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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. None of what I have communicated verbally or in writing here should be considered financial advice; it is not. Do your own research before investing in any digital asset, and understand that investing in any cryptocurrency is inherently risky. If you do, you need to be prepared to lose your entire investment.

Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel on a day like today where There's blood in the streets as it Pertains to crypto markets and people Are absolutely freaking out I just got To tell you that I'm a big fan of what Ral Paul has to say when it comes to Stuff like this now Ral Paul many of you Will be familiar with him by now former Former Goldman Sachs executive uh xrp Holder uh very well known in the world Of crypto probably about a million Followers on social media platform X He's the founder of real vision and he Does believe that xrp is going to be Hitting 10 bucks he he said that around The time that xrp was around a buck he He said 10-fold increase so he gets it He's a long-term guy and I I just want To tell you in in the world of crypto There are rules to live by and although This phrase of Ral Paul's which is and I'll censor it here don't f it up is a More recent Mantra from Ral Paul I've Been implementing roughly this same Thing that he's espousing here for Myself for over six years so this Resonates with me it's incredibly sound Advice and you need to hear it and Understand the rationale behind it Especially on a day like this where People are making stupid financial Decisions based on their feel feels but Before going further I do want to be

Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun so as You probably heard by now Bitcoin did Drop below $40,000 xrp uh at the time I'm recording this got as low as about 52 cents so it's worth hearing this Message and this is a picture of Ral Paulan I'm sure many of you are familiar But this has been covered in Crypt media Including this website uh look at this Headline don't F this up expert issue Stern warning to investors now need to Read the article I want to share with You exactly what he said on social media Platform X let's just get let's just cut Cut to the chase here right on January 6th he shared this message remember and He's got this list he didn't put little Bullet points next to it but it it's a List of things he wrote number one no Leverage and folks that is that not AB Is it not abundantly clear at this point Why you should not have leverage you can Absolutely get liquidated in the world Of crypto and just sitting here thinking Oh I'm sorry are the thousands of Percent gains that have been achieved uh The last 15 years resulting in life

Changing wealth I'm sorry that's that's Not enough for you you need to add a Multiplier effect to that Leverage What In the ever living hell is wrong with Like no leverage no that is that is it's Stupid s o o p i d stupid absolutely not And then the next point is no fomo fear Of missing out and it seems like a basic One right people don't understand that When they jump into investing especially In the world of crypto crypto something Starts going up they feel oh it's Validated that means it is good it'll Keep going up nah by the time you see That there's a high probability that it Is indeed too late next top three to Five assets as main bag so I've heard Him talk about this concept in in Multiple interviews and what he Typically says is you just want to make Sure that you want to have high actual High quality coins that where there's They're actually useful it's it's the Same thing this is why I was saying this Resonates with me because back in 2017 My whole motto cson has been utility Matters and will win the day well this Is another way of saying that you go to The coins where stuff is happening where People are building where there's Developer activity so on and so forth Where it's being used for Stuff and so if you got a bag of those Yeah you just hang on to them and then

He says self- custody or multisig with Good wallet hygiene and folks I know a Lot of you out there listening I know you don't have to doubt Yourselves I know a lot of you out there Listening are keeping all of your crypto On Exchanges that's a bad crypto investor Bad crypto investor stop doing that Don't do that we've seen too many too Many exchanges get hacked or just Collapse or find out that their Ponzi Schemes FTX right so not that it's Likely that would happen to you know the Likes of coinbase this or that but you Never know it might be wise to to to Take possession yourself and I know that Not for everybody some people are going To say okay but then what if I lose my Private key okay fine if you've weighed The the pros and cons and you think it Makes sense okay go ahead but I'm with r Paul in this one self- custody is the Way to go now this next one is the only One where I perhaps would a little bit Disagree he wrote only trade a small DJ Bag less than 10% so if you're going to Do the stupid micro caps and the meme Coins and this or that where it really Is pretty much just gambling okay he's Saying make sure that almost all your Money goes into the good stuff if you Really have the itch and you got to Follow through with scratching that edge

Fine less than 10% and so if you're one Of those people go for it for me uh i' I I that mine's close to 0% that is not my Game my whole deal is large in some some Midcap coins and that's that's pretty Much it it's that because it's great Because the market has done the work for Me at that point it's the same concept As investing in the S&P 500 the whole World like everybody that's paying Attention to the market and buying and Selling they're their dollars they're Voting where they think it makes sense They've done the research for me that's Why having brought exposure to an asset Class makes sense so when you're talking About um you know investing in in large And midcap coins kind of even make kind Of like if if you were to kind of so to Speak make your own little crypto index One that's why that makes sense and of Course as stuff goes in and out of Positions and things change well of Course you monitor that but that's the Concept and you just and then you notes Next huddle over a longer time Horizon And this is exactly what I'm doing with My xrp I've been holding my xrp for over 6 years I will hold however long it Takes and then he says zoom out and Remove the noise and folks that's why I'm making this video on a day like this Because there's blood in the streets People are freaking out zoom out it's

Normal to have these pullbacks which is What he says next expect 35% pullbacks Frequently and you know we haven't even Had that big of a dip like today I mean Yeah things have been down ever since The broadly speaking since the ETFs were Approved because that was if if anything It was like a even if not a sell news Event that day it kind of has developed Into that since then I knew it wasn't Going to be well I did shouldn't say no I was confident that it wasn't likely to Be um you know a buy the news event and Then he says buy the effing dip if you Can exactly so you're not fing and when People are Panic selling that's the time To buy and then he says Hdft don't F this up which is absolutely Spoton and then he said um just just This morning before Bitcoin collapsed Before below $40,000 he Wrote uh points number six and seven in Play it won't be the last time either The final correction low could be sharp And quick or slow and grinding no way to Know for sure some take a few weeks and Others take a month or more so he's Talking about 6 and seven so that would Be hdle over a long time Horizon and Zoom out and remove the noise exactly so On a day like this let it s it a a Little bit and this is exactly what I've Been this has been my whole mentality And there are additional things that I'm

Implementing and will Implement rather When we get to the point where you know We're in Euphoria mode again and I Finally start cashing out to USD another Rule that I'm I'm implementing and I'm Going to be very strict with myself About this is when we're in Euphoria Mode when I cash out that money is out Of the market it is not going into Anything else those are going to be Guaranteed profits once I sell that's it Period that is a rule I don't care if I Think and even if I would have been Right to put it into something else I Don't care it's it's a strict rule I Have for myself because I don't want to F it up and so I have that rule now once We enter bare territory I may be willing To put in you know maybe it'll be 10% I'll decide something smaller though uh Back into crypto it once it's very clear We're in a bare market so maybe that Would be over a year later but the rest Of it uh I'm going to go into Conservation mode preservation mode Meaning I'm going to invest in other Stuff whether that would mean real Estate whether it means uh putting it Into the stock market you know equities I'll decide what that means but it's Going to go into more traditional Finance types of things boring stuff but Yeah sure if I want to take a bit of it And you know just throw back in a crypto

I will but mostly what I'll do is since I'm going to continue to work I'm going To earn money and then put that the new Money I earn into crypto I'm not going To stop investing in crypto I'm not Going to stop running this YouTube Channel Um and so um then there was this from um Frey xrp Community member Frey who has Been in crypto since 2011 and actually Has a career in finance um he's actually The reason I came across this most Recent post from Ral Paul as well as the One that I started with from January 6 So uh shout out to you Frey thank you Very much because he actually tagged me In a separate post I don't have on the Screen thank you very much that's the Reason I came across this but this stuff Resonates with me and Frey gets it too He's been doing this Forever and so um somebody responded to Ral Paul and wrote it amazes me how Every downturn in price people freak out It's the long game zoom out and Frey Responded to that person and said humans Are emotional and when emotional they Make poor decisions also why majority of People that manage their own money do so Poorly longterm no one knows when the Best days in the market will will be you Have to already be positioned to capture Those days/ returns and those days are Few and far between so that's why

Professional money managers also don't Play games going in and out of markets With cash SL full positions many reasons Why including taxes but yes have to be In to capture the growth longterm and Recoveries most retail sells bottom okay That is Sage wisdom and please listen up For that part perhaps this might be the Well it's hard to determine exactly what Is the most important point in this Video because they're all absolutely Crucial and required as far as I'm Concerned when it be when it comes to Investing in crypto which is the most Volatile freaking asset class on the Entire damn Planet uh but Frey also Shared this with me and i' shared Content like similar to this similar Types of things on my channel a number Of times over the years but this one's Pretty clear and concise so I thought I'd share it um it's from a website Called dimensional what happens when you Fail at market timeing and folks this is Why it doesn't make sense to get in and Out of positions it doesn't make sense To F oh God I'm missing something so now I need to sell to go chase that thing And then the thing is sold starts taking Off right you've heard all that before Right but if you're worried about that You're worried about the market go or Your your your net worth goes down you Don't know if right after you sell we're

Going to have a major bullish day and Most of the most most of the gigantic Days just inequities in general that Result in the major returns over a long Period of time it's actually just a Handful of days or maybe even weeks and If you miss those days or weeks your Your returns are going to be down Substantially which is why either you Have exposure when that time comes or You don't and if you're the type of Person getting in and out of positions Because either you're afraid or you Think you know better well good luck Because the data says you are going to Screw yourself whether you're talking About equities or whether whether it's Crypto and so on the screen what we're Talking about is equities here but the Same concept is true in crypto the Biggest days in crypto there are few and Far between there's not that many of Them yes we've been trending upwards for 15 years but most of what it is to be in Crypto is a lot of sideways chop There's Scary down moments but the biggest moves Are few and far between if you're trying To sit High markets you're going to Screw yourself and so that's why when it Comes to my xrp I could not possibly be More Stubborn I bought an a crazy amount Subjectively to me uh what what is just Like a ton of xrp and then I finally

Made myself stop in October of 2020 and it's still about even today Even though I bought a bunch more crypto Since then it's still about a third of My total crypto Holdings in terms of United States St because I did go that Bananas but I've been diversifying Further since then I'm very comfortably Holding that amount of xrp though I'm Very confident in it but I'm very strict I'm taking this super seriously I'm very Disciplined when it comes to this Because I believe that's what it takes To achieve lifechanging wealth in crypto Period And so what happens when you fail At at Market time as you will like that People will Fail reads as follows the impact of Being out of the market for just a short Period of time can be profound as shown By this hypothetical investment in the Stocks that make up the Russell 3000 Index a broad US Stock Market benchmark Mar and I'll just note the Russell 3000 Index uh that represents about 96% of Investable us Equity markets so it's Pretty broad it's definitely pretty Broad and you can you can buy an ETF That tracks that Index and here's what a sample Investment would look like a Hypothetical $1,000 $1,000 investment made in 1998 Turns into 6,300 $56 for the 25-year

Period ending December 31st 2022 over that same period if you miss The Russell 3000's best week which ended November 28th 2008 the value shr shrinks To $534 missed the three best months which Ended June 22nd 2020 and the total Return dwindles to 4,480 now folks keep in mind we're Talking about in this particular Hypothetical investment scenario a 25e Period you're missing a substantial Percentage of the gains over 25 years if You miss just a week if you miss a week Are you so smart that you're going to Know which week out of those 25 years it Makes sense to do so and so do you Really think you're the guy that can do That because it's nonsense to think you Can like like the hubrid of the human That would think such a thing it's Absurd and so the reason I'm Highlighting this even though obviously Crypto's more exciting and you can get Way greater returns than that in an Afternoon on a Tuesday I get it this the Concept applies to crypto that's why I'm Sharing this with you that's the Point and then it continues and for Those of you that care to look there is A chart on the screen right here you can Even pause if you want I'm going to Scroll a little bit lower they writ There's no proven way to time the market

Targeting the best days or moving to the Sidelines to avoid the worst so the Evidence suggests staying put through Good times and bad did you hear that Folks that's a key and bad times staying Put that's precisely doing nothing Humans have such a hard damn time of Doing nothing it sounds easy just don't Do anything oh okay yeah but then you See your net worth you're going like is Something no shut up don't do something You know anyway then they write missing Only a brief period of strong returns Can drastically impact overall Performance we we believe that investing For the long term helps ensure that You're in position to capture what the Market has to offer and folks it's just Data it's just numbers this is how it Works if you missed the days you missed The weeks you missed the months that's It same G simp in crypto which is why I'm not going to I just make sure I have Exposure and whatever happens happens I've had xrp at the all-time high I've Had it after that as low was 10 cents And today it's whatever is 52 cents Whatever the time I'm recording this and Everything in between you know 8 cents I Had it at two bucks you know in 2021 Whatever doesn't matter to me either my Thesis is correct or it is not utility Matters and we'll win the day I I think It is true and I do believe xrp is going

To hit a new all-time high in Enterprise Discovery and if I'm wrong I'm wrong and Then I lose everything too bad so sad For me I'm an adult Though I I know what I know I understand The risks and what I'm doing investing In XR p in crypto and it is risky let's Not pretend it's not risky but there's So much real opportunity here that's why I'm excited on a daily basis by this Stuff that's why I love running this YouTube channel it's a blasty blast my Favoritest most favoritest hobby I've Ever had in my entire damn life all up In this so that's that's it much So that's why I wanted to highlight this Especially in a day like today when R Paul says don't f it up that's that's What he means that's why it resonates With me and it makes it really does make All the sense in the world I'm not a financial adviser you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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