Ripple/XRP-Ripple Files Letter Supreme Court Deicsion/Supports Ripple Defense,SEC vs Ripple Delayed?

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines USD tether may be in Trouble did it ever end really did it Ever end and by the way Ripple files a Letter regarding a Supreme Court Decision just four days ago that Supports its Fair notice you're going to Want to know everything about it and we Got John Deaton to give it to you at the SEC versus Ripple could it be delayed in Their ruling somebody wrote that Beautiful intro [Music] Thank you Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It's 1.08 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency the market is up 0.1 Percent Bitcoin 22 300 plus right now Ethereum 1569 and change tether market Cap 71.3 billion plus they're saying right Here we're going to get in the news on That in a second 37 cents for xrp it is Off by point six percent on the seven Day and up 2.2 percent on the 24 hour Let's start right here ladies and Gentlemen it's Ray Fuentes from link2 And they got a special going on this Weekend link2 has just made it easier For you to invest in top performing

Private companies with our investment Minimums of five thousand dollars Whether you're a first time investor or A season link to member Now's the Time To capitalize on this opportunity and Why stop there you can even invest in Link to itself the company Revolutionizing the private equities Market in providing accredited investors With access to private investing this Weekend take control of your investments In the private Market with link to our Platform prioritizes privacy while Maintaining usability and intuitive Features learn more and invest in link To today by visiting our website or Downloading our app No doubt about it make sure you check it Out if you're accredited if you don't Know if you're accredited click that Link get in contact with them find out Whether you need to be accredited in Your jurisdiction around the world Because some places you don't and I tell You this special doesn't last you're not Going to want to miss it click the link Stablecoin issuer tether used bank Accounts open with falsified documents In the past says the Wall Street Journal You know uh Gary Gensler said last Summer I believe it was to senator Pat Toomey that he believes stable coins Were securities Uh-huh and he cited the Reeves test for

That Why am I bringing that up well I'm Bringing that up because what did we Watched with binance USD We've watched Finance USD paxo stop Working with binance over busd we've Seen the tentacles I believe the support Lines start to be cut on different Stable coins you have to wonder Whether tether is going to be a Target Or not knowing that essentially tether Is out here operating and it is not ever Really been doing it in a way that is in A traditional way I want you to listen To this clip here from real Vision just You listen to this and we'll talk teller Is just you know been the major issue That crypto Skeptics have had for five Plus years at this point and justifiably So their level of transparency has been Extremely important they just have a Weak track record there and so when we Talk about transparency let's talk and Explain that to folks who don't have Traditional Finance backgrounds uh in Terms of the quality of collateral Etc We fundamentally don't know where the Assets that they're holding are which is On purpose that's a feature not a bug I Can explain more about that please Um and because the really the purpose of Tether is to allow people to hold Dollars

Dollar like tokens and transact on Blockchains in a way that's remote from The regulated U.S banking system so that Is the purpose it's very different from The purpose of usdc for instance where You are explicitly you know accountable In some way to oversight within the US The point of tether is the whole dollars In a way where it's much harder for us Regulars to interfere with it so there Those ultimate assets are not held Within the US even though they do have Us-based service providers for them but Tether will not disclose the precise Nature and composition of those Underlying assets because they don't Want to invite that level of scrutiny to Those custodians and those firms that Are holding it for them now if you Compare that with actually paxos or usdc We know the actual q-sips of the us Treasuries that are backing to the Identifiering numbers that we use here In the United States uh for Securities Especially fixed income because the Universe potential Securities out there Is so immense you can't just identify Them by a symbol as you could a stock so We know literally down to the Granularity of each three-month Treasury What is backing each unit of usdc for Instance with tether we don't know that At all and we don't know where the Assets are there's certain folks that

Have relatively good guesses but it's Not a common knowledge and we just have To take on faith really and they do Provide periodic out of stations we have To take it on faith those assets exist So Even though I do believe that they Actually do have the assets there's no Way to really prove to prove it and That's the problem and what is really Being cited here as a feature I believe is what makes tether a Target Now there is also a theory out here that Tether got flipped some years ago and That tethers actually another psyop out Here happening collecting incredible Amounts of data of bad activity Well I think one thing's for sure it's This right here USD tether has been the choke point for Crypto and they have not operated the Way a highly regulated entity would Normally report and disclose I'll say it Again for the people in the back it's a Problem The real crypto winner may just be a Stable coin collapse We shall see I take no pleasure in Saying it But then there's this right here I want You to listen to this this is Charles Payne and Haley Lenin he said Bill Morgan says here we should trust Technology not people but only trust the

Oldest crypto technology because its Creator is hidden no thanks I like Bitcoin but putting all eggs in one Basket is a poor risk distribution Strategy look I'm inclined to agree with Bill here and it's not Financial advice From him me or anyone else but this is What I'll say about this and you know What let's listen to the clip here The currency right now most die-hards Believe uh that the U.S dollar most Crypto diehards believe the US dollar All these Fiat currencies are Ponzi Schemes because there's Unlimited Supply They're not backed by anything in Essentially control whereas Bitcoin and The others are the exact opposite but Last week Haley the Empire struck back They took a Victory lap they had a bank Of international settlements out went Out there and declared that the battle Had been won added that technology does Not make for trusted money Haley it's a Pretty bold statement what say you it is It's too premature to call any sort of Victory in this I think some of the Statements also don't do a very good job Drawing the line between Bitcoin and Other cryptocurrencies because every Cryptocurrency does act differently but The critique of you know technology not Being able to be trusted money that Assumes that individuals trust people or The government more than technology and

Science and math and I just don't think That's the case so the reason I'm so Excited about Bitcoin is that it does Take the take it out of the system of a Government that can just print money Um and and just debase the value of Money and and I think there was a sort Of a shot of blockchain too when it was Also said that only the legal historical Infrastructure behind central banks can Give great credibility to money so so Again it seems like they're going even At the heart of all of this blockchain Itself Yeah I mean I think if we're talking About the United States or globally Trying to be continue to be competitive In terms of financial technology looking Back at historically what may have Worked doesn't get us to where we should Go I mean we are still in a situation Where Banks and ACH and wires are Running on these archaic rails and even Some of the technology that that the Government talks about cbdc's would Would be taking from the technology of Blockchain technology so to try to say That there's no value in the technology And that we need to look back at what Historically has worked just you can't Have it both ways so to that point we're Told that there's going to be a strong Statement from the group of 20 with Respect to regulations and digital

Assets that's right and there will be Look uh here's what I'll say about this Look I I you know believe it or not I'm Not saying this as a maxi I mean let's Just take this from the legal point of View I literally was just uh fortunate Enough to be in a Twitter space with Digital Chamber of Commerce and I Appreciate them having me but you know Looking at where the SEC and Gary Gensler's position is right now on Digital assets and cryptocurrencies you Know it would not surprise me if Gary Gensler said you know well even though He's come out and said that he believes Bitcoin is the only unregistered Security It baffles me why he hasn't used the Opportunity of the anonymity or Pseudonymity of Bitcoin to suggest that We don't know whether it came from a bad Actor like North Korea or Russia or some Other bad place in the world how do we Know that and yet people just continue To invest in something without Understanding where it is look they Didn't dig this thing up from the ground Like gold or silver right that's not the Issue the issue is this is alphanumeric Code I don't believe it's a security What concerns me here is a couple things Is one is why is Gary Gensler saying It's uh it is not a security how does he Know that not knowing where the

Origination of this really came from and Then two when you think of where we are In the space at this time I mean You know for me it's like this Technology is run by proof of work It currently right now uses more Electricity and energy than some Countries at the level it's at now So something has to be done in order for Bitcoin to have a much longer life and More meaning than it currently has today And I think it has meaning today I'm Just suggesting that if it's going to Have more meaning and more use case then It better get itself in a different Position than it is today from proof of Work now here's something I wanted to Talk about look if you're not following Wrath of common you should IMF has Recently has released a report Interpreting different cross-border Payment arrangements in terms of their Implied trust structures and suggesting A global agnostic Marketplace to trade Tokenized money worth reading it will be Used to inform policy makers now we're Not going to read the whole thing but I Do grab this highlight that he shares Here amid questions about public and Private initiatives Ripple and xrp gets A brief mention as one of the three Potential approaches to Marketplace and Is contrasted with xlm and D5 very Helpful paper to conceptualize the

Issues both in its description and the Questions raised I just want to get this open for us so We can take a look at it here the models Arise this is a private settlement Assets Marketplace such as Ripples xrp And open source Marketplace such as the Stellar foundations or more recently Defy networks and a Marketplace Settlement asset based on unbacked Crypto assets such as strike which Leverages Bitcoin and the lightning Network however a public solution Potentially run by a regulated private Entity has key advantages such as one Tackling the coordinated coordination Problem and around centralization Participation in liquidity Provisions to Offering clear and trusted guidance and The operational stability and three Providing compatibility with financial Integrity standards and there's another Hurdle inside of that for networks like Bitcoin right so not trying to be down On it just trying to look at it for the Way it is and and understand why are There these different approaches from Like Gary Gensler about this space we Have no idea where Bitcoin came from and I don't say that to try to shoot it down But listen we better start looking at This space the way Gary Gensler and the SEC is approaching it because we can't Turn a blind eye to any weak spot that

We find right Because he's going to use it to his Advantage you can bet on it and then This right here talking about using Things to an advantage ripples using This to an advantage boy did we like Seeing this shout out to crypto law here Ripple supplemental Authority in support Of fair notice defense this is on a Recent filing here from a February 28 Supreme Court opinion in Bittner versus U.S affirming a fair warning should be Given to the world in language that the Common world will understand oh do we Like hearing that which the SEC clearly Failed to do on xrp another reason why This case is about all crypto there's no Question about it and we get further Breakdown here from John Deaton Who says a lot of people are speculating On why Ripple would file this now some People are saying it's because Ripple Knows it will lose or because they're Less confident it's a very simple reason Why it is fi why it was filed The decision from the Supreme Court and It was handed down only four days ago Judge Torres could possibly file her Decision at any moment or it could be Too much longer The point is this isn't a decision from A federal district court or even an Appellate Circuit Court this is a U.S Supreme Court decision decided on

February 28 2023 just four days ago The Supreme Court's decision is relevant Regarding one of Ripple's affirmative Defenses the lack of fair notice Violates the due process clause of the U.S Constitution people overthink and Try to look for reasons other than the Obvious one essentially Justice Gorsuch Elaborated on the requirement under the Due process clause for the government to Provide Fair notice of what is Prohibited as in Bittner the Government's prior guidance appears to Contradict its present litigating Position and as in Bittner many Experience Securities Law practitioners And Industry participants were unable to Anticipate the government's current Theory that's the reason it was filed so Late if judge Torres finds that Ripple Offered and sold xrp as a security this Supreme Court decision gives Ripple Fair Notice argument a few more teeth I've already went down on record to say That I have no doubt Ripple wins before This current Supreme Court the West Virginia versus EPA case alone is reason To believe Ripple wins the recent Decision is icing on the cake boy do I Love hearing that right there no doubt About it And this here from Bill Morgan says Thanks James he's talking about Jim Giving the filing uh Jim filen uh

Sharing the post here about the uh Letter being filed from the recent case Of the Supreme Court he says I guess This Supreme Court decision at least Makes it more difficult for judge Torres To find against Ripple's Fair notice Defense on a summary judgment motion Another Brick in the Wall for the SEC to Punch through so we could see a couple Of months delay just based on this new Information that has come down from the Supreme Court ruling and that could Potentially doesn't mean it has to but It could potentially delay the ruling of This case by a couple months listen we Could do that standing on our head here What's important is is that the judge Get this ruling right that's what Matters because it's not just about Ripple it's not just about xrp it's About the entire crypto space Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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