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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you Today nft Securities Jake travinsky Speaks on it coinbase something is Coming ladies and gentlemen new moves to Stop the SEC are out and Jack McDonald Talking about crypto was just a test bed And custody and also the bis says they Have won the battle against crypto we Got that so much more somebody rolled That beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for Exclusive content right now 1.15 Trillion dollar market cap for crypto We're up point four percent Bitcoin Right now just over twenty four thousand Dollars and ethereum 1600 Plus Tether market cap 70.3 billion they say xrp is 39 cents Ladies and gentlemen if you haven't done It we got breaking news coming to you About xrp Las Vegas we are going to be Making tomorrow two new additions and They are massive for the xrp Lego Las Vegas Convention 2023 Don't forget if you don't already know You get a ticket for Friday you can get A ticket for Saturday and you can also Get a chance to book your room at a Discount while it lasts and then we can

See that Jeremy Hogan will be there in Virtual presence and John Deaton and Eleanor tarrett and so many other Incredible panelists ladies and Gentlemen and more to come don't forget Link twos Joe and doso we got Nick Biofedo Quincy Jones and the sponsors Are really mounting up this is going to Be an incredible incredible opportunity For you to get together with everybody You've made friends with online and talk About xrp meet and rub elbows with some Of the most important people in this Space don't miss your chance to get a Ticket act now there is a link Underneath the video Right here Jake travinsky from The Block Chain Association says here the first of All the block itself had put out an Article or a tweet that suggested Dapper Labs and NBA top shots moment nfts are Securities as a federal judge rules Jake travinsky from the blockchain Association comes in and says this is False the judge didn't decide anything He allowed the case to proceed past a Motion to dismiss because the Securities Claims were at least plausible and Extremely low bar and not a final ruling At all so Let that clear the air but you know to Be clear it is something that we need to Have defined just like crypto itself and The ruling in the xrp and ripple versus

SEC case nfts I believe are going to Play a major role in tokenizing the Economy in so many different ways Coinbase dropped this right here They said today something's coming today Now I have to wonder what it is because They also said that uh they are willing To put up a fight and they have Determined that they may determine not To remove a particular crypto asset from Coinbase spot Market even if the SEC or Another regulator alleges the crypto Asset is a security so let the fight Begin now what it comes to with this Announcement I'm not quite sure but I Say you know what why not re-list xrp You know what else why not release Flair And Songbird to everybody who should be Getting it and I'm one of those people Too we'll see what happens Let's take a look at this very quickly Because the Fight Continues right here This now from the Chamber of digital Commerce from Eleanor terrett here says They have filed an amicus brief in the SEC versus wahi this is more moves to Stop the SEC and the regulation by Enforcement here and I tell you I'm not Going to spend a ton of time on this but God bless everybody who's putting up the Fight here Winston strong is highlighted In this is filing an amicus brief shout Out to thania Charmaine from Winston Strong who I believe submitted to brief

And this is also Winston strong that Submitted Amicus brief filing in the SEC Versus Ripple we're going to reach out To her and see if we can't have a Conversation with her the Fight Continues ladies and gentlemen Mark Phillips makes this comment and I think It's so spot on and it's going to lead Us to the conversation for the rest of This video If the SEC changed the rules so only Qualified custodians can hold crypto for Others then it sets up a new gatekeeping System where the only custody solution Is regulated Banks and Mark Phillips is An OG in this space and he is absolutely Spot on and you know what else take a Listen here shout out to Tony from Thinking crypto sits down with none Other than CEO Jack McDonald from Poli-side and standard custody and Listen to what he says here it is Powerful The note of tokenization we're seeing a Lot of folks now talking about Tokenization uh BlackRock CEO Larry Fink And many Bank CEOs as well uh it's Surprising it's almost like something Happened and it's a change in the air And now everybody's talking about Tokenization of asset Securities and Whatever it may be on the blockchain Which is exciting uh but yeah it seems Like the industry uh to your point the

Adoption of blockchain the the use cases That are being discussed now I'm I I'm Not sure that uh our listeners would Necessarily agree with this but I think There's a growing sense that Particularly among the Trad Phi Um uh professionals out there that History may show that cryptocurrency was Really a proof case for the underlying Technology of DLT and blockchain Technology that really paved the way for Tokenization and if you think about the Tam or total addressable Market Broadly speaking Other asset classes then crypto is where The real the real juice is here in terms Of just whether it's equities or credit Instruments or or real assets real Estate Etc and to your point there's been some Very uh well-known prolific Proponents of tokenization and I can Tell you we could knock on the door to The 10 largest asset managers in the Planet or the 10 largest you know Global Custodial Banks and all of them I'm Confident 100 would want to have a Conversation around tokenization and to Get our view of what Changes will take place I was with one Of the largest asset managers in the Industry two hours ago and they said What's your three to five year view What's your ten year view we've got a

Whole team of people here trying to Understand what impact that's going to Have about our on our business both from A distribution standpoint how we create These products how we distribute them And then what the downstream impact is To our business from just a middle and Back office uh perspective and we didn't Talk about cryptocurrency for an hour And it was all about this tokenization We have a product and a service an Atomic net that has a blockchain in our Quorum we do essentially focus on Atomic Settlement I tell you that is a Remarkable clip there shout out to Tony For a great interview uh Roberto says it Here is a nice reminder once you have Atomic settlement between two central Banks it's game over that was Bob way Absolutely well said nice reminder from Roberto on that one an Augustine Carson's has planted a flag and says Crypto has lost the battle against fiat Currency Well there's so much more and we're Going to jump into that in the next Video but Augustine Carson said that the Crypto uh has lost the battle you can't Make a statement like that without Knowing who won and let me help he Believes it's the central banks in the Cbdc's and you don't plan a flag like That unless you're prepared to accept a Win and that is the truth and we're

Going to get into more of that in just a Moment on the next video this afternoon But I want to take you now to what Jack McDonald had said about calling and Reaching out to the 10 largest uh Custody Banks and investment Banks I Believe is how he said it here if I Could just refresh here largest 10 Largest asset managers on the planet And he's confident 100 we want to have a Conversation about tokenization well if You're going to have a conversation About tokenization because to the point That Jack's making is is that crypto I Believe was a test bed a psyop even And you know what it has shown the Regular markets to traditional markets How it can be beneficial to them and That's where I believe the tide is Turning and that tide turns based on Central Bank digital currencies based on Regulations forcing a legitimate Market To be made inside of a regulatory Framework and that is going to involve The banks and Central Bank digital Currencies and if you pull back one step Further than that it means that we're Moving to a new Financial system now Doesn't it and it all starts with Custody just like Jack McDonald was Talking about but here I'm going to play A clip as a reminder from peepa malmgren Who was on the Bush Administration back In the day and her father worked for the

Nixon Administration when the gold Standard was dropped now I want you to Listen to what she says here Start with you if You are looking at A new world order a new world order that Is as people describes it decentralized What does that mean world orders are That a group of countries across the World agree to a set of rules and they Agreed to play by them what under Order is always the financial system we Are on the brink of a dramatic change Where we are about to and I'll say this Boldly we're about to abandon the Traditional system of money and Accounting And introduce a new one uh everyone's Been predicting the demise of the dollar For a long time And the Nuance the new accounting is What we call blockchain it means digital It means having a almost perfect record Of every single transaction that happens In the economy which will give us far Greater Clarity over what's going on it Also raises huge dangers in terms of the Balance of power between states and Citizens in my opinion we're going to Need a digital constitution of Human Rights if we're going to have digital Money But also this new money will be Sovereign in nature most people think

That digital money is crypto and private But what I see are superpowers Introducing digital currency so I find It very difficult to talk about the World order that we're coming into given How very tenuous and unstable the Current environment is In my lifetime this is the second time That I have seen the superpowers Actually threaten the possibility of Nuclear war we're already in World War III we are already in conflict that Extends so far beyond Ukraine actually Remarkable and I have to say I think it's spot on for where we are on A macro View and if we're going to be Moving to a world of Central Bank Digital currencies which we are then I Believe we're going to need to really Make sure that we have anti-surveillance State act in place to Halt any chances Of the Federal Reserve or the government Itself To be able to get into your privacy and Your business when it comes to how you Spend your money digital or otherwise Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else this thing is starting to pick up Speed ladies and gentlemen it's just my Digital perspectives I'll catch all of You on the next one


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