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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got bricks we got Russia we got United Arab Emirates Currency Wars printing money Caroline Fam Swift ISO 20002 the world needs a New money the world needs somebody to Roll that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In Welcome back to the show you can follow Us on Twitter and YouTube for exclusive Content right now $ 1.47 trillion market Cap for crypto the market is up0 2% Right now Bitcoin 37,200 plus ethereum $227 and change tether market cap is 88.8 billion plus very near a all-time High if not an all-time high for tether Market cap number five spot is 60 cents Xrp right now up3 on the 24hour off by 0.9 on the 7 day everybody let's look at The range of price very quickly here Ranging on the bottom at 0. 5956 and Ranging on the top at 6069 pretty tight Trading range at the moment it's not Jumping around right now although I know A lot of people are Like get going you Know I get it we're all excited we all Want to see some price action right but I tell you what I I'm going to look at Something today is more of a macro view

Here and it's much bigger than chasing Candles and it's what I believe is the Real purpose and intention of what is Happening to this entire space at the Current moment and we will get into that In just one second but I do want to tell Everybody right quickly about this it is Cyber monday it is uh 84% off now and five extra months ladies And gentlemen this is pretty remarkable Right here and $320 a month 84% off and five extra Months they've given you extra off and Added two extra months I believe it is Onto this uh you cannot beat this deal For $3.20 a month ladies and gentlemen High-speed VPN secure password manager End to end file encryption don't mess Around click the link to Pure VPN Underneath the video get yourself Protected with these layers of security Right here you just you're going to feel So much better that you did well Speaking of wanting to feel better this Is Charles hoskinson here who referred To the entire xrp Community as a grand Conspiracy right which was no Grand Conspiracy at all and then he tried to Pick pepper out of fly poop and tell all Of us that there was difference between Interest converging and bribery I I've Never said there was any bribery going On all I know is is that when you have

Interests that converge inside of public Office with the private sector we see Things like eth gate and free pass and Now we're left to deal with the Confusion in this space about how Certain assets can get free passes and It's unfortunate but I think this guy Charles hoskinson is finally feeling the Frustration that every single xrp holder Was feeling during the SEC versus Ripple Case which is still ongoing three years Later the free passes in crypto have Been and continue to be an unlevel Playing field the only way to level the Playing field now is for Congress to Pass legislation or continue down the Very long legal Road as each technology Like proof of work proof of stake nfts Are sued for legal Clarity not Regulatory Opinion which is exactly what Bitcoin And ethereum currently have today which Is not legal Clarity and I want to thank Uh terryanne boring and Cody Carbone From the uh chamber of digital Commerce Because they actually were uh strong Enough to say that as well when I sat Down with Cody Carbone from the Chamber Of digital Commerce and say that the Only asset that has legal Clarity is in Fact xrp the other assets out here have Regulatory opinion so where you at Congress let's lead from the front here Let's take a quick listen to this

Then they come in and say it's a Security okay well what the hell does That mean if it's decentralized h how Does Bitcoin register oh but it's not Then explain to me the Difference between Bitcoin and ethereum And cardano and the rest of the gang Explain it to me like I'm five years old Run the goddamn howy test on it and show Me the difference between the two tell Me is there an expectation of return With the goddamn orange pill Moon Boys it's There there's so many different planks And angles that you can take a look at This thing from and by the way if you Subpoena had attack about three Different entities you could perform a 51% attack on bitcoin because that's the Way the hash power works but it's Decentralized apparently and team orange Gets a complete pass it's a pathetic joke it's you know uh where was All of this high-powered perception About about team orange Charles before You had the spotlight put on you see This is the problem right here and Nobody had a problem watching us sink Like a rock for three years as long as It wasn't them right it wasn't me not my Problem yeah that's Ripple xrp holders Problem that's what that is now all of a Sudden your ass is in the same boat and You're starting to feel it just like we

Felt it and I don't wish it on You but I'm glad you have the clarity That you found now yes you've had a come To Jesus moment here that's what you've Had right yeah that's what's going on Here let's all get on the same page Charles start by unblocking my ass so we Can actually help bring attention to the Fact that now you're on the target Zone Right you got a bull's eye on Ada's back And let's help get you the attention you Need I've never set a cross word to the Man but I know he has spoke Condescendingly to every xrp holder out Here and if nothing else I hope Charles Gets some clarity and perspective from The chair he's sitting in now because It's not so easy to just laugh and look At everybody else and just be dismissive Now that you yourself happen to be be Sitting in the boat we've sat in for Three years move over Everybody make room for Charles Ron Hammond says this week in Congress and crypto Congress is back in Session many in the industry will come To DC for the blockchain association Policy Summit which is sounds fantastic Lots of people going to be there like This lady right here from the uh Nydfs her name is Adrien Harris big part Of crypto there going to be there and Then the g tom emmer majority whip and Representative Richie Torres huge crypto

Advocate shout out to all of them and we Know still we're waiting for uh a stable Coin legislation here from the sanctions To stable coin the treasury Department Has been very active in the crypto Ecosystem Deputy treasury secretary Wally Ado uh will be delivering our Keynote and look forward to hearing what Is pressing for the treasury post Binance settlement and there he is right There we've covered him as well before And we know that we still need to get Something P here where's Congress at Here where are they at we got to get Something done appreciate you Ron hav Covering that now let's talk about this Macro idea of understanding where we are Today this is so very important I hope That it's not lost on everybody here Bricks plan to ditch the US dollar take Step forward we know that that is a very Real thing that has been happening now Add this in un United Arab Emirates has Shifted from using US dollar to local Currencies in its oil Trades this move aligns with the broader Dollarization efforts of brics Coalition Economic Alliance which the UAE recently Joined now we know that the official Join date is not supposed to be until January 24 but they are saying they are Basically already a part of it UA's Decision to prioritize local currency

Over US dollar in new oil deals is a Clear reflection of this sentiment this Move isn't just a mere policy shift it's A strategic maneuver in a complex chess Game of global economics by aligning With the brics Nations the UAE is not Only diversifying its economic Partnerships but also reinforcing its Position as a global oil Powerhouse Using their resources as leverage right So here we know bricks block comprising Of Brazil Russia India China and South Africa recently expanded its membership To include the UAE along with Saudi Arabia who has the Petro dollar Agreement with the United States of America in return for military Protection okay just keep that in mind Here Egypt Ethiopia Iran and Argentina Now Argentina recently just saw this guy Javier mle here uh voted as president in Argentina who is going to shut down the Central bank because their money is Worthless and they're all living with Hyperinflation and it's just driving all Of them to Poverty but look here at home the US Keeps printing money and why can't we Because we know just like down in Argentina Economists have time and time again Caution against the impulse to create Money if more money if the government Creates too much money people would end

Up with more money in their hands Consumers would demand more in Supply in The short run would fail to meet the Sudden rise in demand high demand pushes Prices up which in the worst case Scenario can lead to Hyperinflation but everybody you know Everybody say it can't happen here That's Argentina that's not here okay Okay then why are we hearing this Right we know how important crossb deals Are needed and this here is a a a an Inter short clip from an interview here And I want you to hear what this Institute of international finance President says Tim Adam CEO discusses The need for crossb banking deals and His biggest concerns for global banking Are right here take a quick listen here Outside buzel 3 what are the areas of Finance you worry about oh well uh where We looking at sustainability and our Role in terms of cop is starting so our Our role in intermediating the trillions Are needed for transition around the World debt levels around the world have Increased 60 trillion uh in five years Huge levels of debt in terms of just Nominal and in terms of size of GDP 60 Trillion in five years so there are lots Of things to worry about out there how Much do your members actually think About m&a and whether you know a it will Happen cross border in Europe and

Elsewhere and whether they can be part Of you know the acquiree or the acquirer Yeah we need consolidation we need Consolidation in the US we need Consolidation in Europe we need Crossborder I don't think it's going to Happen anytime soon policy makers need To signal that not only will they allow It to happen they want it to happen Until that until it occurs I think we Are stuck with the infrastructure we Have outside and there you have it this Guy's going you know what there needs to Be that Global cooperation to get this Stuff in Play Everybody wants to do it Everybody scared to do it but this is Why a few years ago in 2019 we saw these Digital currency Wars take place right Just take a quick listen to this clip Here the answer the answer is yes the Answer the answer is that the Swift System is an interbank system you cannot Meaningfully work on an interbank system Without working with the private sector Well there you have that well that's It's a good thing that's what Ripple Does right Ripple can help there and I Spoke with Jamie uh Diamond three months Ago there's a team of people that he's Pulled together from the six major uh Financial institutions in the United States along with a number Larry fank And a number of the asset managers who Are working with an inter agency team at

The FED at the treasury at the Controller of uh the currency to get This right we right now we have one Network that doesn't work very well the Worst idea in the world would be to now Try to have two Swift and some other Separate cyber project see there you go And that's the greatest call to action That there's cooperation between someone Like Swift and Ripple that there not be two systems but But there be cooperation to make the Current payment Rails even better we have this under Control we've got a public sector Le Team with the relevant private sector Actors that is hardening Swift and a Hard Swift that will be secure has to be Our first priority okay we don't need to Worry about the dollar look let's let's Be honest here in in uh the Situation uh room Europe's a museum Japan's a nursing home and China is a Jail and we don't need to worry about Those currencies being some kind of Major threat to us okay and I there's That now listen to this Quick Clip here We will have a new hardened currency Swift system r To roll out 6 months uh from uh today Are you willing are you willing to to Bet your job on it and listen this is This is the simulation currency War Digital currency War simulation they

Were doing in National Security crisis Simulation in 2019 and they know exactly what the Problem Is a new hardened currency and new Harden switch They could roll it out in six months Right okay you know the the fact is is That the world needs new money the fact Is that the world needs a new set of Payment rails to transmit value safely And securely around the World that's why I understand that Ripple and xrp and stellar and xlm are The two DLT companies and there's one More I think it might be iota now as Well that were members of the Iso20022 standards body Committee this is not an accident this For me is not about chasing green Candles although I want to see plenty of Green candles the taller and longer the Better Right but for me this has about been About an understanding that the world Needs a new money and a new set of Payment rails just like volante's cloud Crossborder payment solution working With Swift swift GPI Swift go Ripple Visa B2B Visa direct MasterCard send we Know the rest of it Ripple smack dab in The middle of these payment rails and This ability to transmit value that's What we're talking

About and as it gains adoption we have To worry because that's what Caroline Fam from the cftc is concerned about When she's in behind closed door Meetings with with other agency uh People they're worried about this this Clip here ities and so this is really I Think things that people are thinking About and it's things that people are Concerned about and I think there are Also concerns about what does it mean Again from a geopolitical perspective if Should another currency arise as the World's Reserve currency or if there's a Non-state currency so to speak that Becomes world's Reserve that that's Another thing that I think people are Very concerned about there you have it Right there that's what this is all About for me Bitcoin was a test and I Hope people make a gazillion dollars on It I don't say that as a maximalist I Believe it was absolutely a test a Prototype that's still out here today Looking for ways to be Effective I think ethereum was a Prototype and I don't just think it I Know that because vitalic and Jo of luin Have said it out of their own mouths They knew it wouldn't be scalable in its Form that it's in so that's obviously a Prototype for smart Contracts but we also know that Ripple And the technology of The xrp Ledger are

Perfectly Suited to be able to work within the Financial system to complement the Financial system to reli the spillover Shocks of the US dollar as the world Reserve currency allowing it to continue Its Reign I Believe by underpinning the US dollar And possibly a new Cbdc with assets that are on the ledger So you don't need a Petro dollar Agreement anymore you don't need the Gold standard you could have the Everything Standard you could use all different Kinds of assets as reserves to back the US dollar and not just an agreement to Trade you US dollar in oil Exclusively we'll see time will tell and Until then join us in the freedom zone Won't you I tell you something we're Having the best time in here from fun Laughs to taking on topics we couldn't Dare to touch out here on social media Ladies and Gentlemen by the way hash Freed join us in the freedom Zone where Today we're going to jump down into what Watergate really was and how Nixon Actually knew what was going on and we Are going to talk about that today I Will catch all of you in the freedom Zone


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