Ripple/XRP-XRP 32% Upswing?,Navin Gupta-Takeoff Like A Rocketship, Jeremy Hogan-SEC Why Won`t Appeal

Welcome back to the show everybody Listen to these headlines we got for you Xlm possibly going to eight to ten bucks I don't have a problem with it then we Have Naveen Gupta telling us what it's Going to take for the digital asset Space to take off like a rocket and Jeremy Hogan tells us the Ripple win and The SEC won't appeal somebody wrote that Beautiful intro Perspective with Brad kimes come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter Youtube and That's it we're only on Twitter and YouTube these days 1.23 trillion dollar Market cap for crypto it's off by two Percent good morning everybody 27 900 Plus for Bitcoin 1867 and change for Ethereum tethered market cap is 80.1 Billion plus and we still don't Definitively know how the U.S government Feels about that private stable Coin Company selling the only product that The Federal Reserve has ever had which Is dollars Xrp's 49 cents according to Corn gecko Here it says we're off by 8.7 on the Seven day and 3.4 in the last 24 hours If we look at the range of price here We're ranging between 50 and 53 cents We're off by 4.6 on Fiat link let's take A look at this ladies and gentlemen well Not this necessarily let me open this up So you can see there are incredible

Products on this platform and the reason There are incredible products like Poli-side Ledger Ripple zebras I mean The list goes on chain Alice is fully Subscribed Samba Nova artificial Intelligence just like cerebrus uh look Uphold Acorn you see the incredible Products the list goes on and on and the Reason that these products are available And you can get private equity in these Amazing companies in these spaces is Because a link to itself Click the link of my sponsor underneath This video Link to shares and private Equity is Like land in Manhattan there will only Be so much of it there will not be any More of it and you know how this goes When you don't want to see that fully Subscribed sign and you wanted to get it And you did click the link underneath Check it out it is unbelievable Right here xlm eyes on the Fibonacci 1.618 says egg rag crypto that's 8.30 Plus and I've even seen another chart he Had to suggest it could even go as high As 10 bucks But looking at this it says what is Required right now is that xlm to bounce From the sticky resistant line it took Xlm 120 days to flip into support which Is super bullish in the meantime however Xlm short-term Target could be 12 cents But it might extend to 17.

The next cycle Target is Crystal or R Crystal Clear xlm will make haters to Squeak how about that one shout out to Egg rag crypto for that chart right There and xrp price is eyeing a 32 Upswing is what we're hearing from a lot Of analysts around the space as well so We'll keep an eye on xlm and xrp that Could take us from where we're at now to Somewhere close just under 70 cents if We get that 32 percent bump that would Be extremely exciting and this wouldn't Help hurt uh I think this could help us Get that bump we're looking for maybe Even more than that we know that John Deaton has told all of us and I know More about law because of Jeremy Hogan Jimmy filon uh Jimmy Valley and Jeremy Hogan and John Deaton these people have Been in this space and educating all of Us and I know more about the legal Process and terminology and stuff that I Ever thought or really wanted to know And I'm extremely grateful for it and he Reminded us No secondary sale of an asset has ever Been found to be a security in U.S History that's why xrp is a commodity Come on in yeah good morning everybody And don't forget while all of this is Taking place waiting for the case we're Seeing lots happening bricks around the World the international monetary fund Acknowledging it and warns of

Geopolitical fragmentation which could Lead to financial stability risk well Let's go telegraphs that's better late Than never the IMs actually recognizing It right look this conversation has been Going on for quite some time and I do Believe as we are seeing political Figures make the comments about the Dollar standard as a global Reserve Status being an absolute question Uh this is a place where the political Crossroads and the Pursuits of our Interests and Investments are meeting And that is where I start to pay Attention to politics aside from that I Try not to touch it Now this right here is a video that is Talking about basically they can take Your goal but they can't take your Bitcoin and I said not to be a wet Blanket but they can regulate it or tax Bitcoin out of existence if they want to Don't believe it it's still true It really really is and they could do That with any asset if they want to That's just something to think about now Robert F Kennedy Jr who has thrown his Hat in a ring said he's going to make a Presidential run speaks on digital Currencies and Central Bank digital Currency specifically he says here the FED just announced it will introduce fed Now Central Bank digital currency in July

Cbdc's greased a slippery slope to Financial slavery and political tyranny While cash transactions are Anonymous a Cbdc will allow the government to Surveil all our private financial Affairs Central Bank will have the power To enforce dollar limits on our Transactions restricting where you can Send your money where we can spend it When the money expires a cbdc tied to Digital ID and social credit score will Allow the government to freeze your Assets or limit your spending to approve Vendors if you fail to comply with Arbitrary uh dictates and then it Highlights other things I don't want to Say that because it could cause my Channel to get harmed the FED will Initially limit the cbdc to inter-bank Transactions but we should not be blind By the obvious danger that is the first Step in Banning seizing Bitcoin as the Treasury did with gold 90 years ago Today in 1933. you know Somebody should tell Robert of Kennedy Jr with the Twitter trolls and the Twitter police think about this Conversation confiscation language Now we've had this talk about xrp and The concerns there and now someone Running for president who's been in Congress for many many years long family Lineage lineage Is discussing the same idea

I don't know about you but when I read That it made the hair stand up on the Back of my neck This is Naveen Gupta and I tell you from Ripple and I listen we love nabin Gupta And uh I love what he's got to say and He says it's already happening I want You to hear this clip because look as we Have said Look cbdc scare me too and I want to say There is a lot of rhetoric going around About the dollar collapsing the zero This that and the other last night in The digital perspective Mastermind group We had one of the most incredible Meaningful conversations amongst the Group In our live call and I tell you Something you would be wise to join that Group and get in there because of the Level of conversations that are Happening One of the things we discussed in there Is the transition to digital money and How there is a lot of fear based around It however I do want to suggest if I've Said as I've said many times if we see a Private sector and private layer Involvement or layers involvement Between the government and digital Dollars We will be fine if it's done right now If it's done right is a hell of a Statement because if starts the

Statement right but the reality is Christian Carlo has an excellent Vision I believe of how to design a digital Dollar and he absolutely stands for the Separation of government and our money But right here I want you to hear Naveen Gupta talk about the space in general And how it's already happening this is a No return moment We are in a time now whether you like Cbdc's or not they're coming I mean I Believe as much as I'm not a fan of Bill Gates I think it was Bill Gates that Said you know we don't get to choose Whether technology affects us or not It's here and it is already happening Listen to Navin group to talk about it I'm just a I guess if I'm an outside Commentator We should start building these Corresponding banking networks entirely Uh and it's already happening some bit Of it right but of course What I would say is the is it just Because the remittance companies make so Much more money doing the corresponding Banking networks I think I would say I Would say two things right so one I Would say because there is not Regulatory Clarity and we will talk About a little bit more in all parts of The world Ripple net for example the odl solution Can't be launched in number of

Jurisdictions because there's no Regulatory Clarity right so today if Somebody that full connectivity Absolutely so they need to have the full Portfolio of of this thing and then the Second thing that I would say is that All Innovations take time so there are Of course adopters now it's at critical Mass where it's moving very very fast But also the same time adoption itself Takes time right so if you and me after A few years having a discussion to say Hey what is the state right now I would Be surprised that there is any Institution that is not taking advantage Of the blockchain technology that is Available to essentially significantly Create efficiency versus where they are Today okay It's already happening right now what is It going to take to set this digital Asset space alive and listen what he Says so let me let me just carry on with That talk right so so I I'm just going To recap what I've just heard right so a Lot of money came very quickly into into Into blockchain uh with all that money Came all that expectation all that Expectation led to a number of projects Which people wanted to justify uh to I Guess uh validate the fact that the Sector needed the kind of money which Was invested some of those projects or 95 of those projects are possibly not

Solving any real problems so therefore Uh they they you know they're not of Value and therefore that's leading to Slower adoption payments And gaming is two areas where you see Early adoption if I come back to Payments for a second what needs to Happen to see greater adoption of Blockchain Right in a payment set the single Biggest thing that needs to happen is Recognition from The Regulators to Essentially say hey hear the rules of The road the AML kyc the Norms that you Essentially need to take care of but After that this particular use case can Essentially take off in a country so the Only thing we need is regulatory Clarity That essentially digital assets or Cryptos can essentially be used to move Value cross-border from point A to point B and that's it after that there is Nothing else that's required companies Like us and many other companies will Essentially just take this use case like A rocket ship Take this use case like a rocket ship Now that's exciting to me because we're So close to a ruling in this case And we're going to talk about this Because this is something we need to Talk about Ripple or the usscc who's winning the Investment contract claim that's what

This case is about right And here we are going to hear from the One and only Jeremy Hogan who's going to Tell you exactly what's going on here And I want you to hear every single bit Of it ladies and gentlemen he was on Good morning crypto shout out to abs and Johnny crypto and everybody over there The crew and he tells you exactly why The SEC won't appeal and the Ripple test Is what's talked about here take a Listen right so your initial statement Is correct the settlement there's no Appeal of a settlement of course the Problem with the settlement is it has no Effect on any other cases in the space Oh now that's a That's a helmet right there so if There's Obviously Obviously enter a settlement unless it Was favorable is good for them and no One else which means everybody else has Got to go through the same path and the Same doorway That Ripple's going through right now Right so if Ripple settles with the SEC It has absolutely no effect on the sec's Next lawsuit against another crypto Company so in a sense it's good for Ripple but a settlement between the SEC And ripple is bad for crypto correct as That sets up a scenario where Ripple and Xrp the digital asset could be the only

One with Clarity from a settlement oh In the past remember every lawsuit that The SEC has brought in the past against These companies no one has really been Able to put up a fight I mean Library Put up a fight but they only had like a Million dollars to fight the SEC which In the legal world is not a lot of money Ripples put a hundred million dollars Into fighting the SEC and the facts for Ripple are pretty good better than for Most crypto projects so This is the case where the SEC could be Their you know what they're doing could Be put to an end with the Ripple case Because that will then be the end of the SEC being able to make some of these Arguments they've been making in the Past so if Ripple settles all of that Money for the crypto space is wasted now They would have to do what's in the best Interest of the company but at the same Time It's not going to have any effect as far As the other you know as far as crypto In general if the judge rules and Ripples favor I do not think the SEC is going to Appeal and the reason I say that is Because there's no benefit to the SEC to Appeal because if the case then goes up To the second circuit in the Appellate Court and the second circuit rules Against the SEC now that becomes binding

Precedent and the SEC is screwed as far As any other lawsuits that they want to Bring so if I'm the SEC and I'm 90 sure This is what they would do and they lose There won't be an appeal Because they don't want to they don't Want to mess up their whole agenda here And enforcing these regulations against The crypto space so in my mind the only Way we get the Ripple test is if Ripple Loses at the trial court level appeals It up to the second circuit because then Ripple will do it because they have the Money and they have the incentive to do It and they're going to want the second Circuit to say no We're going to replace the Howie test With the Ripple test and we're going to Require an investment contract to Actually have a contract so that's how That would all work now time wise we get The judge's decision let's say in April Or May The second circuit wouldn't be hearing It till next year And if it goes up to the U.S Supreme Court from there to really replace the Highway test we're talking uh two to Three more years from there Right now that's a hell of a scenario And none of us want to see it drawn out If the SEC were to get the win and Ripple were to have to appeal so I tell You not that I don't want Clarity for

The whole Space because I absolutely do But I hope however this goes with the Judge's ruling that not only Ripple and Xrp get clarity but it informs the Entire crypto space because I don't just Want to see Ripple in xrp win I want to See this innovation blockchain Technology and digital assets win Because I want to see the United States Become a leader because Ripple is a U.S Company doing business around the entire World and I want to see that opportunity Happen right here for us to continue to Be a leader just as we did in the birth Of the internet that's going to do it For me not Financial advice for me or Anyone else it's just my digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on The next one


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