XRP Expectations Highest IN YEARS, STEALS SPOTLIGHT, Media Reports

Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel there's a headline on your Screen right now indicating that xrp Along with Bitcoin Stealing the spotlight and it's it's There's a number of ways you can look at This but I'll just tell you this at the Outside of the video in a general sense It certainly seems to be that Expectations surrounding xrp frankly the Highest they've been in years And you could go back fine like you go Back a couple years ago when we were in Complete Euphoria and xrp made it as High as two dollars now without the SEC Nonsense I do believe we went ahead a New all-time high that's my very strong Suspicion because xrp is the only top 10 Crypto that didn't hit a new all-time High compared to the previous cycle but But setting that aside it's very clear Right now that there is a lot of Interest including on an Institutional Level I still think that a lot of the Market activity we've had and I say yay To this honestly I'm happy for this has To do with the expectation of not just a Conclusion regarding that case but the Positive conclusion but even outside of That if it's just for analysts looking At the charts it's it's not just about The SEC V replicates analysts looking at The charts are anticipating good things For xrp

Um so I want to talk about that oh and Also this was very good news uh Hopefully some of you uh if you know if You're any of the individuals that had Your xrp held by coinbase during the Flare snapshot back at the end of 2020 Hopefully already heard the good news But if not then let me add a little Sunshine to your day coinbase did today Begin Distributing flare token so I Don't know if they've completed it to This point but they've started the state That they they started today and even Better well maybe not even better but Also good what's most important is it Gets in your hands but um almost as good Um is the fact that uh Flair is going to Be trading on coinbase so I'm going to Be looking to see what happens I'm very Curious because we've only had one flare Drop after the initial airdrop a flare Drop is different than an airdrop and I'm just very curious for the second Flare drop to see you know are we Actually going to see as some people Anticipate a dramatic reduction in price Because there's more Supply now Available this and that I'm actually Kind of skeptical of that but anyway Before going further I do be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I am not offering Financial advice And you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say

Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun now for most of the last 24 Hours Bitcoin has been above thirty Thousand dollars uh currently is at the Moment that I'm recording this but you Know give it five seconds we'll see Um xrp's uh sitting just a hair shy of 51 cents Um and here you have so 24 hour high for Bitcoin I want to mention it so it did Get as high as 30 456 dollars so The Bears that were calling for twelve Thousand dollar Bitcoin back when it was Closer to fifteen thousand especially This past November uh you didn't get it You're not gonna get it the only caveat Which I will always maintain is if There's a Black Swan event Fine but if you're just looking at your Technical analysis Uh at this point isn't it time to throw In the towel don't judge this thing but We did have a reduction in price action That started and Bitcoin LED this but You can see it started I think it was Eight yeah it's called about 8 35 PM Central Standard Time just because That's the time zone that I'm in you can See where I'm circling right here this Is a 24 hour chart bitcoin price just Plummeted uh I say plumbed it's still About thirty thousand dollars all right

And but Bitcoin rxp rather did the same Thing at 8 35 PM it just followed What Bitcoin is doing markets continue to Move in tandems that shouldn't be Surprising and actually was as high as Almost 53 cents within the last 24 hours So similar price action on that front You still have the market cap for the S Class 1.24 trillion in Bitcoin dominance At 46.67 percent uh crypto fear and Green index 65 out of 100 so people Feeling pretty damn good out there Um and then in terms of expectations for Xrp Price surging in the short term to The upside well here's a headline from The crypto basic top analyst claims 47 Surge coming for xrp and uh I'm not Going to read the article just make the Broader point they covered analysis from An analyst who admittedly actually Wasn't particularly familiar with uh my Understanding is although he's covering Xrp here that he just covers crypto in General so maybe maybe he does or Doesn't consider himself a member of the Xrp community but uh he wrote The Following here this is uh Ali Martinez I Believe is the name xrp may be on the Brink of a 47 surge if it secures a Three-day Candlestick above 54 cents a Successful breakout could catapult xrp To 80 cents Now part of the reason I wanted to Highlight this even though like I said

Admittedly wasn't familiar with this Particular analyst is because I've seen From multiple analysts similar Expectations And they could they could vary a bit in Terms of you know what what type of Clothes do we need to see above what Exact price point to get that type of Surge but I do keep seeing all sorts of Analysts say whether it's 52 cents or 53 Cents or 54 cents if you get that close And if it holds and if you turn what was Resistance into support well that is Going to catapult xrp up to a Next Level And in this case this particular analyst Is saying that would probably be about 80 cents here's here's just one more Example uh there's an article from the Daily huddle covering perspective from Uh chart analyst Michael vanderpop who By the way doesn't even like xrp because Reasons of course but Um I think he's being a bit more Intellectually honest than he used to Because he kind of people kind of you Know and rightfully so kind of Razz them A bit because he had these completely Ridiculous Um you know predictions for xrp Price Action after the SEC V rip a lawsuit Dropped over two years ago and I don't Think he even believed what he was Saying but he just doesn't like xrp so Much much but after that not going so

Well for him when xrp then catapulted From whatever it was 17 cents after the Lawsuit to you know two bucks I didn't see him make any predictions Along those lines after that anyway Hmm that's kind of curious hmm might That not have gone welfare but anyway Um so I do think he's being Intellectually honest here and nothing Crazy but he was also just pointing out That you know if xrp takes that Resistance which he says is 53 cents so It's pretty similar to what the other Analysters said if you turn that Resistance of 53 cents into support it's Just another analyst that anticipates You're going to see a pretty big move uh To the upside it's certainly possible Just another impulse So we'll see and in the meantime it's Against the backdrop of institutional Money flowing into xrp despite the fact That two years ago we were told that Extra peruse supposed to be dead it Would be out of the top ten uh many People saying that it would be worth Zero dollars and zero cents at this Particular point you know and those Predictions uh aged like a fine milk oh Yes the finest of them But here's the headline from you today Xrp and Bitcoin steal Spotlight Traditional investors bet on crypto Giants

And look it's just it's another one of Those things where it's like xrps Stealing the spotlight no surprise here You know some of the highest Expectations I've seen from xrp in a Couple years and I think that that makes Sense Uh it's become increasingly clear even The people that were previously hating On it uh xrp is not going to cease to Exist it is not going away so long as it Continues to be useful and it is That's why there are people out there I Consider myself among those people who Are so damn persistent with this thing I Think it's going to be worth an absolute Fortune in the future and I'm just going To see this thing through and I always Acknowledged I don't know for sure and I Could be wrong and I lose everything and It goes to zero and then I just cry Myself to sleep every night such would Be life but I really do firmly I do not Believe that that is the most probable Outcome here but anyway in this article Um they're noting that there's some Major inflows including in a Bitcoin and Admittedly Um most of it in this because it's Reported by coins they're reporting over The last week their weekly reports and Their inflows of 57 million dollars into Digital assets and most of that went Into Bitcoin admittedly but little

Asterisks here in recent weeks there Were major outflows in fact if memory Serves and I think it does I remember Seeing for one week there are outflows Of like I'm pretty sure it was 17 Million dollars and at the same time xrp Was up for that week I think like 300 000 so now there was a crazy amount for Xrp but on that week xrp up any amount While Bitcoins down 17 million dollars Uh yes please I'll take two so in this Case um xrp for the week up 200 000 but Again xrp was supposed to go to zero uh Didn't happen and here we have Institutional money flowing it just Saying I enjoy seeing that And then there's this headline because Where are things going and this this is Always a fun this will never stop to be A fun conversation just uh people Sharing perspective and what they think Is most probable in terms of when the Next big move happens for crypto in General since the asset class and their Generals and certainly does still it Just continues to move in tandem Well here's a headline from the daily Huddle Bitcoin about to run to all-time Highs quicker than everyone expects says Popular analyst here is his timeline And they're talking about none other Than credible crypto now I really enjoy Incredible crypto's perspective on Things and he has put his neck on the

Liner because he is one of the only Analysts out there he's I think I think He's the only analyst that I regularly Follow that stated that he does believe This year we're going to see a new All-time high for Bitcoin he's the only One now sometimes minority positions do Pan out case in point when blockchain Backer in 2021 called uh the high for For Bitcoin he said hey guys folks uh Just hear the metrics here's the reasons Why the high is in for Bitcoin and then You had some Very well-known analysts come out and They were just like so not all of them But so many of them were outright rude To him and uh it's just Democracy was ridiculous but the reason I'm even mentioning this is just to Point out He is the only analyst that I can think Of off the top of my head that said know The top set and he said it with Conviction and he was correct everybody Else was wrong in terms because how many Other analysts at that at that point in Time said no you know bitcoin's gonna go Above a hundred thousand dollars Which it did not And so incredible crypto he He's been calling for a longer Market Cycle so it's not that he Is outright wrong because he wasn't I Don't recall anyway I'm saying a

Specific time like it's going to do so And so he's been calling this a an Extended uh cycle he's called it that Many times in the past and so the fact That you know within the last couple Years we didn't see Bitcoin go to a Hundred thousand dollars he says no this Is just part of a bigger impulse so he's Got his own unique take which is Resulting in him being one of the only Analysts out there that says this year Bitcoin's gonna be hitting a new All-time high and his expectation is Above a hundred thousand dollars so Again sometimes the minority Viewpoint Is Right such was the case a couple Years ago with the blockchain backer and Credit where it's due and I don't mind Seeing analysts disagree with one Another I just want to see them make Their cases and I'm I'm happy to read That I I like hearing other people's Perspectives Um I just don't like it when people get Rude about it that's all So anyway here's the perspective on this And I hope that he's right I mean we're All gonna hope that he's right about This right And closely followed analyst says that Bitcoin is about to make a run for All-time highs a lot sooner than anyone Realizes While most in the crypto space are

Expecting a lengthy period of Consolidation before the next Bull Run Synonymous analyst credible crypto tells His 450 that's wrong uh he is like he They wrote the comma's in the wrong spot At a minimum but I'm about 100 sure he's Got like 300 or maybe they that's right YouTube I Don't know and they have the comment the Wrong spot but he yeah the next Paragraph actually they say here 339 000 Twitter followers And so anyway the analyst shares uh the The two snares on a chart one which he Says the majority of Market participants Expect and one which he says is more Likely to happen He says Traders are likely putting too Much emphasis on the Bitcoin having Which is slated for April of next year And has historically coincided with Bitcoin Market Cycles according to him The price of Bitcoin is set to front run The having cycle this time around and he Said quote it is almost universally Agreed upon on crypto Twitter That this rally will end in the thirty Thousands to forty thousands so I'm a Bitcoin course and give everyone six Plus months to accumulate before we head For new all-time high in 2024 to 2025 The having Cycle Theory the collapse From thirty thousand dollars was Triggered by an unprecedented wave of

Black Swan events that caused Mass Liquidations and panic selling I Seriously doubt that once we reclaim These levels we are just going to hang Around and let everyone who Panic Soul Comfortably take their time and reload For the ride to 70 000 plus dollars That's just not how these things work End quote So he's got strong conviction on this And uh we'll we're gonna we're all gonna Find out together what happens aren't we Because we're gonna let time pass I'm Gonna sit here and just watch from the Sidelines because my whole strategy in Crypto is to literally do nothing I just Enjoy following what's going on it's a Lot of fun but what's more fun when you Got skin in the game we all know that Like if you've got real money invested In crypto that's why it's fun to follow Every single day what the hell is Happening here so I'm gonna be patient As always and happy to wait on the Sideline hope he's right but if not the Cool thing is my perspective is almost Literally no matter what it's some Unknown point in the future there will Be another massive run and I'm gonna be Here for because I am patient AF Um and then there's this so as I signed Into the outset of the video good news For all of you who are accomplishing on Coinbase to give you your flare tokens

Uh they've apparently started doing so I Don't know if they've finished this yet Uh but I was very happy to see that And they put out this thread I don't Really need to read the whole thread They just note it's on your screen or if You want to read some of this I don't Think it's necessary to go through all Of it but they're just indicating yeah The distribution process is starting Today and then the the Tweet right after That they noted quote trading is Expected to begin if and when liquidity Conditions are met and after our airdrop Distribution is complete yeah I will say This If they mean what they're saying there And I actually believe that they do Trading is at some point going to start On coinbase I don't know if you guys Realize this but Flare even though the flare token's only Been around since January did you know That it's already in the top 100 cryptos My market cap it's kind of been floating Around Um like a week and a half ago I think I Saw it maybe around like 88 market cap And then I checked the other day and it Was a little higher it was like 90 or 92 But again it's existed for three months Out in the open Three months that is in freaking Incredible and that's because uh Flair

Is The largest airdrop in history outside Of any airdrop that would have occurred As a result of a fork like you know Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash and that all Day but if you're talking about just hey Here's a new token just getting airdrop There's just unprecedented support 100 100 crypto exchanges from the start And so that's why um and I mentioned This um once or twice publicly on the Channel but Um it was I can't remember exactly when Maybe it might have been around March 20th I can't remember but I made one of My largest individual cryptocurrency Purchases in history when uh the flare Token was around three cents and I Acknowledge that this is also probably The riskiest purchase that I've ever Made when it comes to crypto and that's Saying something because it's crypto and It's volatile right and some stuff does Go to zero and there are rug pulls and This and that and Flair is brand new Which I find to be Notable I think that's a very important Very important factor I think it makes It a lot more risky it's just not proven And will anybody build anything that Will last on top of it I hope so I think That's possible I just don't know for Sure which is why you know there's some Of the reasons I think it's the most

Risky move I've ever made and I could End up regretting it but it's like I'm Not going to cry to sleep over if that Happens Um Because I just think you know my overall Crypto experience is going to be so Positive that even though they're going To be some negative things that unfold As a result of my own actions along the Way okay I'll end up with that it's fine It's it's not gonna put me in the poor House but it was a lot of money for one Party it was one of the biggest Individual purchases I've ever made So for me that's very meaningful but Anyway the reason that I'm even sharing This is because Um I I don't know what's going to happen and In terms of price action like even the Blockchain backer he's like I don't see How this thing couldn't go down 90 and I Value his perspective and he and I'm Paraphrasing it was something to that Effect but not to put words in his mouth But it was something like that he said He says I don't see how it you know how It doesn't go down 90 or something like That and he was just talking about the Tokenomics of it with you know the air Drops for multiple years and I think That's a fair critique and maybe that Does happen I totally acknowledge that

But but I I I was looking at how much Flair I mean I expect to hold as a Result of these flare drops and there's A total of 36 of them we've had one one Out of the 36 so 35 more to go Even even if Even if flare drops 90 price okay maybe It happens based on how much Flair I'm Anticipating holding at the end of all Those months I would be at about break even If what I'm expecting to get distributed Is distributed even with a 90 price drop From here and we're just starting to get Out of a bear market so I'm looking this I'm like well wait a minute We're getting out of the bear market so Shouldn't demand increase wouldn't that Make it much more difficult to have a 90 Drop that's one factor so even if price Does go down from here and it's too Early to know because there's there's Not enough data on this there just isn't Which is why again this is a very risky Move that'll be but uh You know so okay even if it goes down a Little bit It's some eventually the drops stop These drops are going to stop Because they're programmed and then That's just it and then you don't have This and then the supply inflation is Going to be uh I think something like Four or five percent which is equivalent

To how much I think uh somebody stated I Didn't double check the math but Somebody said yeah it's probably a line Or pretty well is in line with you know The amount of xrp that gets out of Ripple's hands and then enters what is Considered to be circulation So I'm like okay well whatever uh but if You're anticipating The amount of people encrypted to go Through the roof it's like and but then On top of that here's another thing that I don't think enough people are Considering in order to get your flare Drops you have to hold the flare token You have to wrap it and you have to Delegate it so you have to want to have The exposure or else you don't get that And then even if you do it for a month If you decide to just get out and you Want to sell everything you do that And and then you're just out and then You sold who'd you sell it to you sold To somebody who is probably more likely To be someone of my mindset who would Probably be thinking more so you know Long term Because for me I I don't I have no Intentions of selling any of it anytime Soon I just kind of want to see what Happens here so I admit it's possible we Could get a drop in price once we have The the second flares there's not enough Fish for you but what's interesting is

What the first flare drop the price went Down you know it's like a few days or so Before the flares up so people were Anticipating a price drop after resulted In them pushing the price down sooner Days before the flare drop the price Went down because people thought that There would have been a price stop then When the flare drop happened the price Didn't go down in fact the price went up Went up something like I don't know it Got as low as 2.4 cents and then shortly After that we ended up going up to four Cents now it's around 3.4 cents so it's Volatile like it's really crazy just Like any crypto really But I'm just saying the people that are In that ecosystem in a general sense They're there because they want to be And if they're going to get that flare Then they can't be selling it because if They are selling it then they're not Going to keep getting that flare It's done it's a requirement to hold it It's not as though all of this flare is Getting uh dropped to xrp holders for 36 Months many of which don't care about This and then would just sell so I don't know we'll see what happens but Anyway I was just happy to see that my Fellow expert holders who were counting On getting their Flare from coinbase Looks like they've already gotten it or They're about to get it if the

Distribution is still ongoing here and Then to see that market open up and it's Going to be on coinbase I mean I can't Even that's why I'm saying like I can't Imagine trading not to proceed on Coinbase Given that it's already in the top 100 Cryptos by market cap even without Coinbase They have much smaller cap coins you Know coinbase so the idea that that Wouldn't some of it that there wouldn't End up being liquidity at some point in The future I'm thinking it's probably Gonna happen so we'll see what happens But I'm optimistic for the future but Just man This is the only crypto because look Imagine I've been in crypto over five Years this is the only cryptocurrency The flare token that I've been in from Day one I cannot say that about any Other coin and I normally wouldn't want To be This one's a kind of a unique unique Position for a number of reasons you Know not the least of which is because It caught my attention because it was You know there was that initial air drop And now we get all these flare drops you Know if we participate but also look at All the initial support including from All sorts of you know respected entities In the world of crypto including Ripple

And some of the higher upset Ripple said Positive things about Flair during its Development so We'll see here Just anyway just some thoughts just some Random thoughts here all that to say I'm Very optimistic and happy for the future Of crypto and Um like I said a little bit earlier in The video we'll find out together what Happens here but um I'm still most Excited for xrp that's that's my largest Crypto holding that's what I'm most Excited about Um you have been thinking about Flair a Lot lately and you know honestly if There's not a massive drop In price after the second flare drop uh There's a really good chance I'm gonna Make another very large purchase I just Want to see how humans behave there's Just not enough data now to know you Know is it the case that Flair's gonna Because of all the the allegedly Terrible token offices that really gonna Push the price on the other or is it the Case that the people that are getting The flare don't want to sell because They're the ones that are that are long It and you know Maybe we don't see that price up so I Just I want to find out I want to be a Little bit more confident but if it ends Up being the case that people aren't

Just going to dramatically sell I'd be Much more likely to uh to throw down Some more of my hard-earned United States dollars but if I do that I'll be Happy to talk about it I don't know for Sure if it's going to happen but if the Tokenomics are not as terrible as some People uh think that they are then yeah I probably will because it's so damn Early and then when we get alt season One day oh my God So that's why I left that broad exposure I hold about 30 different Cryptocurrencies that's why I want broad Exposure even though I'm most interested In cryptos that to have proven actual Utility that's where most of my money Actually goes but I'm not a financial advisor you should Not buy yourself anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon family sedan


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