XRP: New Court Order “SHOWS IT’S GAME OVER FOR THE SEC” Says Top Attorney

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I have two stories to share with You in this very latest Moon Lambo Hot Jam I'll start with this one a quick Legal update in the secv Ripple case From the Crypt basic top lawyer says Recent court order in Ripple case shows Its game over for the SEC and then There's this one which I rather enjoyed And I'm confident that you will as well Also from the Crypt basic expert Explains how judge Torres Unintentionally gave xrp Community a Weapon against Bitcoin Maxis and this Goes on to highlight a uh a little bit Of a back and forth between a Bitcoin Maximalist who just spouts all s sorts Of nonsense and things that I have a Hard time believing he actually believes Uh it's between that guy and attorney Bill Morgan who just completely destroys Him but before going further I do want To be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun all Right and so some of the latest news Actually started yesterday um I had Limited time on YouTube yesterday so I Just wanted to quickly highlight this

You may have heard this news by now uh But here you can see the most recent Document as signed by judge Analisa Torres uh laying out the schedule and They noted here uh the next date of note Would be um here we go February 12th 2024 the party shall complete remedies Related Discovery and the rest is on the Screen there now um in Reality this case as we well know to This point it's over which is why it's So fascinating that some of the Bitcoin Maxes out there they just cling to this False narrative that uh xrp is not all In the clear or the you know the sec's Somehow going to come out on top with This thing which it's a virtual Certainty it is like 99.999% repeating certain that we won Like it's everything B I can't imagine What could possibly unfold that would Flip that perspective here and so you Have this headline here from the Crypt Basic top lawyer says recent court order And ripple case shows it's game over for The SEC and they're covering perspective From Attorney Fred rully who wrote The Following and so this was after the news Broke about U the most recent Developments regarding the timeline for This and if we're just being real and Especially when you consider changing Le Leadership like this is done here do you Think ginzler is going to be running the

SEC for much Longer probably not anyway here's what Attorney PO said # SEC versus Ripple the Remedies related Discovery schedule is Set there is no chance a second circuit Ruling on an appeal by either party if One is ever filed is issued before mid 2026 think of everything that will Happen between now and then game over SEC you lost # xrp Community yeah and That that's that's most certainly true And we don't even know what Administration is going to be in charge You know when you get to that particular Point in Time um and then um an xrp Community Member named views on xrpl wrote The Following and uh he actually has an Opinion which I don't think is broadly Held within the xrp community and so I Just respectfully disagree but it's an Interesting point of discussion so um It's perfectly fine I don't need people To agree with me for me to like and Respect them certainly you'd have to be A tribal child to to have that you'd Have be basically you'd have to be a Bitcoin maximalist to think that that's The right way to approach life uh but he Tagged attorney rol and he said I Personally think they won their main Goal was to slow Ripple down they did That the result of whether xrp was sold As a security or not holds less weight

Than the fact that this whole case was Has held back adoption from all but I Also get what you're saying say and so Look I mean there's the part where the Concept where I couldn't certainly could Have some sort of overlap with this Particular person is the idea that like The process is the punishment if you You've heard stuff like that stated I Think even Brad Garing house has said Something along those lines before it's Just the process of going through the Lawsuit that is the punishment Effectively right but in terms of xrp Being slowed down well yeah in terms of Develop activity it has to have been Harmed to some degree obviously price Action xrp is at a level way lower than Otherwise would be I think it's fair to Surmise that so I I understand that but What do we mean by one because at at the Heart of this argument was whether or Not xrp itself as a security let's be Real that's that was the core issue the SEC lost so if you want to talk about Damage that was done and then uh the if You view that as them winning okay but That's not what was uh you know that That's not was what was being considered From a legal perspective what was being Considered from a legal perspective is Whether or not exerp itself as a Security and it clearly is is not so I'm Not going to dispute that there was

Certainly damage done I've been Highlighting that we've all been talking About that literally for years on end But despite the damage the secc did what I'm saying is those little punk ass lost yes they did attorney Rasoi Responded to him and said well I guess It all depends on what happens from here You're right that the SEC definitely won In quotes in slowing down Ripple is the Damage permanent we'll see yeah and so They did slow down Ripple but only Within the United States we saw that on Demand liquidity utilizing extrap of Bridge currency that adoption actually Exploded they had found ton of success In any Corridor not that they went after Not touching the United States do you Remember wasn't it um I want to say June Of 2022 if memory serves where Ripple Reported that odl transactions were up Was it something like 900% Year-over-year and that's after the Lawsuit again I think I think I'm right On this June of 2022 somewhere there About they said over the last year up About 9 900% 800 900% so they didn't slow down Ripple Outside of the United States because the Rest of the world didn't really give a Damn frankly they they destroyed stuff In the United States yeah that's that's Certainly true here um and then there's This expert explains how judge Torres

Unintentionally gave xrp Community a Weapon against Bitcoin Maxis attorney Bill Morgan says judge Analisa Torres Inadvertently gave the xrp community a Weapon against Bitcoin Maxis by an izing The coin under the framework of Howie Australian-based legal expert Bill Morgan has explained how judge Anala Torres the judge overseeing the secb Ripple lawsuit unintentionally gave the Xrp community a weapon against Bitcoin Maxis and other critics for context Judge torres's ruling in the Ripple case Became a topic of discussion over the Weekend in a recent tweet a Bitcoin Maxi Named scam daddy stated that judge Torres did not clarify what what Category of asset xrp falls Under in July the judge declared that Xrp in itself is not a security as Alleged by the SEC consequently scam Daddy said the judge only declared that Xrp is not a security but failed to Mention whether the asset is a commodity Or Currency all right so this scam daddy Guy I've I'm familiar with this this guy What a piece of work I Mean again like I've said I don't need People to agree with me for me to like Them or engage with them necessarily but If I start to get a whiff that people Are not operating in good faith that Turns me off and so a long time ago he

Was just I mean I can't remember when I First within the last year at some point Maybe it was about a year ago um I I had Some debates on X with this individual Back and forth and he just kept saying Stuff that was provably not the case Like and then I i' State here's the fact It's something that cannot be if this Part's a fact and then he just keeps Sing and I like okay this guy's not Opera in good faith So eventually I was Like I'm not going to block the guy but I am going to mute him because I need Less of this particular human in my life So that's what I did I just I just muted The guy um because I just not up bring Good faith I'm not interested and then Later um there were allegations from uh Reputable sources within our community That this guy was also doing additional Shady things I don't want to get to off The rails here but in terms of Pretending to be somebody else so like There's an identity issue and then I was Like you know what I'm done I'm blocking And then I block the guy but he keeps Engaging With our community and so he keeps Popping back up in the Newser because He's just he just doesn't stop but he Keps keeps saying all these completely Absurd things so the fun part part for Us here is that we do have attorneys Within our community who absolutely

Destroy his BS arguments I'm glad I Don't have to do it anymore because I Still have him blocked I just I'm I I'm Still like I get it like I I'm looking At his stuff still but I don't have to Personally engage so that that's all I'm Looking for is to not personally engage With this human ever again Hopefully uh but here was a screen grab And this was shared by xrp Community Member Mr Huber and here's a screen grab From scam daddy who is a Bitcoin Maxine And he wrote uh there is no clarity as To what type of asset xrp is just what It is Not and that was reposted by attorney Bill Morgan who wrote he is wrong it is Clear that judge Torres treated it as a Commodity in the decision On the summary judgment Motions now even though of course Attorney Morgan is correct scam daddy Wanted he just he thinks he's in the Right has this undeserved confidence I Guess you could say and so he responded To attorney Morgan and he said actually Quite the opposite when she deemed Ripple sales to institutions as Unregistered Securities she said quote Parties did not view the xrp sale as a Sale of a commodity end quote so so There you go he thinks he's got the slam Dunk commodity whoa whoa whoa she's not Saying that but this is quite the

Misunderstanding of what actually went Down here and this is delightful I like Seeing this particular Bitcoin Maxi get Destroyed I don't think he's operating In good faith I just I really do Not and so here's what attorney Morgan Had to say and he absolutely lights his Guy on Fire your poor understanding of the case Is shown by you highlighting an extract From the case in which judge Torres was Expressing her reasons on why that Particularly a particular category of Sale to institutional buyers were Investment contracts it was the SEC who Defined the categories of Sales yet the judge's view of xrp is not Found in her treatment of the three Categories of sales it is found in the Two pages two-page section Pages 14 and 15 in which she analyzed the token Itself within the framework of Howie That se section on the Judgment notably Is Entitled a the xrp token end Quote in the very first paragraph of her Analysis of the xrp token the judge Differentiated the underlying token from The contract transaction or scheme by Which it is sold stating that the Subject the thing being sold is not Necessarily a security that's a quote Not necessarily a Security she then gives a list of

Tangible and intangible assets and States that in each of the examples she Gives quote the subject of the Investment contract was a standalone Commodity which was not itself Inherently an investment contract end Quote did you hear that folks Standalone Commodity attorney Morgan continues one Example she gave of Standalone Commodities was the Graham digital asset She later concludes her analysis by Stating that Xrp as a digital token which is another Quote like the gram is not itself an Investment contract even though it may Be the subject of an investment contract Like any other Standalone Commodities the Judgment did not Necessarily need this section on pages 14 through 15 if you took it out uh it Took it out this section the Judgment uh Would stand logically intact I think she Added this analysis of the token because The SEC in this case as it does in Public avoided clarifying its view on Whether the token itself is a security And is deliberately Ambiguous um in adding this analysis of The token the judge inadvertently gave The xrp community a weapon against Bitcoin Maxis who say everything but Bitcoin is a security and an argument Against those who want to muddy the Waters about the judges finding on what

Xrp those like well you spot on I love Seeing the guy RI the shreds this is Absolutely fantastic here and um to this Moment unless I missed it I don't think That he's Responded uh this the scam Daddy got Here obviously he's in the wrong here Because facts exist surrounding this Case which are well known and publicly Known to this point I mean this case has Absolutely been dissected I mean that And and judge torres's uh ultimate Decision thoroughly dissected but Somehow and this is just the other day This guy comes out swinging As if he thinks he's actually got Something come on Man like if it were somebody operating Good faith and in the early days trying To get to the truth of the matter with The complexity of the issue and reading Through it like especially in the Earliest of hours after the news broke In July okay that's one thing it's November this guy's absurd this is a Bitcoin Maxi who wants to manipulate People into believing things that Clearly aren't true I am not convinced That this guy believes the things that He's spouting because they're that Nonsensical and even when proven wrong He will not stop saying them that is not A good faith actor he just plain and Simple absolutely is not and so he shall

Remain blocked and I don't block that Many people like if if I have blocked You you're dumb messed up because like I Let people get away with stuff frankly Um maybe a little bit less than I used To because I just like if somebody's Just going to be outright because I Don't care people disagree that's fine I I like thoughtful discourse I actually Like debate if people are polite then I'm down but if somebody's being rude at This point I have less tolerance than I Used to if they're just going to come Outright and just being a complete Eggplant Emoji to me then okay then fine But uh because I don't do we need that In our lives do you feel like you need That in your life is somebody's just Being unnecessarily vicious that's one Thing um but but outside of that know Thoughtful discourse good to go here man But this guy what a piece of work scam Daddy H so anyway it's delightful to see it's Just delightful to see that he's been Completely ripped his shreds well done Attorney Bill Morgan I'm not a financial Adviser you should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lampo


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