Ripple / XRP Suit Over Soon / Open Warfare on Crypto

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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor I just moved yeah so I wanted To start with this the lower the base The higher the space and I love these Kind of little charts because There's nothing xrp for me there's no Digital asset that's been coiled up more Than and you know beat up and attacked And everything else you can think of for The last five years The next RP there's nothing but when Before that all happened this is a true Story you did have this 58 000 I don't Know what the exact percentage but but It was something like this 58 923 Percent And then we've gone I don't know what It's been Five or so years Where we've had the same kind of thing And so my question is always what Happens When you get past all of that that's Been done to try to hold you back what Happens well It wouldn't to me to me it wouldn't it Wouldn't surprise me the sky's the Limits the way I have always seen this You can get through what what everything

That Ripple's been through it's like wow So the idea of but what he's Illustrating here is okay what if it was What if it went up by the same amount He's got a 283 dollar price tag 283 I Would take that any day of the week now There's a lot of the SEC is having one Of their Sunshine meetings on March 30th Now every time this comes around we Start seeing the rumors that there's Going to be they're going to decide on a Settlement or something like that There's no evidence of that this this Meeting happens like I think it happens Like every month or every so often Anyway and so Yes there is a meeting but that doesn't Necessarily mean settlement March 30th Although that does sound like a good Thumbnail Um Okay banks are collapsing financial Crisis countries are moving away from The USD all crypto projects are getting Sued countries are implementing Implementing crypto regulation G7 is Said to have agreed Swift and cbdc's and Digital assets all while you while the Xrp lawsuit Might be soon over might soon be over This is true it's a hell of a Coincidence too isn't it now Binance has been sued by the cftc listen Up

As you said the cftc is the one filing The suit in Chicago today both against Finance which is the largest crypto Exchange in the world and its CEO CZ for Allegedly breaking trading and Derivatives rules the regulator is Saying that binance shirked its Obligations by not properly registering With it we know that the cftc has been Probing Finance over the last several Years really going back to 2021 to see Whether it failed to keep U.S residents From buying uh and selling crypto Derivatives because remember binance and Binance us are intended to operate Independently there has been a lot of Question as to whether or not that Independence really is there so the cftc Filing this suit today but this is just One regulator that has been probing uh Binance in recent years it also has come Under scrutiny from the IRS related to Money laundering rules from the Securities and Exchange Commission and From the Department of Justice as well So this is just not a yet another uh Regulatory blow to the biggest crypto Exchange in the world What happens next how does this unfold Does it impact the business on a Day-to-day basis right now clearly it's Going to take a lot of management time To be able to deal with this Kaylee but But is this something that is going to

Have a meaningful impact in the way that Finance operates on a day-to-day basis Well we're still Looking companies Executives or last Week rather the company's Executives say Business is normal for now nonetheless Though it does kind of raise the Specter Of more regulatory scrutiny after a Speed of recent regulatory enforcement Actions in the crypto space here in the US and it's dragging heavily on Sentiment in the crypto space you can See it reflected in the price of Bitcoin Which is right around session lows after This news down about three percent on The day so yes businesses will still be Operating just knowing that there is a Keen regulatory eye on them to this Point though we don't know uh whether or Not this is going to affect any Day-to-day operations uh for binance at Least outside of here in the United States yeah you know we talk about Regulation when it comes and stress Testing for example when it comes to Regional Banks and just sort of Highlights how far behind we are in Terms of Regulation say for crypto stuff And I just wonder what the conversation On the ground is at and sort of how fast You have to run in places to keep up Yeah well it's important to note that This action is coming from the cftc what We've seen a lot recently is actions

From the SEC which is a lot of Just Jockeying Around who exactly has the Jurisdictional control here so much of The enforcement action as of late from The SEC has been around uh digital Assets not being properly registered as Securities there is a huge question Around what the proper definition of a Security is and how applicable it is to The digital asset space that's what you Have so many crypto companies the likes Of Ripple even coinbase uh fighting Against there aren't really clear rules Of the road here in the US that is Something that is up to Congress in Theory and yet Congress hasn't been able To come together and have a consensus Around those rules that's something We're going to be on the lookout for Here in Washington and the coming months Okay so if you want to crush crypto and Hit and hand it off to your buddies on Wall Street you gotta crush coinbase and Binance the big boys Then you can really turn it over to your Friends to uh run now metal Lawman's an Attorney and he's weighed in cftc Sues Binance and CZ in its complaint the cftc Reaffirms its position that Bitcoin and Ethereum are Commodities it declares Tether Busd and LTC are Commodities cftc has Officially thrown down the gauntlet Against the SEC and the everything is a

Security crowd so we now have open Warfare well that's a thumbnail open Warfare between cftc on one hand SEC and The New York attorney general who Contends ethereum is a security on the Other hand so in other words reading Between The Lawns here Gary Gensler must Be working with the New York attorney General and then cftc must have seen This and part of the reason they filed This lawsuit was to go on the record That they think ethereum was a commodity Is what I'm assuming if the U.S Regulatory regime for digital assets Wasn't the laughing stock of the world Before it is now then we had John Deaton Come in and I was hoping to hear John Deaton Um body slim tone vase in here but it Didn't happen while I was listening but I did get this one clip You know certain platforms if you Believe I.E Bitcoin I.E ethereum whatever xrp Whatever you want to claim if you Believe that they're here to stay and Your job is to protect the incumbents And crush them then yes that's your goal The goal is the lawsuit the goal is the Crushing you know and so if that's the Agenda then they're going to do their Kitchen sink because you're looking at It in game I believe whether it's five Years from now or two years from now

Because we're not getting any Congress Isn't active before the summer of 2025. That's just a fact it's a sad fact but It's a fact so you know whether it is uh We fight until then and then there's Some kind of good election results and And there's some kind of legislation in Late 2025 that ends all this or There's it's four or five years of Litigation at some point There'll be some kind of clarity but It'll be once you see the players that Are already in control now at Wall Street are much more involved than they Are today Exactly all right Um then the Eleanor turret weight in you According to sources familiar the cftc Lawsuit was dropped on binance without Warning similar to coinbase well Wells Notice some industry professionals Believed this was a political move by The cftc to show the SEC that it is a Commodity Commodities issue rather than A Securities one they they also say Vegas odds have this SEC rushing out a Similar lawsuit against binance as a Counter and I don't know if you caught This look at this tweet that was in the Twitter spaces from I hear Rumors that a sealed indictment and a Rest warrant for Market manipulation and Money laundering on binance are waiting For CZ Finance to enter the U.S friendly

Extradition uh jurisdiction Um now this has to do with the library Case Jeremy uh Hogan Summarized it nicely summary of the SEC Versus Library hearing judge SEC you Need to be reasonable Library they won't Be reasonable SEC we reserve the right To not be reasonable and probably won't Judge well okay then This is the problem we need a judge with Some guts I'm hoping nedburn's the one To show them some guts in this thing now We've said a thousand times on this Channel a cbdc or any technology can be Used for good or evil A drones can be used to deliver packages To our homes and deliver food to our Homes but they could also be used to Send bombs into a war zone that's just One example of of technology and how it Can be good use for good or for evil What this guy's talking about is that There are a lot of people in power that Are wanting to go the evil route listen To what he says I want to make a point here Brad Garlinghouse has said it before He doesn't see cash going anywhere in Other words if you want to do it for Evil then you're going to get rid of Cash but you but if you want to do it For good you got to have that uh keep That option if you keep cash and then do A cbdc of some sort

Then the citizenry always has the option To go to cash if they think you're Trying to control them with the cbdc and That's important is what we must not let Them do when we lose cash if we lose Cash and you've only got Central Bank Digital currencies the computer will Know what it is you're trying to do that Before you even do it and they will Prevent you from doing it if for example They say you can't leave your house more Than five miles I'm gonna try and buy a Bottle of water six miles from home you Won't be able to I'm not kidding that's Those so many reasons why you should Retain cash it's offensive that the Politicians uh believe that they have a Right to all of your information at all Times with you lose cash I 100 agree With him now I wanted to just make this Point because I happen to see the MoneyGram thing and this definitely goes In the all the worlds of stage foul this Was a MoneyGram tweet about it says We're we're no strangers to providing Innovative Financial Solutions to real World world problems with stellar and so They work with Stellar now they started Working with Stellar after the Ripple Lawsuit the SEC lawsuit was dropped but It's never made any sense to me because Look what I said here if you put put Yourself in MoneyGram shoes let's say You're running MoneyGram and think this

Through if I'm running MoneyGram this is How I'm thinking okay You're doing business with ripple and You're using xrp then rip will get sued By the SEC saying xrp is a security Well you would think that the response Would be if you're the MoneyGram CEO You're going to say oh this is too iffy Then what if if that one can be sued so Can Stellar or anybody else so until we Have official Clarity on all these Things we can't agree to use another one Right that that would be common the Common sense approach and that my Friends which does not make any sense is Why this goes into all the worlds of Stage file I'm a digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is For entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that the all the Worlds of stage file is pretty darn Thick in fact we had to create a Um it's called the red file we had to Create a a second foul because it was Getting so thick [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music]


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