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Welcome back to the show everybody What's going on with the ETFs and what Could it really mean to the market and What about stablecoin legislation what About custody what about Ripple partner Connections you won't believe it it is Staggering and what about a $27 xrp what About somebody rolling that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it is a $1.43 trillion market cap for crypto off By a half a percent in the last 24 hours Bitcoin now 36,400 plus we see ethereum Back under 2000 at 1941 and change we See tether market cap at 87.7 billion ion plus number five spot Is xrp at 60 cents what is happening now Off by 7 in the 24hour off by 9.6 in the 7 day I don't like it and I know you Don't either but let's look at the range Of price we dipped all the way to 58 Cents so I bet you're liking 60 cents is Looking better now though is It yeah it's all about perspectives Ladies and gentlemen ranging between 5861 I wish I'd have caught it at 58 you Lucky I was sleeping I'd have Back the truck up yeah uh right here at

The freedom Zone we are going to be talk Look this is serious and I tell you Something uh you're you're you're Missing out if you're not joining us in Here you you think we're having a real Conversation on this channel we are but I'm going tell you you want the real Conversation you want to come in and Join us because today we're going to Talk about the real rulers of America Crimes against humanity and you have got A library now of material that we can't Even dream of talking about and I tell You the comments that are happening from All of you in there are mindblowing this Is a conversation that we've been Looking to have for years and now we're Finally having it you can join us at dig Perspectives. and just click the freedom Zone and come on in that's right we'll See you inside uh look at this link is Underneath the video this here is Michael shison here from grayscale I'm Going to play just a couple Clips I Won't play this whole thing but I want Play the first part of this about the Bitcoin spot ETFs and I've got some Information that I want to share about How to look at some of this should it be Approved take a listen Bitcoin down Today but not out our next guest says The recent crypto rally is encouraging With a 40% move higher since early September how much more upside is there

For the digital coin let's bring in Grayscale investment CEO Michael sonen Shine Michael welcome great to have you With us it's great to be here thanks for Having me um the premise behind the rise In Bitcoin is that an ETF is going to be Approved by the SEC and and all of a Sudden everybody's going to want to be In it there's going to be a lot of Buying of Bitcoin Etc why should we Believe that new money will be attracted Into Bitcoin once an ETF is approved as Opposed to Capital being reallocated Within the Bitcoin Universe it's a great Question you know today without having Spot Bitcoin ETFs in the market there is Nearly $30 trillion of advised wealth in The US just alone that needs access to Crypto that needs access to bitcoin and By and large hasn't had access to it so The on instead of Bitcoin ETFs spot Bitcoin ETFs really open the door to Financial advisers advised wealth really To have the opportunity to participate In Bitcoin in a way that they really Haven't had before there you have it Right there now that's a key point and Some of you may know this and some of You may not but think of think of it for The first time financial advisors being Able to offer exposure to these products Inside of a regulatory framework of the ETF itself they're not out anything all They have to do is make sure that it's

Bought and custody properly to back the Fund itself as it grows right now let me Get the one more spot in here that I do Want to play for you and then we are Going to move on uh want you to hear Right in this area right here here we go Wealth market and the interest there What are you seeing from the Institutional Market are you seeing Continued demand especially given what We just talked about with rates I think That the introduction of Bitcoin ETF Will allow for institutions to Participate as well what's been Interesting about crypto as opposed to Other asset classes that came along Before it it was usually institutions Who had access first and then it Eventually trickled its way down to Retail boom there we go now they go on To bring up the ETF for xrp that's not Real uh but or at least that's what We're hearing I'm so cynical in this Market but this is the point here for The first time in a and this doesn't Happen often now I want to say the first Time but this does not happen often the Moment that we're in we have the Opportunity to front run Wall Street we Have the opportunity to front run the Institutions it takes patience and it Takes Discipline look do they get approved do They not get approved maybe they don't I

Don't know that's the risk but what I do Know is if it does get approved we have Front run Wall Street and I don't Believe Bitcoin and ethereum ETFs are The only thing to get approved and Speaking of which justtin $4.5 trillion Asset manager Fidelity files for a spot Ethereum ETF I think we're going to see All kinds of crypto ETFs and that's how They'll get exposure to the market Through it uh they already have a Framework for regulation for it why Wouldn't they do it it's got to be a Matter of timing and I certainly believe That that timing will coincide with some Kind of Market correction or collapse in The traditional markets and that's why These financial advisers and Institutions want access to it that's Right I said it out loud meanwhile Ripple is bolstering xrp ledger as it Just announced a new round of funding For innovators building on The xrp Ledger come on in that's what we want to See a Cambrian explosion of great ideas Think of this like the Internet think of this for a moment you Know we cannot predict when look when The when the when the internet came out And we were all doing Dialup you know you remember how it Sounded we were all so excited you put Your little AOL disc in there you loaded The platform in right but you couldn't

Talk to somebody on Netscape right they Were on a different network that you Were on that it was rased to be on the Network that most people were on you Remember all of this Right we could have never predicted then That Google would be the winner right we Could have never predicted then that Uber was going to be a thing and Decentralized the entire cab industry Just like I believe that we are going to See the decentralization of finance and Money through trade and Defi that's where this is going but we Can't yet know who the winners are I Know what I believe and I'm certainly Sure that you got what you believe in But the only way to give that an Opportunity is to invest in the Innovators to build on The xrp Ledger And that's exactly what Ripple is doing No doubt about it meanwhile what are we Witnessing on a geopolitical level Russia's currency is outperforming the US dollar despite the sanctions and this Is basically just putting the US dollar Against the ruble right that's what We're talking about that's what we're Talking about here the the Russian Ruble So they're out it's outperforming the US Dollar in strength right now now that Speaks to the geopolitical issue of the Dollar strength the dollar is the global Reserve currency and look make no

Mistake about it I believe there is Going to be a traditional Market Correction I believe that these ETFs Will provide a flight to Quality as Larry think from Black Rock is now Saying but then there's a larger issue And it's the dollar now this is Jeremy Aair and Jeremy air from Circle here Talking about the usdc token the digital Dollar and I want you to think as he's As he's talking about this well let him Say what he's got to say and then we'll Get to it here because look stable coins Are just as important as custody you Need the on andof ramps and you're going To need the foundation block of custody You can't build a healthy Market without These two elements whether you like it Or not so a dollar a digital dollar like You DC can play a really important role In enabling those transaction flows to Happen between their ecosystems and the Rest of the world and sort of like when In the early internet we had we all had Our own email systems and then the Internet mail protocols made it possible For us to send emails to each other no Matter what system we used and so dollar Stable coins like usdc can be that kind Of connective settlement uh mechanism to Enable different fintech apps to talk to Each other and settle transactions Between each other now think of that Think of that for a moment okay so now

You're talk about this is your bridge to Be interoperable with all these Different networks by allowing usdc to Serve as a retail's digital dollar so Let's look at this for a moment everyone Says the US is behind everyone knows That there is a geopolitical threat of Dollar strength and dollarization Happening around the world especially in The bricks Coalition everyone says the US is behind we need to get crypto regs We need stablecoin regs all this is true But imagine for a moment that usdc rises As the one that is chosen for Presedential Regulation who's behind Now imagine USD tether getting a rug Pool because it's been operating outside The guys of Regulation who's behind Now come on in this is what we need to Be thinking like and this right here is Adrien Chan who is quickly moving up on My badass list this guy's something here And what he's talking about and I can't Play the music here but basically Custody is the enabler custody is the Necessary brick so that as a regulated Institution you can build on top of it And create a service that your clients Will appreciate and Regulators too it Starts with custody we've been saying This since poly sign popped Up I've talked to Jack McDonald about

This You can't have a healthy Market until You have the foundational brick to build It all on which is in fact custody and We know poly sign's qualified custodian 2 now imagine usdc stablecoin being Selected or chosen to be under Credential regulation and serving as a True retail facing us digital dollar and Connecting the market in a way it's Already on a stellar Network right It's got massive market Cap it's working great but imagine it Actually being brought under Presedential regulation so it's then Held by the Puppet Master through the Government the treasury the fed and so On and so forth the OCC and all all the Rest of It then you have custody then you have a True retail facing United States digital Dollar and if it's held under presential Regulation and to a constitutional Standard we have the privacy That we should have without the fear of Censorship like we witness every day on Platforms like you're looking at right Here and hearing me On think of it for a moment who's behind Now Swift says now in its third year to G20 road map for enhancing Crossborder payments continues to be an Important driver towards fast and Frictionless Global transactions Susan

Delgado Swift's head of consumer and Small medium Enterprise payment strategy Takes a look at how g20's targets of Speed transparency cost and access can Be met through public and private Collaborations and a commitment of Industrywide Standards everyone's doing it Meanwhile We're being made to feel in the retail Space like it's oh it's never going to Happen never going to happen look at the Deep connections listed here by Ashley Prosper and look at this too Ashley's Got 13,000 100 plus followers why is it Not 1.3 million Ashley Prosper does Incredible incredible research and Contributions on social media here give Her a follow if you haven't done it Already Ripple is connected to Medico Uphold SBI Amazon R3 bny fed bis eec Modular neem Bank of England HSBC Black Rock onaf uh World economic Forum rocket Fuel energy web token University of Toronto xot lemon W Volante currency Cloud do I got to keep going Kuwaiti House fin Finance house digital Euro Association digital pound Association Digital Pro dollar project Morgan State University Standard Chartered isda ban Central Bank National Bank of Egypt and The list goes On and everybody saying we won't see a New all-time high again and what do all Three of these charts have in common

When we're looking at xrp P oh first of All before we go here I'll tell you what I see here I see a long list a very long List and this is just some of the Partnerships this is just a name a few And she does mean a few so you know when You look at this long list you know what I see I see the opportunity for Network Effects just like for the US dollar to Kick in at some point and it will kick In at some point but it'll be when They're ready and not when we're ready Because we've been ready for a long time And it looks like the xrp charts getting Ready what do all three of these charts Have in common says xrp drops all Indications are that a breakout is Imminent the triangle has been Stretching the xrp chart like a spring Since 2018 the takeoff will unleash enormous Power and shout out to all those uh ta People dark Defender as well who wasn't In there but egg rag crypto goes on to Say The X Factor ladies and and Gentlemen if we get above the X Factor Line right here which is right around Floating around just under the all-time High for xrp well then we better watch Out because the X Factor if we get above That and we stay above it it looks like We got a damn good chance to see that $27 xrp we hear about so much because The

1.618 is a very key FIB line when it Comes to xrp charts they say and we will Be watching it closely not Financial Advice or me or anyone else it's just my Digital perspectives I hope I'll see you In the freedom Zone


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