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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you Today U.S treasury and fsoc interledger Wallets Bank of America nfts and Tokenization my goodness we got a lot For you today Ripple Partners become Members of a Clearing House do they well We're going to talk about it UAE and Cbdc and how about this NASDAQ and Crypto oh my goodness we got that and How about a 14 to 27 xrp how about Somebody roll that beautiful intro [Music] Fred kinds come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It is a 1.2 trillion dollar market cap For cryptocurrency and it's off by 1.6 Good morning Bitcoin 27 600 plus Ethereum 1756 and change tether market Cap now 79.6 billion plus oh my oh my 44 cents For xrp right now it's up still 17.8 Percent on the seven day and four and a Half on the 24 hour let's get started if You're not aware of it link to ladies And gentlemen has made it five thousand Dollar minimums from ten thousand dollar Minimums and looky here it's recently Added it is ledger I told you about Chain analysis it's gone now but look if You're accredited this is the place to Get the brick and mortar companies

Behind the technology we talk about it All the time but I tell you what look Ripple's still available level how much Longer we literally could see a ruling Any day and they have already told us They intend to IPO now look here poly Sign gone for the moment but don't Forget about artificial intelligence Samba Nova and sibrous I'm gonna tell You this is exciting times ladies and Gentlemen but you know what they're also Trying times and I want you to listen to Chamath patela right here talk about What is actually going on and what They're doing in their Camp take a Listen how they're thinking rather Believe that there's a place for it in One's portfolio but I just think Connecting these and he's talking about Bitcoin at the time thoughts misses the Point and I think the point is much much Bigger than a crypto offering the point Is that we have a lot of systemic shocks That are building up in the system we Have broken a ton of the systems That caused the financial infrastructure In the world to work properly and we are Just starting to uncover how they're Broken so I think we need to focus our Energy on that and dial down a little Bit of the Bitcoin Maxi stuff because it Distracts from a really important set of Topics that are more inclusive and Actually touch seven billion people

I don't think you could say it any Better right I mean there is a lot to be Excited about when it comes to the Technology of digital assets no matter Which one you're looking at right but The reality is is what chamoth is Talking about here is keeping a more Macro view about the things that are Happening in the economy with the money Money supply and I think he's dead on Here and we're going to see more Evidence of it right now U.S treasury Secretary prepared to take additional Action to protect Bank deposits now I Also want to show you this because This is about the U.S treasury's Financial stability oversight Council And you know I have talked about fsoc Probably ad nauseam to you guys and I Apologize but if it's relevant we got to Stay on it And you know what I think we're right to Stay on it because look at what's Happening now It is the conversation because fsoc is The collection of agencies that can make Massive decisions in a time like what Your mouth is talking about This is why we got to watch this Extremely closely to see what happens Here now inside of this they basically Stated there was an unscheduled meeting That they had it the council discussed Current conditions in the banking sector

And noted that while some institutions Have come under stress the U.S banking System remains sound and resilient now I Don't know about you and I can't say That we know all the details because we Don't but you know this really feels Like a Jim Cramer statement right Fsoc deals with the emerging threats of Stability to the U.S financial system And markets have reacted sharply to Practically every word from Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen in the last Several weeks or months here leading up To this moment so it is something to pay Attention to and look as an individual But look this is going around the world Remember Deutsche Bank was crashing then There was a said it was said yesterday Uh widely that there was a nationwide Blackout of phones in Switzerland some People believe That you know the run on the banks what We're seeing with these blackouts Happening in certain parts of the world That it's a part of some kind of global Reset I encourage everyone to think of a Reset at least to a degree and or at Least one part of it in this respect Because a lot of people here Global Reset and they say oh man that's awesome You know they're going to clear my debt You know and hey if they do that that I Think that's great for you right you Know

But the thing I want people to focus on When they think reset Is think about the countries and the Bondholders and people And companies And banks that are holding other People's debt In order for there to be a reset the way People are talking about it you have to Make the bondholders of all of this bad Debt Somehow you have to make them whole Now how exactly that happens is above my Pay grade but you know I have speculated In times past but what if xrp's role in The world is more important than a lot Of people are willing to really discuss Or take on as an idea because it's 28 38 42 44 cents Something to think about [Laughter] How do you make the bondholders hole But we say uh welcome back right quick To Ripple and an employee who's an Original OG it's Ethan Mac bro I think It's Mac bro McBrown forgive me Ethan if I train wrecked your name but he was at Coyle until Coyle actually sunseted Their operations but what I found Interesting is it's great that he's Going back so shout out to him for going Back but it said here in the near future There will be a full featured Inter-ledger wallets powering web

Monetization and many other use cases So something is still coming even though They Sunset the operations of coil Itself very excited to see what happens There Now I thought this was fitting and it Does not mean now we know Ripple is in Bank of America patents there's been no Official talk about a true announced Partnership right but Bank of America Does work with ripple At least to some degree right and it Says here Bank of America says Tokenization of automobile titles could Enable fractional vehicle ownership Allow holders to pledge vehicle title Nfts as collateral in the real world or Within D5 protocols and increase Liquidity on marketplaces now I tell you What this is an nft use case that I Never saw coming and it looks like it Could be absolutely disruptive in the Best way and that's the stuff I'm Looking for just like I believe real Estate titles entitling in the real Estate industry can be huge disruption There with the incorporation of nfts Ratha conman tells us here that Ripple Partner in odl user fomo pay listen to This Singapore has become a member of the Singapore Clearing House to enhance the Reconciliation process for direct fund Transfers between financial institutions

Also a swift member this to me is Absolutely massive and I even see this As a bit of foreshadowing here Oh my oh my that's something we're going To want to continue to watch especially If we continue to see that happen in Other countries as well United Arabs Emirates expects to Complete the first phase of its Central Bank digital currency strategy around Mid-2024 we will keep an eye out on that It's Central Bank announced that on Thursday and includes proof of concept Work of wholesale and Retail cbdc and I Wanted to remind you with that remember This that the UAE Central Bank partners With R3 for retail and wholesale cbdc But they did Express in this that the Mbridge was not going to be R3 now we Know James Wallace has explained to us That Enbridge and xrp Ledger is one of The testing protocols being used in the Enbridge model So we don't know if it's a Dead Ringer That it's xrp right itself being used or Ledger excuse me but it is something to Really pay attention to again another Critical area we want to watch as it Develops to see if it's pertinent to What we're following and what we're all Holding so this is exciting times I love Seeing it some of it are paying out some Of it won't but that's okay I love being Here for it this is absolutely powerful

To me and I hope it hits you the same Way this morning NASDAQ one of the world's leading Financial institutions and the company Behind the popular NASDAQ Stock Exchange Plans to start offering crypto custody Services by the end of the second Quarter of this year Really Well listen this is the first thing that Hit me and it's still on me today and That's why I'm bringing it up We all feel like they're killing crypto What the words are from the White House Right how they're talking about Cryptocurrency they are very negative Towards it you can tell they're going to Do some kind of sweeping action they Already have started with the Whack-a-mole and the regulation through Enforcement they're suing coinbase They're suing this one they're suing That one to our wells notice and well It's all being done right now But correction they're not killing Crypto they're just taking it over and Don't believe it it's still true and Before we get out of here today we know We still don't have a ruling in the case But I tell you what we have a lot of Excitement watching what's going on with The price and the charts on xrp Now it could break bearish just as egg Rag crypto tells us here or it could go

A bullish case and if it does we could Be looking at 14 cents Amazing If it breaks below we can see some of The lower uh uh support levels where you Go to what 32 28 I think we all know the Levels but hopefully we can stay above It and hopefully a positive ruling in This case can do it now there's also Another number that shows up all the Time it's 13 14 bucks and it's 27 Dollars And crypto bull reminds us here that he Sees xrp repeating the same 10 months Flat pattern as it did in 2017. before It took off The top trend line matches up with 27 Dollars by the end of June I you know None of us can know what's going to Happen right but I do find it incredibly Exciting That all these different technical Analysts that look at these models are Really coming up with some very very Similar uh uh insights and overviews of What they see when they use the charting Tools and we can't know if it will play Out or not but again this is something To really pay attention to one thing I Do want to highlight is is that Xrp when it does move in past history Has moved extremely quickly Or extremely quick I should say don't Use a double negative but the reality is

Is that it moves extremely quick and if It follows history like what crypto bull Is talking about here if my memory Serves me right the 2017-2018 Bull Run Lasted about between 22 and 26 days Now I don't know if it repeats that same History and that rhymes in some way but I do know this If it does because I have sat through a Bull run and for almost five years of Not a bull run Bradley and Mrs backup will be taking Profits this time around I can tell you That we have a shallow bag and we will Figure out we were talking about it over The over the last day or two in fact What we would do how we would do it and All of those things to go with it Without wrecking our long-term portfolio So I hope that helps people in some sort Of way to figure out what's right for Your own life and your own Investments But you know what it's not investment Advice it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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