XRP +95K% Why Not? & Ripple CEO At Swell / DC Fintech Week

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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor I was I was Trying to sit here this is for you Mr B I'm doing it right now um I'm checking The uh sound and all this just to make Sure I always I always have to do that Because sometimes my my computer resets To that low volume then everybody gets Upset I want to give a shout out to Jeremy Hogan I really appreciate um this Kind of stuff I've had a lot of lot of Support since I lost my uh X account for No reason and with no warning and um I Really do appre appreciate the uh Jeremy Hogans of the world for giving um me Support like this thanks so much you Know we we uh Um we got one hell of a community here So this kind of stuff means a lot I Appreciate it now this kind of stuff Means a lot too because I like sometimes I love to listen to or watch a good Train wreck and Michael sailor to me is The perfect train wreck this guy is one Clue Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest crazy Now I don't disagree with him that Bitcoin is going to go up in value Because of a lot of this stuff but what He says here is just ludicrous I mean It's crazy talking about bitcoin's going To replace gold and all this listen to This you got to hear it it's pure

Entertainment I'll give him that D I Think there's three look first of all It's going up by a factor of 10 whether They fix any of the stuff right it's Going to go a it's going to be a grind Up by a factor of 10 just because gold Is broken and coin's going to replace Gold and now everybody in the universe Knows they need a non-sovereign store of Value in the gold is broken Gold's been Around since the Bible was created folks There's nothing broken about it now that Doesn't mean that Bitcoin won't be a Good investment I own a Bitcoin but it's Not going to replace gold folks and what What has always concerned me about Bitcoin is that we know the government Knows who created it and why why are They lying and trying to act like they Don't know that tells me one of two Things either they're going either They're going to allow it to live or They or they have a plan to destroy it At some point a bearer instrument so now They're looking the the amount of Stories for last year people said Inflation may be coming we're not sure Now the mainstream narrative is flipped To inflation is here you need inflation Hedge so it's going to grind up to Replace gold it'll go to $500,000 a coin Regardless of what they fix these things But there are three things that are Massive Catalyst that cause an

Acceleration and I don't think that Those three things don't take us to 500,000 they take us to five million a Coin he's call those three things are a Spot ETF where someone can go ahead and Buy $100 million of Bitcoin by a Security an ETF security I think that's One two is your bank is going to custody It for you and lend against it and three Is uh I can mark it up or mark it down On my balance based on Fair Value parap Puru it'll be parap puru to the way I'd Handle Apple stock or at least that good If it's if you have property with fair Value accounting by the way it becomes Parap puru to the way you'd handle Treasury Bonds on a treasury balance Sheet treasuries are better than stocks Because treasury is property whereas a Stock is a security and you're capped Out at 40% of your balance sheet of Security so so it would be a major major Breakthrough if if you saw any of those Three things And I'll end with this one observation I Tweeted this last week but I still I Think it's very powerful it's if the Banks can hold this stuff on their Balance sheet then a whole new class of Investors are going to buy it people are Going to put in million and Multi-billion dollar orders to buy it as A treasury asset nobody's going to sell It because because there's no reason to

Sell it if you can borrow against it at Live or Plus or Sofer plus 50 basis Points right so you'll be you'll be Boring against Bitcoin it's so for plus 50 or so for plus 100 basis points no One's ever going to sell it and then as I joked you won't be able to afford it I Mean you will be able to afford it but You know everybody gets Bitcoin at the Price they deserve when the banks Normalize it and you can draw a100 Million credit line at 100 basis points From an FDIC insured bank at that point Right we're going to blow through the Market cap of gold by a factor of 10 Right so I you know I think the best Thing is those three things are highly Likely to happen I don't know if they Happen in 36 months or 24 months or 12 Months but I would be shocked if it's More than 36 months and I hope guys I Hope it doesn't happen in 12 months Because my view is the longer it takes The the more Progressive the grind the More time I I have to buy more of it and I think right now if I'm not Mistaken oh my goodness gold he's They're gonna K it's going to kill gold Folks when I hear that what I'm going to Do is my sponsor miles Franklin preist Medals code Dai gold info@ mfranklin You call them to get the best pricing 9952 9297 6 just because Michael sailor said

That I'm going to buy some gold today I Just made my decision I love this crypto Bull chart he he brings it back every Once in a while but he he makes a point That that really this is I've kind of Lived this for the last since 2013 I was There in 2018 and so when I see this chart I just Feel like I've always felt like because Of everything that was done to actively And just try to stop Ripple and Xrp when this goes off I feel like it's Going to go nuts and he makes the point Xrp chart shows that on the way to huge Prices after the first major uh triangle Price exploded 95,000 per. this time Around the triangle is even bigger Meaning a larger accumulation period and Folks right Here is what happened when everybody Knew that Xrp was the one that actually worked the Market knew and I watched it I watched It go nuts that is why all of the bad Guys stepped in that's why all the Lawsuits came that's why all the fud Came and this is how long it has lasted All of these roadblocks have been Removed One Step At A at a time Including the SEC out of xrp and ripples Way And so what happens next I believe what Happens next is going to be freaking Epic and I will be here for that now DC

Fintech week had uh former Ripple Adviser Michael bar on today let's Listen to what he had to say uh we think About the role of AI in making sure that We have a fair Financial system so if we Have uh AI that reproduces or worsens um Social disparities based on race or Ethnicity or gender in our society if It's trained on bad data or if it has Algorithms that replicate that kind of Bias in our society that's that's very Bad if AI can be used to help generate Better Financial inclusion by using data In a new way to bring more people into The financial system that could be a Benefit we also think about uh Ai and Finance obviously um today most um you Know uh algorithmic trading is very Widespread and that is a form of um Using machine learning um to engage in Trading activities that can generate Again benefits in terms of efficiencies But also risks in terms of fairness in Terms of concerns about Market Manipulation in in terms of efficiency On the other side so we just have to Watch in a very long-term way the Potential risks and benefits of of Artificial intelligence All right and then there was another Clip listen to this we use lots of Techniques to to keep up with what's Going on in the technology space we do a Lot of Outreach uh so we spend a lot of

Time the staff and and to a lesser Extent me just talking to people um Across the financial services landscape And in the business Community to to get Access to what's going on a new Technology of course we talk to our Supervised firms um our banks are Engaged in uh using technology to Provide Financial Services uh to their Customers we ourselves are providers of Technology Services uh we provide Payments rails um for the economy uh in In uh conjunction with private sector Rails that are offered so we're very Engaged in technology um uh providing Ourselves and then we do research Internally we do policy research we do Basic research um on the tech technology Inhouse as well and that mix of things We use to try and uh keep up with what's Going on around the Country all right interesting stuff Now let me get that off okay this crypto Insight UK apparently has gone to swell That's him with Navin Gupta that's him With David Schwarz and here's a video Looks like they're having some FR FR Drinks I wish I could Go Looks like fun um now by the way at that DC fintech tomorrow is the day Brad Garlinghouse is going to be on stage What's next for rip a conversation with Brad

Garlinghouse um and then as you go down Our old buddy Mike novogratz I wonder if He's going to be betting dimes to Donuts On the future of exchanges he'll be There and then we're going to have good Old Gary Gensler a conversation with Gary Gensler what in the world would They even invite the guy for to talk About how he's tried to stop the entire Industry that they're having DC fintech Week about what do you talk to why do You even why do you even invite the guy That's what I don't understand here all Right going off into Dai xrp and today We're talking about Dr Evil and we're Also talking about that country over in Europe that started World War II and at The time they used the word the nword to Describe themselves we're talking about That today in the private group this all Ties into this attempt to control us all Control the what we say censor what we Say and Freaking probably censor everything About us what we spend our money on and Everything else this has everything to Do with Crypto heading that way thanks for Listening I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is For entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends that Dai Xrp.com we're going to talk today about

You know that Dr Evil guy and the um That country that used to be known as The people with an Nword things we can't talk about here on YouTube check it out thanks for Listening


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