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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I think this is the best Way to start off this video Has Judge tours made her decision is Today the day let's go xrp we've got Ourselves a Skyrocketing xrp at 45 cents we're up Over 15.95 percent Um and uh Riz xrp had said um Let me see show you what he said oh That's music I hope I don't get hit on That one but anyway South he says South Korea and anybody that was around in 2018 South Korea 2018 flashback all of it Came out of South Korea and then by pure Coincidence coin market cap Dropped the the Asian prices overnight And didn't tell anybody they were going To do it and it deflated the xrp uh Bubble now check this out We're hitting 44 cents we're up uh over Let's see what it let's see what it says On the main page here And it the beautiful thing is that it's Not it's not uh Xrp is doing its thing independent of Everything else over 15 percent in 24 Hours it was it was let's look it was as Low I mean this is what's happened it's

Gone from 37.5 cents to as high as 44 Cents according to Fiat leak that's 45 Cents in just a very short period of Time this guy says whales are buying xrp I decided I'd go back just to show you While we're here and show you the some Of the historical days that xrp has had And and I went to this and Looked it up best performing xrp days Since 2015. the top is 179.55 on 4-2 2017 you'll see what Happened Um I've told the story on here back in 2013-14 I I had put my xrp up and Thought maybe I had been wrong and then I woke up somewhere in 2015-16 when this Was going on and I realized that I had Not been wrong And Then of course in 2017 and all this Happened and then in the early 2018 and That's when all of the coordinated flood And the campaign against xrp began That's when Jay Clayton began working on The ethereum free pass with Andrews and Horowitz you know the story but these Are the best performing days since 2015. Back then it had zero legal Clarity During any of those days we haven't even Had a utility Bull Run xrp is the most Attack cryptocurrency on coin market cap For a reason release the Kraken by pure Coincidence Um

The guy that founded Kraken the Kraken Exchange Jesse Powell was one of the Guys at ripple from the very start when When they when Judd McCaleb founded Ripple many don't know that then Ashley Prosper says my predictions Ripple Summary judgment granted in part Denial In part SEC summary judgment denied Ripple settles with SEC on denied part Of summary judgment no appeals New York Attorney general when Supreme Court case Against kucoin SEC targets ethereum I think all of those sound pretty Reasonable here's a tweet many of you Never saw and I saw it going around this Morning This was from Elon Musk and it's been no Secret I have always said that I felt Like Elon Musk and potentially the a lot of The PayPal mafia members were behind the Somewhere behind xrp and xlm I've always Felt like this is the case and that There's a the x's in the name had Everything to do with that he's never Even mentioned the word rippler xrp and That's part of what has my antenna he Had tweeted this out one coin to rule Them all back February 11 2021 Frodo was The underdog and he does a reference to Dog coin there all thought he would fail Himself most of all and he happens to Put xrp BTC pair up at the very top here Okay

One coin to rule them all and that Reminded me of Okay the uh pest control guy knocked on The door and so that messed up my flow Here's where I was I was talking about This tweet by Elon Musk where he says One coin to rule them all back in 2021 And it reminds me of this this was you Know I've shown you Kendra Hill who Disappeared off social media we talked Earlier this week about how she had said That people assume Bitcoin can't be shut Down or whatever She also said the world only needs one Before the digital Aid using One World Currency was not possible now we're able To connect with people around the globe In seconds one currency would be ideal One coin to rule them all Right Ripple is at the uh Paris blockchain Week Monica uh Ripple president Monica Long and um let's see who this is The fintech Frank and then we've got Um Cindy young is going to go on the Master stage at Paris blockchain week Then we've got Um who is this this is Mark Marcus in fanger on stage liquidity Usability and Regulatory Clarity are the Building blocks needed for real asset Tokenization to take off he's the Ripple X VP of growth Then we had here's the booth at uh Paris

Blockchain week And then here's another angle of that Ripples featuring the largest and most Important cryptocurrency event in Europe Then outside the uh this is the guy from This is the guy from uphold Dr Martin Hisbok and he took a picture of these Little cars xrp Ledger get on board that is and then There was another photo Right here that was taken Xrp Ledger that is cool Um so XR so we see Ripple has a presence In Paris France But in good old United States of America Xrp Las Vegas will happen in 45 days It's being put together by digital Perspectives Brad comes and I'm hoping To see a ripple presence there that's Going to be pretty interesting if you Want to check that out it's I'm not involved other Than I support the cause because it'll Be the first xrp conference ever Put together Full conference Eleanor heard on the Hill SEC chair Gary Gensler has been Asked to testify in front of the House Appropriations Committee next week Unclear if he has accepted why does he Have the option I thought they were Supposed to be in charge of overseeing Him And then Caitlyn Caitlyn long from

Custodia bank she doesn't mince words Here's this is her talking about Scandal Outright scandal with Signature Bank Scandal outright Scandal this is theft Of private property by Regulators who Did not have the authority to take a Solvent bank and put it into Receivership and I do suspect that there Will be litigation over that did The Regulators have the right again finally You're having some of the regulates be In a position where they can Sue The Regulators for Overreaching but that's what it takes And the fact that these Regulators have Not had anyone sue them for decades They've just grabbed power that they Didn't actually have they've way Overstepped their bounds and if this is Correct and I don't have any reason to Doubt Barney Frank because he did have Inside information he was a director of The company and he himself admitted that He was a bit of a crypto skeptic so for Him then to say that The Regulators put A solvent Bank into receivership I think The stock was trading at uh something Like forty dollars before it was put Into receivership this was not a stock That went to zero or close to zero So it that that is theft of private Property and it's going to be challenged If you my question is where were all These Bitcoin ethereum Maxi people when

We were we were uncovering heathgate for The last two years where were the all of A sudden there all of a sudden this Government gone wild who are breaking The law we've been uncovering it for Over two years where where was Caitlyn Long and all of her friends where was Laura Shin we kicked and screamed and Begged Laura Shin to cover it we even Were there to help to try to tell her to Cover it when she was writing her book And she didn't cover it And then um metal Allman says I did not See this coming the very anti-crypto Editorial board of the Wall Street Journal confirmed signature seizure was Motivated by Regulators hostility toward Crypto they then say that the banking Regulators forcing crypto companies to Move their customers money offshore is Not such a great idea what's next Charlie Munger has second thoughts on Bitcoin You never know and then here's Christine Lagarde Where Do We Stand we Central Bankers we have been operating as a Monetary anchor in relation to the Commercial Banks and the private money If we are not in that game if we are not Involved in experimenting in innovating In terms of digital A central bank money we risk losing the Role of Anchor that we have played uh for many

Many decades and we have historical Examples a period where the Central Bank Monetary anchor Was not there and that precipitated Crisis after crisis that certainly was The case at the time of the Free banking In the 19th century do we want to go Back to those days probably not I would Say certainly not from our vintage point As a result of which we have to respond To the demand for those digital payment In order to maintain the role of anchor That we have been playing uh let me sum It up for you we have to have cbdcs so That we don't lose control of the Financial system And then there's this folks almost as if On Cue how many years have these guys Been anti-ripple and xrp so many this is This is uh Ryan selkis two-bit idiots Company massari These guys are covering their butts Right about now folks this is an entire Thread from massari acting like oh we Just figured out that xrp the xrp Ledger Is this thing For years they wouldn't even talk about It and if they did they acted like they Didn't understand and that Ripple was a Scam and all this despite the external Pressure being applied by U.S regulatory Authorities xrp Ledger supported by Ripple aims to provide a dead almost It's like a commercial here folks these

Guys are acting like they completely Understand and that this makes the most Sense of anything almost like what we've Built this entire freaking Channel about For the last five years we've been Telling the truth while all of these People Because of very no telling what kind of Monetary incentives have been not Telling the truth And that's the fact Jack I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe and Hit the like button and tell your Friends and family That we've been screaming the truth from The rooftops for the last five years While 99.9 of crypto has been talking about Cartoon monkeys and Bitcoin and ethereum That didn't make any sense and didn't Work it was never Bitcoin and it was Never ethereum Thanks for


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