Ripple/XRP-VISA & Ripple Partner,XRPL Amendments,SWIFT Paradigm Shift To XRP & XLM FlyWheel Effect

As the world of fintech continues to evolve rapidly, it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest developments. Today, we delve into the exciting partnerships and advancements taking place in the world of Ripple/XRP. From their partnership with VISA and XRPL amendments to SWIFT’s paradigm shift to XRP and the XLM flywheel effect, we’ve got the latest news and insights for you. So, buckle up and get ready for an in-depth look at how these developments are shaping the future of digital payments.


Digital payment technologies are becoming increasingly popular as people seek faster and more secure ways to transfer value across borders. Two of the most significant innovations in this space are Ripple/XRP and Visa. Ripple/XRP is a blockchain-based payment system that enables near-instant cross-border payments without intermediaries, while Visa is a global payments technology company that is making great strides in blockchain and web 3 solutions. In this article, we will discuss the latest developments in the Ripple/XRP and Visa partnership and how they are poised to change the cross-border payment landscape.

Ripple/XRP – Visa Partnership

Ripple/XRP and Visa have come together to provide a seamless payments experience for their users. The partnership is aimed at leveraging the strengths of both companies to improve the speed, transparency, and cost of cross-border payments. Ripple/XRP’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service and Visa’s network of global partnerships will enable users to move money around the world quickly and securely.

XRPL Amendments

Ripple/XRP has recently implemented several amendments to its ledger protocol, also known as the XRP Ledger (XRPL), to improve its efficiency and security. These amendments, which include amendments 21, 22, and 27, have added new features to the XRPL and enhanced the performance of existing ones.

SWIFT Paradigm Shift to XRP

SWIFT, the global payments network, is considering using blockchain technology to improve the speed and efficiency of cross-border payments. Ripple/XRP and its XRPL are seen as prime candidates for this shift. The use of XRP in SWIFT’s payment system will eliminate the need for intermediaries, reduce transaction fees and settlement times, and increase transparency.

XLM FlyWheel Effect

Stellar Lumens (XLM), another blockchain-based payment system similar to Ripple/XRP, is expected to benefit from the SWIFT paradigm shift. The integration of XLM into SWIFT’s payment system will create a FlyWheel Effect, where the use of XLM will increase its value and adoption.

Visa’s Blockchain and Web 3 Solutions

Visa is making strides in blockchain and web 3 solutions. Its head of CBDCs and protocols, Cuy Sheffield, has recently stated that Visa is exploring the potentials of CBDCs and digital currencies. Also, Visa’s focus on blockchain, crypto, and web 3 solutions has facilitated the adoption of the technology in the financial industry.

DPMG-Digital Perspectives Mastermind Group

The DPMG-Digital Perspectives Mastermind Group is a platform that offers a range of investment tools, including a 3-day free trial. The platform aims to provide its users with valuable insights into digital investment and educate them about the opportunities and risks involved. offers an IRA for digital assets, enabling investors to purchase and hold cryptocurrencies within an IRA. This feature allows investors to benefit from the potential gains in the crypto market while managing their investments within a regulated framework.


Glint is a platform that allows users to buy, save, and spend gold and US dollars digitally. The platform aims to provide its users with a reliable and secure way to use digital currencies for everyday transactions while having the stability of traditional assets like gold.


Linqto offers a platform for private investing, allowing investors to access opportunities in early-stage companies. The platform uses blockchain technology to provide transparency and security in the investment process.

Flare Naming Service

The Flare Naming Service offers early launch reservation for .FLR domain names/payment point. This service enables users to reserve their preferred domain names and payment points before they are made publicly available.

CryptoTaxAudit Membership

The CryptoTaxAudit Membership can help protect your assets by providing guidance on tax strategies and audit services. The service aims to help users navigate the complexities of tax reporting for digital assets and avoid potential penalties.

ProCoinNews Daily

ProCoinNews Daily features digital perspectives for free, providing its users with valuable insights into the crypto market. The platform aims to educate its users about the opportunities and risks involved in digital investment and offer them valuable resources and tools.


The Ripple/XRP – Visa partnership and the development of blockchain and web 3 solutions are set to change the landscape of cross-border payments. With the implementation of new protocols and the integration of digital currencies into the SWIFT payment system, we can expect faster, more transparent, and cost-effective cross-border payments in the near future. The innovative investment platforms and services discussed in this article can help guide digital investors through this exciting but complex space.

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