US Treasury The Endgame? & Ripple Executives On XRP Global Reserve Currency

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lift Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and all I'm hearing about Right now is AI when I was we were Listening to what was going on in Davos Last week and all these other Conferences I'm seeing online all They're talking abouts AI about shoot as Of a month or two ago link to only had Like three or four AI companies look now They've got 1 2 3 4 five 6 7 8 9 10 10 AI companies on here and I'm dying to Get involved uh I'm trying to get myself Positioned to take advantage of some of These my Myself and then also you can filter by Their uh by the vertical so you can go And look at all the digital assets Companies that are in there Circle Ripple bitgo itus Capital chainalysis You can see them all there's a bunch of Those too they've got 10 or so digital Asset companies and then they've also Got 10 or so AI but that's not it They've got all kinds of stuff you can Do Um let's see do they Have here's Quantum Computing let's see They've got one Quantum Computing there's all kinds of stuff Here social Media Discord is one of those on there Anyway go check it out it is one of my

Sponsors linked to check this out egg crypto two Types xrp two types of crypto Adventurers Plus Minus or Plus I want to draw your attention down To this part then there are those who Stay calm this is the digital asset Investor sticking to their dollar cost a I'm not dollar cost averaging I'm I'm I Feel good about where I am with my xrp They understand that the initial drops Are just small blips see folks I hear People all the time getting I see people On Twitter or X getting all frustrated About oh but the xrp price is not Booming this doesn't have any green Candles Cry Me a River folks I've been Here since 2013 I am not I never was in XR I'm I Was and am in xrp because this is aund To two this is something that happens Every 1 to 200 years that's what xrp is To me it's not just some other digital Asset it's not just some new idea that Some random Joe with an idea came up With ripple is not an ordinary company Xrp is not an ordinary digital asset and Anybody that tells you Otherwise doesn't know what they're Talking about or they're not being Honest with you and that is the fact Jack now something I wanted to draw to Your attention we I brought this up I

Believe yesterday that out of nowhere They say US Treasury secretary Yellen is Set to warn how house lawmakers about Crypto hazards to financial stability Now this came out of nowhere I always I Thought this was totally random like why Are all of the sudden they bringing up Treasury it reminded me of a clip that We covered back uh this is April 233rd 2021 Charles gasparino is talking to Hester Pierce about what his sources are Telling him necessarily going to start With the SEC but it's going to start With Treasury and uh as a matter of fact When we asked Jen saki the the President Biden's press secretary about uh crypto Regulation he pointed us to the treasury Department so clearly something is Happening from treasury is is that your Understanding that it's treasury that's Going to give you guys the rules of the Road going forward well I should say That I speak for myself and not even the SEC let alone the treasury we are an Independent regulatory agency so that That's one of the complexities in the United States there's so many different Potential um touch points from Regulation to crypto and I think that's Been a difficult thing for uh people in Crypto to to you know discern and figure Out that landscape I will say that you Know within treasury finsen was is is is A is a department that was looking at um

Crypto has been looking at crypto for Many years now um was out early with Guidance and so I don't think that People are too surprised to to uh see Finsen involved as there are potential AML uh anti-money laundering know your Customer Bank secrecy act issues and you Know as long as we're talking about Finson there's only one digital asset Who has already dealt with finson and Been fined $700,000 and been declared a a virtual Currency and that would be Xrp 2015 look it Up all right look at listen to what JP Morgan Folks there are some people in companies That are privy to information you and I Are not privy to when I heard this I my My antenna immediately goes up when JP Morgan is saying this market cap but JP Morgan thinks challenges lie ahead Between their May 2022 Peak and their October 2023 low of $122 billion JP Morgan is not paid to think JP Morgan is Paid to know stable coins expanded by $60 billion the top came just before the Collapse of the Terra Network which Created the contagion that spread to Other stable coins and crypto lenders The bank warned that stable coins Haven't fully recovered and could face Regulatory challenges this year tether

The biggest and most popular stable coin Has been widely criticized for its lack Of transparency about the backing of the Coin a JP Morgan analyst wrote in a note That quote tether is most at risk given Its lack of Regulatory Compliance and Transparency and that the bank views the Increasing concentration in tether over The past year as a negative for the Stable coin universe and the crypto Ecosystem more broadly on the flip side The analyst said usdc whose issuer Confidentially filed for an IPO last Month could benefit from a coming Crackdown adding that usdc appears to be Looking to expand across jurisdictions And be proactively preparing for the Upcoming stable coin regulations next All all righty um then this this came Out Today out of nowhere they're talking About China and how it looks like a a Financial crisis on steroids evergrain And Country Garden together have $500 Billion worth of debt two companies have 500 billion every single property Developer in China that's that's public Or listed is in default every single not Not some of them not 50% not 90% every single developer bankruptcy Today um when the Chinese miracle and I Put the miracle in quotes uh when the Chinese miracle was running its course

Uh it was all real estate Focus let's Say all the substantial majority of Chinese GDP growth was real estate and The concentric circles that that Surround real estate and now you're Having a reversal after a a an Unregulated and and uh unabated climb in Real estate now you're seeing a real Estate collapse so this is just like the US financial crisis on steroids they Have three and a half times more banking Leverage than we did going into the Crisis and they've only been at this Banking thing for a couple of decades Brian China is going to get much worse No matter how much their Regulators say We're going to we're going to protect Individuals from Melissa Short Selling Imagine imagine Regulators blaming a 15 Swoon on their stock market on short Sellers it's just uh it's it's Hilarious okay and then uh Zero Hedge is Calling out our current Administration The great growth Hoax this is this is actually pretty Typical folks is and and I believe that We we've got a a I believe they're going To try to paper over the reality of of The US economy for at Least the run up to the election We shall see but I believe that that's What they're going to do and that's What's being referred to is that they're Just like how they've faked inflation

Numbers all these years if if if Inflation was spiking too much they just Take out of the calculation things that Are inflation but they just stop Counting them you know like food prices And stuff like that well they're doing The same thing with the economic numbers The job numbers and that's pretty Typical it is Hoax all right um salana network has no Folks we've been watching I we saw it I Called it a month ago month or two ago We started to see it was almost like Maybe they were in fear of uh eth gate Being exposed too much and so they all Got in a room and they said hey we need To start pumping salana now because it Could be like the second coming of Ethereum uh if if this ethereum thing Blows up And then all the Talking Heads started Talking about salana CNBC started adding It to the list even above xrp some of The time I mean you I could see this Thing from with a blindfold on from a Mile away the only problem is salana Like Bitcoin and ethereum doesn't Work this is like the third or fourth Time that salana the network has has uh Stopped Working But it's too late the crypto narrative Media has already been given their Talking points on which digital assets

To Pump folks you see all the negativity And all the stuff but here's why I'm Here I'm not for green candles never Have been I'm not here for for the pumps And all the stupid stuff and chasing dog Coin just because Elon Musk mentioned it And and it's going up that's not why I'm Here I laugh at all that stuff I'm here Because I'm here for the the next Breton Woods and I think all this involves xrp And probably Xlm I'm here for the big picture not for All this Mickey Mouse chasing after the Next token because it's going to have Due utility and it's going to be this And be that No I've seen a lot of companies in my Lifetime I've never seen a ripple still Never have never seen anything like it Well I take that Back Circle does have a license to print Money tether's being allowed to do the Same thing by the Way this is why I'm here these are Quotes from the executives at Ripple Over the course of the time that I've Been doing this channel Brad Garlinghouse CEO of Ripple 2018 CNBC Interview I think the role of digital Asset like xrp is really to be a bridge Currency to enable it tremendous amount Of e efficiency and really allow Global Globalization of payments in a way that

Has never been done before then Bloomberg Brad garlinghouse 2018 um I think that the long-term value Of any digital asset is going to be Derived from the the utility it delivers And xrp has a lot of utility in terms of Solving a multi-trillion dollar problem Chris lson 2018 interview unfortune xrp Is the only digital asset with a clear Institutional use case designed to solve A multi-trillion dollar problem the Global payment and liquidity challenges In the that Banks payment providers and Corporates face 2018 CNBC L Chris Larsson we think that xrp has a real Chance of being a global digital Currency that is used by financial Institutions and consumers Alike Ashish Bera 2018 Forbes xrp is Unique ly positioned to solve a Multi-trillion dollar problem and we Believe it has the potential to become a Global standard for digital assets and Payments then we've got this and I Warned these guys after they had put it Out you can't do this you can't you Can't float ideas that are this big Folks because because this has never Happened before well even though it Happened with gold but you can't you Can't say this about xrp um but they did Say it so I'm going to let you hear what They said uh when we talk about the Price of

Xrp we have to look at the debt and Central banks are have an incentive to Dissolve that debt right now and they Found a solution which is blockchain They actually are going to in my opinion Based on the research and also I can Confirm this that the international Monetary fund has already agreed on a Price before all this integration Started to happen so this was a few Years ago agreed upon a price and I got A lot of information from uh Linda P Jones has a friend who um worked at the Central Bank of Australia and she said That they agreed upon a price and it's In the thousands now when we again talk About the xrp price we have to look at The global debt the incentive for Central banks to dissolve Global debt in Fact also to utilize this liquidity Source of liquidity from xrp to Facilitate um you know transparency and Moving into the digital economy this is What they're going to be using xrp is a Financial instrument to serve the global Economy so anyway I've warned these guys You're not allowed to say this stuff the Crypto police or gapo whatever you'd Like to call them here on X they do not Allow you you have to you can only carry A narrative that they have already Filtered for you and told you what's Acceptable to talk about some of these Guys they're young they have good

Intentions but they just don't Understand that in the 2024 Um United States of America and around The globe on X we have what's called censorship You're only allowed to talk about Certain things and they just they're Just going to have to pay closer Attention you've got you can only you Can it's got to fit in a certain box uh It reminds me of the movie The Jerk Where he was a um he was uh the guy that Was he was running one of the the Carnival games and the guy could the the Owner told him to quit being so stingy On giving away the prizes because the Prizes were junk and explained to him That it was a profit deal and he says It's one of the funnier scenes of any Movie he Steve uh Martin who played The Jerk he goes uh ah so it's a profit Deal and he starts giving away prizes Then classic scene all right in Here's what we're going to talk About first of all I'm going to take This I went to I went to Ai and I was Wanted to ask AI what it thought about What these guys said here and it Delivered up a very interesting phrase One we've heard Before and I think you'll find it very Interesting because it's not a phrase That that we haven't heard before in the Xrp community Army whatever you want to

Talk about very common phrase very Interesting and it came out of nowhere Too also what I did today is I found out From AI the list of the the 10 Cryptocurrencies that AI Believes will last over the long term Out of all the thousands AI picked these 10 and those I'm going to talk about in I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is For entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family let's go talk about Let's go see what AI said about the this IMF comment he just made All


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