XRP +30,000% , Ripple GC & Congress Crypto Prediction

Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and if you hear the sound of Like an organ playing and like in the Background what it is is I've been Watching the movie Interstellar with Matthew McConaughey great movie if you Haven't seen it but I've been watching That with my son and I finally told him I said look you can go back in the Bedroom and watch it because I've got to Do this video the things I do for you I love the ending of interstellar and I'm missing it right now to do this Video but that's okay I'll I'll make him Watch it again and he'll complain as he Does but that's okay Check this out Bank of America Strategist predicts gold could reach 2500 an ounce in 2023 I predict gold Could reach untold amounts with Everything that's going on but we shall See now watch this this is a guy on Stansberry Research listen to what he Says because this is the uncomfortable Truth I mean if you're moving away from Dollar Dominance to a system based on gold You're basically de-leveraging the System as we know it when you do a gold Based system that is not anymore at the Epicenter of the system because if you

Do that you're basically increasing Leverage you're creating Fiat dollars But if gold is there to serve as an Anchor at some point you can't do that Anymore because you can always convert Your dollars at a fixed price to Gold if There are too many dollars if there is Too much debt the system doesn't work Anymore a transition away from a Debt-based system denominated in dollars To a gold system is not an easy smooth Transition it basically comes with Geopolitical tension I mean worse Tectonic shifts nothing we hope for Let's say as Humanity so people that are Talking about the dollarization are Basically talking about deleveraging Pain harsh situations it's not a smooth Transition and basically you're also Talking about transitioning of global Powers this is not something that Happens smoothly overnight yes it's Wars Bretton Woods 2 and 3.0 what we've been Talking about for five years on this Channel And remember gold is money it's God's Money now that's why I glints one of my Sponsors because I one thousand percent Believe that the transition of this new System is going to involve xrp and it's Going to involve gold I believe there Will be Um actually I'll show you a vid the link To glint by the way if you haven't

Opened the Glenn account is in the top Of the description I buy physical gold and I buy glint gold In my glint account because with that Gold I have a v a MasterCard debit card Where I can spend the gold if I need to Now here's how I think gold comes into Play watch this from David Schwartz There are also changes that are in the Form of new features one of the features That I think is is very exciting is a Feature that would allow people to Launch Um well stable coins are the obvious use Case but it's not just stable points It's essentially assets pegged to some External value features similar to that Exist on other systems but the Interesting thing about this is that the Liquidity is guaranteed by The Ledger Again so you people will be able to Create tokens that are that are pegged Gold On The xrp Ledger okay that I think There's been a lot of conversation but You know people you can't Peg gold to Xrp well that's true but you can't but You can build a token on The xrp Ledger Peg to go that's the that's a there's Been all kinds of fights over that now Look at this xrp primed for a 30 surge Analyst weighs in their their egrag Crypto looks like he's gone mainstream He's being covered in these um in some Of these articles now so good for him uh

I love his optimism and I love I love How he comes up with all these these These funny terms Um for charting and all okay now I Wanted to reiterate this because I think That it was missed how huge this video Is Right now you have coinbase and you have The entire crypto industry and they're Wanting to fight the SEC but we can Never forget it wasn't just the SEC it Was the SEC and the cftc that were Behind Trump you can look if you listen You can hear in the background Interstellar It's not the organ it's different the Different music but anyway It's important to remember that the cftc And the SEC got together and they tried To engineer a monopoly for Bitcoin and Ethereum and many I would say 70 80 percent of the crypto industry Including the crypto media and the Pundits and all they were in on it They all knew they thought they had a Monopoly for Bitcoin and ethereum this Guy admits it right here he was one of The guys that was working on the Brooklyn Brooklyn project with consensus Which is Joseph lubin's company they Worked on this behind the scenes so what Does it mean to be a decentralized Network so there's an ongoing Conversation both on Twitter and other

Forums trying to figure out what that Means and you know the SEC and around The Regulators may keep it purposely big They may actually not find many of these Networks to be decentralized and so that Gives the SEC you know a bit of power Here and the potential to actually Become king makers or queen makers or Unidentified powerful makers In order to uh to kind of pick and Choose which technology you can pick and Choose which technology to use these People they came up with when the bill Hinman speech was done they came up with This oh if it's sufficiently Decentralized because they then it would Not be a security and they knew that by Keeping that making that vague throwing That vague thing out well if it's Decentralized well who gets to determine If it's decentralized enough the SEC This way they can pick winners and Losers this is what Brad garlinghouse Has been talking about for years This is what they tried to do it wasn't Until then folks write it down without The xrp Army without what the xrp Community Army whatever you want to call It without what they did for the last Two years while coinbase and all these People ignored us without what we did in Exposing in front of Congress and Copying all those congressmen and all This stuff if we'd not exposed what they

Had done they were going to proceed Forward with Bitcoin and ethereum and All tokens in crypto would be built on Ethereum and that's why you've got Disguised wealth is because that's how They can pretend like it was Decentralized and control it behind the Scenes and we exposed it and that's the Fact Jack and all these people they will Never that's that's why nobody from the Xrp community hell half of our channels Are bigger than these people in ethereum And Bitcoin land but we're not invited To be on stage at consensus and all of These things and the reason we're not Invited is because we've told the truth And they don't want that truth to be out There so don't forget that while we go Through all of that the truth doesn't Get you on stage at consensus they might Invite Brad garlinghouse because he's The CEO of Ripple but they're not going To have any any influencers out there Any of the people I wouldn't want to be On the stage anyway but they're not Going to have Any of the people that are that are the Adults in the room telling what actually Has gone on They're going to have people like Laura Shin who has been carrying the narrative For them and she here I think JW veritz Is one of the good guys Laura Shin not So much she's one of the she's the one

That wrote the article on Chris Larson Back in 2018 to try to put the focus on How rich he was remember that she did That intentionally and ever since then She's been carrying the Bitcoin ethereum Narrative for these same people here she Says something that's not true the Kraken settlement showed as Representative Tom emmer stated on chain That Gary Gensler is a bad faith Regulator no correction Ripple lawsuit Showed that Gary Gensler was not just Gary Gensler but many at the including Jay Clayton were bad faith regulators And did not have faithful allegiance to The law here it is You could look at say for example the Kraken some There were some strategic choices in how They designed that custodial staking Platform that increased the risk of Power application sure uh particularly The guarantees of returns The penalty for that though first of all Shouldn't be a 30 million dollar penalty When there's no fraud those abilities You preserve for fraudulent activity This was this was a non-registration Settlement usually in normal Securities Law world pre-ginsler A settlement or a case involving Non-registration the result is maybe a Small fine and then you register right That wasn't the case with a kraken

Settlement they weren't allowed to Register the the settlement said pay a Huge fine and shut this whole thing down And don't do it anymore that's Incredible overreach to me I think if if Theta told Kraken spend 30 million Dollars developing a registration system For staking they'd have done it uh but That was not what the SEC wanted and I Think that's not what you expect from a Good faith regulator Do you enjoyed this cliff I'll show you something here look at Just this is I'm just illustrating the Point Laura Shin now this is a woman who Is a Forbes contributor she's been Propped up about as much as ice as a Crypto influencer can be propped up I'm nothing but some guy in in Georgia That started a channel there's a reason That I have more followers than Laura Shin I have never received a penny from Any of these people to prop me up I've Never gotten anything it's all been born Of and I'm not even talking about myself Here it's not just me there's several Xrp influencers that are bigger than That the point my point is is that a Funny thing happens when you just tell It like it is and you tell the truth People are drawn to the truth they know That when they're being an excuse the French they know when they're being Bullshitted and these people this whole

Bitcoin ethereum narrative for the last However many years was BS and they all Knew it And they've all been carrying a Narrative and I'm sorry don't mean to Rant on this Saturday but that's the Fact Jack and it just is And and and it what I guess what I'm Triggered about the last two or three Days about all this is I know how hard That the John deatons and all of us have Worked out here to expose the truth and To watch these people now show up to the Party and act like they're oh yeah they Want to yeah we're gonna fight and all This they didn't lift a finger to help Ripple and to help the xrp community Over the last over the last two or three Years they didn't lift a finger because They didn't think that they would be Gone after the only reason they're doing Anything is because now they feel like Their Bitcoin and ethereum their Precious Bitcoin ethereum are threatened They ought to be ashamed of themselves But these people are too arrogant for Shame All right I'm done Stuart Alvarado if The SEC ran Animal Control Um and then Gary Gensler did one of his Crappy canned videos yesterday that Disingenuous crappy videos and John Deaton calls him out he says hey Gary Um SEC enforcement director how about

You cite a single case in 76 years since Howie was decided that says one the Underlying asset underlying asset used In an investment contract is itself a Security to a subsequent sales secondary Sales of an investment contract are also Securities because of the first sale I Challenge the SEC to cite one case in U.S history in xrb Elders Amicus brief And the SEC could not meet the challenge Because there's not a single case and Folks this is why I keep saying well I Think they're going to look back when This settlement I think there's going to Be a a summary judgment by the the a Judge there's going to be a judgment and Then there's going to be a settle a post Post-judgment settlement because Gary is Not going to get these two things and I Think I think it's going to set xrp free And um I think it's going to be Interesting okay here's uh this is this Raquel uh I always think of Raquel Welch When I see that name that was a big Movie star back in the day last day at Consensus finally seeing the Ripple Booth come swing by here's a ripple Booth check that out Um man you know what that reminds me of When I see that May 5th folks Can't wait till May 5th All right moving along Monica long Despite the absolute Mania and the

Financial markets in q1 crypto remains Resilient what a quarter for xrp on Chain exchange volumes check out our Quarterly markets report for data on Ripple's xrp purchases xrpl technical Updates and more then we've got this Confident Patrick mckinry predicting the U.S house will produce digital assets Legislation within two months he set his House Financial Services committee will Have joint hearings with house Ag and May on such a bill Um I want to bring something else to Your attention notice how quiet Cynthia Loomis is and her gillibrand friend both Of them were Bitcoin ethereum people Both of them were having meetings with Gary Gensler when they were working on Their legislation notice how quiet they Are recently Almost as they've almost as if they've Been told to sit down and shut up Because they screwed it up Um over the next uh two months is report A bill out let me deals with that they Didn't screw it up maybe they've been Told to sit down and shut up because They were in bed with the bad guys such As Gary Gensler the capital raising Piece uh for digital assets all the way Through uh uh how um a product go from a Securities regime to a Commodities Regime and also at the same time Preserve our rights around products that

Are neither neatly into Securities or Commodities regime and and the the Ability for people to exchange those uh Those things so those are the two pieces Of pieces of news The Joint hearing and Then our time frame and our time frame Is a is a purposeful one to get fast Action out of our committees we've Worked on it uh we've worked on these Matters for months and in fact years in In coming together with policy but we're Going to have public hearings for the Next couple of months and result and Build out a bill that a deal out of the AG committee now the financial services Committee uh that does is necessary for Uh bringing Clarity to digital assets Okay and then finally I just wanted to Show you this these guys are now the Whole industry is going after Gary Gensler with all that they have Um we sure wish we could have had their Help back then but I guess better late Than never I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and family that all These people all of a sudden want to go After poor Gary Gensler Thanks for listening


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