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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I'm going to introduce you Here to one of my new uh sponsors Flair Naming service these guys are creating The uh you people will be able to get Their own domains to act as like a Payment pointer and eventually they'll Have you can turn it into a website and Those type of things so if you see here It's like uh if you got Finance dot Flare or any of these you'll be able to Turn your addresses for all your Different crypto into a payment pointer So that you could so that for instance I Could say Um digital asset investor Dot flr and Then you can pay me to that and it would Drop into my xrp account or my ethereum Account or any other digital asset that You wanted to add in there and so what They're doing is these guys are doing a Launch And they've got two things you can do You can sign up for their free Newsletter and you'll be notified when They launch or you can they've got an Early launch reservation Um and they're planning to launch around May 27th but the early launch

Reservations what I did I bought a 10 Reservation what this does is that it it Gives you first shot at their premium Domains so like this is when when Ethereum when they were selling dot eth Domains these were some of the ones that Ended up being premium domains I Remember when I was when I was younger came out sold For 49.7 million dollars and so this Time it's a little different in that You'll be able to use these domains as Payment pointers or websites hopefully Decentralized websites but also Um they've got They'll have value within themselves and So they're doing this for I think it's Limited the first 10 000 spots these are The people that will have access to the The premium domains being I guess you Know I'm pretty sure they've set some Aside like Business dot flr that would be an Example of a premium domain and if you Want to or maybe lasvegas Dot flr those Kind of things so anyway I'll put a link To that in the very top of the Description of this video if you want to Go check it out so look what we've been Dealing with xrp 45 cents it went as High yesterday we'll we'll look here but If you can see here we've got it's up on Seven days 23 30 days 14 quarter 28 Percent and then let me do a little

Refresh here It was as high as uh as 49 cents on coin Market cap I saw as high as 50 cents on Fiat leak now let's show you what well First of all let's leave the David Schwartz had tweeted this up it seems There's a light switch in my garage that Uh that does nothing Hit it by accident yesterday wasn't sure What it did so I switched it back an Hour ago strange to have one that does Nothing at all And then he says me waiting for my law For lawyers to ask me to delete this Tweet Now I'm on the same page with bitboy Here he says you think xrp pumps like This for no reason insiders always front Run news the only question is what is The news I think if that's the case then it won't Be over yet Um dark Defender ever all of these chart Guys Are seeing that 54 55 cents as what we Need to be looking to confirmed price Followed the pattern we set January we Discussed two Targets March 43 cents and 54. xrp hits 50 yesterday With with a 30 percent pump 54 slightly Site Insight shortly an extensive Analysis will follow road to 13 dollars There's that road to 13 again Um I know a lot of people that would

Love 13 then egrag crypto says again 55 Appears to be the critical level to Close above it now either xrp continues Rallying rallying and close above 55 Cents and blast above all these trend Lines like a hot knife through butter Butter or shall retrace back and then This is one from um FX Empire xrp needs To avoid 44 Cent pivot Target so we Don't want to go below for that Um first major resistance is 51 cents And then says in that case another Extended rally xrp would likely test Resistance at 55 cents so apparently you Break through 55 54 55 cents it's game On Now folks Redemption is at hand Yesterday I showed you that massari who Was anti-ripple anti-xrp because Ryan Selkis is one of the guys that owns it For years and years and years and years And years Look what he when he tweeted it out Yesterday himself he says I've been Critical of Ripple in the past various Reasons but more aligned with them than Ever before Ripple should win the Overreaching xrp SEC case and The xrp Ledger should be afforded the Opportunity to compete fairly on digital Payments if for globally demand is there As if he didn't know that the demand was There and that they had a good product

Three years ago the only difference I Can see is that he watched us all Uncover ethgate but welcome aboard Ryan Just for historical sake uh Ashish berla Put this out back in June 9th 2022 also In 2018 Hodges hosted a an amazing Crypto dinner in April with two-bit Idiot which is Ryan sulcus David this Person Gary Gensler and others selkis Was a lot nicer in person Gary Gensler Was interested in learning about the Intersection of crypto and finance what Happened what happened indeed he's got a Rippled chip in his mouth And also what happened with Gary what Happened with Gary is that he's a snake He's a slimy snake that would lie and Wait and and go to a place like that Just so that he would have gunpowder to Try to go after them later because his Handlers and Masters told him to do so Eleanor new decentralized exchange Sushi Swap has been served with subpoena by The SEC making it the first decks the Agency has targeted Decentralized Exchange Um And then she wrote she did an article SEC versus Ripple verdict couldn't come At a pivotal time for the crypto Industry I'm not going to go deep into That but just to let you know she's got A uh an article out now there's nothing To see here this is from the naked Naked

Gun nothing to see here the economy is Doing great Janet Yellen says so and Take an economy that is performing very Well we've had the fastest recovery from The downturn that we've ever seen and The fastest recovery of Any Nation Around the globe The unemployment rate is near a 50-year Low the economy is doing well Yes everything is doing great according To her then we've got this Fidelity Investments in BlackRock two of the World's largest financial institutions With combined 14 trillion in assets Under management are showing signs that They may be driving the next crypto Price Bull Run I believe it will become The biggest bull run ever for crypto Last year BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Predicted blockchain technology will Bring about increased market efficiency Meanwhile Fidelity has now opened up its Cryptocurrency trading platform to its 37 million users And then Ripple had an article uh Ripples focused on two things we hear Most often from customers Interoperability and usability hear About head of liquidity products Brad Chase and his team are cooking up recipe For success for the future of Tokenization with two ingredients folks This game is all about the cbdcs and Tokenization of assets and

Interoperability between all of it That's what this game has always been About Now Um Tom emmer who has given us a new day Not okay is now Um talking about cbdc's not now I agree With what he's saying that CBD sees that When you hear cbdc's it can be for good Or for evil and he's against the evil Part and I agree with him where I don't Agree with him is Why is he so confident about what Bitcoin is how does he know that Satoshi Is not China Russia or a terrorist group As the federal government seeks to Maintain and expand the financial Control to which it's grown accustomed The idea of the Central Bank digital Currency has gained traction within the Institutions of power in the United States As government-controlled programmable Money that can easily be weaponized into A surveillance tool the very ethos of Central Bank digital currencies is Everything Bitcoin and crypto stands Against it's everything the United States of America stands against Unlike decentralized cryptocurrencies Such as Bitcoin Cbdcs are a digital form of sovereign Currency that are designed and issued by The federal government and transact on a

Ledger that is controlled by the federal Government in short a digital dollar if Not designed to emulate cash could give The federal government not only Significant transaction level data down To the individual user but also the Ability to program the cbdc to choke out Politically unpopular activity for this Reason I introduced the cbdc Anti-surveillance state act to Halt Efforts of unelected bureaucrats in Washington D.C from issuing a central Bank digital currency that strips Americans of their right to financial Product there's one easy way to solve This problem And that is to not get rid of cash Brad Garlinghouse said a long time ago he Didn't think cash was going to go Anywhere you can have a cbdc and cash And if you that way the government is Always kept in check you try to go you Try to be too much uh go too much in the Direction of China without cbdc and Everybody will go into Cash That's one way to do it Um now what are the freaking chances Folks we've got this is from Putin I'm Not going to play the video because he's Talking Russian anyway we are in favor Of using the Chinese Yuan for Settlements between Russia and countries Of Asia Africa Latin America I'm Confident that these forms of settlement

In Yuan will develop between Russian Partners and their counterparts in third World countries I guess you say and I Said what are the chances that Gary Gensler participates in digital currency Wars over this exact issue at Harvard in 2019 and now in 2023 he's the person at The SEC holding back Ripple the one Company in the world with a solution to The problem That also had a solution in 2019 and I Said there are no coincidences now Baba Kuggs has pointed out that his Riddler's Um were quicker old pal And this he's correct this graphic was Going around As early as maybe 2018-19 and he's also correct when he Says this if you use your uh use it in Your videos you must say Baba the Lightning rod that's what I say a lot of This guy let me let me tell you what the Being a lightning rod is that's Something admirable because guess what Um probably beside me he's been more of A lightning rod than just about anybody In crypto but I know exactly what it Feels like to be attacked constantly Many times I have people attack me every Day in their passive aggressive ways People that don't have the guts to name Me by name I see it every day I know I Know who they are I know exactly who They are I know exactly what he goes

Through so anyway so here this was Gary Gensler and back to my point here this Was Gary Gensler Digital currency Wars covered the exact Same topic here and now we have an SEC Chairman so here's my question If Gary Gensler was here in digital Currency Wars and he knew that there was A problem with the potential of a Digital Yuan which is what this whole Thing was about And now he's trying to stop the one U.S Company who's at the Forefront of trying To solve this problem Then whose side is Gary ginsler on That's my question Whose size he on here he is as well we Have been leapfrogged by others by Digital currency by digital Chinese Currency why because frankly our Central Bank has been slow and there's Appointment coming in January of 22 the President's got to decide whether to Change over who's leading the Federal Reserve the Federal Reserve runs our Payment system right I think we need to Move that Federal Reserve into the Modern era now would that be Michael Barr Who's on ripples it was one of Ripple's Advisors I'm gonna have to put this in the all The worlds of stage file I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment

Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button and tell your friends and Family that Baba kuggs is a lightning Rod and so [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]


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