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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel here's a post from xrp Cryptowolf on social media platform X The xrp community hasn't been this Frustrated and in despair since March 2020 when xrp's price hit 10 cents now Folks I was there in March 2020 when xrp Hit 10 cents and yes sentiment was Abysmal now I wasn't sad I was scooping Up close to the low the cheapest I ever Bought xrp was around that time Uh I didn't catch the actual bottom of 10 cents but I was able to purchase as Low as 15 cents and so frequently the Good news is when we're in these these Uh moments in time where sentiment is Abysmal very frequently that that marks Bottoms so there there's reason to think And that's not the only reason that's One single thing uh someone of vac me Wouldn't only consider that I'm just Saying it's one thing to consider Against a backdrop of other things very Well worth considering that indicate we Very well be maybe moving much higher in Fact I want to share with you uh perhaps Since there's so much negative sentiment Out there maybe share with you a case For why it is possible that xrp could be Hitting a new high in 2024 of course it's been 6 years a Little over 6 years since xrp hit its Last alltime high and as I frequently Say I firmly believe that xrp would have

Hit a new alltime high last Market cycle If not for the SEC but I don't want to Get into that let's consider what's Going on on a macro level and there is An article that was shared by xrp Community member Frey who by the way has Been in crypto since 2011 and uh he Actually works in the world of Finance He has an actual Financial Financial Background so he is in the know and Always always a knowledge hungry and he Shared this article on X and tagged me In it so thank you very much for tagging This I read this article and I found it Incredibly fascinating uh is titled this Is the best US economy since the 1990s So I want to run through this also so uh Big chunks of it anyway because it's It's fascinating it's just it's kind of Like I was saying a few days or so ago Um I love all of the analysis that the Chart guys put out there but what's not Always sufficiently factored in is What's happening on a macro level Against the rest of the backdrop is it Really bad or is it really good and this Particular um article written by an Actual financial analyst uh he makes the Argument that this is pretty much the Best economy that we've had in decades And um he even argues that if the FED Cuts rates he's actually not convinced That we're going to be seeing uh you Know decimation you know when it comes

To uh what what happens in the stock Market and there is historic precedent For that as he points out so in a sea of A scary sounding news and concerns of The FED cutting rates and everything's Going to be a disaster and we're you Know whatever whatever's going to happen We're in a new depression or whatever it May be uh just want to share with you a Positive message because if you want Your xrp to hit a new all-time high what And this is a requirement as far as I'm Concerned because that's what history Shows us you need to have things very Strong on a macro level Bitcoin will Move in tandem with what's happening With equities and xrp moves in tandem With Bitcoin so if you want the best Case possible for xrp to be a hitting a New alltime high potentially even this Year don't just look at the chart Definitely like again I appreciate the Chart guys you you know that and I'm Sure many of you guys do too but don't Only look at that because sometimes That's just going to scare the hell out Of you anyway you need to you need to Consider other factors here and so I'm Just stating that you might appreciate Some of this uh by the way in the short Term I did want to highlight this real Quick uh credible crypto chart analyst Um he seems to be convinced that uh What's most probable is we are going to

Be moving up uh here in the short term He doesn't think it's likely we're going To have another uh flush out to the Downside and so we shared this chart and Wrote uh in the this just this afternoon By the way uh spot Bitcoin once again Trading at a consistent premium one of The best SL most consistent indicators Of a local bottom formation just further Confluence that our bottom is in in my Opinion uh and so even if we do see a Flush to the downside which he admits is Possible it does nothing to change what He thinks is going to happen this year In terms of Bitcoin hitting a new Alltime High uh then there was this Perspective from chart analyst egreg Krypto and he wrote The Following and And by the way again I never make price Predictions I'm never going to because If it's me since I'm not a chart G I Just be making stuff up I don't want to Do that I ain't playing that game for me It's just a general bet that number go Up you know as they say in crypto number Go up I think bitcoin's going to be Worth more I think xrp is going to be Worth way more and I think xrp is going To substantially outpace bitcoin's Returns uh and so the price level exited Here although I don't know if they're Going to happen they don't sound crazy Uh perhaps not even for this Market Cycle even the highest one so check this

Out he wrote xrp 21 EMA monthly time Frame um measuring move guideline to Kick off these measured moves I assess The movement when xrp price is Positioned either above or on the 21 EMA Now picture this if we use the same Percentage move from previous instances At a b and c and for those you Not looking at the screen he's got moves Dating back to 2017 and so even though You can't see the months on here just Knowing the history the way that I do it Even though I'm not a chart guy uh this Move has got to be the one that I think Started in April 2017 where xrp went From the beginning of the year like half A penny up to a little over 42 cents and Then it went back down because that was The biggest percentage move that the Biggest percentage move for xrp uh for For 2017 it was it was actually that one In April going for half half a penny up To over 42 Cent yeah now of course when It went from about 20 cents to almost Four bucks that's when the true Euphoria Kicked in at the end of 2017 and that Really uh yeah that icing on the cake I'll say uh but the biggest percentage Move was actually a uh and then you can See B that would be looks like late 2017 Into uh 2018 and then you've got right Around 2021 which is the last Market High uh another move which was a smaller In terms of percentage obviously xrp

Didn't hit a new all-time high and There's a different starting point you Know from a low for that cycle so anyway He says the following if we use the Again if we use the same percentage move From the previous sentences a b and c Here's what we might see next a would be $27 that's a massive 400% jump now again Not predicting that's going to happen And I'm less optimistic we're going to Be seeing that this cycle but I even I Have to admit uh as reserved as I am it Is absolutely possible that could happen If we have some sort of been insane Running crypto with all the the maniac Stuff and the laser hands and the what Is it the laser laser hands laser eyes And the diamond hands all that crap uh You know it's it's not crazy stuff Happens in crypto it's possible I'd be More optimistic for that to happen in a Separate Market cycle but yes I I don't Think that sounds remotely crazy here And then B I'm thinking that doesn't Sound bullish enough again he's just Pulling from data though but it would be $6.50 1,000% increase Well again no price prediction but I Hope it's a lot higher than that and Then see $3.50 which would be a 500% rise so at Least that would put you in the realm of A a new xrp alltime high so we'll still Be thrilled even when we get to that

Point I'm just saying it better not stop There and so if you do want to see that New all-time high let's let's talk about A couple things and so again uh thank You very much to Frey for for sharing This piece here but I I do want to say a Couple things up from because there are People right now that are very genuinely Scared and I understand why that uh if If if what some people are saying is True and things are going to go down People's net Worth's going to go down What's that going to look like what are The crypto Holdings going to look like I Understand it instills fear and so I Just want to share with you some Thoughts on that and then I want to go Through some select portions in this and You're you are going to love this this Article so if you got time please stick Around through the end of this video You're really going to like this one and There's so much data in here should you Need to hear this point of view honestly But look generally speaking it doesn't Make sense to be worried about a Potential recession or Market collapse Generally speaking you know and you can Never know for sure if such things are Going to happen so imagine a recession Hits the economy retracts some people Lose jobs but the vast majority of People will not lose their job that's What the data shows it's a small

Percentage of humans that will will lose Lose their jobs lose opportunity Remember though opportunity does not Cease to exist in a recession it's just A reduce it's just reduced to a degree You know which is you know typically Small actually in terms of percentages It's just reduced opportunity overall Across the board for the for the economy Right so you know you're you're you're Likely going to have an income if a Recession hits most people are not going To get hammered just because a recession Comes yes you know and and and obviously And to be clear you know the state of The economy is is different than the Stock market I understand that so I'm Speaking broadly about both and so yes With that little qualifier being stated Now yes if stocks tank and crypto tanks Everything's in the gutter then as a Result of that your net worth will be Down to some degree whether it's big or Small it'll be down right that sounds Scary I get that but unless you're Counting on living off your existing Invest Investments right now will it Really matter to you will you still be Able to put food on the table do you Have an income most people still will Almost everybody still will you know Unless you're talking about Great Depression stuff you know but uh as long As the answer is yes you can still put

Food on the table you have an income it Makes sense to recognize the opportunity That down markets will bring stocks will Be on sale cryptocurrencies will be on Sale you you can continue to invest and You'll be well positioned for when Markets rebound you know even if you are Living off retirement Investments so say You're at that stage in your life so Then it sounds extra scary my God Recession what is this I'm living off my Investments well C can you get buy if if A down Market only lasts you know 12 Months or 18 months can you I mean I I Hope so if you're if you're retired you Know hopefully that you're accounting That there are going to be some down Years hopefully you've already factored That in and by the way you know Recessions only last 10 months on Average if you look at the data going Back to like 1945 10 months can you make It through and so trying to time markets Is one of the most foolish things a Person can do when it comes to investing It makes way more sense to have a Long-term View and that's why I invest For my retirement regardless of whether Markets are up or down because I've Always got money coming in I'm doing Stuff so I regularly put new money I Earn towards retirement regardless of The economic backdrop of the moment Because look it it all comes out in the

Wash meaning if you are sometimes buying High and then the market tanks so then Whatever you just bought it's worth less Than when you bought it okay that Happens or you're buying low and then The market picks up it all ends up Averaging out it all comes out in the Wash and I think too many people are Fearful of investing you out of concern Concern there will be a recession or or Market correction soon well guess what Whether that happens or not doesn't Matter in the end it genuinely doesn't What matters is investing over a Prolonged period of time so get rid of Any fear you may have about economic Unknowns and Market unknowns you'll be Fine and there's always a path forward There is always opportunity for all of You listening to this video right here Right now the opportunity isn't going Going to cease to exist and so as far as Xrp specifically whether it happens now Because as the data here indicates as I'm about to reveal say that this guy The way he's clearly leaning is correct And the Market's going to heat up and Then Bitcoin fils and so does xrp Whether that happens now and this is the Moment even in the worst case scenario We're still going to get ours it's not Like this is going to cease to exist Even if there is some sort of pullback Which typically is fairly temporary but

There's good reason to think actually if You're looking at more than just charts There's good reason to think that we are In for one hell of a year in 2024 and so That's why I was saying at the outside Of the video the the case you know the Case to make the argument to make for a New all-time high for Xrp it can be summed up by looking at The macro backdrop which is what this Guy is talking about and he's he's Sharing actual data which shows that It's looking pretty damn good this is His argument and I'm really looking Forward to sharing with you what he has To say about um you know the FED cutting Rates because he's basically saying like With the economic backdrop we have now This is not the same as when the FED cut Rates and the market was tanking in the Past and so anyway we'll get to it Though so and I'm going to read select Portions of this but so check this out It's titled this is the best US economy Since the 1990s the economy just screw at a real Rate of 3.3% in the fourth quarter following 4.9% annualized real growth in Q3 and then he shares a chart there for You for those of you that do care to Look um this would be a good video to do That but if not I'll just try and make Sure that I'm sufficiently describing uh

What's going on here if I feel the need To because I know a lot of people just Do listening which is I do like Frequently when I'm listening to Podcasts that are videos on YouTube I'm Frequently walking my or driving or I'm At the gym or something like that um but Anyway he continues wages are growing at More than 5% and inflation is around 3% So that's good folks because it's not Fun when even if you get a pay raise say Say you know wages are growing so you You say you get a pay raise of 5% well In a world where inflation is 10% you Are poorer like you're you're purchasing Power not so great anymore not but but Now he's saying here data shows five Wage is up 5% and inflation is up 3% so The difference between that is 2% as he Writes here so we're talking 2% real Wage growth and 6% nominal economic Growth people were worried about a Repeat repeat of the 1970s the current environment looks more Like the 1990s economy than the 1970s obviously there are plenty of Differences between the current Environment in the 1990s boom times some Bad some good the unemployment rate is Still below 4% a level it never breached In the 1990s the unemployment rate averaged Nearly 6% in the 1990s it closed out the decade right at

4% but never went below that level in The Decade government debt is a lot higher Now than it was back then $34 trillion Is a lot of money and so folks and I Will say and I've said this on the Channel before and I'll say it again Even right now while you know Acknowledging the point he's about to Make here the debt like spending like This is Unsustainable the the government needs To get its fiscal house in order this is Completely unacceptable it's a waste of Money it's Irresponsible uh that being said if you Look at where we are now it's just it's Pure data I understand the point that He's making and so he writes here and This is fascinating he says but look at Interest expense as a percentage of GDP it's rising at a fast clip because The FED raised interest rates but it was Much higher in the 1990s we need to get Our spending under control at some point But this is not the crisis some people Would have you believe right and so in Terms of like well an Absolut terms if You just look at the dollar figure this Is the worst it's ever been in absolute Terms unquestionably that's the case but If you look at what this is the point That he's making right here if you look At the interest expense as a percentage

Of GDP he's saying it was worse in the 90s that's an interesting fact is it Not I actually hadn't heard anybody say That before to be honest with you it's Fascinating and of course you need to Look at things in in relative terms so This is useful um you know obviously Even at you know $34 trillion in debt Which I find completely unacceptable Well just just just to paint the picture Of how it you know you need to um you Know not look in just absolute terms Imagine if the economy were six times Bigger that would make you know the the Debt a much smaller percentage right and So we'd be a bigger Juggernaut but it Would be less consequential right and so What he's saying here is if you just you Look at what it was in the 90s it was Worse as a Percentage it's it's just one more Metric to be aware that's what he's Saying Here uh then he continues a similar Picture emerges when you look at consu Consumer Debt levels consumer balance Sheets are in a much better place now Than they were in the 1990s when it Comes to debt levels what about the Deficit it blew out during the pandemic Of course but it's now back to levels That are closing in on what we saw in The 1990s and there's a chart showing That as well right on the

Screen the big difference between now And the 1990s is we had far better music And movies back then the 1990s are to Gen X and older Millennials as the 1960s Are to Baby Boomers luckily we have Better TV shows today and the ability to Watch them on giant HD TVs well Hopefully ultra high definition 4K just HD what are you doing man you living in Like 2010 but I digress anyway he says The second biggest difference between Now and the 1990s is probably probably Sentiment and this is interesting too Because look if you you've been in the World of crypto for a while you know This is something that we talk about Right I mean I started the video kind of Talking about sentiment it's in the Gutter but isn't that isn't that Frequently something that is good Indicator that things are going to be Going to be rebounding because you don't Stay you know either Euphoria or in Abysmal Spirits forever right and so he Says here and this is interesting people Were euphoric in the 1990s Sentiment numbers have rebounded in Recent months but it's wild to see Numbers in 2022 lower than the great financial Crisis or the 1970s and let me just jump Down a little bit further here and let's Just jump into uh what he has to say About the FED I think this is where I

Wanted to jump in right here yeah there We go this is Fascinating um because again he's not And you'll see like he ultimately Doesn't claim that he knows what's going To happen if the FED Cuts rates and um He he says nobody does but the point He's making out is that yes there had Been instances where there had been rate Cuts and I've talked about this on the Channel many times because it is True but he's saying well there have Been other times where there have been Rate cuts and there you know there Wasn't some sort of collapse occurring And so check this out and this is what Ties it all together and so if you want The most OP optimistic case for be Hitting a new all-time high in 2024 if This guy is if his leaning as I suppose Is the case if he's Correct and and things just keep on Going up um you you should expect Bitcoin and xrap to F like why wouldn't That be the case you know because Equities and cryptos they're risk on Assets and they're treated the same in a General sense like in terms of Directionally what's going on so if Equities are going to keep pumping as You would expect based on the these Types of parameters if the case this Guy's making is ends up being the one That plays out why the hell wouldn't it

Happen you know and even if we're not Nailing the Timeline it can't be that far off right So here's the case he makes and it reads His files this might be good news for The FED in terms of inflation but it's Bad news for workers as always there is Give and take with these things the good News is the Fed has some room to lower Interest rates should the labor market Cool off considerably the strange thing About the prospect of Fed rate Cuts is The stock market is at alltime highs Usually the FED is cutting rates when The stock market is getting Wrecked the last time the FED cut rates Was during the pandemic when the world Was falling apart they also cut in 2018 When we had a mini bare Market towards The end of the year before that the FED Cut rates to 0% during the great Financial crisis this time around the Fed was raising rates as the stock Market was crashing and now they're Likely going to lower them after stocks Have Recovered the last time the Fed was Cutting interest rates during a time When the stock market was charging Higher was you guessed it the 1990s and So there you go that ties together his Argument that's why the the the the Headline of this piece is what it is This is the best US economy since the

1990s that that ties it together that's Why he saying it so even if the FED Cuts Rates as pretty much everybody Under the Sun is expecting to happen what he's Saying is although and he acknowledges a Little bit later in the article I I gave You the meat of what was covered here Though so even though he does Acknowledge he doesn't know for sure he Says nobody does though it's almost like We're in unknown territory because the Last time he saw something even close to This it was the 1990s and uh 1990s it Was just you you know rampaging upwards Right that that it was AC generally Speaking pretty fantastic in that sense Right so again as I'll always keep Telling you if if you want to know what Your beloved xrp or crypto of choice is Going to do look at what's happening on A macro scale what what's happening What's happening that would impact Equities ultimately and again obviously Like I said a little bit earlier on of Course the economy is different than the Stock market as evidenced by the the Fact that ultimately yeah there was that Big plunge as I mean he kind of sided That here when when he had the pandemic There there was that plunge but then What happened you know PR money printer Go Burr and then stocks recovered rather Quickly as arguably the economy was Getting a bit weaker I mean of course it

Was because think about that stocks were Going up as businesses were shut down so Like I get obviously the stock market is Not the same thing as the economy I Understand that but it's not as if There's no correlation right it's not That there's no Correlation so I'm I'm it's just it's a Reason to be optimistic I think that This is this is a good case to make here We'll see what happens we've had too Much Doom and Gloom lately so I wanted To you know share with you something That is based in data it's based in fact With with a bit of you know personal Perspective on it but it paints it Paints the case for Sunshine and Rainbows and puppies and ice cream and All that Crap you know Because otherwise how is it is it the Case that everything's chucking along Great and then the FED does this and Then everything goes to hell I mean well If if it happens I mean okay it could I Mean it's it's caused for concern Because it's happened the best but if You look at in the context of what he's Stating I just again I'm not pretending To know all I'm saying is um I I think He makes a compelling case I don't know Everything you don't either nobody does But I like to share on this channel Opposing Viewpoint since that is the

Case I don't just want to you know come To some sort of opinion and then stick My head in the sand and then refuse to Accept new data that's that is not the Type of person I am I the type that will Always accept new data because I want to Believe as many true things as possible That's what I'm always striving towards Here and so I just I think there's more Reason than not to be optimistic for Tons of Reasons and so there's a reason I wanted To harp on this in this video it's Because it's of crucial importance this Is a Requirement like again equities Maintaining um you know that move to the Upside yes yes that that's if that Doesn't happen I think that we're going To be in trouble but there's a case to Be made that is going to happen which is A primary reason I wanted to make this Video so anyway uh shout out again to Frey for sharing this because I I found This incredibly enlightening and I hope That you all did too that's why I wanted To share it with you but I'll go ahead And wrap up here I'm not a financial Adviser you should not buy your sell Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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