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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel a popular xrp chart analyst says That xrp is oversold which is typically A really good sign and notes that as it Pertains to xrp the quote corrective Structure is completed end quote uh Referencing of course the recent Downward price action and he thinks that It's time to go up and away I also share With you perspective from an analyst in Terms of what's happening with Bitcoin Because uh there's a possibility says This particular analyst that we're going To be seeing a new alltime for Bitcoin Before the having now mind you the Having is going to occur in April of This year and um we don't know the date For sure but I think it's going to be Somewhere around April 20th um and then I also want to cover this you guys may Have heard of this by now because the News broke a couple days ago but I Haven't had a chance to talk about it so I'm going to cover this at the end of The video uh but there's going to be uh An xrp documentary which is going to air On Netflix so this is a big deal it's Called xrp Unleashed uh John deon's in It along with a bunch of other people Including some names that you're Probably familiar with but uh before Going further I do want to be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I am not offering Financial advice

And you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoy making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun as I record this video xrp Is just a little shy of 51 cents Bitcoin's at 42770 bucks got the crypto fear and Greed index at 60 out of 100 so uh Despite the well some negativity Recently Um it's mostly just been sideways price Action so we just kind of been hovering Here but it won't stay like that forever Uh here's a post from sanate just last Night crypto market caps have edged up Plus. 5% over the past week despite Trading volumes dropping off negative 20.3% compared to the week prior Highlight assets have included flare Which I talked about yesterday my God It's taken off also Ron link TOA and R Anddr Bitcoin contines seeing less Attention as eyes turn to pumping Altcoins and there are a lot of analysts That says that said that this is Actually what we should expecting so I'm Not particularly surprised to see that Play out but King Bitcoin as some like To call it especially the maxcoin little Maxi little you know the people The Maxi trolls uh they they call it King Bitcoin but there is a possibility

And I I see look Bitcoin leads the way It is possible that Bitcoin is going to Hit an all a new alltime high sooner Than now I don't make predictions so I'm Not saying this is or isn't going to Happen but it's coming from chart Analyst credible crypto and this guy has A really high hit rate no one's perfect But I'm telling you in terms of what his Expectations are that he shares publicly He's so frequently correct so I would Love for him to be right about the way He's leaning towards it's not like he's Guaranteeing this literally but uh he Shared this bitcoin price chart this Morning and he wrote The Following green Squiggle was from my last video update In the quoted tweet below downside Target tagged and very nice reaction off That key level so far targeting the Local range Highs at $ 43,800 for now And it is fascinating to see for those Of you looking at the screen this is What he was predicting more or less Would happen and it's pretty close to How things have unfolded since that Point and now he says the next part is Little bit more consolidation and then Move to the upside and he wrote this for Those who still think a new all-time High before the having can't happen it Not only can based on the technicals but It's also very Logical feasible based on the data below

Most here weren't around in 2017 and Don't understand how quickly things can Accelerate from a standstill like we are At now and so folks that is true and I've said this many times things can Happen very fast in crypto it seems like Nothing's happening a lot of Consolidation boring sideways chart Action and then just like Snap up a Finger we're off so one day that's going To happen um and as far as the data that He was referencing below for the sake of Time I'm not going to cover it but there Was a an analyst that was sharing some Perspective on this very Topic um and then there's also uh this From chart analyst dark Defender shared This xrp price chart and he is very Bullish including in the short term Wrote The Following here is your update On The Daily time frame for xrp Five-wave corrective structure is Completed and the back tests are done RSI is also oversold and had the break And back test and come on xrp it is time For you to move # Ripple yeah can can Somebody just poke xrp with a stick to Get it moving like come on do something You guys seen that Meme right somebody Do that because in the meantime what are We dealing with kind of ridiculous and Sad sentiment and it's not just in the Xrp community but I will say the xrp Community I've been talking about this

In recent days my God the sentiment is The worst I've seen in years and I'm Sitting here excited every day like I'm Not in misery I'm thrilled that I hold Xrp I've been holding for over 6 years I Cannot wait for the move to the upside Which I think is practically inevitable Not literally not going to be wrong but Uh I'm anticipating it's going to come At some point in the future once Bitcoin Leads the way which has always been the Case in the past but in the meantime not So much so there's this perspective uh Shared by crypto Insight UK which Resonated with me and so I thought I'd Share it with you it reads as follows I See and feel many in the xrp community Capitulating I see content creators Throwing in the towel saying I can't Hold it anymore also um sorry he says Almost as if it's an emotional release I've said before and I'll say again xrp Is the hardest asset to hold I'll also Repeat this the market doesn't give a Swword about how you feel and folks That's that's exactly right look xrp is Going to go at some point in the future I don't know pretend to know when and Either you're going to have exposure or You're not going to have exposure to xrp When that happens I'm going to have Exposure I will be patient as hell but To the little babies out there screaming No shut up shut your stupid face hole

Like just chill out it's going to be Okay man like the market goes when it Goes we can't control it but it doesn't Make sense being sad or negative or full Of angst it it's like you're you're part Of just the most significant transfer of Wealth in human history and you can't Chill out for five more minutes gez the Market's obviously been heating up like We're going to see some fireworks I Suspect Anyway and then he says in fact the Worse you feel without seeing a Significant drop in price 50% Plus in Crypto the more likely it is sellers are Running out of steam and we are close to A move to the upside now folks that is That is a good point because you think About it once we we go from stages of Euphoria down to you know the greatest Depths of Despair what typically is the Case you see coins down 70% 80% over 90% Right some over 95% we're nowhere near That but we still have this sentiment From some in the XP Community I'm just Saying that stands out to me yet the Price is where it is sellers run out run Out of steam yeah that makes logical Sense to me and then he says the same is True at the top the better you feel the More likely likely we are to be close to A top this doesn't mean you should do Anything from my talk here but if you've Been in crypto for a while you know the

Above is true no asset is different just Because it's occurred over a more drawn Out period and the market cares not if You own the asset or not spot On uh now to this Netflix to air xrp Unleashed documentary the inside scoop On Ripple and crypto regulation so this Is cool now um I didn't see anywhere uh Noting when this thing's going to be Released it's possible I missed it if You know when it's going to be released And I just missed it uh please drop a Comment below I would love to hear from You but I just I didn't see it myself But presumably sooner than later since They did just drop the trailer for this Thing anyway peace reads as follows the Xrp community is on Cloud9 as they Finally Glimpse the much anticipated xrp Unleashed trailer a documentary centered On Xrp the trailer teases insights into US Crypto regulation Bitcoin ETF rumors and The potential for the next Bull Run Exclusively available on Netflix polling Results say 94% will watch this epic Documentary here's how crypto reacted to The news by the way folks this will be Nice and I know it's just one little Thing but it'll be nice to have that Many more people exposed to xrp Specifically because of Netflix that is Fantastic I'm not saying it's going to Do anything meaningful but hey every

Little bit helps right jump into crypto Like it's I feel bad for the people that Have literally zero that's why there's That uh campaign so to speak of get off Zero you know what whatever the right Amount of crypto is for the typical Person to hold especially if you're just Jumping in I don't know what that number Is but it's not zero so I agree with the Concept of get off zero like just Experience it because again there's Never been an opportunity like this in All of human history and that's just Like the people that are skeptical like Look it's good to start out skeptical if You jump into crypto and you're Skeptical that means you're not an idiot Of course you should be skeptical but You should do your research don't be Naive and that's good so it's good You're skeptical don't be naive but There's a reason it's been here after 15 Years and if you think it doesn't make Sense you need to put in the work to Understand why the rest of the world That is involved disagrees with you Anyway peace continues ABS a crypto Expert writes X about the mega release Of the xrp Unleashed trailer he shares It with the community and starts a poll To see how many people want to watch the Full documentary when it comes out on Streaming services surprisingly a vast 94.4% of the group was excited to watch

The documentary to get the Insight scoop They should be inside scoop but they Wrote Insight scoop I don't know I've Never heard anyone say that before on Ripple V secc produced by fruition Production the documentary aims to dig Into intricate details surrounding Recent events involving xrp and ripple This includes the US regulatory lawsuit Market turmoil and Bill henman's Controversial speech granting ethereum a Free pass the documentary features Discussions with prominent crypto Influencers financial advisers Ripple Personnel and legal experts and this was Shared uh this this little trailer was Shared by Tristan lit who is the President at Empower oversight the not For-profit organization that has been Pushing back against the SEC Probably Sounds familiar to you and uh there you Can see I I I froze the the the the Trailer right here at a minute 49 Seconds in you can see John Deon there Holding up look like kind of like brass Knuckles that say xrp Unleashed and Tristan leave it wrote excited to watch This on Netflix as ower oversight has Helped document John Deon is 100% spoton About regulatory capture 101 at the SEC #e gate uh here's what John Deon had to Say he reposted that and said I have no Agenda except that I am sick and tired Of regulators selling out to the high

Bitter and not allowing a Level Playing Field in this country it's not even a Case of a revolving door anymore the FDA Chair leaves and goes to fizer's board The SEC chair drops a case against Apollo group right after Kushner gets a 180 million loan from Apollo and then The chair goes to be an adviser to Apollo SEC ethics officials tells a Director to stop violating the financial Conflict statute yet the director Ignores the warning and continues Violating the criminal bar and nothing Happens and the public can't even get a Simple letter of inquiry sent to the SEC From anyone sitting on the uh FSC Financial Services Committee in the House or anyone sitting on the Banking Committee in the Senate we live in Corrupt times uh well that's certainly True so I'm glad that this is going to Be exposed to a much wider audience I'm Really looking forward to seeing this And I'm willing to bet that pretty much All of you are as well I'm not a Financial adviser you should not buy Your sell anything because of anything I Say or right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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