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Welcome back to the show everybody check It out we got Swift R3 Jerome Powell From the fed and they're all coming out And telling us there's going to be some Changes real soon somebody wrote that Beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.12 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto we're off by 2.4 percent right Now Bitcoin 23 400 ethereum just over 1600 bucks tether market cap 70.7 billion they're saying right now And xrp is coming in at 38 cents Market Slumping a little as we go into the Weekend but the news isn't and let me Tell you what else isn't it's League two And they got a special going on right Now with pricing You need to check it out don't mess Around they do not do this very often Check out the minimums I'm telling you Right now this is remarkable ladies and Gentlemen Ripple poly sign link to but Can I remind you very quickly poly sign Jack McDonald what they're doing Arthur Britto David Schwartz co-creator of The Xrp Ledger working on Atomic net over There settlement it's it's enormous it Is bigger than the dtcc the way they Built the model of what they're serving

And they are serving the globe and I Tell you to say it could scale into the Trillions is actually Not saying it it's it's bigger than that Believe it or not make sure you click The link and check it out We love link2 Eleanor terrett says right Here SBF oh gosh if there's anybody you Wouldn't want to be this morning SBS new indictments adds four He now has a total of 12 and that's an Additional potential 40 years in prison On top of the 115 He could serve for the first eight Eek is right I'm telling you yikarumba Boy do we got some good news now we're Going to get into it right here by the Way I want to let you guys know I sat Down and had the pleasure to talk with Dania sharmani from Winston Tron who Actually uh submitted Amicus brief as a Friend to the court in the SEC versus Ripple and we talk about it you're going To want to know about that we talk about Whether the case could go to the Supreme Court ladies and gentlemen you're going To hear every second of that interview We also talk about the good work that's Being done on her behalf uh Winston Strong and Dania sharmani on behalf of The Chamber of digital Commerce shout Out to Perry and boring and everything

They're doing in the SEC versus wahi Case as well you're going to want every Single bit of that I tell you we all Have to unite we're stronger together Ladies and gentlemen and look there's a Lot of changes coming right here you're Going to hear from Swift and R3 Discussing what's coming in the manner Of more fluid cross-border payments and We got so much more take a listen Right right yeah that and that makes Sense that makes a lot of a lot of sense Um I'm conscious I'm looking at the uh The stream here and there are loads of Questions coming in so I'm going to ask You one last one from me Ricardo and Then we're going to go to the streams Quick questions Um so quick fire one Um over the next few years what do you Think like the top three sort of Transformational use cases for Blockchain will be oh okay well it'll Have to be in capital markets payments And identity so you know let me just Give you a quick view of what that means So in capital markets you know the Continued digitization of all assets and Asset classes I think is really exciting So you know the digitization of property And cars and what have you and then the Ability to trade those things in primary Secondary and even tertiary marketplaces I think that's going to be cool

Um you know money so the movement of Money moving from lumpy to liquid so you Know today money is very lumpy right you Get AIDS every month or every couple of Weeks why don't you get every second you Know and we move money across border but We don't send emails cross-border of Course governance and legislation is Different on money versus data but still I think that that certainly will see a Shift of money being more fluid and then On identity if we consider what's Happening with web 3 the promise of Bring your identity to the internet and The identity is yours Sovereign identity Is something that I think is still just Been talking about it for a very long Time but hopefully now is the time to Get it right Absolutely and there's more let's take a Listen now to this and shout out to Mr Mann for these clips in financial uh and Financial services there's a lot going On in settlement and wholesale markets Um more more broadly can you tell us a Bit about that and a bit about how You're involved in it yeah absolutely I'd suggest you Nick that you know Wholesale settlement using digital Currency cbcs and stable coins is aren't Really one of the most exciting use Cases because it makes sense right so You know others you kind of look at and You squint and you really try hard to

And we're still trying to find the other Use because predominantly in the retail Space but in the wholesale space it Makes a hell of a lot of sense I'm just Going to point to a key project in the Capital markets there's a couple of them But dtcc in just recently in the last Several weeks announced their project Ion moving from T2 to T1 I mean that's Just the enormous snake yeah Efficiency that will gain moving from T2 To T1 and it's obviously not just the Dtcc of course it's the entire ecosystem Around CC yeah from a T2 to a T1 but What are you going to see there so You're going to see you know a hell of a Lot more efficiency around liquidity Management you're going to see a hell of A lot more efficiency around operations Um you're going to get closer to kind of Real-time settlement which of course is A very exciting kind of you know goal as We edged it's kind of you know t0 no I'm Not from ever want to get truly to t0 You might want to t zero minus a few Seconds because of the netting issues so You know yes we've we've got to solve Netting but um you know in in the Capital markets certainly settlement Reducing settlement Windows reducing Counterparty risk you know increasing Liquidity efficiency or just some of the Kind of key opportunities that we see There

Um in wholesale settlements so I'll Point to a couple of projects project Juror in particular oh yes nearly a year Old gosh I can't believe how quickly 2022. yeah it's flown right Dura is such A great project you know this the SNB The Swiss National Bank and the BDF the French Central Bank issuing their own Sovereign Cbdc into their own networks and then Have I tell you there's a lot of information That's starting to come out that we have Been following seeing PDF reports Highlight this highlight that you know Uh I love this moment because this Moment is really what we're witnessing Is a rollout right we're witnessing a Rollout of this technology and certainly At the wholesale back end which is where I feel it will take place first before Really feeling it on the consumer side Now speaking of that here's Jerome Powell right here talking about a dollar Cbdc and we need to ensure privacy I Like that kind of talk B identify uh Verifiable Um uh excuse me be identity verifiable Be intermediated needs to be seemingly Transferable between customers a Different intermediaries in any case Digital innovation in the financial Sector is here to stay absolutely it is Listen to Jerome and his thoughts here

Initial sources of risk So with this question and well of course This provides plenty of room to Elaborate let me start with you Jay the Flourishers Thank you Augustine thanks for bringing Us together and uh hello to my Colleagues it's nice to see everyone So as you as you pointed out there is no Question that we are in a time of Rapid Technological change in the financial Sector Especially in payments and as is often The case at times like this there's a Mixture of innovations that will have Lasting and perhaps salutatory effects And those that will turn out to be Mostly hype and it's never possible in Real time to be sure which is which More fundamentally Innovation is the key To the direct to driving productivity in The economy and the FED has long Supported responsible Innovation novel Technologies like distributed Ledger and Decentralized finance have the potential To increase the efficiency of the Payment system and encourage a more Competitive Financial landscape So the direction of travel is Encouraging and the future we can now Imagine is one featuring ubiquitous Real-time payments delivered at Extremely low cost It's also easy however to see the risks

Our existing regulatory Frameworks were Not built with a digital world in mind Stable coins Central Bank digital Currencies and digital Finance more Generally will require changes to Existing laws and regulation or even Entirely new rules and Frameworks under The principle of same activity same Regulation from a consumer protection Standpoint users may not fully Understand the extent of their potential Losses or that these Investments Generally lack the government Protections that accompany many of the Traditional financial instruments and Services that they're used to They're also our potential Financial Stability concerns for some products in Particularly particularly we don't know How some digital products will behave in Times of Market stress which could lead To large destabilizing flows nor do we Know how stresses in crypto markets Could potentially spill over into the Traditional Financial system Moreover crypto assets have been used in Some cases to facilitate illicit Activity and we need to prevent this so That the the innovations that do survive And do attract broad adoption are those That provide value over time for legal Use cases All of these Innovations have made Central Bankers think critically about

The intersection of money payments and Technology and about the role of central Banks in the economy and that is why we At the FED recently issued a discussion Paper on the future of money and Payments the paper is intended to be a First step in fostering a broad and Transparent public dialogue about the Future of money and we look forward to Receiving ideas and comments from a wide Array of stakeholders about what the Future of the financial system should Look like As the paper notes we are actively Examining potential use cases benefits Costs Etc risks of a central bank Digital currency and while we haven't Made any decisions over whether we will Eventually issue a dollar cbdc or what The underlying technological design of One would be we did outline four key Principles that are currently guiding Our thinking the first is that a cbdc Will need to ensure users privacy so We're researching technological and Policy options for a robust privacy Framework At the same time A cbdc would need to be identify Identity verifiable in order to prevent Money laundering terrorist financing and Other illicit activity just as Banks and Other financial institutions currently Currently comply with such rules

We also foresee a cbdc in the United States being intermediated so that it Can leverage the private sector's Ability to innovate as well as the Private sector's existing privacy Identity management and AML Frameworks An intermediated cbdc would also lessen Financial stability risks that could Arise from disintermediation of private Sector providers where Financial Services also provided by the government Fourth and finally a cbdc would need to Be able to serve as a widely accessible Means of payment for all transactions Meaning it would need to be seamlessly Transferable and between customers of Different intermediators in any case Digital innovation in the financial Sector is here to stay and we are Clearly only at the beginning of this Journey thanks There you have it ladies and gentlemen And for somebody you keep saying you Know if we decide to do these and look There is there for I'm speculating right But there's no if at my house this is Happening right It it to me it is intentional that they Do it last because they are the world's Largest economy and I think they are Waiting for everyone else to get to a Certain place of implementation For their Central Bank digital Currencies and then the U.S will

Introduce theirs that's how I believe This goes and I am speculating obviously All right now let's take a look at this This is from Black Swan capital a shout Out to them sitting down with executive Wealth manager Clive Thompson who Happens to say that he believes the new Financial system is being built on Ripple and other blockchain Technologies Which goes hand in hand with the fact That we know that Ripple is working with The FED in the U.S faster payments Council we know that Ripple is also on The digital dollar project with Chris Giancarlo you know this they're on the Digital Euro Foundation they're on the Digital pound Foundation I mean the list Goes on right so this is getting quite Interesting take a listen to what Clive Says here and shout out to Black Swan Capitalist the the governments are Anxious to try and keep control of their Financial system but they won't be able To stop these things existing and it's I I I guess the The aim of the government is to stop any Competitor to the central bank digital Currency occurring but it doesn't mean To say that these things won't exist and That they won't have value they will Have value and they will exist they Probably just won't be used uh or Necessarily be used in the same way that The Central Bank digital currency used

On a day-to-day basis but it's entirely Possible that many of these new digital Currencies around the world will run on The Technologies produced by companies Like Ripple and others the the Governments are wow Huh What does Clive know because I tell you You know I happen to feel compelled to That too that's why I'm in this space Right that's why I'm a shareholder of Reports why I hold xrp I believe Ultimately they will be used in this System and shout out to Black Swan Capitalists for that great interview Right there I got to check out the whole Thing all right look let's take a look At this now because we all like to know What's going on with price we go to egg Grad crypto this morning he says xrp fly Or dive in July 2023 showing here Average sentiment oscillator here is Showing a depth of the market volatility B strength and weakness of the trend C Indicates market trends indeed level of Stability to project possible trends of Price movement so you get to see an Image of that here I love all these different ways that They have a chance to you know analyze What's taking place here with these Metrics and these charting tools and Here we can see I guess this will be the July time frame where we would want to

Pay attention if we see this kind of a Cross and whether we get a fly or dive Yeah that's the thing I like is that Most of the technical analysts that I Cover here will show you both sides of The equation not just the up we look at The up and the down because that's the Risk for all of us in this space no Doubt about it then there's more here That shows an assumption triangle In formation uh rhyming the alligator Jaw it says uh I like to call ASO start Closing when the pinkish line crosses The light blue line xrp will have a Major pump be careful with those Rockets The judges ruled that those Rockets Could mean uh some kind of financial Advice signal so I guess all slot Machines will have to be removed I guess Uh we'll have to have anyone who has a Logo with a rocket in it will have to be Removed this is just getting ridiculous This is the United States of America and I think it's insulting to the citizens Of the globe to be perfectly honest to Assume that they do not have a mind of Their own that is for certain uh but Nonetheless that was a recent judgment I Haven't shown you to tweet but a recent Judge has said that rocket emojis could Constitute Financial advice Oh it's an insult it really is but Nevertheless are we allowed to be bonus What about rocket Emojis with a question

Mark what about rocket emojis that are Pointed downward is that negative Financial advice I don't know What a laughable world this has become But I tell you what this chart's not Laughable I think it's something we Should really pay attention to for the Up and the down because none of us know What is going to happen however I found This to be interesting this chart here Showing the RSI layout if we get the Green Dot and the cross here between the Blue and red line it could take us to 589 5.89 well you know the community would Lose their mind if that actually Happened wouldn't they shout out to egg Rag crypto and everybody else that we've Covered today uh not Financial advice or Me them or anyone else I will catch all of you on the next one


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