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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I'm going to start you off With showing you this watch this maybe While the replacement is not out there It does seem like especially headed by Russia and China that there's a lot of Effort being put into figuring out a way To not be as dependent on the dollar and I think that's what Led many of us into gold and silver and Seems to be continuing so uh and it's Not just Russia and China there's a Massive group of countries that are Joining including our allies countries Such as Mexico has expressed interest in Joining the brics plus Nations including Uh uh Egypt and turkey and and Argentina And Venezuela and on and on and on and These countries are continuing to grow You look at the Shanghai Corporation Organization that represents over 60 Percent of of human population and and This is you know a piece that I haven't Even really even talked about looking at The Belt Road initiative all 13 OPEC Producing countries are on the Belt Road Initiative Saudi Arabia who said we're We're joining the brics Nations who said We're open in Davos two weeks ago to

Selling oil for other currencies telling The world that China is their most Important partner in trading oil this Year and for the next 50 you can see Little by little by little the cracks Are happening the the growing chorus Is growing larger louder and louder and Larger by the day against the west and I Think this is really the most important Thing to focus on and that's why when we Are focusing on a quarter point uh you Know 25 basis point rise in in interest Rates or looking at the inflation Numbers and and what the FED is Going to do or not going to do It's it's misdirection it's a Distraction just it's a distraction so That's where the world is going and also Here where does where does this involve Crypto Finance CEO says crypto industry Will probably move to non-dollar stable Coins yes gold will play Big role the Irony here is beautiful yes and that's Why glint's one of my sponsors I'm Buying uh gold in my Glen account I'm Buying physical gold with my Glenn Account I'm able to have a debit Mastercard and I can literally use my Debit Mastercard and then once I spend It on a meal or groceries I can Literally see how many grams of gold That it cost Pretty darn cool groundbreaking all Right egrag crypto

Xrp excuse me hold on one second Xrp empty space closing weekly candle Above 30ma and turning FIB this in the Support will ignite xrp price since There's an empty space of volume above These prices Usually when such volume price profile Has empty space it will act as a magnet For the price I like the sound of that I hope he's Right moving along uh oh the official Cool guy of the digital asset investor Channel is checking in on a Thursday Well technically I think tomorrow is a Holiday because I think a lot of the Kids are out of school so today Technically is Friday for the official Cool guy so he shows up Gary Are you there Gary we're the least of your problems Now you got Congress knocking on your Door How can you not love the official cool Guy now yesterday we brought this up and This this kind of irritated slash Bothered me this was Tony I think from Thinking crypto this part of this tweet Thread he says that he's talking about The attack on crypto and he says this Attack was green lighted from the top It's coming from the Biden Administration Uh president of the United States this Is why you see the SEC cftc and other

Agencies like the FED targeting crypto In conjunction well this irritates me Because this woman is Caroline Pham now I'm not saying she's not a good guy in This thing but Hester Pierce has been Acting like a good guy for years and Then we find out that she and elad Royceman one of them or both of them Were involved in voting for the library Case so you have to wonder if there's Some good cop bad cop stuff going on out Of the SEC I would love for Caroline Pham to confirm to us that she actually Is pro-crypto she's their meeting at Ripple she was trying to make create Her Image as Pro crypto I hope she is but Here's what bothers me look at this this Is her Global markets advisory committee She's got Perry Ann boring on there from Crypta she's got Stellar I don't see Ripple on here she's also got but here's The part where it kind of bothers me Mary kathler Catherine later is with Uniswap Labs well when you hear uniswap Labs you need to hear ethereum there's a Lot of ethereum like Centric stuff on Here and we know about the ethereum free Paths well this is Mary Catherine later Okay she's the chief operating officer At uniswap she's also on one a team Member on one of those organizations Whose name we don't name on this channel We don't talk about these types of Organizations

Um but she was with BlackRock as well She was in their digital wealth um group And she had to do with the blockchain There now This is her on the stage remember when They had the FTX conference F salt FTX Conference down in the Bahamas well what Did we learn from FTX we learned that FTX was meeting with the Biden Administration the cftc the SEC the fed The Congress you name it they were Meeting with them okay and then it was Found out to be a fraud well guess who Else was meeting with is or was meeting With the Biden Administration to my Knowledge they're still having active Meetings Um and so we were proactively uh Particularly this is the CEO of uniswot Mary Catherine later as for the fight Administration with different agencies To help them think about what that could Look like but you're right that today The sort of confusion about well what Rules pertain and which ones don't does I think sometimes you know linger in People's minds Sam mentioned this Morning that that there really aren't It's not clear that there's direct Analogs for some of the things in D5 Right so there's analogs for some things Like Market surveillance but there may Not be direct analogs for like asset Creation D5 is enabled user generated

Markets Here you ask what does this have to do With anything here's what it has to do With first of all we're going to talk About Rosalind Leighton in a minute do You remember when Rosalind Leighton Wrote the Forbes article a while back Where she said well it doesn't doesn't Make any sense she was talking about how The SEC was going after threatening Coinbase lend but at the same time they Were allowing Ave which is an Ethereum-based lending platform to Continue let me show you hers is uniswap Both of them are ethereum based they're Bragging on uniswap's website about swap Earn build on leading decentralized Crypto trading protocol okay this is This is ethereum based you don't have to Take my word for it it's written all Over the website if you want to go look This is Ave liquidity protocol earned Interest borrow assets and build Applications Supply stake borrowed okay These two are being openly they're Openly doing it she's the CEO of uniswot And this who this woman was on stage With her if you look right There you'll see her and then this is Rebecca reddig who now she's not but she Was the c Um she was the chief legal and policy Offer at Ave she was a board member at Silvergate bank now she's at polygon

Which my understanding is also Ethereum-centric so here's what she had To say at the at the assault FTX Conference about who they're working With Um both myself and a number of others Including the council the crypto Council For Innovation as well and the defy Education fund and the blockchain Association and a number of others Behind the scenes are really working to Speak to and educate Regulators in the U.S in the EU and in the all while Ripples being sued so anybody associated With ethereum is being left alone that's The point here everybody so meanwhile They just they've started coming after Staking and they're going after stable Coins and all this but they're leaving These guys who are openly bragging right Here Whatever that number is of liquidity is Locked in Ave across five networks over 11 markets you can earn interest you can Borrow all right openly and we've made We've done whistleblower alerts on this We've made Gary aware of it so then we Go to this so Rosalind Leighton has Filed a motion to intervene to petition The court for access to the Hinman Speech document make no mistake folks East Gate is larger than FTX eastgate's Bigger than all of it I've said it Before it's bigger than Madoff it's

Bigger than all that what these people Have done and I've told you this before The reason that the whales were Disguised in the ethereum Ico is because If they could disguise those whales they Could they could then they could with Words you remember Joseph Lubin said you Can create your own reality with words They could then scream at the rooftops Decentralized decentralized Decentralized meanwhile you don't know Who actually controls who actually got That ethereum in that Ico you don't know Whether it's decentralized or not Because nobody is looking into who those Disguised whales were and where the Money went okay much less if there was Any money laundering that went on Because you know SEC and all these other Or all these government entities they're All worried about money laundering right They just aren't worried about it in the Ethereum Ico okay so anyway Rosalind Leighton yesterday has filed a motion to Intervene Um to get access to the Hinman documents Because the Hinman documents show where All the bodies buried are buried folks And then this is her attorney we just Filed this motion for leave to intervene In the SEC versus Ripple case which Seeks billions in penalties from Ripple Based on its cryptocurrency xrp which The SEC claims is an unregistered

Security I represent Rosalind Leighton The columnist and Scholar who seeks to Intervene in this action opposing the Ceiling of certain documents that the SEC offered in support of its summary Judgment motion one of the key aspects From the case is whether Ripple had Fair Noticed that its cryptocurrency might be Subject to the Securities laws since it Is a currency and not a security the Documents she seeks are critical of to That defense because they relate to the Old only Guidance the SEC has offered on Whether cryptocurrencies might be Considered Securities which came in a Speech and then director of corporate Finance William Henman gave in 2018 and The documents will shed light on whether Those within the SEC thought the Guidance given in the SEC in the speech Might have varied from settled Expectations on the application of Securities laws to cryptocurrencies we Think those documents should be Available to the public so that everyone Can evaluate for themselves whether the Sec's case against Ripple is legitimate And a proper use of taxpayer dollars in Other words it's not legitimate this had Nothing to do with the law After and then crypto losses after Petitioning to unseal the documents Rosalind Leighton wrote a Forbes article Which was then taken down Regulators

Aren't supposed to choose the Market's Winners and losers yet it's hard to Ignore how Securities laws are applied Differently to ethereum compared to Ripple and then um here this guy Um wrong guy this guy I think I'll show You in a sec so he I wanted to point This out Rosalind Leighton wrote this Article why SEC treats Ripple and Ethereum differently Then here's where here's the page Showing that that Forbes took it down I Just wanted to bring to everybody's Attention who bought Forbes china-backed Hong Kong blank check company buys Forbes in media deal that values the Publisher at 630 million and that was Back in 2021 there are no coincidences And then remember when the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe Report he asked the SEC chairman Jay Clayton to investigate the control China's mining dominance gives it gives It over cryptocurrencies the very next Month I believe is when Jay Clayton Dropped the lawsuit on Ripple and walked Out the door and then went to companies That were Bitcoin and ethereum-centric As well as all of his buddies okay you See in a pattern here and let's not Forget I don't talk about it on this channel Because this channel is not really about Politics but we do have a president

Who people are questioning whether he's Compromised by the Chinese as I speak And there's a lot of things pointing to Something like that don't forget that Now this uh 24 hours crypto for those of You that want to see it he's got a Website where he was able to get the Article that Forbes deleted he's got the Whole thing here and it's 20 the number 24 and then HRS if you want To go check out and read the article Here's a clip that cowboy Um crypto who is the official Cowboy of The digital asset investor Channel put Up A conflict conflicts of interest Explanation suggests that Hinman had a Financial stake in an entity promoting Ether over competing coins like xrp Separately the government Watchdog Organization in power oversight sued the SEC to obtain materials that show Hinman Received millions of dollars in Retirement payments from his former Law Firm Simpson Thatcher and Bartlett and The stb and joined an alliance devoted To the exclusive promotion of ethereum And even that the SEC warned him about The appearance of such conflicts okay Charles gasparino breaking crypto execs Are being advised by Securities lawyers Not to act on Gary gensler's recent call To come in and talk to the SEC unless You're ethereum if you are involved in

Ethereum you can go in there and talk to Him all you want About whether their operations are Compliant the reason unless you're a Democrat Party Insider like SBF or like The CEO COO of uniswap or Rebecca Redding who was at Ave and is now at the Other place unless you're one of those People then you can't go and get on his Radar if you are those people then you Can come in and have a cup of coffee With the Gary and everything's fine you See the problem here folks Brian Armstrong seems to think America Is at risk of losing its status as a Financial Hub what if the people running The show and our government want that to Happen What if they're working for somebody Other than the American people how about Them apples Then we got uh we've got uh Brooks Entwistle from Ripple who is Working offshore because Ripple is in in Um I'm drawing a blank on the word in Exile Ripple in Exile that's a thumbnail Ripple Ripple in Exile Wow wow these compromised people in Government Are working with the ethereum people at Will And nobody seems to have to be Accountable for any of it but here's but

Listen to what's going on and just Imagine if America was using the number One blockchain the one that actually Works We have a very Um big cbdc practice it's now globally Based we actually within the last couple Of months have put four people on the Ground in Singapore alone focused on This he wants to put four people on the Ground in Singapore alone focused on This it's an important effort it's an Important Suite of products I think I Really related to this point exactly is I think as an industry we got to be Careful about chasing every single new Shiny thing it tends to dilute business Models it tends to take people off Course and we determine in addition to Our payments business cbdc's are a very Important piece of what we're going to Do however we have found real traction With smaller governments smaller central Banks that need a holistic solution a Side chain someone to come in from Scratch can you say that names I can Give you a couple examples since we're In samuritz I'll give you a mountain Example our first mou is the kingdom of Bhutan okay that's a very Forward-looking King technology advanced And basically decided he wanted a better Way of moving doing kind of value around The country whether or not it was

Payments or other issues to do and also To set up a system so they could Eventually have remittances back into The country as well we're working with Palau we're in dialogue and working with A number of central banks around the World at the China level and at the U.S Level there's a lot of people chase that And a lot of people that have their own Sovereign interest in mind and so you Got to be realistic about your impact There but cbdc's will be an important Topic for the entire industry going Forward and the interoperability between Them we think has a real opportunity for Many of us around the table All right and then uh one other Interesting thing this is Monica long Who is now the president of Ripple Love the influx of crypto players Focusing on payments as a real world use Case as we know very well the Baseline Ability for fast efficient scalable and Cheap movement of value is the key to Opening up a broader list of real world Utility lending tokenization and Brad Garlinghouse replies and says just take A look at our customer list so let's do It this up Bank of America That's a list of A partial list because there's something People don't remember a lot of times is That is that um there are ndas out the Watt zoo with ripple there's ndas

Remember when the R3 guy said he can't Talk about Ripple there's all kinds of People that can't talk about Ripple and My question to you is what happens when They can talk about Ripple what happens When those ndas Are expired finally Is there a switch flipped or the Floodgates opened We'll find out I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit hit the like button And tell your and the Subscribe button And tell your friends and family that These are Ripple's customers and what Happens when this lawsuit is over Regardless of what the outcome is The Ripple doesn't have to care about Whether or not they let those flood Gates open what are all the things that They're going to be able to do once They're out from under that [Music] Thank you [Music]

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