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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines Japan says April Brazil says imminent we got Monica long Brad garlinghouse in the news digital Pound Foundation G7 Nation ladies and Gentlemen Global cooperation on crypto Regs we got Sir John conlift the Deputy Governor of the bank of England Brooks Amp whistle what about cbdc's in Ripple And Singapore ladies and gentlemen we Got that in the 300ma for xrp is it Escape somebody wrote that beautiful Intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It's 1.14 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency it's off by 1.9 percent Bitcoin 23 800 plus ethereum 1600 plus Tether market cap is 69.9 billion they Say xrp 38 cents we are up 1.2 percent On the seven day things are pretty flat And falling that's where they are this Morning but you know what this isn't This is a reason to get excited right Here take a listen to the link to Fireside chat coming up today Jack McLeod McDonald's excuse me from Poli-sign take a listen shout out to Ray Fuentes hi everyone it's Ray from link2 Devastated by the destruction caused by

The earthquakes in turkey and Syria the Link to portfolio company Ripple Labs is Committing 1 million dollars to support Non-government organizations providing Aid in the region the fund supports four Ngos with relief operations on the Ground and donations which are Distributed equally those organizations Are care Mercy corpse World Central Kitchen and International Rescue Committee across the pond the link to a Portfolio company uphold announced that Its UK clients can earn the digital Asset xrp when spending the uphold card No foreign transaction fees spend crypto Directly from your uphold card and earn Four percent cash back paid in xrp Anywhere in the world also friendly Reminder link 2 will be hosting a Fireside chat with poly sign CEO Jack McDonald today Friday February 17th at 10 30 a.m Pacific Standard Time don't Miss this fireside chat click the link In our bio to register thanks for tuning In have a great weekend and don't forget Don't mess around it does not last long Click the link underneath the video I'll Be in that fireside chat Stewart El doradi General legal counsel For ripple says reminder that the agency Authority rests on laws and regulations Not on personal beliefs or political Motivations well set there regulatory Threats undue pressure coercion

And intimidation have no place 2019 FDIC Statement ending operation choke point Yeah Look banks are breaking up with crypto And it's obvious And I tell you something who no matter Who you are It is a good idea that you sit down if You're hearing my voice you were Obviously a Speculator in this digital Asset space Everyone has their own risk appetite Figure out what yours is take a look at Your portfolio make sure you know what's In your portfolio and why because it is Obvious that we are in a time of Transition and you want to make sure That you're positioning yourself for the Best opportunities to come out of that That's all I can say everybody's got Their own that that's a different answer For every person Japan will launch a pilot program in April to test the use of its version of A central bank digital currency ladies And gentlemen known as a digital U.N you Are digital Yen excuse me it's Central Bank said on Friday look not a lot more To glean from that other than what it is I've read the article But here is more news Central Bank of Brazil now remember this is not a direct Connection none of the Articles say this But Ripple has a huge presence obviously

In Japan with SBI and a lot of banks There we know that Ripple has a huge Presence in Brazil Central Bank of Brazil President states that the digital real Pilot is imminent now Are we speculating that there could be Some involvement directly or indirectly You bet your ass I am So don't take what I say is as a Verbatim or or that it's actual facts I'm speculating that there is some Director indirect involvement here Because Ripple has huge presence in Those areas now for a lot of the cbdcs That are launched it would not surprise Me if all of those Central Bank digital Currencies around the world have their Own network and they plug in and tap Into their private ledger to do business With other central banks that to me Makes the most sense but we'll see how This shakes out and I'm sure there'll be Many different forms and variations as These things continue to roll out but Very exciting nonetheless Shout out to Monica long the new President of Ripple right here and Brad Garlinghouse obviously the CEO shout out To both of them Monica says love the Influx of crypto players focusing on Payments as a real world use case as we Know very well the Baseline ability for Fast efficient scalable and cheap

Movement of value is the key to opening Up a broader list of real-world utility Lending tokenization Absolutely and I don't mind adding in Qualified custodians which you could Find at standard custody But you know what she's so right and I'll tell you something how about that When you have a company that is working Hard in the sector that she mentioned And they're not afraid of competition They welcome other players coming into This space That to me is this that is these to me That is the posture of a winner right There because what they are do look I Look at the same thing from what I do From my channel I don't compete with Anyone I'm a Creator if you're a Competitor you've already lost and it is Obvious to me that Monica's statement Here says that she's a Creator they're Not a competitor and they don't care if Other people come into this space it Makes the space better because Innovation and competition create Winners it creates what will be chosen In a open free market Brad garlinghouse Backs it all up and says just take a Look at the customer list and you guys Know how many customers Ripple has Come on in Here's one of them Digital pound Foundation Susan Freeman

Had a ripple policy sits on there yeah Like you bet you bottom dollar that's Not for nothing A report by UK stablecoin issue or pound Token which has released a digital pound Obviously and it's available at 18 000 ATM machines And crypto accounting firm suggests that UK economy could be losing as much as 20 Billion pounds due to its current Dependency on U.S stable coins So G7 Nation ladies and gentlemen and This is how it starts this is where you Start to see that paradigm shift it says Hey hey hey we're going to be using the Staple coin why don't we just use our Staplecoin Great question And it will be motivation for taking Action because it already is And hear about taking action as much as You may want to see finality when it Comes to having rules and regulations This is where it starts Senator Sheriff Brown's John boosman Patrick mchenry's offices are set to Send top staffers in a U.S delegation of Around a dozen folks from the hill to Brussels and Paris next week and guess What they're going to talk about it's Crypto with the EU regulators and Legislators who are about to drop the Bomb on their framework like Micah You know uh Susan goes on here to say

First let me say she says the visit is a Testament to the industry-leading space That the EU has set on crypto regulation Exactly right we absolutely expect Europe to become a hub for responsible Participants in crypto Innovation moving Forward she goes on to say Frameworks Like Micah protect consumers and promote Industry growth both are possible it's a Long pass for the U.S to take similar Action in otherwise risks permanently Losing its Competitive Edge to the Markets with more Progressive regimes Like the EU or the UK or Singapore or Japan which we've all mentioned or now Brazil right you know all of this says To me that the U.S is really designing Watching observing and they are going to Move last but they're going to take the Benefit of study and experimentation From all other regions of the world Before they step forward but I do Believe glass half full they they will Step forward I haven't seen Ripple now Since they're leaving the United States So I have to assume that this is going To work out we'll see Let's see here this is Sir John conlift The uh the uh Deputy Governor the bank Of England I'm gonna I'm not going to Play this whole 10 minutes so you can Breathe the sigh of relief No slight to uh Sir John Cutler but I'm Going to play you the first three

Minutes and I think you're going to like All of it because of what this Deputy Governor of the bank of England has said And you talk about long list of Partnerships at Brad garlinghouse was Speaking of Bank of England is one of them take a Listen motivation to make it sustainable But retrofitting and in some cases Taking away something that people quite Like and now that has very considerable Uh Lobby uh lobbying power and that that Um experience of having to retrofit Regulation on things that have grown to Scale you can see that with the internet Platforms in Julian's buckets in Competition in data it's incredibly Difficult to do once these things have Got to scale and they can get there uh Very fast so um it's I think that was Really the thing that was most at the Back of our minds this thing would Actually develop billions of people Would use it it would have benefits but Suddenly we'd be trying to retrofit a Regulatory framework around it to deal With risks in finance and in money and In payments and we will find that Enormously difficult to do so I'll Highlights out of three areas uh three Or four areas where this is important to Us and then two quick examples first the Impact on financial stability so um and There are lots of aspects to this but

But one really important aspect Um is uh I don't think we as Central Bankers or Regulators Um have any responsibility to protect a Particular banking uh business model It's not our job to protect Banks uh From competition from people with very Different business models and uh Different technology but that there Sounded indirectly like we're about to Do some business with some people that Could put those banks in question if They don't get with the program that's What that felt like to me keep listening Financial sector plays a very crucial Part in the economy and if it is Destabilized the impacts can be uh can Be very severe so that shows you the Weight of what they're about to do with These new systems and payment rails There's a whole set of issues about Um How the existing financial sector will Cope with the Challenge from new Entrants that could could grow to be Very large uh very quickly very quickly In that world and how do we manage the Transition from where we are and where We want to be we ran up an exploratory Stress test in the Bank of England in 2017. pre-facebook uh asking the banks To say well have you thought about what Might happen uh we're thinking about Fintechs then when others come in with

Different business models and actually At that point we thought the awareness In Bank boardrooms of some of the Challenges and how they would manage the Transition for example losing their Retail deposit base was actually Woefully woefully like they really Weren't thinking in those terms so There's a financial stability aspects of Adapting to new players and new business Models and ensuring that's not uh that's That doesn't lead to a stability Secondly I mean the Mantra regulatory Arbitrage Um which we'll talk about all the time Which really comes back to speak to the Idea and understanding that there is Global cooperation as Susan Friedman Highlighted right uh look here's what I Want to say this is the Deputy Governor Bank of England Sir John conlift now I Understand there's not a lot of energy In what he's sharing but let me tell you What he is saying is extremely important He's talking about the banking system Being really understanding that what We're about to bring and incorporate Into the financial system is going to be Extremely disruptive And they better have theirself a plan About how they're going to survive this Disruption he talks about financial Stability Everybody wants to know why hasn't this

Happened yet why haven't we done this Yet this is the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England this is you know this Guy's not a podcaster right They're they are scared a bit here Because that's what the problem is you Know it is going to disrupt the Financial system and they must have it Right when they do it because once you Do it the effects can be absolutely Damaging if you don't have your self Positioned in the right manner speaking Of position in the right manner Brooks And whistle from Ripple is sitting here Talking about the idea that they have Four people on the ground in Singapore Alone focused on Central Bank digital Currency Interoperability between different Cbdc's and it is a real opportunity for A ripple now I want you to listen to This and shout out to work and money Channels where I've heard I saw somebody Sent me a clip of it if you're not Following that guy you should because he Does an incredible job and shout out to Him take a listen to this clip well we Have a very Um big cbdc practice it's now globally Based we actually within the last couple Of months have put four people on the Ground in Singapore alone focused on This he wants to put four people on the Ground in Singapore alone focused on

This okay it's an important effort it's An important Suite of products I think I Really related to this point exactly is I think as an industry we got to be Careful about chasing every single new Shiny thing it tends to dilute business Models it tends to take people off Course and we determine in addition to Our payments business cbdc's are a very Important piece of what we're going to Do however we have found real traction With smaller governments smaller Accentral banks that need a holistic Solution a side chain someone to come in From scratch can you say the names I can Give you a couple examples since we're In semoritz I'll give you a mountain Example our first mou is He has a very forward-looking King Technology advanced and basically Decided he wanted a better way of moving Kind of value around the country whether Or not it was payments or other issues They need to do and also to set up a System uh so they could eventually have Remittances back into the country as Well we're working with Palau we're in Dialogue and working with a number of Central banks around the world at the China level and at the U.S level there's A lot of people chasing that and a lot Of people that have their own Sovereign Interest in mind and so you got to be Realistic about your impact there but

Cbdc's will be an important topic for The entire industry going forward and The interoperability between them we Think has a real opportunity for many of Us around the table and there you have It right there ladies and gentlemen boom Uh look that is extremely exciting to me And I want to show you this before we Get out of here because if this plays Out this will be extremely exciting to All of us egg rag crypto shares xrp Escape 300 moving average since December 29 one xrp is struggling to close above The 300 ma it is a major resistance Recently xrp is getting rejected at the 300ma but the Bulls are attacking it Again and again xrp price is pressurized So once it will escape to 300ma it will Be a slingshot he says and if you take a Look at it right here you can see Anytime it gets above the 300ma boy do We would love to see that happen again And this is where we are in this little Red box as you can see here as it keeps Hitting its head on it if it gets above That my goodness my goodness And it'll be something to watch that's Going to do it for me not Financial Advice for me or anyone else I'll catch All of you on the next one


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