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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got the Swiss Bank and a record loss flare drop dump And Celsius eligible coinbase making Massive job cuts and here we have this I Believe it’s confirmed we do not have Fair market value for xrp I’m going to Show you why the SEC opposes Ripple’s Request for redactions it may be their Version of the Hinman emails Justin Sun Sable coin and trouble digital Euro Launch date European Central Bank now Tether is under threat and Russia launch Date for the ruble with two cbdc models Could it equal xrp somebody rolled that Beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content 890 Billion dollar market cap for crypto the Market is up 0.2 percent good afternoon Bitcoin 17 300 plus ethereum now 1300 Plus tether market cap 66.3 billion they Say and 35 cents for xrp let’s get into This you’re going to see in just a Moment here why Golda security and Glenn It’s key I was a customer before they Were a sponsor ladies and gentlemen use Real gold as everyday instance secure And reliable money I send my money to that app and I move

It over into gold and I’m hedging all This inflation and I have a MasterCard Debit card to go along with in case I Want to go spend it just like everyday Money but it’s gold and no one knows it But you and it’s amazing and it is Physically allocated gold click that Link underneath the video check out the Sponsor here Very quickly Microsoft is reportedly in Talks to invest 10 billion dollars in Chat GPT parent company on open AI just To let you know if you don’t know what This is this is artificial intelligence Ladies and gentlemen you type anything You wanted to do or answer and it will Begin to do so immediately I have fooled Around on this a little bit and it is Pretty remarkable the way this thing is So interactive just incredible make sure You check it out for yourself but that Is going to be a game changer in Technology I believe and certainly Another area of interest for investing On my behalf to share my digital Perspectives not Financial advice Open Monday January 9th the Swiss Central Bank reported losses of 143 billion dollars for the financial Year of 2022. this in fact becomes the Biggest loss reported by the central Bank and it’s 116 years of history now Listen Central banks are connected at the hip I

Believe that this along with the problem We saw in China last year ever Grande And everything connected to that there’s Questions whether ever Grande is tied Into tether as well there’s questions About the cascading effects of central Banks having losses like this and it Becoming systemic and I think those Those concerns are certainly warranted We’ll have to see if they shake out but Nonetheless you can understand why I’m Moving towards Glenn more and more all The time this just and coinbase Announces plans to fire another 20 Percent of its Workforce in the latest Round of layoffs The Firm has now Removed over 2 000 jobs and the Company’s market valuation has shrunk by Nearly 95 percent since April 2021. holy Moly this wave has brought another 950 Employee layoffs ladies and gentlemen Wow Wow Just remarkable now let’s touch this I Touched it this morning’s video but I Want to do this one more time for Everybody who’s not sure doesn’t know Flaresflare token were finally Distributed to xrp Holders starting Monday night after nearly two year long Wait in an event that generated Mass Chatter among the community members However the flare price has now dumped Over 70 percent this right now four

Cents is where we are we’re off by more Than 70 percent 73 to be exact ladies And gentlemen now just wanted to share This right here from Jeremy Hogan since He missed out on the flare snapshot Barely can anyone Point him in the Direction to purchase some tomorrow or Should I wait understand extremely lazy For me lazy of me but it is a Sunday After all and this is information for Everybody uphold says Jeremy the team Wanted to let you know you’ll be able to Buy Flair on uphold flare staking coming Soon now that’s exciting right there and I agree with Jeremy on this who is a Sponsor obviously uphold is but I was a Customer first and one more reason why Uphold is my number 1 exchange and it’s Mine too Jeremy but you still can’t have My keys that’s exactly right that’s Exactly right Looking right here for those of you Don’t know and for the people that were Harmed on Celsius platform It does appear at this point you will be Eligible for the xrp balance uh against Your flare airdrop so stay tuned for That I will try to bring you all the Relative information that you need to Get your drop on that front let’s take a Look at this very quickly here Ripple Demands the Hinman emails be made public Okay now I’m not going to go into it and Read into it because we have a lot to go

Over just yet but I want to show you That I believe what we’re really seeing Here is leverage from both what both Sides believe they have as leverage one The humiliating emails that are just Shameful according to Brad garlinghouse They’ve seen them they know what’s in Them so it must be pretty shameful but Number two is is there’s also a pushback From the SEC that is opposing ripples Request to seal certain documents Related to summary judgment motion now When we go into this and we’ve briefly Touched this before in the in the time Of the case but if we go into this for a Second here it says it’s worth Mentioning that the defendants seek to Compel a complete ceiling or redactions Of 11 categories of Records comprising More than 900 documents according to Ripple and its Executives the documents They seek to seal or redact are Necessary to protect its sensitive Business and financial information Third parties sensitive and private Business information now it goes on to Discuss it we’ve talked about this Before and I think this plays into a Larger argument and point that has been Going around in the last few days it Says the SEC noted that Ripple did not Prove that disclosing financial Statements dated more than five years Ago would be detrimental to their

Current business Meaning to me my interpretation is Ripple doesn’t want that disclosed Financial statement information and it Isn’t just because of names and Addresses of where people live it is Detrimental to their current business This was more than five years ago it Could easily speak to pre-allocation Which has been confirmed and I am Speculating here it damn sure speaks to Me that we don’t have all the facts And those facts are pretty important to Ripple that they not be seen so I think The SEC is trying to push on this as Leverage just the way Ripple is pushing On the Hinman emails against the SEC and Could this be just as important to Ripple to not have this information be Revealed to the public the general Investing retail public Right and certainly other businesses That could be competitors to see how They’ve done what they’ve done Which means we don’t know all the exact Details that make up exactly what has Been done on the back end institutional Financial institutions all of the rest Of it Retail left in the dark Tells me that we do not know the actual True fair market value or certainly the Intent Through all of the financial statements

And documents that exist Look to be clear one more time this is Why the SEC versus Ripple Ripple chose The fair notice defense in case Specifically in case they are labeled a Security The fair notice defense protects only Three entities Brad garlinghouse Chris Larson and ripple the company Should the judge rule that way and Somewhere along the line Ripple felt Like they may get a judgment that way That’s why they chose the fair notice Defense and not some other defense And if they do get that then the fair Notice defense would come into play for The judge to potentially rule on which Would mean that they would have Clearance and be able to remain in the Industry should that take place so that Doesn’t mean that we’re going to see a Security designation but it certainly Believes that Ripple had chose that Defense to prepare herself for such an Outcome So with all of that being said there are Things and factors about this that Obviously the case itself is clear Enough evidence that the SEC is trying To make sure it’s a security and if it Is the real thing we need to pay Attention to is how does that harm Retail investors And we’re not wrong to ask the question

And I tell you you know I see xrp as a Currency and always have but the reality To me is is that the SEC sees the Ceiling of these documents of more than Five years ago as a real piece of Leverage just as Ripple sees the Hinman Documents and they’re pushing very hard To create that leverage back that may End up coming out in the wash we’ll see How it happens but while we’re watching That Justin’s unstable coin one of which Protos has previously reported on are Struggling to maintain their promised Dollar Peg at the time of writing usdd Is hovering around 97 cents and usdj and About a dollar nine But let’s add to the court let’s add to The conversation here while the Investigation continues in 2023 the European Central Bank plans to launch The digital Euro in the Autumn of 2023 So just months away Why is tether and other stable coins Under threat here In the Advent of the digital Euro there Is no need for a gold standard like Stable coins the digital euro is a Cryptocurrency equivalent to one Euro Therefore it is a stable coin itself Have you ever used any cryptocurrency Other than stablecoin when you can Deposit your funds directly into digital Euros Therefore the introduction of digital

Euro threatens the existence of stable Coins like tether I have been saying This pounding the ground this is the Bottleneck where they’re going to come In and clip the wings in crypto as far As the libertarian agenda anti-bang Anti-establishment people largely will See the comfort in knowing that they Have an actual digital Euro over a Stable coin which no reserves are being Accounted for by a third-party Accounting firm you know this gets Pretty easy for them it’s like shooting Fish in a barrel that’s what’s gonna you Can see what’s gonna happen the writing Is on the wall meanwhile Hong Kong and France speed up the crypto regulation Process while other countries are Steadily moved to regulate the asset Class I want to go quickly into this Just to show you And I really want to go down to Hong Kong here because it is right here I Believe where I found this one second Here I just want to make sure I’ve got It highlighted there it is this is in Regards to Hong Kong here Paul Chan Financial Secretary of Hong Kong says That the country is working to attract Businesses in the sector of crypto and Fintech now it says Hong Kong is Committed to becoming a regional crypto Hub listen to this section as certain Crypto exchanges collapse one after

Another Hong Kong became a quality Standing point for digital asset Corporates the city has a robust Regulatory framework that matches Internal norms and standards while Prohibiting Free Riders The Hong Kong regulatory authorities are Also willing to expand crypto trading to Retail investors which currently limits To those with one million dollars in Bankable assets accredited investors is Where they are right now ladies and Gentlemen right And this is the concern here in the United States when it comes to xrp isn’t It Look if there’s nothing you know look I’m a big I hold Ripple shares I hold Xrp you guys know this they’ve been Following the channel for any length of Time I want to see a positive outcome For xrp but I know what the SEC is Trying to do and I’ve watched the Government do nothing about all the Things that are clear and obvious Whether it comes to uh Improprieties or just criminal Behavior We’ve seen nothing done In fact what I have witnessed is Congress give basically Goldman Gary the Blessing and that’s all of Congress I’m Talking about because none of Congress Has stopped him as of yet but we shall See

Looking right here very quickly here Russia’s Central Bank has reportedly set To begin developing cross-border Settlement system using cbdc the Russian Ruble amid ongoing sanctions in response To its invasion of Ukraine very quickly Here the plan to move forward with Russia’s digital Ruble are expected to Expect it to come in the first quarter Of this year And we’ll see Russia’s Central Bank Study two possible cross-border Settlement models The first to propose uh my proposed Model sees various countries entering Into separate bilateral agreements with Russia to integrate their Central Bank Digital currency system each agreement Would be made to ensure the conversion And transfer of assets between the Countries are in accordance with the Rules of the agreements the second more Complicated model proposes listen to This a single hub-like platform for Russia to interact with other countries Sharing common protocols and standards To facilitate payments between the Connected countries Now I don’t know about you but I don’t Know how many individual agreements in The first proposed model you’re going to See countries do with Russia just for The political Fallout alone But the second more complicated model

Involves a single hub-like platform hey I think it’s a good time to remind you The xrp Ledger is a decentralized Exchange can operate like a single Hub That everybody could plug into as a Market maker and a market participant Sharing common protocols Standards to facilitate payments between The connected countries now this seems Like the ancillary bridging mechanism Multi-bridge that we’ve heard bis talk About so so much and we know from James Wallace the head of Central Bank Engagement for ripple and xrp that The Xrp Ledger and xrp is in fact one of Those models being tested Does it mean That we’re going to see the digital Ruble interact with the xrp Ledger the Private Ledger for for central banks I Don’t know but I tell you what I like my Odds I don’t know if any other entity has Done the work to the degree that Ripple Or xrp Ledger Foundation has done in This regard we’re going to keep watching It closely that’s going to do it for me Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else make sure you leave a comment below And by the way I just want to say very Quickly for all the listeners I’m out of The country right now I’m still making Content every day the video you saw with Molly Elmore and me and shout out to

Molly no one has more respect for Molly Than I do it was a private business Meeting that we were having that turned Into an impromptu conversation about Ripple and possible outcome of the court Case yes I did share a monologue on my End of that conversation I promise you We’ll hear from more from Molly Elmore As well it was certainly out of context And I could have done a better job at Setting that up so you understood that It was never a scheduled interview but Just a talk between two friends that Have a lot of respect for one another I Certainly have a great respect for her You will hear from her on my channel in A more formal fashion I promise you that And we all want to have a moment and a Chance and opportunity to hear her Wonderful insights and perspectives on This space no doubt about it keep a Lookout for that and so much more I’ll Catch all of you on the next one


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