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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor with all the corruption that we Have seen out of our government over the Last over the last few years this just Sickens me to watch this I don't even Know you know the more I see this whole Ukraine thing the more I'm thinking what Are these corrupt politicians hiding Over there that they're shoveling money Over I mean I've I've lived a pretty Long life I'm 49. I've never seen our Country shovel money to some country That they obviously you know I don't Know what they're running out of Ukraine But they're covering something up that's Becoming very obvious this Janet Yellen Just went over there to give them 1.25 Billion dollars and that's just the Start they're going to shovel another 9.9 billion over there and don't forget That FTX was shoveling money over there Too and meeting with all these same Politicians so that reeks too And this is our national debt while they Do it they're these people these people Don't just deserve to be booted out of Power these people like Janet yell need To go to prison if you want to fix this Country and and and have a future for Our children they need to be put in jail So so there's there are examples set so

That nobody ever thinks that they can Get away with this stuff again this is Sick what's going on it is sick And it's a good time to remind you that Gold is money you can't trust these People as far as you can throw them They're having closed-door meetings Talking about how yeah the American Public they trust the federal banking System even though we here at the FDIC Really don't but we want to keep them Thinking that they should well I don't Gold is money that's part of the reason Glints one of my sponsors I have I I buy Uh in my I buy gold in my Glenn account So that I can have my debit Mastercard And literally spend my gold if I need That purchasing power And then I also buy it physically but a Link to Glimpse in the very top of the Description of this video I'm all worked up now's a good time to Calm down and get a little cooler and Check in with the cool guy What's up fam Greg Hines is hosting the First ever xrp event in Las Vegas we got An uphold we got link too we got Tech Master Flex Quincy speaking we got the Digital asset investor might be going so Mr Oz made his decision We're going to Vegas let's have some fun Let's get the adults in the room and Let's talk about what this world is Really going that's what I'm talking

About and and call to the official cool Guy you know how you always do your Gary Videos I think it's time to do do a few Brad and copy Brad garlinghouse soon Because Brad garinghaus likes to go to Bitcoin Miami he needs to go to this too Because everybody who's anybody's gonna Be there okay that's an 80s comment any Of you that grew up in the 80s you would Recognize that The we used to see all the cliche movies Where um the kids are doing drugs or Alcohol and they're like come on Everybody's doing it well Brad Garlinghouse everybody's doing it Ripple Needs a presence there and I think Brad Garlinghouse should be there now there's A little bit of drama here and um I Don't look I met Matt Hamilton and he Was a nice guy I think he's I think he's A uh above board a guy and I and but They're they're basically throwing Around the accusations he said he's Running Bots but downplaying what his Profit margins really are Um which is why he had to leave Ripple Now I don't know I The guy was very nice he was very Straightforward Um he caught I met him I was with Brad Comes and he goes ah the YouTube Contingent which I thought was funny Um but he says I I don't I sell it at a Price higher than I bought it I mean I

Don't look we're we we all buy and sell Things I've I've I've uh I've held on to The core of my xrp since 2013. Um occasionally I've I've sold small Amounts to like flip into something else Or something but not my core Holdings Um so I mean I don't I just don't see Any big problem with what he's doing Here Um the uh But anyway basically he's talking about Uh it's like a it sounds like like Trading Bots or something and he says Here you can look at the transaction History I've been running a market maker On The xrp Ledger since 2017. I openly Talk about it including in my CV and my Interview joining Ripple this is not Some Grand conspiracy you've just Uncovered see like one of the things That's in the Ripple lawsuit is about Like Brad garlinghouse and Chris Larson Um selling um some of their xrp and and All that and those things you know a lot Of people got angry about that I never Did because I always assumed that these Guys who had spent all this time working And and building This company that they had probably Cashed out on on some along the way I Mean I kind of always assumed that Um I never really I never cashed in on My on my core Holdings of xrp but in any Way I just uh I wouldn't give Matt

Hamilton too big hard of a time about That now this is interesting because This woman is is a person that Interviews and writes books uh Interviews people in intelligence and Writes books on the intelligence Community I think she's involved in Writing um that show that I'm about to Start watching That's uh based on Patriot Games Remember the Tom Clancy stuff the one That's on Amazon with the guy that was In um the guy that was in uh the office I was gonna start watching that I'm Finishing up peaky blind or something in The last season And then I'm going on to that one but Anyway let's listen to what she says Right here About she she asked these guys in this Thing a question and when she asked it I Could tell by the look on her face she's Asking them about their leader she's Referring to Satoshi and she's and more Or less asking why do you trust that This person is who you think it is or Just because these guys in their mind They have it picture Satoshi pictured as Something I don't think it is which is Some libertarian great guy that's just Held onto this wallet well no no no no No no no that is not what it is watch This Now with that said I do also know a

Number of Serious players in your world who I Have a very strong suspicion slash Almost certainty Consult with the intelligence community So there is a I think I'll take it a Step further I think that there are a Large percentage of the Bitcoin Um leadership people Are right there involved with it because These aren't stupid people these are not People that would be out telling people To buy Bitcoin unless they already knew Who owned who who started it and the Reason I say that is because there's too Much freaking liability yes I'll get Into that more in a sec quid pro quo There because The crypto Community as far as I can Tell S I know that I have you know Communicated with in in other areas have No intention of being a hostile player So they're they want to they want to my Money is the leaders of the crypto Community want to be able to maintain Pseudonym Pseudonymity right but not anonymity They are saying wait I am identifiable I Can tell you what it is you would like To know I am not a hostile player I wait right however we are making our Own new rules And that's where it becomes a bit of a

Date listen to a bit of a day time now Listen to what she says next And that's where I find cryptocurrency In this world extraordinarily Interesting because more will be Revealed moral V revealed what does that Mean when I hear more will be revealed You you kind of I think I captured in The next one what she says at the Beginning here listen to what you if you Combine more will be revealed with what She says right here I think and I didn't Throw back a question at you which is Probably uncomfortable right Tell me about your organization's Founder founder she's talking about Bitcoin okay I was actually actually gonna uh no he This guy I mean these are intelligent Guys but I think that they're also young And and in my opinion it's not an insult I'm just saying I think they're being Extremely naive and I think that her Comment which you should listen to again Lets you know that she thinks they are Too watch Right Tell me about your organization's Founder now he's about to go into a Whole two minutes or so or of of him Giving this the typical Bitcoin ideology Speech and I'll show you a little bit of That then I want to skip to what she Says next uh Satoshi I was actually

Actually gonna Um ask you about this individual Um but I'm asking you because it's you He's your he That is uh part of the the secret Ingredient of of crypto is no one really Knows I mean there's lots of speculation On who that individual might be there's Even some sort of what I might put call In kind of the conspiracy uh Theory Camp There's speculation that this individual Might be a representative of a Three-letter agency as well Um well we have a video of them of one Of the agencies saying they met with the Four satoshi's buddy so conspiracy you Might want to you want might want it to Be conspiracy but it's really not happen To believe that that's true I believe That this was one or a small group of Individuals working together to achieve Some common purpose but this individual Um chose to remain pseudonymous right Yeah okay so that's the ideological part Now let's get to what she says because This is what's interesting to me this Community I would have put Let me I want To get all of it violence Um so in some ways it is similar to a Non-state actor as you've described it Annie in that it's You know caveat here is I'm just telling You how if I were in the intelligence Community I would approach it I'm not

Telling you my Approach too no certainly Understand that but but this is part of It is we want you know does that Description right now because they Either absolutely know who your or your Leader is or they don't and if they Don't then then the organization is a is A considered an on-state actor to them They either know who it is or they don't And if they don't it's considered a Non-state actor in other words it's Considered a threat folks come on come On they do then they have a lot more Power than you think and if they do they Have a lot more power than you think For it to live or die folks Look what I wrote up here they know They've always known think about how Crazy it would be for the SEC and the Cftc to give Bitcoin a designation Without knowing who created it think About the horses you know what's that They would be if they gave Bitcoin this Commodity designation Giancarlo was one Of them Christian Carlo and then five Ten years down the road North Korea says Hey by the way we're Satoshi we're about To dump all of our stuff and um we Tricked you okay and we can prove that We're Satoshi because here's our here's The address we're now going to sell These out and dump them okay You think those you really think and Here's the other question all these

Companies CEOs like Michael settle that Are promoting and their board of Directors from a liability standpoint if They didn't know Do you think that they would be allowing Their these companies this is tremendous Liability that makes no sense Because they all know something I'm not Saying Michael Saylor and them know but I'm saying if they don't know they've Got a high level of risk listen to what Else she says very that would that meant That's that creates a vulnerability Within the organization that is should Be considered well imagine imagine Somebody buys but you know we saw where Somebody sued Ripple they bought a Hundred dollars not they bought they Lost like a hundred and something bucks Or something by buying Ripple not from Ripple but from an exchange well imagine Somebody buys bit a thousand dollars or Ten thousand dollars worth of bitcoin And then the price takes down to five Thousand And then they decide hey uh Michael Saylor told me to buy it or no bad Example I'm sorry one of Michael's sale Michael Saylor has bought all this for His uh for on behalf of his companies Buying it for the company the company Has shareholders let's say the price Tanks and the shareholders file a Lawsuit against Michael Saylor and the

Board of directors and in court the Board of directors and Michael Saylor Have to explain in a lawsuit yeah we Thought this was a great investment even Though we didn't know who created it Who do you think is going to win that Lawsuit Because they have a fiduciary Responsibility to manage the risk of Their shareholders I mean are you Kidding me Answers that the intelligence agencies Of the world don't know who Satoshi is I Mean this is I you know this is all Conjecture aside I'd be very interested In your thoughts anyway I'd also be Interested in your thoughts David like What do you guys think about this well It's neither or as far as I'm concerned That because there's no way of knowing They you know they either do or they Don't but Buddy though if they do as I said those Two lines of thought then the way in Which intelligence Community perceives The organization is entirely different Well as far as the peaceful movement I Would also tell you that the Intelligence Community would say this Any organization that Alleges utopian ideals right is of Incredible interest to both the military And the intelligence Community because Nothing ever winds up the way it was

Intended Man I really feel like she was giving a Warning there and don't forget DARPA created the internet okay and so My question is so they created the Internet but some guy named Satoshi beat Them to it on bitcoin the internet of Money Come buy my igloo in south Georgia the Temperatures only get into the 100s Above 100 here in the summer and it'd be A great purchase for you and your family In the summer Eleanor tarrett breaking The SEC has issued a subpoenaed of Robin Hood over its cryptocurrency listings Then we've got Dr Martin his book from Uphold telling telling the truth once Again Justin's son holds 15 625 validators on ethereum 2.0 ethereum Never was is not and never will be Decentralized by any definition Well we know that the engineered Henman Ethereum free pass speech was based on Nothing in the law it was a group of SEC And Private Industry people getting Together to BS their way out from under Securities laws to pad their pockets and They all know it and here's the attorney Um I'm drawing a blank on his Lewis Cohen explaining this Why can't uh something initially be a Security then morph into non-security According to case law Sure well it is a completely anomalous

Uh concept for our the law as it works Today there's just simply no such thing As a asset that was a security and then Stops being a Security based on events That are extrinsic to that asset so it Just does not exist it's a completely Made up idea not to say that people Shouldn't be making up new ideas only to Say that there's no basis and to the Best of my knowledge the SEC is not Cited any case law precedent for saying Well you know we see in this case X Something wasn't or security or wasn't Security and then it stopped being a Security So the first and foremost point is that It's a new Theory and it's fine to bring Up new theories nothing against that but It's just that it's difficult to charge People with violations of the law based On something that has no support Currently in the law so that's that's The case and then that could be President right absolutely yes yes Separately the paper we argue it would Be a bad idea so um so yes but I we Completely recognize and support that There's nothing wrong with the SEC Bringing up new ideas and new Solutions This is why Congress needs to Investigate the Hinman ethereum free Pass the whole thing I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment

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