Ripple/XRP-Mastercard/CBDCs/Ripple, SEC Corruption?, Special Investigator-Secret Meeting

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Right here we see representative comr Letter highlighted The sec's Continuous Delays misdirection in providing Requested information gendler received a Deadline of one week to produce the Requested documents that have been asked Very often many times and politely even It's getting nastier and as Eleanor Terret said here it is worth noting that This letter is from representative James Comr who has a track record of showing He's not afraid to subpoena government Agencies he's also given the onewe Deadline for guzzler to produce the Requested documents that we heard Testified on the hill just a week or so Ago where Patrick McKenry and others had Asked for the documents and why he Hasn't turned them over you know this is Just one more tactic by SEC and Gary Gendler to avoid any kind of oversight It is Despicable and I hope to see that Subpoena very soon because they're not Going to give the documents up without It I can feel that comment Mr huar says Here he puts another uh piece to the Puzzle and boy are we putting pieces to The puzzle I'm going to tell you about a Secret meeting before we get out of here Today yesterday in fact Mr huar shout Out out to all the incredible work he Does look at this did Luben also Convince Andrew KO with money Luben was In the New York digital currency task

Force shows it right here and there he Is listed right here alongside of Andrew Cuomo you know you have to wonder what This all means and we know that there's Been a narrative by Charles hoskinson And God bless him I've never said a Cross word about it But you know the fact that he's trying To split the difference between what the Definition of bribery is and convincing People with money is not bribery Somehow it's like you're picking pepper Out of fly poop you know I mean it's Like come on Charles now you're an Extremely smart guy and I have a great Deal of respect for you but if this is The hill you're looking to die on man Come on let let let let's all come Together there's so much more we align On Charles I think we could do more to Better Together than trying to delineate The difference between bribery and Convincing people with money and somehow That Isn't Bri I you I don't know I can't Even I can't even it's it's ridiculous And so is this Cowboy crypto is at it Again in 2019 Wang Zang which we know as Ccpb the Chinese Auto giant partnered With a blockchain startup known as Platon For a 29 billion blockchain smart city Project Says Z Fang is a founder of Platon not only is Zang the chairman of

Wangang blockchain which we know as CCP Back he's also a board member for Prometheum which we understand to be CCP Backed as well and remember we're Talking about the same promethium that Was awarded a special purpose broker Dealers license by Gary gendler at the SEC Is being backed by China in the CCP like A requirement to get ahead in the United States I think when they subpoena the Documents from the SEC maybe that should Be some of the questions asked when they Do John Deon says here and it really Backs the idea of what we're talking About here Mark cohodes here says that Uh Gary Wang the CCP operative and Sbfx part part nner was a special Adviser at Sequoia why has no one and I Mean no one in the mainstream media Pulled on this string you know I think This speaks to whatever you thought we Had as a country it isn't and you could Be on the right you could be on the left You could be down the middle libertarian Like me independent but I'm going to Tell you we don't have the country you Believe we had I could tell you that Because mainstream media is obviously Bought and paid for or they would be all Over this story John Deon says it seems Blatantly clear that having a CCP Connection provides a company with not Only access to us Regulators but an

Investigative free pass well said John Deon where is Gary Gensler the Self-proclaimed cop on the beat does he In the SEC only investigate and Sue nonf Fraudulent American companies like Library Dragon chain craf andex coinbase Ripple the list goes on and on my Question is does seoa have an office at The SEC this really is Despicable and again I was in a secret meeting yesterday and I can't tell you all the detail I'm Gonna I'll tell you what we'll get to it In a second here Charles Hoskins says Eth gate was simply unequal application Which he doesn't see anything wrong with He believes that none of the Commissioner's actions presupposed Corruption but only Favoritism uh David Schwarz chimes in Here and says I would argue that a Government actor showing favoritism Align with the personal interest of Themselves and their friends is Corruption this is exactly what I just Got done saying thank you David David is Highlighting here you're picking pepper Out of fly poop you're really trying to Redefine the idea of corruption itself With some softer term it it doesn't it Doesn't fly and I find Charles hoskinson Honestly to be too smart a man to want To get hung up in this Battle meanwhile the questions have not

Been answered and they are good ones Shout out to Mr bxrp Nick buedo from Link to which US Bank will use xrp first When will they have they done it already Will Ripple announce it will the bank Announce the partnership and when will d AI get his X account back so many Questions reminder xrp is not a Security free de that's what I say and I Tell you we got something to say about That before we get to the end of this Video today MasterCard has developed a Solution that allows tokenization of Cbdcs on multiple blockchains and Control which wallets are allowed to Receive the WRA tokens ladies and Gentlemen and I want to remind you that While all of that is taking place we Need to remember this MasterCard form Cbdc partner program with ripple and Consensus if you want to know what the Multiple uh chains are that they're Coming together with well here's a Couple right here isn't it right initial Partners including Ripple consensus and Fire blocks Global Payments giant MasterCard is forming a central bank Digital currency program with the Initial Partners including Ripple and Blockchain development firm consensus Master card announced at Thursday and This is the uh news from just short Period ago here uh it says the new cbdc Program let me get this right here is

Designed to Foster collaboration with Key players in the space well obviously MasterCard sees Ripple is a key player Regardless of the case and what is still Lingering which is not much at this Point but let's keep moving here and That's why I believe when we saw steuart Alara and we commented on his appearance On CNBC Yesterday that he said he said this way Shout out to Stuart xrp uniquely Classified in the United States xrp is Not a security in and of itself and I Felt like at that particular part which We played it yesterday go watch the Video I felt it like it was a specific Call to action to express that clarity To US Financial firms and businesses and Banks to let them know don't be scared To get off the S side line and approach Ripple and find out about the best use Cases of their products and the digital Asset xrp and if you want to know some Of the best cases take a listen to this Quick Clip here find out what bitso Thinks about on demand liquidity and Think now while you're listening to this About that call to action I felt like Steuart aldera derived in delivered in That statement yesterday about how all The US institutions could experience the Same gamechanging effect and using odl For me as a customer has been GameChanger um making and it's one you

Once you tested I always say that I'm The biggest fan of odl because one Nobody's telling me these stories like I've done that myself and I've been Benefited from it uh you see the two Screens and you see how money travels so Fast and in within the minute you have The money Uh that you wanted to transfer that you Were used to transferring in a weekl Long process and now it costs you cents On the dollar and it's so immediate so From a customer perspective um it has Been a wonderful experience and for us The partnership with ripple um from the Business perspective is just so Important and it's such a key uh part of Our business today and we are truly uh Thinking of expanding together into the Region so the question is is just like m Be it asked how long before we hear a US Bank or institution say these same Things these same amazing gamechanging Effects maybe PNC maybe Bank of America Maybe I'm shooting a little too high at The moment I don't know but I know one Thing it's coming it is coming and I Can't wait to see it happened within a US institution meanwhile dark Defender Says here we could go down a little Further but we may be at a bottom we Also know egg rag crypto says you know In an extreme situation we could return Back to 10 cents got to keep our head on

A swivel here to know whether the Bulls Or the Bears are going to win but more Than anything I want to focus on this Ashf Freedi he's done nothing wrong he's been Maliciously I think targeted on this Platform of X and I also believe and I Certainly know from personal experience That I have been individ usually Attacked over the years on YouTube and On social media and because of that when You see the goat of the xrp influencer Community Muted right in an instant wrongly Suspended I as a business person as Somebody who has built not only a YouTube channel but a media marketing Company I have to make a change too and I've done that and I've opened up a Patreon account account and by the way All my members in the dpmg digital Perspective Mastermind group where we do Private lessons and wealth creation Mindset and all of those things Preparing for the future how to be our Own manager of our own wealth don't Leave it in someone else's hands we Empower ourselves in that group have now Created a patreon group where everyone Can join and the members in the dpmg Will get this for free you can click This link and join so we never have Happen what happened to Dai again and It's for a very very small amount of

Money the cost of a cup of coffee we can Ensure that we always stay connected Through this platform you will have Videos that I put on YouTube they will Be Google ad free and I can tell you we Are going to begin to explore places That I know that we cannot go because I've been censored before on social Media and YouTube in years past And what I can tell you today is is that Yesterday I had a secret meeting in the Legal capacity as a special agent and Investigator for John deon's Law Firm With Steven nof and I can't tell you Everything but what I can talk about I'm Going to do it in this group and I'm Going to encourage you to join this Group so we can get the conversation Going making sure nobody can separate or Divide us again this is a freedom Zone There would be no censorship in here so Make sure you click that link and join And I'll see you and tell everybody else What's going on when you get inside of This group that's going to do it for me Make sure you hit the like And subscribe Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else I'll catch all of you on the next One


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