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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines USD tethers in the News again you're going to want it but So is the fed the OCC and the IRS are we Talking crypto clamp down we're going to Give it to you and guess what else Ladies and gentlemen SCC says they're Making a big announcement today are we Talking about a settlement with Kraken Or Ripple somebody wrote that beautiful Intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It's 1.11 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto we're off by 2.1 percent good Morning everybody Bitcoin right now 22 600 plus and ethereum is sixteen hundred Dollars plus tether market cap is 68.1 Billion and we've got news on that today Xrp is 39 cents let's take a look at This ladies and gentlemen There will be some breaking news today From the SEC what will it be we're going To get into what it could be but I tell You this if it happens to be a ripple Settlement how much longer will you be Able to get Ripple private Equity that's The question I got You know tick tock goes the clock don't Mess around these are great

Opportunities but they will not last Forever the link is underneath the Description and comment box of this Video check out my sponsor John Dean reminds all of us here and so Does men of law man Sullivan and Cromwell Bill 7.5 million dollars for The first 19 days of FTX work the FTX Debtors have hired a host of other law Firms consultants and bankers the Creditors committee has its own lineup All paid for by the Creditor victims of FTX it is just despicable John Deaton seems to Echo the same thing He says I'm sorry But as someone who's been around some of The best and brightest lawyers in the World during the last 25 years on both The plaintiffs and the defense side I Have yet to meet lawyers work this kind Of money almost four hundred thousand Dollars per day a staggering number Coming out of the victims funds what an Uh just egregious egregious amount of Money that is USD tether continues to demonstrate Strength of reserves and reveals a 700 Million dollar profits for Q4 of 2022 And latest attestation report now listen I want to be clear you guys know how Critical I've been of them I have to Wonder where we're at now you know uh Tether continues to demonstrate its Strength it goes through here and says

Limited made available or tether Holdings Limited made available December 31st 2022 Assurance opinion completed by BDO a top five ranked Global independent Public accounting firm the attestation Reaffirms the accuracy of tether's Consolidated Reserve report it says here Uh the CPR which breaks down the assets Held by the group as of December 31st 2022 the crr shows that in addition to Reducing its secured loans as committed Tether ended 2022 with zero commercial Paper and at least 67 billion in Consolidated total assets and excess Reserves of at least 960 million dollars Tethers Reserve main extremely liquid They say with the majority of its Investments being held in cash cash Equivalents or other short-term deposits This latest report demonstrates its Commitment to transfer currency and Highlights a 300 million dollar Reduction in secured loans more than 700 Million net profit added to tether Reserves in the last quarter of 2022 and The highest percentage to date of asset Allocated in U.S treasury bills with Direct exposure over 58 percent now with That being said All of that we have to wonder is this Attestation Going to be sufficient when it comes to Transparency to the Department of Justice and the U.S treasury and the

Federal Reserve because let's face it They are offering a digital dollar which Is the only product that the Federal Reserve really has right so we will see But as of right now That looks solid but it is an Attestation it is that different than a Full-on accounting report I don't know We need to hear from the pros on that Matter but you deserve to hear it and Tether deserves to be a uh tether Deserves me reporting it at this point We'll see if it clears him completely This here from Andrew and update the fed And the OCC are in the midst of a Massive crypto debanking operation Source what is going on is Draconian and Aim to kill crypto The fed and OCC are going after Morgan Stanley custodia bank which we knew and Even states that are crypto friendly Like Wyoming more sources paxo Global uh And others were told by the OCC to Either withdraw their banking Charter Applications or they would be denied by Friday VCS are starting to become very very Concerned that their crypto portfolio Companies are being debanked in Mass The OCC said to produce a paper shortly That is said to be so Draconian that a Sizable portion of the OCC employees May Depart Oh boy that is not good obviously the

OCC former Department of Brian Brooks Was the head of the office of Comptroller of currency right Here we have this now now listen and We're going to ship get now we're going Up in the FED in the OCC and what's Possibly going to take place there Crypto clamp down and wait do you hear Here what the IRS is saying about crypto Ladies and gentlemen if you haven't Checked out cut Donnelly for your taxes You need to click the link underneath This video what are you waiting for Shout out to Mr Mann for this one Record-breaking cryptocurrency adoption Leads the IRS to release new reporting Requirements and what it says here and They're changing from crypto to digital Assets ladies and gentlemen for the First reporting period the terminology For reporting cryptocurrency on income Tax forms has also been revamped with it Previously being known as virtual Currencies it is now referred to as Digital assets one 1040 income tax form Iterates at any time during 2022 did you Receive as a reward award or payment for Property or services or B sell exchange Gift or otherwise dispose of digital Assets or financial interest in a Digital asset oh but it gets better Shout out to Clinton Donnelly for this One and Mark This is big ladies and gentlemen this is

An issuance here let me get to this and Show you what we're talking about here This is office of Chief Council Internal Revenue Service memorandum This is January 13 2023 ladies and Gentlemen now I want you to understand There is a difference between the SEC And the IRS just like there's a Difference between fincen and the SEC Because fincen has said that obviously Xrp is a virtual currency right but Again there's a difference between the Departments and that's where we need Clarity Because this department says here when Talking about worthless crypto situation Of a loss or what have you listen to What it reads here as an example it says Cryptocurrency B has substantially Decreased in value however its value was Greater than zero it continued to be Traded on at least one cryptocurrency Exchange and a did not sell exchange or Otherwise dispose of the units of Cryptocurrency B the mere dimenuation of Value of property does not create a Deductible loss now listen to this part An economic loss in value of property Must be determined by a permanent Closing of the transaction with respect To the property That sounds a lot to me like capital Gains ladies and gentlemen and you don't Pay them until there's a permanent

Closing of a transaction with respect to The property IRS is spoken what will it mean to the Rest of the government we shall see We got moves on the digital dollar Project ladies and gentlemen shout out To Christian Carlo and everybody at the Digital dollar project the cftc uh Former cftc official is naming Ex-treasury and CFT officials to new Board let's take a look at it it's Expanding ladies and gentlemen In an effort for former cftc officials Like Christopher John Carlo Daniel Gore Fine in Partnerships with Accenture has Tapped a number of former Governor Government officials and Industry Experts to boost its advocacy efforts The digital dollar Foundation unveiled a Board of advisors on Thursday naming 24 Individuals who will help develop the Framework for creating a us Cbdc it's happening ladies and gentlemen The new members include everyone here Mentioned it is Seagal mandakler a Former undersecretary for the treasury For terrorism Financial intelligence Tim Morrison who served as an advisor for U.S president Donald Trump Sheila Warren Who leads to World economic Forum Blockchain efforts Don Wilson founder and CEO of Diversified trading firm drw Sharon Bowen former Commissioner of

Commodity Futures Trading Commission A joint venture between Accenture and Digital dollar uh pound or digital Dollar Foundation excuse me that Launched earlier this year project aims To promote research and discussion Around the possible benefits of a U.S Cbdc You guys know that I love the Perspective from Christian Carlo about The approach of a digital dollar and how It should not be a direct connection to The Fed In order to preserve the rights of us as Citizens constitutional rights I believe That there has to be a private party Held to a heightened Prudential to Preserve the privacy And the constitutional rights that Belong to us as Citizens which I believe Should belong to everybody as a citizen Of the globe however I think if you get That right you're going to really come To a place where the world will still Demand a digital dollar just on that Fact alone Right here is a great thread here for Stellar and the Partnerships and Development this is huge I'm just going To run through this really quickly shout Out to Mr Man for this one talks about Finclusive here just very quickly we Know Finn we know Stellar SDF right Stellar development foundation and xlm

Tied closely to usdc I believe usdc is Certainly making its own uh Its own perspective challenge to become A legitimate retail digital dollar for The United States we'll see what unfolds There inclusive provides a way for Anchors to achieve compliance it says Hereby offering comprehensive compliance Toolkit serving and on an off-ramp Anchor and connecting organizations to U.S Bank sector inclusive makes it Easier for new anchors on Stellar to Establish firm routes in financial Markets as you get it right we know Stellar and usdc tied together if we're Right about that connection there than What I believe we're really seeing is The implementation and the connection of These new payment rails and systems and Market infrastructure as it moves to a Real Legitimate regulated market which it is Transparent and legitimate now right so Going further here it shows the Organizations that are really tied in as Well shout out to digital Chamber of Commerce Perry Anne boring and everybody Else here mentioned it shows and then it Goes on here and it shows gdf merges With gbbc together they become the world Largest industry Association for Blockchain technology so this Association is obviously speaking very Loudly about a development of stellar

And again don't forget the retail dollar Situation with usdc there we know that There is just not attestations with usdc There's full-on transparency all the way Around so we'll see if that's a Difference for tether and usdc competing For that kind of uh designation in the In the in the in the near term Fox Journalist says SCC to announce Something big today Will it be a ripple settlement shout out To Eleanor tarrett for this one ladies And gentlemen According to Eleanor Terry the United States Securities Exchange Commission Will make a potentially big announcement Today this came out yesterday evening Tara disclosed in a tweet around 3 A.M UTC time Citing Anonymous sources the journalist Speculates that the announcement could Come after a closed SEC meeting Scheduled at 2 pm today The report by tarot has sparked several Speculations including a settlement with Ripple a settlement with crap Kraken or A ban on crypto staking for retail Customers in the United States Could it be a ripple settlement it is Worth noting that the SEC uh case Against Ripple is nearing its end as Disclosed by James bylin everything has Been briefed and it and the case is Awaiting a decision from Judge Annalisa

Torres notably John Deaton who who Represents 76 000 plus xrp holders is a Friend of the Court in the case has Recently argued that an out-of-court Settlement is unlikely to happen before The Court ruling the lawyer opined that The regulator is willing to tough it out To the end encouraged by the Judgment in The case of against Ripple I mean Against library and the FTX collapse Consequently he believes a settlement Will only likely come after a Court Ruling to stay a potential jury trial And appeals however it is worth noting That some circumstances have changed Since attorney made this prediction Particularly in the library case Following the attorney's involvement in The case and on behalf of Naomi Brockwell in support of libraries motion To limit the sec's remedies the attorney Reported that the judge had clarified His ruling that Library credit sales Represented Securities not apply to Secondary market sales in addition the Attorney claimed that the judge also Compelled the SEC to go on record Agreeing that the underlying assets of The investment contracts are not Securities notably This would damage the sec's broad Claim About xrp in its Ripple case however it Might still not be enough to force the SEC to settle as it could still score a

Win regarding direct sales from Ripple As we await the Court's decision Ripple's general counsel has expressed Confidence in Ripple's defense comparing The sec's case in the aftermath of the Alleged Chinese spy balloon shot down by The U.S military but what about a kraken Settlement Notably that this outcome that tarot Hits at it follows a recent Bloomberg Report that reveals that the leading Crypto exchange is under investigation By the SEC for potentially offering Unregistered Securities to American Customers the report citing Anonymous Sources close to the matter asserts that The investigation is coming to a head And could lead to a settlement in the Coming days Crockett is the third Largest spot crypto exchange by trade Volume per market cap data with over 629 Million dollars in crypto trading in the Last 24 hours it offers user access to 221 cryptocurrencies per the report it Is unclear however which of these uh the U.S market regulator believes to be a Security The reporters SEC claims and are Unsurprising considering the SEC chair Views on cryptocurrency notably Gary Gensler asserts that most Cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin are Securities were called the SEC has Already launched enforcement actions

Against Gemini this year naming the Crypto exchange and Genesis trading in a Compliant accusing both party in a Complaint excuse me accusing both Parties of engaging the offering sales Of unregistered Securities but then we Have Brian Brooks remember I mean uh Brian Armstrong from coinbase Here's Jake travinsky here from the Blockchain association talking about the Rumor going on that Brian Armstrong's Speaking on We're hearing rumors that the SEC would Get rid of crypto staking in the United States for retail customers I hope That's not the case as I believe it Would be a terrible path for the U.S if This is allowed to happen the threat Goes on you get it Jake says I've heard the same rumor and Strongly agree with Brian that an attack On staking would be extreme error for U.S policy thankfully we are a country Of laws and even if the SEC would like To get rid of crypto entirely which may Be the case the law and the courts won't Allow it well I hope that Jake is right On that matter but then I want to show You this Tell me how the Legacy firms are coming In to rule this crypto space without Saying they're coming in to rule the Space Over a decade they've watched their

Customers go across the street and buy Crypto this is what their turn looks Like That's no doubt about that and then There's this I want to show you as I Echo Brian's tweet here I have a quick Question for the SEC and Gary Gensler if You want to get rid of staking for Crypto What Becomes of proof of stake Networks like ethereum asking for a Level Playing Field full of friends of Mine That's where we are on this day ladies And gentlemen before we get out of here Let's take a look at this from egg rag Crypto and you need to see this because We are nearing the end of this case and Who knows what that fundamental news Could mean for this space or xrp and who Knows what this big announcement could Do from the SEC today to the market and What it may speak in the way of upside Or downside And let's not forget the FED in the OCC And the banking clamp down on crypto as Well there is a lot at play here ladies And gentlemen Egg grad crypto says however xrp closed Three consecutive candles above the Mmdtl which is the multi-month Descending trend line it means xrp is Building foundational support above it Also the 100 moving average is acting as A resistant it says to squeeze between

The 100 m a and the mmdtl will lead to a Major move one way or the other he's Showing here the zoom in on this moment Right here that we're in now right You can see the white line is the Ranging lines right between here red Line is your resistance and green line Is our support which way will it go I Don't know and he doesn't either but I Appreciate him showing us all the Options and the indicators of what the Charts are suggesting but they're not Predictions right not's going to do it For me not Financial advice for me him Or anyone else it's our digital Perspectives we'll catch all of you on The next one

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