SEC / ETH vs. Ripple / XRP Motions, Ponzi schemes , frauds & Wall Street

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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and let's start this show off On a a creepy note here we go from The world economics today to share the Findings of the world economic forums uh Global Security Outlook report 2023. This is a result of research and Collaboration with the forums Communities and our partner Accenture Which we've interviewed and sought input From over 300 Executives globally the Most striking finding that we found is That 93 percent of cyber leaders And 86 percent of cyber Business Leaders Believe that the geopolitical Instability makes a catastrophic cyber Event likely in the next few years When I hear that what I hear is All right uh media our media narrative Carriers start talking about an imminent Cyber attack now and then um we'll we'll Get one pretty soon I mean these people are freaking creepy You know what it reminds me of remember When Jim Rickards who used to be in the That three-letter agency right there Said this shoe is a brilliant guy like Bernanke and he's Pleasant and Well-meaning there's no doubt in my mind That he's also a member of the elite Network preparing to impose Ice Nine on

Millions of Americans but I wasn't done With my research I have since met with Dozens of senior officials intelligence Analysts and former Wall Street Colleagues my quest led to a final Meeting a face-to-face Summit with the Head of Bilderberg we met at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan and he was very Eager to get my take on the Euro as a Currency I was happy to provide it of Course in exchange for some valuable Intelligence as I say in my new book he Did not have horns in fact he gave me a Nice gift when we parted ways a Blue Swedish Buzz I keep it in my writing Studio at my home in Connecticut but my Point is I came away from all three Meetings convinced of one thing when the Next Crisis hits the elites are planning To freeze the financial system and They'll replace it with a new system one Not based on the US dollar when that Happens we'll wake up to a very strange And disturbing new reality and for our Viewers that are watching today okay What might their reality look like that Morning how does this manifest first They'll have gone to bed knowing that a Massive financial crisis was underway But when they wake up they'll find it Has worsened and the contagion has Spread worldwide when they go to Withdrawal money the ATM will say close Temporarily when they go to sell stocks

Their account will say transaction not Available when they go to their local Business that business will only accept Cash if it's open as Citizens realize Apart from their money riots will erupt It's going to get really bad how would Such a freeze It worked and wouldn't that be highly Illegal well you know technically all Right you've seen enough the point is Folks I've said it a bunch of times they Had the bailouts in 2018 and they Learned that they could never have to Kneel to a lunatic Looney Tune crazy nut Like Nancy Pelosi in order to get their Bailout for all their friends this time They'll do bail-ins they'll oh Cyber Attack whatever close the banks so I Can't tell you what to do because I'm Not a financial advisor but what I'm Doing I'm making sure that I have plenty Of cash physical gold I've got crypto on On my own wallets my ledger Nano S's and I've got a Glenn account so that I can Have gold inside of that that I can Actually buy things with I can spendable Gold with a debit Mastercard that I have This is not a bank account it's a it's Separate from the banks and that's why They're one of my sponsors links in the Top of the description go check it out Now egrag crypto XR RP road to 27 via 3w Patterns in following quick thread I'm Monitoring three different W formations

Being sculpted each is on a different Time frame but it is providing a view How xrp price potentially can go to Twenty seven dollars I'm not going to go Through the whole thing you can go to Add egrag crypto and you can go all the Way down the thread Anytime I see things like this there's Some people out there that are into the Charting of all this and so that's why Every once in a while I touch on on These things so you can know that Know who's talking about it and you can Go look Go look at their chart charting and all That okay JC Collins had the same Impression of yesterday's doj Announcement that I did the doj Announcement of an of an announcement Today looks like Market manipulative Manipulation they literally announced The Um that they were going after some Russian Exchange That I had never even heard of I've been Here since 2013 I'd never even heard of It but they announced it ahead of time Like it was going to be some massive Thing like they're gonna like they're Gonna take down a coinbase or something In it and it was a some random Russian Exchange it looked like they were Looking for the headline I agree with Him here's Brad garlinghouse with the um

Uh I guess this guy's the CEO managing Director of Lulu Financial Holdings Which is a ripple partner and so um then There's this James Flynn the SEC has Filed an opposition to third-party AIDS Motion to redact all references to third Party a as an entity and proposed red Action by third party and then he also Has another one Ripple opposes the Motion by by investment banker declarant Which seeks to shield from public view His name position and employer because He voluntarily submitted the Declaration In support of the SEC summary judgment Motion We on this channel want to know who this Investment banker declarant is I've seen Uh Whispers that of people that thought It was uh Mike novogratz but I don't Have any way of proving that I sure hope It is because man I would love to be Able to show that Um then Charles gasparino has Gone to the other side he for the last Two or three weeks he's been tweeting All kinds of negative things towards the Ripple case to and then he does this the More I delve into SPF implosion and hear How we met how he met with SEC not once But twice we don't know we do twice is What's in the public calendar Gary Gensler is hiding August all the way Through December he's hiding all of Those calendars not only that

But we now know That Gary Gensler if he doesn't want you To see something on his public calendar He'll just scrub it because he did that With his meeting with Soros and that Woman who used to be married who what Who is married to the past president and Crazy lunatic whack job Nancy Pelosi he Had a meeting with them and he scrubbed It from his public calendar it was only Found out through Freedom of Information Act requests so Um he says uh he says it's hard not to Realize that the SEC really botched its Regular no they didn't botch anything This was all intentional and going after Ripple over unregistered xrp when Serious issues of potential fraud always Resided with exchanges all right now Eleanor tarrett I think she has awoken She tweeted this out the other day the New Madoff Netflix show is is blowing my Mind I knew the basic premise of what he Did not the significant links he went in Order to cover up the fraud more than a Few parallels between SBF FDX including Very blunt a very blindsided SEC then She finishes watching it and she says Having finished the series I very much Take uh take back the SEC being Blindsided comment consider my mind Officially blown folks if you study just About all of the frauds that have gone

On in the last 20 years it looks much More like they The Regulators knew about It many of these major Banks knew about It to the point to the point where there It's almost like they're involved in it Folks I say almost Just because I don't want to go there But you know what I really think don't You Now speaking of Jamie Diamond was on Talking about frauds and Ponzi schemes With Squawk Box from Davos today what we Were talking about we we pretty much Always have some crypto conversation With you I'm just curious because I Don't think we've talked to you since I Think all that's been a waste of time And why you guys waste any breath and It's totally Beyond me because you just Think the whole thing just is is going To zero go to zero and it's fake Bitcoin Itself is a is a hyped up fraud To pet rocket back to that really of Course yeah well right here I do agree With him in that in that Bitcoin is Hyped up there is no utility there I do Agree with that on this but Um I think that that what he's up to Here is a bigger thing I think I think That he's as a lot of these guys are He's trying to create a narrative so What do you make then of BlackRock and Other firms that are investing in

Infrastructure that's different Blockchain is a is a technology Ledger System that we use to move information We've used it to do overnight weeks okay For us to use it and it's not you Intraday repo we use it to we're going To use it we've used it to move money Right so that is a ledger that's a Technology Ledger type of thing that we Think will be Deployable remember we've Been talking about that for 12 years too And very little has been done there's Some tokens that I agree with you but But bitcoin's based on a distributed it Has all the characteristics of of a Store of value it's immutable it scarce Uh it's totally untrue it's 21 million Well yeah really how do you know it's Going to stop at 21 million because I've Mentioned everyone says that well maybe It's going to get to 21 million and Satoshi's picture is going to come up And laugh if you want I think Jamie Diamond knows exactly who Satoshi is I think that probably a few Thousand of all these Wall Street people And some of the head people in crypto Have always known who Satoshi is that's The reason I stay away from Bitcoin Because I don't buy it I think they've All known I I don't just think that I Think that a lot of the Wall Street People and the government are the ones That were behind its creation as a test

Net and folks what he just said he's Looking right into the camera don't take Those words lightly You know what else I believe I believe That Wall Street and all these Government types knowing that it was Going to be a prototype also took Advantage of manipulating markets for All these years the 10 whatever however Many years Bitcoin and ethereum have Been around I believe they knew there Was a window of time that needed to be Tested these things that don't work that Have no utility like Bitcoin and I think That they said well hey but in the Meantime we can make a lot of money Market manipulation okay okay now I Won't play the rest of that but you Don't have to take my word for it this Is from The Glenn Beck show two or three Years ago extremely egregious so September 12th Jamie Diamond says Bitcoin is a fraud he says he'll fire Any one of his Traders buying Bitcoin Bitcoin drops 24 when Jamie dimon speaks People listen people listen So that weekend we found out that the Largest buyer of a of a Bitcoin fund That's in Europe that buys physical Bitcoin right the largest buyer was Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan and that's Not illegal He says it's a fraud says if by anyone The fire yes and at the same time his

Company is buying his company is buying It so you're it's just I mean the wrong Word all right now Let's remind you and I'm reminding the Uh all of the uh quote journalists over There at CNBC I said hey here's a wild And crazy journalism idea why not ask Jamie Diamond why he banked the Bitcoin Fraud very early on this is right here This is Mount gox this is the Wayback Machine purchasing Bitcoins has never Been easier starting today all verified Mount gox users based in the USA will be Able to purchase Bitcoin via cash Deposit at any of the many Chase Bank Bank branches across the country with Over 1500 Banks uh branches Chase is an Ideal partner for Mount gox in the USA Folks now think about this for a minute To this day Banks have closed people's accounts for Buying and things on coinbase even How in the hell was was Mount gox able To work out a a banking deal with J.P Morgan way back then this is back November 26 2011. the the only way is if JP Morgan was involved in all this from The very beginning folks and and had Their buddies in the government knowing About it too it's the only freaking way It's the only way Now if you you know how right now their Whole narrative is oh FDX is a fraud Therefore crypto is a fraud it's not

About crypto folks everywhere you look All these frauds we've seen over the Last 20 or 30 years what's the Commonality commonality is Regulators Who quote didn't see it they just missed It okay and it's the Big Wall Street Banks like JP Morgan right there in the Middle of it this right here I put out About a week ago this is a clip from the New you can go on Netflix I encourage Everyone to watch it the Madoff Documentary in this clip they Point Blank not my words at the very beginning Let me show you what she says I'm not Going to play it because there's music And I don't want to get copyright she Says but Madoff could never have been Could never have perpetuated the fraud That he perpetuated And then she goes on Had he not had the complicity of J.P Morgan Chase right there and if you Watch this two minute and 46 second clip It becomes very very clear well here's The thing that's not the only one Remember MF Global remember when when Gary Gensler was the chairman of the Cftc and his mentor from Goldman Sachs John corzon is the CEO of MF Global and And presides over a over a billion Dollar Ponzi scheme or or he's Co-mingling customer funds and he never Goes to jail by the way and Gary Gensler Basically recuses himself from the

Situation they say like 85 or plus Percentage of everything going on in MF Global had to do with with the cftc but Gary Gensler had a closed door meeting With the SEC and said oh we're gonna I'm Gonna let you handle this because I Can't have my fingerprints on it Basically is what that means and guess Who else was involved in that listen to What this man says right out of the gate This is MF global Uh JP Morgan had its fingers all over His fingers so JP Morgan was the primary Lender that met Global 1.3 billion Dollars Um 1.3 what about saving time it's nice Chairman of that wonderful assistant yes He is Um and he's not a big fan of mine I bet he's not this is one of the guys That one of the attorneys that was in Charge of um getting to the bottom of What and getting the money back in MF Global Um then then we got this Warren Davidson Uh sounds like a familiar story Jim and I reportedly works with the SEC for 17 Months by the way I don't ever remember Warren Davidson tweeting out anything Specific about Ripple like he's Concerned about that lawsuit being Dropped reportedly works with the SEC For 17 months and the SEC slams them With a surprise lawsuit if Gary Gensler

Was serious about helping investors he Would stop regulation by selective Enforcement and I said when is that new Day coming Tom emmer Patrick McHenry Warren Davidson that's what they said Was going to happen then we've got Gary Gensler he wants information from Whistle information from a whistleblower Who knows of possible Securities Law Violations can be among the most Powerful tools in the law enforcement Toolkit for the SEC well great because I've got a whistleblower alert for about The 100th time Gary Gensler I can only Blow this thing so hard we've got Bill Hinman who was at the SEC 2017-2018 he meets with a16z consensus Ethereum June 14th he gives us a speech Giving ethereum a free pass 2017-2020 he's collecting 15 million From Simpson Thatcher he unretires in 2020 and go becomes a senior advisor to A new two million dollar no two billion Dollar crypto fund at a16 Z okay And he was told by the SEC Um ethics office was it not to meet with His Law Firm Partners or whatever and he Did it anyway While he was at the SEC Not to mention my whistleblower alert on Joseph lube and Joseph Lubin created a Token Factory it was called the token Foundry Gary you can check it out he Shut it down now I guess because he was

Scared he also right now is doing Staking they're doing ethereum staking There are all kinds of things that you Could get right now my whistleblower Alert I would love my reward I'm ready For it I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is For entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that these People these Regulators in Wall Street Banks and all they stink the high heaven And they have the gall to be pointing at All of these people while they Themselves are up to their eyeballs in All of these frauds and Ponzi schemes Thank you

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