Ripple/XRP-Ripple Partner Launch SEPA/ODL Solution 43B/Txs,ECB/Digital EURO October?,Ripple/CBDC/NDA

Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines Ripple partner in 43 Billion transactions launching with the Sepa solution in Europe we're going to Get into it instant settlement Christine Lagarde says digital Euro this year We're going to tell you when matter of Fact she'll tell you when we got Anthony Welfare highlights from the digital Euro Conference and it's amazing Banks don't Go away and there's more Ripple cbdc Partner ndas ladies and gentlemen Somebody wrote that beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube or Twitter for exclusive content right now It's 1.21 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency good afternoon the market Is off by 1.2 percent right now Bitcoin 28 000 slightly over 17.99 and change For ethereum tether market cap is 80 Billion plus right now ladies and Gentlemen we're watching it closely 51 Cents per xrp 13 points uh three percent Up on the seven day let's look at the Range of price 52 cents to 44 we're Right down teetering on the bottom of That range at the moment and I want to Show you this which is Glenn so Everybody understands glint is a way That you can buy save send and spend Gold instantly with glint with your

MasterCard debit card that is issued to You and no one knows that you're using Gold just for people so they understand You may have seen the recent news about Silicon Valley Bank has collapsed with Its failure being overseen by U.S Regulators please be assured that glink Client money is not held in any SBB bank And it says glint is a us-based Authorized card program manager funds Are held at Sutton Bank a MasterCard Issuing bank and a member of FDIC Corporation it says here glint offers a Reliable alternative to fractional Reserve banking that's why I love it Clint client gold is allocated gold Physically allocated gold your gold is Legally owned outright by you as a Customer and unlike with banks it is Never put at risk through lending your Gold is stored under a custody Arrangement in a non-secured or yeah in A secure excuse me non-government a Secure non-government non-bank bullion Vault in Switzerland that is insured by Lord Lloyd's of London that's what you Need to know ladies and gentlemen check It out for yourself I love my sponsor I Was a customer first but you will love It too I'm sure Link underneath the video Box tells us here that foreign central Banks are selling U.S treasuries however Tether is buying a lot of U.S treasuries

U.S leadership should appreciate tether For buying and holding U.S treasuries if Tether was a country it'd be among the Top 30 holders of U.S treasuries well This is pretty interesting because when You think of that understanding I really Start to lean into the idea that you Know some people say that tether has Been flipped and is actually under the Control of the government but no one Realizes it and if that's the case if That were the case this might look a Little different when you see that the Fact that tether's buying some and among The top 30 of U.S treasury's holders Maybe it's the FED itself if tether has Been flipped operating using tether as a Third arm to juggle the nightmare that Is the global economy and the liquidity Crisis that exists Let's look at this now here from the Philadelphia fed talking about tether You need to know what he's saying here In comparison to usdc and Bitcoin is a Database take a listen to what he says Here ladies and gentlemen This none of them seem to want to issue Stable coins even though they think they Have a clear green light to do so for The very simple reasons their customers Don't want them they got other ways to Pay each other Um so I think we'll have to see where That goes the market already I think is

At work you don't see a lot of Algorithmic stable coins being sold Right now I think tether which is a Prime money market fund in Disguise has Been losing market share appropriately Uh to Circle which is much more Transparent about its Holdings and has Lower risk Holdings Um and also I think contrary to some Suggestions the market share I mean the Market value of sable coins is actually Decreasing not increasing so it does not Seem to be a hot button Financial Stability risk word or two on bitcoin Because of course that's the elephant in A lot of these rooms I won't talk about Whether it's a good story value or its Culture uh but it is I think queer that As a means of exchange it is quite poor As it is slow and is it expensive uh so I don't think it will ever be in use for Real Commerce it is of course the Dominant currency for illicit Finance Ransomware sanctions of Asian a lot of Awful stuff and I think that's something That our government and sort of unusual Parts of our government are going to Have to deal with I think a very different story and then It goes on and on and on now with the Numbers of tethers market cap getting Big I could argue the point that he made There about the demand being less and Less for stable coins because I think

With the market scares that are going on Right now A lot of people are flooding Into the stable coins in fact looking For a place a safe haven if you will to Figure out where they're going I just Don't know if USD tether is that safe Haven be very careful out here ladies And gentlemen Brace yourselves for a very big reveal On Thursday I can't wait we're about to Up your trading game they say with our Newest product get ready for the Ultimate secure and seamless trading Experience from some shout out to we'd Say wedding the team I cannot wait to Find out what that is Ryan selkis says here boy I tell you he Spent a lot of years talking trash on Xrp but we got to let it go I got to set It down He says as a reminder here before chair Gensler was passed over as treasury Secretary and tasked by Senator Warren To crack down on crypto he was Hillary's CFO it will be no surprise that it was That he that he was slippery then as Well signing off on campaign fund over Funding the Steele dossier Yeah you know uh it's incredible to me The vision one can gain when you realize You're in the same boat as xrp holders You cannot convince me that Ryan wasn't Aware of all of that information Prior to now him realizing that all of

Crypto is in the same boat with xrp but Nevertheless We're glad to have you paddling with us Instead of against us let's improvise Adapt and overcome that's how we need to Do it ladies and gentlemen and here we See that look you can't say that our Efforts don't work Senator Eric Breaky rate here from Maine Says that on Tuesday April 4th at 10 15 Pm he will present LD 990 to Main Financial Services committee open to the Public this will be the first ever Public hearing on cryptocurrency in the Main legislature well you know what It looks like he's been John Deaton's Been invited to testify at this event Here at the Maine's Congress and I can't Wait I said let's show all let's all Show support for the invitation for John Deaton to testify in front of Congress For crypto in Maine I should have typed That politely tagged Senator breakey Thank you for inviting such a Knowledgeable advocate for U.S Innovation and there you have it right There John Deaton would you be willing To testify they are in talks to try to Figure that out right now and I hope That he's able to do so I don't know how John Deaton could do any more for this Entire crypto space that he's actually Doing God bless the man Ripple odl partner you're going to want

Every bit of this I'm going to tell you Ripple odl partner launches sepa Payments to Europe ladies and gentlemen Yeah that happened I'm sure it's nothing I'm sure it's Nothing Triangle a ripple on demand liquidity Partner and leading cross-border Payments provider has announced the Launch of an instant single Euro Payments area which is known as sepa Solution at aimed at facilitating Lightning Fast sepa payouts to Europe Supporting countries at launch include Belgium Croatia Finland Germany Greece Hungary Netherlands Portugal Slovakia Spain Sweden and the United Kingdom how About that for starters however the Company plans to expand its coverage to More countries in the near future said The CEO of triangle and it says here Emphasize that introducing this surface Was fueled by the surging demand for Real-time cross-border payments the Instant sepa payment solution is already Operational and accessible 24 7. that's What you need to know and don't forget Tranglow has a great relationship over In the UAE as well Trianglo added to UAE is a part of its Connect last August we like it Well here it is this is Christine Lagarde herself the European Central Bank president and she's telling you the

Digital Euro that will that decision is Coming this year and it's October ladies And gentlemen take a listen Well two things number one it will be Decided in October so We are preparing the ground we want to Be ready Um we want to be trained but it will not Be decided until October 23. The reason Um personally Convinced that we have to move ahead Is a situation like the one we are in Now we are dependent on the supply of Gas by a very unfriendly country I don't want Europe to be dependent on An unfriendly country's currency for Instance I don't know you know the Chinese currency the Russian currency The whatever Or dependent on a friendly currency but Which is activated by a private Corporate entity like you know Facebook Or like uh Google or anybody like I'm User of Bitcoin too so I had bought it When it started and I I hope that it Also will work now I think she's smiling Here because we've all known if you've Watched Christine Lagarde even in her Time back when she was the managing Director of the IMF she would say very Clearly it is not the Bitcoin we're Talking about so I think she's smiling Here but she's not she doesn't dig down

Into the fact that hey uh what we're Talking about isn't Bitcoin In Frozen special system And I know there are many protests in Europe against the electronic hero uh What is the reason You know it's it's the beauty of Europe It does different positions if you ask In northern Europe for instance uh in The Netherlands they're quite happy to See the E Euro coming If you ask a young German Man you'll say yeah fine as I said I Don't want meta Google or Amazon Suddenly come up with a currency that Will take over the sovereignty of Europe I don't want a foreign currency to Become the currency of trading within Europe so we have to be ready And then she goes on to talk about the Fact because I have some other things I Want to play you too that the digital Euro will have some limitations you know Uh you had a certain limit of how much You could spend there's going to be a Few limitations and where they kind of Know what you did with the money but she Tries to softly apologize for that Nevertheless I want you to hear this This is Anthony welfare here shout out To credit to Dark Horse on Tick Tock and Peter Vass on Twitter here for sending This over to us the the whole clip is

Great but what I want to give you is Just a couple Clips here and I want to Start with three minutes if I can find It yeah that's about right on the spot Let me play this right here in three Minutes where he talks about cbdc's and It doesn't mean that banks are going Away that Banks do not go away in the Scenario the way a lot of people Perceive that they do So that's what we classes regulated Stable cranes And then obviously cbdc's so these are Central bank issue currencies now we Don't look at it and say that every Central bone will issue a digital Currency a cbdc that we use that we buy Our food and water in it could easily be Via a commercial bank or a you know Fintech institution so we don't look at The the model being disrupted as People's think Get many people think the cbdc is going To be a central bank getting rid of Commercial Banks if you're getting rid Of the system It cannot happen in any decent size to Large punches it's just fairly Impossible so we still see a similar System similar a lot of the settings Today we still see commercial Banks Payment providers having A part playing you know a role in this New ecosystem

And I think that's a very key Point that He's making here to show people you know It you know you're not going to just all Of a sudden make the second tier Banks Go away right and I think that's an Important Point especially here at home In the United States and and elsewhere Where you have a two-tier banking system Between the wholesale backend you know The central banking system right and Then you have the commercial banking System in front of that so that was a Key point but I want to give you this Other one here and it is really Important that you hear this and it is Later on towards the end let me see if I Can cue this up properly one second here Okay so here's where he talks about Privacy being important and it can be Controlled take a listen here and then He takes you out talking about they have Five more cbdc projects underway ladies And gentlemen under ndas take a listen Even especially in Germany it's one of The most important topics privacy can be Controlled how we want it so if the Government wants full transparency of Every transaction they can have that or If they want little little transparency If you love that it is down to the Design of the the cbdc and sabercoin What the country wants to achieve for Them And then finally it restructures the

Crop space so if you think you know the Payment of the system today is slow and It costs a lot of money there's lots of Different stages you know yes I can go And buy a coffee now and The money goes from my Euro accounts and I get my profit that isn't instant Because there's a whole back-end system That actually probably takes three days For it to go through if using credit Cards Etc So That class can be reduced using DLT Technology cbdc's and stable quiz it Won't go to zero you know people still Have to pay this maybe in 5 6 10 Generations and we're all doing kids P Payments with a wallet maybe that cost Does go down very well but I think That's a generational change or a number Of generations Here we go so what are we learning so We've got two announced Um projects and then we've got five Under NDA who announced Um projects and then we've got five Under NDA learning so we've got two Announced Um projects and then we've got five Under NDA and there you have it and That's gonna do it for me not Financial Advice from me or anyone else it's just My digital perspectives I'll catch all Of you on the next one


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