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Hello this is Matt on the moon family Said day and channel you know we here in The xrp community we have a lot of Highly intelligent and educated people Including a lot of attorneys I want to Share with you five predictions from a Former attorney within the xrp community And I'll even tell you here at the Outside of the the video a couple of the Points that he makes and then we'll get Into the specifics as to why but um he's Predicting that Um ultimately It's going to be in the case that xrp Itself will be found by judge Torres to Not be a security and ultimately this Will lead to settlement now I I say Settlement but not before uh judge Torres gets to her specific ruling Having to do with the sec's motion for Summary judgment as well as ripples Motion for summary judgment so there's Still some things up in the air here uh Nothing's guaranteed but the perspective That he's sharing here seems perfectly Reasonable and pretty damn good if it Shakes out like this we're going to be Very happy Um xrp holders but uh before going Further I do want to be clear I do not Have a legal or financial background of Any kind I am not offering legal or Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because

Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun all Right and so uh here we have comments From xrp a Community member and former Attorney Scott Chamberlain and he shared A breakdown with his of five predictions For how this is all going to shake out I Do think everybody's going to be very Happy with this particular analysis here Uh should it come to pass And again I personally haven't gone Through this like I I even responded Yesterday I think it was I just I Thought it was an excellent analysis And so we'll see how it shakes out but Check this out he says with a decision In secv Ripple seemingly nigh I thought I'd do the stupid thing and predict five Outcomes number one summary judgment for Chris and Brad I don't think the SEC has Anywhere near the evidence to support They knowingly or recklessly sold an Unregistered security yeah and so I'll Just pause to note here already that That seems to be the widely accepted Point of view of pretty much all the Attorneys within the xrp community it Seems that so you can ask okay why why Go after Brad and Chris because this is A non-fraud case this is highly Irregular and I I think the only Rationalization that you know we could

Come up with to this point is that they Were really trying to bring the hammer Down and pressure these individuals into Going the way that the SEC wanted to go And they're just being vindictive Complete Pricks about this that's what It looks like because this is so far Outside the norm I don't see how the SEC Gets anywhere with this knowingly or Recklessly sold in unregistered security That's a really high bar from a legal Perspective And then he has a his prediction Prediction number two and this is where It starts to get more it gets Increasingly more interesting as we go Through the Lister so prediction number Two Summary judgment for ripple and respect Of overseas sales Ripple sales of xrp on overseas Exchanges are not within the Court's Jurisdiction a wholly new precedent Would be set to deem those domestic Transactions finalized in the United States and so what he's noting here is That like in fact I think it's the Majority in fact of transactions uh they Were all done on exchanges overseas now It just is a matter of fact point it is The case that transactions that occur Overseas are wholly outside the Precedent of the SEC without question That's it period full stop outside now

The SEC is still going after this as Though uh these transactions somehow Broke Securities laws in the United States but it seems completely absurd on Its face that judge chores could find That to be the case So what Scott Chamberlain is noting here Is that they're going to lose on that on All those exchanges all the Transactional exchanges outside the United States because you'd be Redefining you know effectively like Like what securities laws are here in The United States to have those happen Overseas but still have it have its Count as being finalized in the United States as Scott Chamberlain put it Doesn't seem likely to happen from Scott Chamberlain's perspective and then his Prediction number three Summary judgment dismissing the part of The case that asserts xrp itself is a Security oh yeah so this is one of the Things that we most severely need to Occur just as xrp holders of course Ripple wants that as well but like and I've said this many times I don't mean To sound cold at all like it not that I Want Ripple to have a bad day or Anything like that I think there are Great uh participants in the in the xrp Ecosystem uh highly valuable just great To have them doing what they're doing They're the greatest cheerleader for the

Extra ecosystem that there is I think It's you could easily argue that but Even if they end up being found guilty Of certain specific transactions you Know having even some sort of Unregistered Securities illegal Transactions okay but Um you know as far as as long as we we Get some sort of ruling from Judge Torres that xrp itself isn't a security We're good as xrp holders that's it and Then exchanges in theory should and Hopefully would re-list xrp promptly Because why the hell wouldn't you and Unless you're worried about you know the Appeals process should that occur There's a lot of ways that this could Unfold and who knows what's going to Happen with internal you know Conversations at some of these exchanges But I'm just saying and then Scott Chamberlain says no precedent supports The digital asset itself being a Security This claim was a contrivance for the SEC Not to have to prove each sale and to Avoid the problem of overseas sales okay So folks and this is one of my pet Peeves Um as it pertains to this particular Case the SEC didn't do what they would Normally do in any case where they're Acting in good faith if you're if you're At the SEC and you're acting in good

Faith what you cite is specific Transactions that broke the law the SEC Didn't do that they said every Transaction that xrp is a part of always And forever past present future uh was Is and will be forever and you know it Just uh unregistered security Transaction of Ripple That's what they're claiming and so it's A lazy way out of this and it's also a Way to you know if this actually worked Out if the judge Falls for this which I Don't think she will it's it's a way to Increase your jurisdiction effectively Without getting that power from Congress So very bad if that happens now I'm Optimistic that it's not going to happen But there's that And then also as he cited here uh you Know if you just say everything is an Understood security transaction well Then that's a way to get around what he Was citing in the in the in point point Two this idea that transactions on Exchanges that's the United States Obviously outside of their jurisdiction But if there is actually a ruling that All transactions everywhere on the Planet and forever illegal well that's How you that's how they'd get around That in theory so Scott Chamberlain's Predicting and I don't see how this this Part couldn't come to pass I think he's Spot on here

Um or at least in terms of this Ultimately being that the outcome Um he's saying here you know as you know Once we get the immediate ruling which Well we assume is going to be immediate Having to do a summary judgment uh xrp Will be declared itself to not be a Security or some sort of wording that Makes it clear that the secondary Market Transactions that you and I engage in uh Not part of this case and that should in Theory be enough to get xrp relisted I Don't know for sure if it will be but it Should be so that's a big one and then Uh his prediction number four what Proceeds is a limited case about whether Any of Ripple sales of xrp in the United States involved an unregistered Investment contract ah yes indeed so Think about this if xrp itself is isn't Is deemed to not be a security as he is That's his third prediction here so if They say that comes to pass what is left For the SEC to even do well what he's Noting here all that would remain is any Of Ripple's specific sales in the United States that's it not even the Transactions overseas it's just the Transactions here in the United States That's it which leads us to uh Prediction number five and this I would Love for this to happen yeah Scott Chamberlain says prediction number five Because of points two and three the case

Settles and again points two and three You know the the third one was the one About xrp itself not being a security And then the second one was about uh Transactions on exchanges outside the United States so he says because of Those two points the case Settles and he Says I happen to believe the SEC Underestimated that most of Ripple's Sales occurred on overseas exchanges Through algorithmic trading once Overseas and secondary market sales are Excluded There's insufficient meat left on the Bone so think about that is all that's Left if you're talking about no Transactions overseas and secondary Market transactions judge Torres says no It's all you have is the minuscule Number of transactions that were just Here in the United States and at that Point Why wouldn't there be a settlement In fact Ripple would jump at that Situation because once you get to that Point and this is why he's confident and I'm confident that he's confident should It get to that point anyway should it Get there is because Ripple said the Thing that's stopping them from settling Is that there's not a path forward for Xrp currently but if there is a path Forward for xrp that's all they need That's all they're looking for there's a

Password they'll write a check today They absolutely would settle so and and So if the judge insists that this is all That's on the table it's just these United states-based Ripple Transit Ripple transactions of xrp but nothing Else not secondary Market another yeah You're going to see this thing wrap up Really quick so it does come down to What we see in this case so like imagine So imagine this also it could be the Case that the judge judge Torres Declares that secondary Market Transactions of course not part of this So xrp itself is not a security but she Could also as I've been mentioning in Recent videos and attorneys within our Community have been warning there still Could be a jury trial moving forward but The important thing to understand at That point even if judge Torres says There needs to be a jury trial if she's Already ex-name all these uh Transactions that occurred overseas in The secondary Market transactions well I Don't think you're going to see a jury Trial even if that's what judge Torres Says has to happen because you'd see Settlement instead that's the point So even if we get to the point where Judge Torres you know we wake say we Wake up tomorrow and uh we we see news Okay well judge Torres finally made the Ruling and there's going to be this uh

This this jury trial but also there's Clarity for secondary Market Transactions at that point I'll be like Okay settlements around the core because Why wouldn't it Ripple that's Ripple's Only reason for not signing it is Because of the secondary Market Transactions and the idea of xrp itself Being a security so if if I wake up one Day and see that news I'm gonna be Pretty damn excited to be honest with You because I'll know what's coming next It's going to be settlement that seems Like a virtual certainty at that point I'm not a financial advisor you should Not buy yourself anything because of Anything I say are right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon family sedan


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