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Welcome back to the show everybody well The predictions and opinions are flying Is it going to be a settlement with the SEC versus Ripple or the Supreme Court Where we're going to get John Deaton's Opinion and we're going to get Matthew Solomon the Ripple lawyer and Brad Garlinghouse's lawyer thoughts on the Process of how you get things done Somebody wrote that beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.12 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto the market is off by 2.4 percent Good afternoon Bitcoin is 23 400 plus Ethereum sixteen hundred seven bucks and Change we see tether market cap says 70.7 billion it is up almost well 500 Billion from this morning I believe I Mean that's remarkable xrp now 38 cents We're off 1.9 to 24 hour and 1.3 on the Seven day let's get started ladies and Gentlemen Xrp Las Vegas ladies and gentlemen the Tickets are moving it is limited seating I can guarantee you that and you're not Going to want to wait it is May 5th May 6 70 days left and people are thinking Hey I know I got some time but you know What you actually don't have as much Time as you think you do because I'm

Telling you the tickets are moving and If it's going to sell out and then You're going to wish you could be there And I'm telling you this is the first Ever xrp Las Vegas Meetup and it is Going to be incredible it is at Treasure Island Conference Center and hotel you Can get discounted rooms we have a link For you right now you get a ticket for Friday a ticket for Saturday get your Discounted rooms and look at this ladies And gentlemen Eleanor tarrett John Deaton Jeremy Hogan virtual is going to Be there from legal briefs and so so Many others look at all of these Incredible people and the list is still Going by the way uphold solo genic Corey Of casino coin crypto tax on I'm telling You this is going to be remarkable you Can click there get a bit of a proposed Agenda if you'd like to see that as well I'm telling you ladies and gentlemen This is going to be a remarkable event I Will not stop until I make this event Undeniable but you know why because You're an xrp holder and you've been Through hell and back and I'm going to Make sure when you come to this event You're going to know that it's all been Worth it ladies and gentlemen click that Link and get your ticket Right here Sam bankman freed faces new Criminal charges including conspiracy to Commit bank fraud you know what it is

Incredible the amount of counts criminal Accounts that are against this guy right Now and they continue to mount I mean I Think it's over a hundred years he's Looking at at this point it is just Astounding and he continues to not Follow the instructions of Baal Now tell you something now this is Something that hits home for me and I Did not realize it was this big but There's an article that came out in the Guardian which is a major publication Ladies and gentlemen major publication Do you remember the Phoenix fire token That so many so many xrp holders got Burned on do you remember that well it's Made it into the ladies and Gentlemen it goes through and breaks Down here the Phoenix fire token in the Nest and I tell you what when I was Reading this article I was astounded Because truthfully I remember hearing About it but I didn't realize it was as Big as it actually was this thing hurt So many people and I tell you Just looking back on just like the last Couple weeks when so many people were Casting aspersions on the confidential Committee in Jimmy Valley and others I Tell you this is a real thing that Happened this isn't people just Speculating I mean they were catching Hell because they're speculating about Trying to figure out something in a

Doomsday scenario and they called all Kinds of hell where is the people that Are upset and want to get to the bottom Of who participated in this action to Facilitate blowing up this project to Harm so so many xrp holders I know You're out here send me a DM if you were Harmed because I'm going to try to get One of these legal analysts to figure Out exactly just what went on here and Who took part in it Because I'm telling you something this Is absolutely wrong on every level I'm Gonna tell you this is not good but I Tell you everybody out here wants to Focus on who talking about this price it Is this price of that how about Following a real real thing that hurt Real xrp holders and cost them to lose Money how about that Coinbase unveils its ethereum layer 2 Network that won't have a token The base network is designed to be Low-cost open source developer sandbox For decentralized application said Coinbase well you know what let's hope That it's low cost because ethereum in Its current form is not so we will see But we know coinbase has been in bed With ethereum from day one that's why They always feel good about launching Erc20 tokens because that's what they Started with anyway right so Feels incestuous nevertheless

This here is Jeremy elaire Circle CEO And he says the SEC is not the right Regulator for stable coins well you can Bet old Goldman Gary's not liking that At all But you know what all of this follows a Flurry of what we've been watching and If you haven't saw the video from this Morning you're going to want to go watch That because Gary Gensler himself lays Down exactly what I've been saying for a Long time on this channel is in fact This he says That even all the way back from Jay Clayton's tenure the decision was made Broadly by everybody involved That they were going to put crypto in The United States in a Securities Regulatory framework That decision was made that long ago and What I've been saying about the right Standing up and acting so appalled by What's going on and they're going to Make Gary do this and Gary do that you Know they've done nothing They've complained on Twitter the way we Have as if they don't have the job in Congress that they could actually stop Him if they wanted to but they haven't Because that is the plan that's what's Been agreed upon and we will see what Unfolds from here but what I can tell You is is I covered this the other day Too and this is a highlight reminder

Here MasterCard rolls out system Allowing stable coin payments directly From crypto wallet and USD tethers not In it but usdc is What do you think is going to happen Tether market cap over 70 billion some Say it's too big to fail Okay we'll see Meanwhile We saw Augustine Carstens come out Bank Of international settlements emphasized The need for regulation in crypto space Globally by the way highlighted FSB Which we follow closely here on this Channel which tells me ladies and Gentlemen we are river dancing on top of This thing It's coming It's coming his big message yesterday Was Cryptos lost the battle Calling for regulation in the crypto Space to prevent a financial earthquake As if we're not going to have a Financial earthquake to begin with IMF Falls in line you see the global message That's happening here IMF for coordinated action over fears of Crypto undermining the global monetary System you think they're going to sit Back and watch your fancy little coin Take over their their their ground They've been running

It's not going to happen You know I had a body where we were About teenagers we'd all just gotten our License I'll never forget it He went into bar and drive the car from His dad And his dad could tell that he wanted to Borrow the car and he knew that his son Was a bit Reckless And he just fed into it he says Brian Friday night I bet you would you like to Have the car go riding around with your Friends he's like yeah Dad I'd love that He goes not going to happen that's what I'll never forget it well I tell you What that feels a lot like what's going On here ladies and gentlemen they're Getting ready to take the keys back John Deaton says here if the SEC agreed In writing ongoing and future sales of Xrp by Ripple are not sales of Securities and also agreed that Secondary market sales of xrp by any Person or entity will not be sales or Securities I'm confident 10 out of 10 Lawyers advise settlement I'm with you there God bless John Deaton And boy would I love to see that come to Fruition but you know what we have to Take a look at some of the other things That are happening Listen to Brad garlinghouse himself Basically say the same thing listen

That's now fully filed and fully briefed Uh in front of the judge in the second District and we expect a decision from The judge certainly in 2023 and I'm Optimistic that you know sometime in the Coming single digit number of months We'll we'll have closure there the SEC In particular Gary Gensler has Articulated a view that all crypto is a Security the only way that Ripple would Settle and I've I've said this at the Very beginning the only way we would Settle is if there's Clarity that xrp is Not a security on a go forward basis If we if there's I mean so you have this Conundrum where the SEC is saying all Cryptos of security we're saying there's Only a settlement if we can say xrp is Not a security and go forward basis so The Venn diagram for settlement is I Think zero so I think we're going to end Up letting the judge decide and I'm very Optimistic and I think and I think People here in this audience know and Here Davos know this case is very Important to crypto not just for ripple It's for for the whole industry and I Think that the fight that we've been Fighting really in some ways has been For the whole industry I would happily Agree with that and a shout out to plan Xrp for that post but now I want to Bring you to this recent clip from just A few months ago where they're

Discussing the library case and the Ripple case and the outcome of what it Really means for the crypto space very Important comments here Shout Out To Dai For This one take a listen to this And so the two cases I'd focus on in That regard because they spill over in So many different ways are the recently Decided Library case and the maybe soon To be decided Ripple case and by the way We're going to hear from Matthew Solomon Brad garlinghouse's lawyer in just one Moment they're related in the sense that We're still asking what's a security I Wouldn't overplay one being relevant to The other I think the judge took a very Fact-specific approach in library and I Think frankly the judge will take a Fact-specific case uh in Ripple because I think that's what the SEC is asking Everybody to do and saying we're going To look at your specific facts other Than maybe Bitcoin there aren't a lot of Specific factual circumstances that have Yet publicly passed the SEC test but I Think each of these cases does provide Us with clues of Maybe where we're going to land on more Clarity of where the public can say here Are some indicia of what ultimately Will pass muster in the library you saw And this this helps us advise clients on The front end the judge took a very uh a Close look at what the company was

Saying early on in describing its own Investment and I think that's going to Happen in any case that's not going to Be the end but you're going to have Trouble walking back comments about Something looking like an investment Contract if you later want to prove it's Not an investment contract Um you know in the library we also had The notice argument that the Public wasn't on notice of really what Was the security we have a similar Argument in Ripple I think we have Different facts and certainly a Different factual record record there Um and maybe if the judge decides on That ground it may have a they need to Find a better word for ripple effect There but since some spillover effect Um but I don't think a judge coming out In Ripple in deciding one way or the Other is going to signal to everybody Um the fight is over I don't imagine you David are going to say never mind we're Not going after any tokens anymore and I Don't think the other side is you know The defense bar is going to take the Opposite position Um but I do think that how that how Library was decided and how Ripple will Will be decided we'll continue to Educate us on how we can approach the SEC on what factors what specific facts Get us a little bit closer or further

Away from what's an investment contract And listen I want to be clear here so What he's saying Is basically that regulation or yeah Regulation by enforcement isn't going to Stop just because of the library case or Because of the Ripple case and that's Terrifying for Innovation as far as I'm Concerned But I want to take you to something Really quickly here take a look at this This was a tweet from David Schwartz And he was responding to a thread Because he had that Banner he had put up And then it led into another Conversation He says here Yeah I think first of all Yasin Mubarak Here says this tweet from Joel Katz David Schwartz is kind of worrying me a Bit who goes through the door and who is Shut out he says one Ripple goes through The door and Retail xrp holders a Shutout Ripple and xrp go through the Door and the rest of crypto space is Shut out is it one or two The original tweet here from David here Just a couple days ago was yeah I think It's fair to say I hope we don't get Into a position where we're tempted to Walk through a door and slam it shut Behind us but of course I can't promise We won't Now he does follow up here and he says I

Hope that we don't run into a situation Where we have to make any choice like That keep in mind while the stakes are High they're not quite as high as this Suggests after all this is only the U.S There's quite a bit more to the world And Congress can change the laws so it Is something to keep in mind But let's keep this in mind too this is Matthew Solomon in a panel sitting about A Master Class A winning playbook for Litigating against the SEC and I want You to hear this clip now and shout out To Boz and e-rob for this listen to this Clip of Matthew Solomon talking about The law needs to be made by the judges Not by the speeches not by papers not by Settlements Listen Okay In other cases you know it is a tough Calculus I think companies and Individuals should fight more they need To fight more the law needs to be made By judges not by speeches Um not by uh you know papers not by Settlements needs to be made by by Article three judges and appellate Courts um uh as well and the Supreme Court okay in other cases by appellate Courts it's supreme court and appellate Courts As well and the Supreme Court okay and That really says a lot to me and I'm not

Saying that it will go there but I'm Saying prepare yourself for all outcomes And also prepare yourself that it if it Does go there it doesn't necessarily Mean that it's the worst thing in the World It could be in fact the SEC who appeals A favorable decision for ripple And ripple and xrp get to go on and have Mass adoption in the U.S as they have With the rest of the world While the SEC pushes to appellate court And then ultimately Supreme Court I'm Reminded here that whether it happens or Not when this case first dropped it was Steward out of Roddy the head of general Counsel for ripple who said goodbye how We test hello Ripple test well the the Howie test and the Reeves test were Found and put together by going all the Way to the Supreme Court so if we're Going to have a ripple test that's just Like the Howie and the Reeves test it Will need to go to the Supreme Court too That's going to do it for me not Financial advice for me or anyone else It's just my digital perspectives


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