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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and there's a ton To talk about today um the first I Wanted to mention in my next video I'm Going to do a um I'm going to get Nick Buedo from link to who is one of my Sponsors we're I'm going to get him on And we're going to talk about the Black Rock uh ETF a little bit but mainly We're going to talk about the uphold Ripple deal and a couple of these clips In this video one of them is this one That I wanted to get Nick's opinion on Because this captured my attention and And um as you know um link to has they Have both Ripple they have uphold and They have linked to private equity on The platform but this clip right here to Me is very telling significant from my Point of view is it's an example of how We're plugging upholders a platform into A large installed user base so the ogl Platform already handles hundreds of Millions of dollars of flow a year so It's not you're plugging into a startup And you're inheriting execution risk so For us it's a very exciting uh project It goes live uh on a very tight time Frame actually we've got the first live Trades during during December so that Right there is what we want to talk

About what exactly does that mean going Live December what what exactly does That mean um so you know the drill go Check out uh link to my sponsor now this Is Kathy Wood and she's there Pontificating about why Gary Gensler is So anti- crypto he taught at MIT about So he understands that it's not a Ponzi Scheme or a beanie baby so there has to Be something else well I I don't know What it is I have wondered there's Speculation that he's interested in the Treasury secretary position at some Point what does the treasury secret Fiat For the government I mean Very focused on I don't know I don't Understand it myself because he Definitely he understand right now look The first thing to note here is the Title everybody that they have on is is Bitcoin ethereum you know all of that um Then this was another I got this out of Order let me go to right here this is Her also In that clip and I don't I Don't know if many of you remember but The same people it's all the same people People folks the same group of people Who have been giving you Bitcoin Ethereum Bitcoin ethereum Bitcoin Ethereum for the last 10 years same People were the same people that were Propping up FTX they're also the same People that were promoting salana before It collapsed and all of that and now the

Same people that are now telling you we Need to do FTX 2.0 are now talking about Salana Again and they are all the the same People who will not speak of the word Xrp Or Ripple bit and she's in the group she Won't talk about it either Bitcoin Anything beyond that well you know there Are infrastructure players uh salana uh Is doing a really good job I mean if you Look at uh ether was faster and cheaper Than uh Bitcoin xrp was faster than Cheaper than both of them that's that's How we got ether uh Solana is even Faster and cost effective than why are They so so terrified to even address the Elephant in the room which is xrp and Xlm work better than any of them and are Faster than any of them and none of them Ever mention those two uh ether so you Know there are infrastructure plays uh We do believe web 3 digital assets uh uh That's that's a a big idea actually Digital assets with property rights First time ever uh online that we're Seeing property rights all right now you Think I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist And oh yeah they're there oh yeah that's That doesn't mean anything that's just Conspiracy that they're all pumping this These certain things okay well meet this Clip I don't know why but I kept seeing This clip going around the last couple

Of days and so this is from 2018 and This is this is the stuff they were Saying back then this it was the drum Beat it was the marketing tagline it was The talking points because everything We've watched nobody expected that Anybody would uncover it or show it and Focus in on it but we've been watching The Bitcoin ethereum salana FTX Marketing program for all these years We've been watching a marketing program The uh uh bitcoin's going to replace Gold and all that stuff it's a big pile Of garbage and it's not true but here's Part of it this is back when they were Saying oh the banks will never use Ripple we Business Week piece on this so We've explained what Ripple is and what It wants to do but the problem here is That its customers Banks aren't buying Into its Proposition that that's right uh we Spoke to Executives at seven of the Largest banks in the world who are at The heart of the correspondent banking System where you move money from the United States to Africa or Asia or Corporations need to make payments Around the world um none of those Executives um want to use xrp they they Don't want to get involved with Cryptocurrencies and and moreover the Customers that they serve like the Caterpillars of the world the uh the big

Corporations they don't have an appetite For it either right so these are the Guys they put out well who is who is This lesing guy who is ma what's what's His name yeah Matthew Ling well just Happens by pure coincidence to be the Guy that wrote the book out of the E Talking about how great ethereum is he's Also the same guy that Laura Shin who we Know all about on this channel has Propped up many a time to have him on Her show and and create the cover story For the Dow and all the stuff he was Also the same guy that came on her show With Ryan uh celus back in the day to do Nothing but bash Ripple as well in fact Don't take my word For It Ryan Cell remember this bashing right Here here it is ripples xrp Wyatt its Chances of success are low I think Matt Matt lesing might might be next in line To get a uh trip to the dunking booth Because you've been busted Guys and then here's one check this out This is this is good this is a Google Cloud head of digital assets listen to What he says you know contined growth in In regards to developer adoption the Other thing too I think there's been um You know there's always been a Flourishment of of new ideas and and and New companies uh but I'm finally

Beginning to see institutional adoption Which I think is something that was uh Required and needed uh and for that we Need to have reliable Secure Solutions Not net new that have not been tested so I think uh we have gone through a period Where we needed to prove that Reliability that scalability and that The products and services are secure uh To actually tap into institutional funds And institutional managers that were Required to not only sell to we through Community but outside of the we through Community into institutional uh Andor Enterprises now you want me to show you What arrogance looks like this G against Tweeted this out yesterday the investing Public benefits from enforcement Divisions work is a cop on the beat FY 2020 I told you folks this guy's a Sociopath that he's a he's a political Hitman this is one of that there's a Reason there's a reason that he is in The camp of you know that woman that is Married to a guy who used to be President there's a reason he's in that Camp this guy's a political Hitman and He's a soci aath by Design that's how He's useful to them he has the ability To to be to not care about the feelings Or what people think or what the Majority of the American people might Think or actually serving the people he Doesn't have to care about those things

Sociopath John Deon says want to truly Protect investors than resign speaking Of sociopaths Folks do you know what you know who this Is tweeting this this is Mark andreen Who runs A16z do you know what he's saying right Here this guy says two ways for a an AI Company to protect itself from Competition he retweets it and he says Lobby the government for regulatory Capture and conspire to establish a Cartel same the GU this guy is his Company is the same is a16z the same Company that that was meeting with the Uh sec to get the ethereum free pass the Same company that later hired Bill Henman after it was all Over to be an advisor at A16z that my friends is a Sociopath if there ever was one black Rock finally came out after a couple of Days as we confirmed yesterday Black Rock has not filed an i sh shares XR P Trust we've escalated this issue with The Delaware Division of Corporations and digital perspectives Makes the the the comment that is Directly over the Target and that Comment is and why in the hell haven't You xrp is the only digital asset with Legal Clarity what are you waiting For now then we have uh this is Steven Nof was in a um he was in a spaces with

Um a Zack Rector was doing the spaces Yesterday um and what came out of it is This in ethereum Insider promises big Reveal in 48 hours ramps up fraud claims Okay I'll play a short clip and then We're going to go into the group and go More into all this I think I think the Reason that the Press is happening right Now is you guys like the xrp community Was like I'm I'm I watched it I was Really shocked about how much you guys Pressured and pressured and pressured But they could always use conspiracy Theory they could always use that I was Just like the final piece that came and With me they can't say that because they Know I was there they know who I am all These guys that are writing about me Have been written writing about me for 10 years so it's like they they can't Make that credibility so now all of a Sudden you know it just I was just kind Of that final piece but if it hadn't Been for all of the buildup for 3 years From xrp I don't think you would have Seen that Um I there you go folks now as we go Into the um as we go into the group Here's the things we're going we're Going to talk about these secret tapes He goes a little further into the um uh What's on these tapes we're also going To give a little update on my X Suspension we're going to talk about um

Some other things that are going on on On X we're also going to show you an all The worlds of stage video clip then a Hilarious we're going to show the Hilarious a hilarious clip of Dr Evil That's going around that I could only Show in my private group and then Finally I told you I'm i' I've been uh Cooking around here I'm going to show You what I'm going to be cooking next And and how I look for my my recipes Just for the fun of it thought that Would be fun to let some of you see I've Been getting a lot of people asking me If they could see what which one I'm Doing next okay so we're heading off Into the or or let me do this I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that here [Music] [Music] We [Music]


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