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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out this SEC versus Ripple update moves To strike experts we got a trillion Dollar plus market cap of crypto and why Is xrp up 14.2 percent somebody wrote That beautiful intro It's with Brad kimes come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It is 1.02 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto been quite some time since we've Been able to say that we're up 8.1 Percent on the market look at this right Now Bitcoin back over 20 000 we see They're up over 10 percent on the 24 Hour and 23.1 on the seventh day Ethereum now over 1500 bucks and looking At 9.2 in the last 24 hours and 21 in The seven day tether market cap 66.2 Billion they say xrp 39 cents just under The 40 Cent mark look at this 5.9 Percent on the 24 hour and 14.2 on the Seven day we'll take it for now won't we Hey let me ask a question have you not Gotten The Ledger Stacks created by the Inventor of the iPod yet What are you are you waiting for a back Order don't wait for a back order click The link underneath the video get the Best price and get a pre-order that's What you need to do right there don't Mess around take look let's let's start

Right here let's level set for where We're getting ready to go here and this Is a reminder that on the macro level Let's pull back a little bit right the World is breaking up into fractionalized Payment zones we know Brix Coalition is Absolutely doing that we also know that There are other members joining in to Become members I should say to Bricks Like Saudi Arabia Venezuela other Countries I think Egypt's already joined I don't know about I think Venezuela is Considering it still but nevertheless we Know Saudi Arabia would be a key key Player and they certainly have said they Intend to do so so Keep that in mind as we move through This material very quickly and then I Wanted to share this because you guys Know I've said this or maybe you don't Know I am very bullish on xdc none of This is financial advice I'm just Sharing here that as we move through This material think about the areas of Industry as let alone you know the Sections and regions of the world that Are going to be split up into these Different like siled Islands Fractionalized payment zones however you Want to see it there will be a great Need I believe for interoperability and A bridge currency like xrp and again in The supply chain trade Finance area xdc Looks to be making some serious moves

There and just think about what a little Teeny bit of clarity what a little teeny Bit of clarity will do for these Different areas of Industry that can Absolutely put this technology to work In their business model and see enormous Gains and strides made think about that As we move through this and then of Course we have Charles shout out to Charles gasparino appreciate all his Coverage even when I don't agree with it He says here more proof that if Ripple Loses and I have not I have no idea I Should I think is what he meant to say Uh what will happen uh it will be open Season for SEC enforcement actions SEC Sues crypto firms Genesis and Gemini Over lending product yes we know and That really just shows the depth that The SEC is going John Deaton has said That we've talked about it a ton on this Channel it has come to fruition right But let's take a look at this because The SEC files a motion to exclude Testimonies of 10 Ripple experts ladies And gentlemen and let's go right here to The meat of it this shout out to Jim for All of this information to give he gives To us here he says uh the SEC has filed That motion to preclude the testimony of The Ripple defendants expert so what do We know from this because we don't need To readout it to this right this is from The Omnibus filing apparently and

Basically it is the SEC showing they are Going to fight tooth and nail to the Very end here that's what I'm getting Out of this and you know what so is Ripple because Ripple has also moved to File redacted motion to exclude the Testimony of SEC expert number two and The accompanying exhibits on the public Docket so we'll see how all of that Shakes out I again I remind everybody What Jim has told all of us his Prediction is is that there will be one Giant ruling on or before March 2023 and The judge judge will rule on everything It wants how about that one so keep that In mind here and look at me what are we Talking here we're we're inside three Months if that comes to fruition right You could do that standing on her head I Could do it till May because there's a Possibility it could go till then also Right so keep an eye out for all of this Information that's moving quickly and Again it shows that the SEC is not Messing around outside of the SEC versus Ripple they're going for the actual Bottleneck to this industry which is the Exchanges right and that's why they're Suing Gemini now as we just mentioned From Charles's tweet but I just wanted To tie it all in before we move to the Next thing here because are you paying Attention John Deaton ass this is the thing right

Here When I see this this is the stuff that Makes me feel more warm and fuzzy about A crypto winner Again you know I'm stacking my pennies Next to their dollars as one of my core Tenants one of the other things that I'm Always looking for is when the big boys Say they're done with this space and I Don't see it at all and as John Deaton Rightfully says are you paying attention Bny melon says 43 trillion assets under Management or custody they say ignoring Crypto would be like sticking with paper And not adopting a computer Come on in He goes on to say Larry Fink who is in Charge of BlackRock largest asset Manager in the entire 10 trillion was The uh was on with Liz claiman and Charles gasparino and said the Technology and the opportunities are Real I believe the purpose of crypto Will play a big role in the modern world Also he shares here the next Generation Uh from landshare markets will be Tokenized tokenization of Securities Larry Fink said remember there was the Vote that the SEC had with Gary Gensler First came into office there and we Covered it here they voted unanimously To use distributed Ledger technology to Get the settlement down to t plus zero They are updating the Antiquated

Vulnerable Network that exists today That's what's happening tokenization is Viewed as one of the most promising use Cases uh for blockchain and then here we See this Larry Fink said what many of us Have been saying since 27 2018 we need Smart sensible regulations for crypto to Take off if BlackRock is in ask yourself Who's the largest shareholder of BlackRock Vanguard who manages 90 Percent of Gary genza's 100 Mil 40 Million Fortune Vanguard you can't make It up ladies I'm telling you And gentlemen excuse me I'm excited Because this is so spot on who's Gary Gensler met seven to nine times since Becoming the chairman Vanguard the point Of the crypto is that crypto is here to Stay BlackRock Fidelity melon Etc are Not all wrong Charles Payne and I talked About this a month ago gezler is Crushing crypto until the incumbents get A bigger slice Bingo baby that's what We've been talking about here forever Right he will continue his regulation by Enforcement policies not providing Clarity and any guidance in later once The Legacy players are satisfied they Will be some for there will be some form Of clarity worked out and then crypto Will be labeled safe enough and Investors protect it it's absolutely Right and he points to the video we're Showing 100 million times here which is

About the central monopolist he's Explaining it Gary ganza is explaining It how it's done and he appears to be The Negotiator for them in the spot that He's in oh Goldman Gensler Look right here this is another more Evidence evidence for me to feel bullish About this space where it's going shout Out to Darren Moore and Riz for this one Take a listen Ing goes on and off ramps around Um facilitating trading between fiat Currency and cryptocurrency is Um is something that's happening now and I'm glad it's moving along and so you Kind of have those two ends of the Spectrum the connecting to the Legacy World and the really new Advanced Um thinking that's that's going on so Abigail wants to bridge the crypto world In the traditional world she doesn't Have a board of shareholders to answer To the Johnson's run Fidelity and she's The CEO she's excited about crypto and Manages 11 trillion dollars Fidelity has Offered Bitcoin IRAs and FIS has a Ripple net integration half of the World's wealth flows through FIS And FIS offers a payment solution that Has Ripple as a module meaning if you're Using FIS software you could plug and Play Ripple net the initial integration Was just X car X current is no longer a Product it's just Ripple net that

Includes odl encrypted liquidity Hub Ripple chose to make the software that Did not include crypto assets it's like A trojan horse they use Ripple net Because it's cheaper and faster and as Time progresses they start expanding to The xrp Ledger There you have it ladies and gentlemen But look at this Because all of that reminded me of this Right and shout out to Darren Moore for That and Riz uh nothing to see here Except the beginning of the last scene Right must watch and and look if I I Covered this yesterday and I know others Did too but this was really really Important because the United Kingdom is Now planning to launch its own stable Coin a digital pound according to Andrew Griffith an economic Secretary of the UK Treasury and what we talked about Yesterday was exactly this right here According to the BBC the launch of the UK British pound back stablecoin may be Coming sooner than expected You know I've said this gets really Exciting when you see a G7 G20 country Launch Something official Because I don't believe you're going to See them do it like 1g7 country does it This year and another one do it two Years from now I don't think it's going To work that way so having them say this Means that things are a lot closer to

Having regulation and Clarity come to The United States as well I really do Believe that and it's my belief not a Fact right so keep that in mind however Ripple Pilots a private Ledger for Central banks we all know this launching Cbdc's could it in fact be something That we see right and it look and Thinking about it on the wholesale end It's much easier to complete that Circuit on the wholesale backend than it Is to do it on the retail consumer Facing side right if you get the back End connected who's been building Market Infrastructure for all of this I'll tell You who Ripple They've been a partner with Bank of England since 2017. Right And who's on the digital pound Foundation designing a path for cbdc's Forward future it's Ripple Now does that mean it's a guarantee of Course not of course not but I can tell You what there are many things I've Invested in in my life and had a lot Less to go on I can tell you that so I Feel good about my odds even if I'm Losing a little bit and I remind you This of yesterday before we get out of Here too because you're going to want to See this next clip I got for you will You talk about the conversation today Really ringing true from three years ago

But this here is the Central Bank of Uruguay is at uruguwise excuse me as Declared Ripple partner latim software SAS to become registered as a money Transfer company and we also know that Ripple net somehow worked in here to to The uh relationship with the Central Bank of Uruguay as well now going to This from three years ago when Michelle Bond was there and Monica long was in Her position they sat down and they said This Uh Ripple is in addition a regulated Company in and of itself so we are a fin Sound regulated and we also have a Department of Financial Services bit License Um I oversee the global government Relations team and we are engaging Um with 50 different governments Worldwide and 50 different governments worldwide three Years ago Oh well that's not all let's go ahead And jump it up because I want you to Hear this while we're at it might as Well catch this clip this one here Okay let's hear this right here Of um of Ripple strategy Um that's something very important to us Um the other the other thing that um I Think sets us apart is that we're really Changing the infrastructure for

Cross-border payments Um and we're not consumer facing in any Way so I think that also sets us well You can hear Monica Long's disdain for The retail investor can't you I still hope she has a good Christmas at Any rate that's where we're at on this Day I think sometimes we got to look Back a little bit and then look at where We're at today and say you know if You're looking at Price you might see Some action today but where's the real Motion taking place I see this Three-year-old Vision actually unfolding Before my eyes how about you leave a Comment below not Financial advice from Me or anyone else it's just my digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on The next one Foreign


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