XRP ATH, Ripple FINCEN Settlement , Mellon , R3 & The End?

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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor And I don't know somehow it feels like Maybe the Ripple Saga Has come or is coming towards an end and So I wanted to take you back down memory Lane and and take you through some of The things I've been through some of the Things I've seen some of them you may Know some of them you may not but I want To show you how I got here what we what I experienced what we went through just Some of the things I'm going to touch on Some of them And just kind of relive a little bit of This I don't do I don't think I've done This the first where this all starts is Um I don't I don't think that I don't Know but there's always been rumors that Ripple came from the Grateful Dead song Ripple okay well what's ironic about That to me is that Um Ripple also I don't know if it was a Book or an album seemed or or a video I Don't remember but they had something They put out called a long strange trip And maybe it was a song too I don't Remember But that's what this has been folks this

Rippled this not in a million years Would I have thought that the whole Ripple an xrp thing would have turned Into what it did but it did so I'm going To take you through my journey my Journey started it somewhere in the 2013 Late 2013-14 range back when on coin Market cap it was just known as Ripple And this is when I first discovered Ripple and I thought there was something Different about it you'll notice there It was at at a penny in this time period In the months the two three months plus Or minus this it was below pennies That's where I first got involved in This story so I'm going to go through And just show you some of the things That have happened along the way so Around this time I discovered it And then Um I was following things and there was A crash in that 2013-14 area and I thought at the time Okay well maybe I was wrong about this Whole thing and the value of what I had Had crashed and all of that And then I remember hearing about this Somewhere in in 2015 about how Ripple Had been the fincen had come down and They had fined them seven hundred Thousand dollars and um there was a There was a criminal or a or a civil Money penalty against Ripple and that The the against this xrp2 and all of

This okay and I remember hearing about This and I remember thinking oh man Not Only was I wrong the whole thing okay But I was like this their these guys Must be Shady guys whatever all the Whole thing okay so then Um and that was around 2015 somewhere in 2016 I woke up one day and my investment was Like you know 20 or 30 or 40 times okay And then along comes late 2017 when Ripple announced the Ripple escrow now Remember I didn't have a channel by this Time So Um there was no there was no digital Asset investor at all this is December 7 2017. Ripple s grows 55 billion xrp for Supply predictability this is what set In motion the xrp all-time high all the Way into January around January 4th 2018. that is when coin coin market cap While we were sleeping one night I Remember it because I remember not being Able to believe what the price of xrp Was going to market cap removed the South Korean exchanges from the market Cap without telling anyone so everybody Woke up that morning the price had CR it Looked like the price had crashed but Really they had just stopped figuring in The South Korean prices but that is what Began a downward motion for the value of

Xrp all the way into through 2018 18 but It was but I didn't know at the time see In hindsight now I know more some of the People that are behind coin market cap We've done some videos on that too but I Didn't know what I knew what I knew now Back then I didn't know it Um I also didn't know that this article That dropped on um I remember seeing This article February 27 2018. Ripple's Chris Larson meet the richest person in Cryptocurrency I did not know at the Time folks that there was a war I did Not know that the person that wrote this Article Laura Shin now after we've Uncovered all sorts of other things Appears to be I don't know for a fact But appears to be on one side of the war And not Ripple's side I did not know That that's the in my opinion the Purpose of this article was To throw up red flags about Ripple and To get the attention of people that's What I believe now I did not know that At the time but I remember when it Happened and then right from from January and February in 2018 all the way To may I started following this all the Time because remember we had hit an All-time high for xrp and I remember This specifically in May May 15 2018 This is when Snoop Dogg did the Ripple Had an xrp Community night in New York City and Snoop Dogg was the headliner

And he was there and I remember how Thick I was that I couldn't participate In this and do you know why I couldn't Participate in this because my channel Started in May of 2018 I don't I don't Remember the exact day but it had only Been going for a few days and so there Was no way that I could expect an Invitation to the xrp community night to Meet my idol Snoop Dogg Since this time folks I then entered The Fray and over this period of time we we Watched and and reported on thousands And thousands of hours of video of People like David Schwartz and people Like Miguel Valles who at the time back In 2000 this is 2017. he was in charge of xrp markets we We literally combed through every video And every word from everyone that was Anywhere involved with the Ripple Whether it's Chris Larson and Stefan Thomas in the early days to Ashish burla To back then they had as their uh Chief Market strategist Corey Johnson he was a Spokesman who later left we had dilip Rowell there were all kinds of old Videos of Chris Larson we've been Through all of it we've shown it all and Then as as time went on more and more People began to get into the influencer Side of things and to join into the Become fixated on this thing that was Ripple and xrp

And then there were other stories along The way and and things that we tied in This is one of the more fascinating to Me we found out that Matthew Mellon the Heir to the melon banking Fortune was a Large holder of xrp and he died I Believe of a drug ogre overdose and the Story went that he had xrp and Cold Storage all around the world And to this day we don't know what Really became of it And we also had R3 suing Ripple That was a major story they later Settled but to this day we don't know What the option agreement with our three We don't know if if the settlement Involved paying them out cash or xrp or Giving them a new option to xrp we don't Know but this was a a lot of drama that We covered when it was going on at the Same time in all of this time in 2018 19 UPS up Pops this fictional character on On Twitter that went by the name Bearable guy and he would release all of These cartoons and and riddles and all These things for people to solve and the Term comex 589 came up in all of this And it became a whole thing where people Would try to decipher these the digital Asset investor did not really try to Decipher them but I was watching And I was I thought it was interesting And to to watch everybody decipher them And and figure out what this person was

And everybody thought that somehow this Person might be someone inside of Ripple Trying to to send a message out of what Was really going on Then we had an investor which I'm Suspicious of to this day and investor Sue Ripple who later dropped the lawsuit And he sued him over losing a few Hundred dollars and said you told you Had me buy a security or whatever Then we had Brad garlinghouse when they Partnered with MoneyGram Ripple partnered with MoneyGram and at The time this was a game changer because They were literally going to use xrp and That would have been a major Game Changer and it did they did partner and They did use xrp until the lawsuit Dropped we saw Brad garlinghouse going And having meetings with the IMF there He is right there Christine Lagarde we Saw him on stage with the IMF general Counsel we saw Brad garlinghouse going To Switzerland and on in the same room With all a room full of central bankers Um then we saw we saw Um Ashton Kutcher on Ellen DeGeneres Giving away xrp to charity and so we Found this very interesting tech company Called Ripple that we're going to invest In right okay what is Ripple so Ripple Is basically a platform now we don't Have to go any further into that but we Also saw Madonna doing a a commercial

About her charity I don't know if there's any copyright Stuff there so I'm not going to play it But you'll see here she names Ripple by Name and she's in um Africa it looks Like we had Scooter Braun who created a Company called raised in space that was Going to be building some type of thing Around the music industry he's the he's The um the manager of of uh Justin Bieber and he was going to be working With ripple through their spring Initiative And then In December of 2020 we saw the SEC drop The lawsuit on Ripple now folks the Places that we've gone I never ever Thought that we would go to those places I had no idea when this when this Lawsuit was dropped then in fact this is A year after the lawsuit was dropped but Brad garlinghouse had tweeted the when The lawsuit was dropped which was December 22nd 2020 and they had dropped The lawsuit and I remember seeing that And um I had no I had no idea with that Lawsuit would then take two plus years To come to a resolution and we're almost Here Um when that happened I had no idea that That would lead us down a path of Discovering and looking into All the shenanigans that had gone on to Slow Ripple down into slow xrp adoption

Down we discovered the Henman speech I Remembered the speech when it happened But I had no idea at the time of its Significance until the lawsuit was Dropped I think that people in the xrp Community Went down a road that they had no idea That they would go down and had no idea The skills that would be discovered in The xrp community of sleuths and there Was a moment where even Brad Garlinghouse mentioned that that never To underestimate internet sleuths and Talking about what an impact they had Had on the case and the direction of the Case and then in comes John Deaton a guy Did not no I've come to know since that Time but he comes into this lawsuit And before we knew it he was working Hand in hand with the xrp community to Find things out and find what what went On here and he filed lawsuit on behalf Of all these xrp holders And then Through through all of that at some Point we discovered this video of Charles gasparino in 2018 where he was Covering the um how he had met with some Of the guys with ethereum behind Ethereum at consensus and how they said They were working with this SEC and the Cftc back in 2018 behind the scenes and We just happened to find this and that's What brought in Charles gasparino and

Eleanor tarrett and Fox Business and Since that time I've even gotten to meet Um Eleanor tarrett had no idea where This journey would lead and all of this Came from my father who's the official Father of the digital asset investor Channel Telling me while I was mowing the yard One day and I took a break and I get on The phone with him and he says he says You know I watched all these YouTube Videos about all this crypto stuff at Night and you could do this too you know As much about this as anybody and that That one idea Is what set all this in motion and set Me on this four plus year Journey that I've been on and I've been on it with Many of you met a lot of nice people Made a lot of good friends and it's been Quite the Wild Ride what a long strange Trip it has been I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and Tell your friends and family what a long Strange trip this has been and it could Be coming to an end soon [Music] Thank you [Music]

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