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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got coinbase Fighting the SEC we got security CEO at Consensus we got Anthony welfare talking About the public xrp Ledger you're going To want it we got ripples q1 report for 2023 and Brad garlinghouse you're going To want all of that and xrp Technical Analyst gives us a definition of KaBoom Oh really somebody wrote that beautiful Intro [Music] [Applause] [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in [Applause] Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now 1.25 Trillion dollar market cap for crypto The market is up point nine percent Bitcoin 29 300 plus ethereum 1907 and Change tether market cap is 81.6 billion Plus ladies and gentlemen 47 cents for Xrp this morning it's up 3.3 percent on The 24 hour but 0.4 off on the seven day So let's get a look at this oh you know What and before we get started I wanted To show you this right here it's linked To ladies and gentlemen their new ATS Alternative trade system is in place and It's working the soft launch has Happened and it's off and running ladies

And gentlemen don't forget you can get Linked to you could get Ripple you can Get poly sign and until just a day or so Ago you could have got chain analysis You could have gotten uphold or zip line Or carbon or all these other incredible Products that are here but you got to be Accredited but let me tell you something If you don't know that you are you may Be surprised that you could already be Accredited you and your spouse so make Sure you check it out click the link Underneath the video don't mess around You may even find that you got some link To Bucks coming to you Link underneath the video right here we Start with Paul Grewal here says release Is a public video addressing the Hypocrisy and unclear regulatory Framework from the SEC let's hear it From Paul right here So I want to be very direct with you Coinbase does not list Securities we use A robust process based on SEC guidance To make sure that we don't list Securities we reject some 90 percent of The assets that we review It might be better for our short-term Business to be less conservative than we Are but that is not who we want to be as A company that's why as proud as we were When we became a U.S public company just Two years ago we were just as Disappointed to receive the wells notice

From the SEC a few weeks ago In the past two years coinbase's Business really has not changed in any Fundamental way we remain just as Committed to following the rules and Engaging collaboratively with the SEC on The best way to regulate our industry I have that but we got another clip here Too where it gets a little more Stern Take a listen to this Coinbase will defend itself vigorously In litigation if it comes to that but it Does not have to come to that we will Show up at your offices any day anytime To discuss a workable path forward for Our industry But we won't find that path without true Dialogue And that is the truth there no doubt About it but we know how it rolls right We know that Gary genzer says you come In and see us or you have your lawyers Come in and see us that in itself is an Admission that you're a security Something has to be done there's no Question about it SEC and Gary Goldman Gensler need to be put back in their Lane respectively when it comes to Regulation Here we see a comment from Carlos Domingo the CEO of securitize and I want To tell you I think this points towards Everything that I am excited about in This market or certainly a majority of

What I'm looking forward to listen to What he says here so look like I blocked In at the end of the day is a very good Ledger right it's a very good Ledger That has been designed to be you could Graphically secure and been able to Represent asset ownership and transfer The ownership in an efficient way right So if you think about what capital Markets are at the end of the day they Are you know Securities an end unit Ledger that says you're on you know 10 Shares of apple and when you want to Trade it you have to modify another Ledger that says you have ten dollars in The Citibank account and then you have To swap them right so the lack of a good Ledger where you can represent Securities and um on cash let's say Using stable points and and move them Efficiently and track the ownership of Those things in an efficient way it's Actually very problematic in Capital Market so I tell you Carlos knows what's going on I can tell you that shout out to him and Securitize the lack of a good Ledger is Prominent in the capital markets ding Ding ding ding ding let me tell you Something this I got alarms going off in The best way all over the place here First of all I'm thinking about what Poli-science is geared up to do with Custody right number two I'm seeing what

Securitize themselves are doing being Able to tokenize the industry and get Them into this digital Market to begin With Then I start thinking intelligent Protocol xrp Ledger these things help to Solve exactly what he's talking about And then the macro picture the macro Picture is it's about tokenizing the Capital markets that is the larger part Of the world and the things that already Exist the products that already exist in The world uh I get very excited shout Out to Carlos for highlighting that and Because he's highlighting it we may just As well play Anthony welfare here who is Talking and he is going to tell you About the benefits and how the financial System will be quicker smarter cheaper With cbdc's and obviously the help of Xrp and ripple Thank you [Music] I think you know from Rick Ross Perspective this is an amazing time Because real projects do real solutions Using blockchain patents Technologies Happening and we see it you know you've Got people here who you know really Understand that there is a technology That can be used and there is a future For it Foreign Bank issued currency doesn't necessarily

Mean that the Central Bank wants to Monitor and manage all your transactions What they want to do is improve the Financial system and make it quicker Smarter cheaper out and more efficient For the people they want to make sure That people in parts of the country with You know no banking system get branches For example you can still do banking Like you could in the city so there's Lots of really good benefits of a cbdc And I mentioned fractional payments of Things like that settle in Securities Immediately you know things are about There's massive benefits well the Central banks are looking at and talking About is you know there's a couple of Big issues that are sort of challenges To be fixed at the moment one is Interoperability so if you have a Digital Euro Digital pound of a different network Well it's still not going to work it's Still you know so we don't expect them To be on the same platforms because each Country is different a jurisdiction but We still need to do the interoperability In the middle For us that's brilliant because we're a Cross-builder company we spent 10 years Building the technology that is Cross-border recurrent systems so we're We're looking forward to sort of helping Them show how that can work with cbdc to

Loud Theater or theater crypto any of These different mixes that's going to Happen in and around the cbdcs and then You know you've mentioned privacy Privacy is very important Um The technology can do many different Things of privacy from making the Transaction completely secure to making It completely open that's the point of Blockchain dlts governments are working On what they want and how they want you To work and it will be very different in Different countries and and what they Need for their people is is the Important part so the ECB for example is Set very clearly a number of times Privacy is their number one Um concern that number one area to look At And that's been since day one to do Muscle work and projects so what it Looks like in the end I don't know but Um but they're definitely they're well Aware of it and and it's a very Important topic that it will come out Through the you know the processes over The next few years And we're looking forward to it coming Out over the process over the next few Years and you know what here's a little Hint of what's already happening right Now and you're going to love every bit Of it and towards the end of this you're

Going to hear the one and only Darren Moore who you should be following if You're not for some reason but I tell You what listen to what this said here And you're going to hear him talk about The public xrp Ledger listen here So what are we learning so we've got two Announced Um projects and then we've got five Under NDA Um row monetary Authority bhattan is a Real cbdc so there's a central bank and They've issued a currency and that's Very much a decent stages at the moment And Palau is actually a US dollar stable Crime so Palau has its own government But no Central Bank so they use the US Dollar so we're issuing on the public Blockchain on the public xrp Ledger a USD stable coin for this WOW on the Public xrp Ledger can we catch that Again so in government but no Central Bank so they use the US dollar so we're Issuing Um on the public blockchain on the Public xrp Ledger a USD stable coin for This country to use that's actually Quite interesting for Innovation because There's other things can be done with That but wow is issuing a dollar stable Coin on the xrp laundry just heard of Any welfare's mouth yet I hear people Trying to argue that it's not you just Heard it out of his mouth that's what he

Said it's going to be issued on the xrp Launcher there you go and that's what I'm hearing too you know I I can tell You you know the one thing that's so Funny about the people that have Attacked me over the years is that when I really think about it because I don't Attack other people so what I really When I think about it I think to myself I'm really just being attacked because I Believe Ripple will achieve their goal And I'm enthusiastic and I've never lost That enthusiasm Isn't that amazing that you can be Attacked in a down Market by other Influencers even Just because you remain positive Uh you know you gotta love them because I ain't gonna hate them Right here we have Brad garlinghouse we Love this guy he's amazing man look Ripple q1 2023 xrp Marcus report is live Ladies and gentlemen detailing important Events and we're about to get into the Highlights of that just now but one That's made in here is highlighted by Brad garlinghouse himself shout out to Him U.S may be moving backwards but I Like to focus on the positive so do I in The last few months the EU UK and the UAE all move forward with new regulatory Frameworks and regimes for crypto Activities and we are going to take a Look at that report and it's right here

Ladies and gentlemen and here's some of The quick takeaways obviously what Brad Had mentioned here about the EU and UK And a UAE New regulatory regimes here xrp Ledger On chain activity remains strong with Decentralized exchange volumes Increasing 34 percent to 115 million in Q123 versus Q4 2022 xrp average daily Volume ADV on centralized exchanges Jumped 46 in q1 to 1 billion from 698 Million total xrp sales in q1 of 2023 For Ripple uh net of purchaser purchases Were 361.06 million versus 226.31 million the previous quarter how About that ladies and gentlemen that is Impressive and I'd like to show you this Right here this is Wrath of common said Odl looks healthy enough in ripples q1 2023 report despite the banking crisis Don't forget about that but the report Makes some interesting mentions to the Impact on odl which are not fully Fleshed out what we can infer he goes on To say here first noticed a brief Mention of odl disruption the big news Of the quarter was the banking crisis And the negative impact of crypto Liquidity which also led to some Disruption to liquidity available for Odl through customer flows recover Quickly if you notice in the Highlight Here the big news of the quarter was the

Banking crisis and negative impact on Crypto liquidity available to odl Through customer flows recover quickly Odl remains robust and continues to Serve customer flow facilitate Cross-border payments in a low-cost Timely and reliable method thanks to Redundancy and sustainability planning While there is no denying the industry Is facing strong headwinds Ripple Continues to be laser focused on Minimizing the impact of banking crisis On our partners and providing the best Experience for uh its customers it goes On to say here total sales by Ripple net Purchases go over the details here as You can see second discussing the uh Sales Day note due to circumstances the Banking crisis Ripple stop purchasing Xrp for several days due to the Disruption since it's resumed of course Now here I want to show you this is what I'm excited about here ladies and Gentlemen the Ripple Q4 report is this Is the understanding that it did grow Right from 361 versus to 226 plus that It was the quarter before but also Ripple has sourced xrp from the open Market to ensure there is sufficient Supply of xrp available for our growing Odl business we continually strive to Minimize undue Market impact with our Purchases by for example limiting how Much and from whom we purchase xrp that

To me is very very sound practices as What I see out of that it goes on to say Due to the circumstances of the banking Crisis Ripple had stopped purchasing xrp For several days to the disruption this Activity has since resumed the company Expects to continue to undertake Purchases as odl adoption grows it goes On to say here if you look at this uh The total amount of leases outstand in Q1 of 2023 was 52 million here now it Says here too ripples stopped the Percentage of the activity since Expected to continue to undertake Purchases as odl adoption continues now I want to go back here and highlight This which is simply this go Ripple Doing what everyone says that we aren't Allowed to talk about here on social Media and apparently and it's not trendy It's not cool to be excited about it Even though the Market's down but I am And I won't stop it just creating Reliable Bridge currency is what they're Doing that's all the right way I will Add now let's look at this Xrp the next kaboom Looking back on history We're getting a breakdown of what the First Kaboom pumped in xrp around 47 000 Percent from the cross up to 200 ma Consecutively crossing the 300 Ma The second Kaboom pumped around 700 Percent from the cross how much do you

Think xrp next Kaboom will pump the Price because we don't know so he's Looking for your comment there if you Could if you could chime in but looking At this Basically measuring the pump that Happened back in 2017-2018 and then here Again and late 2021 or whatever early 21 Whatever it was there uh as well what do You think it will be listen I think if We're going to see these massive prices Which I think xrp can grow to it's Because of the use case it's because of The continued adoption it's because We're going to get clarity at some point Here in the U.S as well and it's because Adoption is taking place in the U.S to Match what is going on around the world I think it all starts to take off and Explode certainly when we get clarity With the G20 which is working very hard To get to that place as well fundamental News fundamental action happening in the Market to recognize the commercial use Inside the financial system and the Government sectors of the world central Banks included I tell you this is Exciting for me because I do believe That Ripple will eventually achieve the Goal oh and some of these Booms that we See we certainly could see history Repeat maybe it doesn't but I tell you This what I'm actually waiting for is an Actual level of liquidity and utility to

Enter this system to where booms are Less what we're talking about and the Utility and liquidity that never goes Away because they're using the asset and The Ledger every single day that is Exciting just as a kaboom is and I hope We get the biggest Kaboom we've ever Seen that's where I'm at shout out to Egg rag crypto for everything he does Not Financial advice from him me or Anyone else it's just our digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on The next one


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