to myself because I Was thinking oh how far we've Come this this guy says if you remember This wallet you're a real xrp OG the Digital asset investor is a toast wallet OG in fact I probably still have I don't Even know how you would even get it but

Cuz I don't have toast wallet now but The the 20 xrp Reserve is there Somewhere I don't even know how I would Go and figure out how to get to it now I Don't even know if I have my codes to Get to it now there's 20 XR was it 20 or 25 xrp in reserve it was 20 I think There's 20 XR think about how many Wallets have that 20 xrp reserved that People will never go back and Get probably a Lot check this out this is Ripple Partner bit Stamp great question and I I try not to Speculate on prices but I'm pretty Excited about 2024 for a number of Reasons so um you know the first is um In continuing and even increasing Institutional adoption so so we are Seeing at bitstamp um a market increase In 2023 even in spite of all of the the Challenges and the headwinds that the Marketplace has faced are the FTX um you know uh regul regulatory Uncertainty um you know banking Challenges you know in spite of all of These things institutions even if They're not trading a lot or investing a Lot they have been onboarding and Getting ready I think for uh increased Adoption and hopefully some improved Regulatory Clarity particularly in this Part of of the world um in Europe it's Quite a different picture today there is

More regulatory Clarity and in Europe we Are seeing a lot more participation Across the board uh than we're seeing in In the US and and Asia also is is quite Positive so I think that in 202 four There's going to be quite a few um Factors that coales and and and improve The Markets okay um then we got this here's Cynthia Lumis these Um requests to the SEC uh to use the ETF Format to uh have exposure to bitcoin Took way way too long um and for people Who Who don't understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin which is most people I think the Concern of it having it language Languish at the SEC was that this asset Class was not ready for prime time it Was ready well that that's because That's not what it was about it wasn't Wall Street was not ready to make money Off all the retail people and I'll show You from Jay Clayton himself here in a Minute what I mean by that prime time uh But the foot dragging at the SEC might have led some to think or Given Credence to people who say that um Bitcoin is backed by thin air that is Absolutely Untr okay and then we've got Anthony Scaramucci who's forecasting a bullish Future for Bitcoin he's calling for Predicting

$170,000 Bitcoin then we we have this this is From uh what's this guy's show called Paul Baron okay watch this our Wall Street Bulls preparing for a rally Bitcoin and ethereum purchases are Increasing and this of course is coming They're still Towing the Bitcoin Ethereum line from a lot of different Sources but the primary points that They're hitting on right here is a Survey that believe Bitcoin and ethereum Will rise I think everybody's kind of on The same plate there with that bullish Sentiment driving toward the weight of Digital assets and portfolios think that Also is being brought in just because of The success of the ETFs and then you've Got Bitcoin and eth in terms of the Accounts of 58% of the participants Digital asset portfolio in the previous Surveys the rate was 50% so an 8% rise In a very short period of time all this Good news for okay and then here's Another clip that was going around from Black Rock's uh spot Bitcoin ETF couple Of things right here Black Rock of Course spot Bitcoin ETF now holds 3 Billion worth of bitcoin this is insane For this to be out less than a month They're Up 3 billion remember this Continues to climb at some point to Climb at some point we will see the Intersect between gray scale and what's

Happening with black rock or Fidelity I Think those would be the two to keep a Very close eye on sentiment right now We've got our ETF tracker make sure and Check it out over on our website just go To p network and go to the market Sentiment index you can actually get to An ETF Tracker couple of points I do want to Hit on here Black Rock Spot Bitcoin ETF Overtakes grayscales uh gbdc in Daily Volume I think this is the the bigger Point here is that if this continues in Terms of daily volume then the pace in Which we'll start to see this around Maybe gbdc starting to reposition their Rate which is still at holding it at 1.5 To maybe try to is it going to be too Late is my question I don't know that's The question I think everybody's asking Right now but Fidelity F fbdc was third Right now at 171.8cm At 292 and of course Black Rock was 303 So big numbers right there on spot for Sure in a good period of time so folks Have you wondered why well I've said it For five over five years folks why did They they have custody why have they Never let why have they never let retail Participate in owning B why have we had To figure out how to do it ourselves why Have we had to have a ledger Nanos or All these different self- custody Options why is Elizabeth Warren trying

To why does she want to cut off self- Custody as an option it's very simple Folks it's all about wall keeping the Rich richer it's about hurting you and Me all the peasants into Bitcoin ETFs And crypto ETFs while they own it before that ever Gets opened up this way the retail they Can guide the retail hordes into that And they they're sitting there ready for You they'll do it with others too it's Not just going to be Bitcoin Jay Clayton Who was at the Council on Foreign Relations a couple of months ago here's A clip where he tells you we should be Looking at making it easier to raise Capital um for smaller and medium-sized Companies and making it easier for Accredited non- accredited investors or Even accredited Investors to participate in those Opportunities that has met with great Headwinds on Capitol Hill um there is a There is a strong Factor of people who Believe that those opportunities should Not be made available to ordinary Investors that ordinary investors um at At at worst case should be pushed into Index funds and index funds only because That's the safest place yeah that's the Safest place for the peasants let me Translate what that means is that all of Them and their Wall Street Buddies the Mike novag grats of the world can sit

There and buy it at the institutional Level often for years and then when they When when they get their Toady Gary Gensler to finally approve a Bitcoin ETF Or whatever they're all sitting there And they're Ready they have complete control The Peasants have no control and then when You do buy the ETF you pay the the fee To them and you're sitting there you're In their world you don't have it Yourself then Jay CL this guy right here Asks a which what I think is a just a Weird question here's a guy who's Chairman of the SEC for years but this Guy's asking Jay Clayton how he would Regulate crypto he was at the freaking SEC the question is why didn't you Regulate crypto not how would you Regulate crypto um you know would love To hear about how you think about um the Appropriate way Uh to regulate cryptocurrency digital Assets you've already touched on uh and Some of the trade-offs which you Consider and if you wouldn't mind also Commenting on how you think that's Different from the current Administration and why you think they Have a different perspective yeah so I Think the appropriate way to Regulate crypto is to recognize that It's a technology not a product it's a Different technology for in almost all

Cases delivering a product that we Already know in sometimes a more Efficient way so um I do think Bitcoin Is an exception to that characterization A new commodity has been created one That is mined essentially that people Seem to like um but getting back to your Question I look I don't know what I Don't know whether it's going to be Worth a little or a lot but I am at the Point where I think the market can Decide there's there's enough what I Would say is efficacy in trading and the Like where where we get to that point But in terms of regulating crypto i' I've sort of been you know it's a Technology um I think the classification Issues about whether it's whether a Product is a security or commodity are Overblown I think most of those Decisions are pretty easy to the extent That we are going to continue to wrestle With those classification decisions I Say get on with it let's have regulated Platforms where you can put either Waiting until those classification Decisions get decided you know I I do Think we can custody digital assets Whether they're digital assets Securities or Others those types of things can take The banks the large banks are working on Them Um you know look it's also been one of

The most political Regulatory um that's because you tried Regulatory capture of course it's been Political you made it so yes isues in The last 30 years with the amount of Campaign Finance funds that went in it It it is I recognize that it's a hot Issue and it's a politically sensitive Issue but you can take that down if you Recognize at the end of the day that is Really a technology it's enabling new Delivery for Products okay Steven nof is heating up His rhetoric breaking the unraveling of The biggest Financial Scandal ever Starts Now ethereum's future hangs by Thread as the world's eyes are glued to Every Revelation endgame for vitalic and Luben uncertain but inevitable our quest For the truth is shaking the core of Their empire stay woke protect your Rights and brace for impact this is not Just a story it's a revolution and then He says how far we have come reality Check the story too big and risky for Mainstream media to touch is unfolding Here on X Global superpowers and Elite Eles co-opted officials and the silent Media Giants all part of the Unprecedented Saga this isn't Fiction It's reality we're exposing despite the Enormous risk yet 6 months ago they Called it a conspiracy today we're Spoken in uh we're spoken in all circles

With Fearless reporting writing daily Articles the collective sleuthing of the Community my receipts and presence of Boring sleth on chain data our evidence Can't be ignored silence now screams Guilt even even if uh tacitly as Metallic and Luben vanish the crypto Mafia's cover is blown and the truth About the biggest fraud in history Unravels those who turned a blind eye Are exposed we're just getting started The biggest Revelations are yet to come Tick Tock the world is watching and Silence won't save them #s silence Equals Guilt wow now in jp.com we're going to Talk about the possibly Netflix Documentary that's coming Out and I'm going to talk to you a Little bit behind the scenes about What's going on some things I know about Um and it's going to get interesting Folks I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family if you want to find Out what's going on with the U it's Called XR P Unleashed documentary come On into Di xrp.com


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