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Welcome back to the show everybody well We've got Stuart out of Roddy Susan Friedman head of Ripple policy slamming Senator Warren come on in yeah and Coinbase's chief legal officer will we See xrp re-listed we got that and so Much more somebody wrote that beautiful Intro It's with Brad kimes come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.19 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency it's up 5.4 percent good Morning happy Friday everybody 26 800 Plus it's Bitcoin seven and a half Percent up on the 24 hour and 31.6 up on The seven day come on in yeah 1754 for Ethereum the picture's much the same Here up 5.3 on the 24 hour and 21.8 Percent on the seven day tether market Cap 75.2 billion they say xrp right now is Sitting at 37 cents it's up 3.2 on the 24 hour and 0.9 percent on the seven day Now let's get into this if you don't Know it link2 has some of the most Amazing products that you can get in the Private Equity space and I'm going to Tell you when it comes to fintech Blockchain or whether you're talking About AI now they've got it whether it's Samba Nova cerebus or standard AI ASA App are available on link two's

Investment platform with a five thousand Dollar minimum ladies and gentlemen come On in look don't mess around Ripple two You know and when they have it poly sign But this is the thing how much longer These things are available we never Actually know so the time to strike is Right now the link is underneath the Video check out my sponsor Ryan selkis Now you know there's been many times I Have not agreed with Ryan selkis if you Followed this channel But he's got her spot on today now You're going to need to hear the Majority of this clip and it's probably Going to upset you the way it has me and Ryan sulcus and the gentleman talking to Janet Yellen in this clip But I want you to listen because in this Five minute clip Ryan selkis has got it Here dead to rights treasury secretary Janet Yellen and Senator Lankford Highlighted how the FED just destroyed The U.S Community banking system That's exactly what this conversation is And you need to know it before we move Forward take a listen I I don't have Time I need to be able to drill on a Couple things let me start with some of The banking issues we're dealing with on It Will the deposits in every Community Bank in Oklahoma regardless of their

Size be fully insured now are they fully Recovered every Bank every Community Bank in Oklahoma regardless of the size Of the deposit will they get the same Treatment that Svbp just got or Signature Bank just got A bank only gets that treatment if a Majority of the FDIC board super Majority a super majority of the FED Board and I in consultation with the President determine that the failure to Protect uninsured depositors would Create systemic risk and significant Economic and financial consequences so What is your plan that determination Right so so what is your plan To keep large depositors from moving Their funds out of Community Banks into The big Banks exactly we have seen the Mergers of banks over the past decade I'm concerned you're about to accelerate That by encouraging anyone who has a Large deposit in a community bank to say We're not going to make you whole but if You go to one of our preferred Banks we Will make you whole at that point Um look I mean we're that's certainly Not something that we're encouraging That is happening right now that is Happening right now and that is exactly Right because that is exactly what is Happening right now and she doesn't know How to answer it and it's despicable and It's called nationalizing the banking

System oh That is happening because depositors are Concerned about the bank failures that Have happened and whether or not other Banks could also uh no it's happening Because you're fully insured no matter What the amount is if you're in a big Bank you're not fully insured if you're In a Community Bank well there you go You're not fully insured and you you Were at signature and it was it just Barely met that threshold you were at Signature Will we felt that there was a serious Risk of contagion that could have Brought down and triggered runs on many Banks Um and that something given that our Judgment is that the banking system Overall is safe and sound Depository should have confidence in the System and we took these actions so There's a special assessment that's been Done on Community Banks in my state in All banks across the country was there Any discussion that that special Assessment would only apply to the Larger Banks or was it always assume the Special assessment would cover every Bank including rural banks in my state Um I I think I I'm not certain what the Rules are around that Um that that's for the FDIC to determine It has been reported publicly that svb

Had a large number of Chinese investors That are there including some that were Companies directly connected to the Chinese Communist Party Will those individual those individuals Companies entities and investors That are Chinese investors be made whole Based on Assessments in my banks in Oklahoma so what I'm asking is will my Banks in Oklahoma pay a special Assessment to be able to make Chinese Investors whole from Silicon Valley Bank Uninsured investors will be made whole In that bank and I suppose that could Include foreign and foreign depositors But I don't believe there's any legal Basis to discriminate among uninsured I Get it but I'm just saying my Community Banks are going to pay this additional Fee it is always fascinating to me as Well the conversation that taxpayers are Being made whole in this taxpayers are Not going to have any kind of Consequence on this I'm sure my Bankers Are going to be very excited to know They no longer pay taxes Yeah because they're treated like they Don't pay taxes like the big Banks and Now they're going to be ostracized and Left out into the cold because they Won't get the same favor On high as the J.P Morgan's and such This is a great clip because it exposes The true reality of what is going on

With the federal government right now And I agree with Brian selkis on this Matter I don't want Community Banks to Go under or for the federal government To use a crisis to push a central bank Digital currency FDIC seeks to sell signature bank now Uh-huh but listen From Eleanor terrett here those said to Be interested include Morgan Stanley PNC Bank Bank of America City JPMorgan Wells Fargo Goldman Sachs I mean you've seen The list they're all like chopping and Hey I'll buy it up we'll buy it well There comes strings to all of this Prospective buyers of Signature Bank Will reportedly have to agree to drop All crypto business at the bank How about that one Stuart El doradi says government action That has the consequence of depriving Legitimate businesses their rights to Bank accounts is a violation of Constitutional due process Community Financial Services Association Of America versus FDIC Federal Reserve OCC come on in Well I tell you what you can see what's Going on here and I know I see it too This from Charles gasparino here he says As I reported on Liz Clayman yesterday Banks including JP Morgan are looking to Bail out first Republic now which has Been made next on the list

To get through what they say is a Liquidity crisis recall 08 the pre-bear Stern Layman when uh Layman Brothers When the banks bailed out Bond issuers Or ensure excuse me to stop the Panic it Worked until it didn't And that is the moment I believe we're On again Before we go on to this next clip I just Want to describe something that I see From the macro here if I could I just Want to describe it and if I could What I see Happening Here was that the FED changed raised rates that instantly Put the banks in an upside down position And that's because of fractional lending That all banks do The Moody's rating system comes in and They downgrade you now because obviously The rates have changed and now your Books are completely upside down But the shareholders of Moody are in Fact Berkshire Hathaway BlackRock Vanguard right The Usual Suspects So if they do this every 10 to 12 years It's a cycle And they come in looking like the hero To save the government and all the People from failing and put out this Money to buy everything back up after It's collapsed All the while monopolizing everything They buy up and then turning around After they bought it Pennies on a dollar

And reselling it back to all of us that Have lost it Just want to be clear if you're seeing What I'm seeing Shout out to Jim for this one Uh Susan Friedman is laying it down in This one right here I don't mind telling You and it is this Susan Freeman head of Ripple policy Slams Senator Warren saying we deserve More from our elected officials than Click bait headlines that don't nearly Begin to tell the full story well let's Take a look at that full story because It's right here Elizabeth Warren laid it Down she tried to put her narrative Forward it's no wonder the American People are skeptical of a system that Holds millions of struggling student Loan borrowers in limbo but steps in Overnight to ensure that billion dollar Crypto firms won't lose a dime in Deposits oh it's all our fault do you See it's all it's all these bad crypto People well Susan Freeman picked up on It too and she put it out the way it Needed to be shout out to her for this a Good reminder that repeating something Demonstrably false over and over again Doesn't magically make it true boy do we Like that go Susan Freeman sir the U.S Government didn't step in to save crypto And the decision to protect depositors Affected a diverse group of people and

Businesses and individuals Of which crypto was one part Go Susan Freeman I want to see more of That You keep that coming Mrs Friedman yeah And here we have Tony from drinking Crypto shout out to crypto law for this Clip with Paul Grewal the chief legal Officer at crypto or at a coinbase Excuse me and says this is what Democracy is supposed to look like when Talking about the xrp army take a listen Token holders crowdsourcing and causing And having an impact on the case via Attorney John Dean I I didn't see that Coming I'm like wow there's like 70 000 Plus uh xrp holders and they're all on Twitter and they're all so it's a very Different Dynamic have you seen anything Like this before and what do you think The impact will be moving forward once Again it doesn't have to be xrp it could Be Cardona it could be whatever uh what Do you think about that no to answer Your question directly I have not seen Anything like this in in my experience And um again Um even though uh you know many of many Of the holders of these tokens and the Fans of the projects uh are quite Aggressive and quite vocal Um I respect what they're what they're Trying to do in a lot of ways Tony this Is what democracy is supposed to look

Like right regular people weighing in on Important issues that impact their lives So I have a ton of respect for Um what that Community what all these Communities have been able to do in Terms of of influencing the direction of The litigation the arguments that could Be made even the Mastery in in the in The um uh building of the record Um of evidence in the case it's really Quite impressive and attorneys like John Deaton and others I think have done an Excellent job Um representing uh And and I tell you what hats off because That's absolutely spot on but now we Need to find out will coinbase re-list Xrp let's see so let's say in the Scenario the the ruling from the judges In favor of Ripple will coinbase then Say make the assessment you know what it Looks like uh things are moving in the Direction of xrp and ripple and so forth Re-list xrp or a restart training it's Possible Um it would all of course depend upon The basis for the ruling Um the judge's legal reasoning our Assessment of whether or not appeals Court would affirm that decision so A Lot's going to depend on the the Particulars of how that court rules I Know that's not going to be terribly Satisfying to some

Um but you know we do have a Responsibility as a publicly listed Company to to to to to tread carefully Um in this area and with with respect to Any token that's the subject of federal Court litigation But I'm very very eager as much as Anyone else to see how the court rules And um what I can say is as soon as we Have that ruling uh we will we will put It into our process to see if of of we Need to revisit our listing decision so Uh really touching down on what the Appellate Court might say so there's Some time in there is the way I pick up On that little piece of information There now what will be interesting is is Will we see the same quick reaction Should the New York attorney general get Her way and ethereum become a security Through a declaration because I don't Think Q coin is going to show up at that Hearing I don't want it to be so but I'm Certainly interested to see if coinbase Acts just as fast Should that happen This here from James rule says for the Assessment or Asset Management industry BlackRock believes the operational Potential of some of the underlying Technologies and digital asset space Could have exciting applications in Particular the tokenization of asset

Classes offers the prospect of driving Efficiencies in the capital markets Shortening value chains improving cost And access for investors at BlackRock we Continue to explore the digital asset Ecosystem especially areas most relevant To our clients such as permission Blockchains and tokenization of stocks And bonds now we have said this for Years Crypto is the smallest portion of this Asset class The largest portion is tokenization Because it's the rest of everything of Value out here in the world that needs To have a tokenized representation in This digital Revolution we're moving Into Remarkable now let's take a quick look At this agrag crypto says xrp red or Green this is what we need to look at And I love that he shows both sides Shout out to egg rat crypto does great Work charts are always clean look at This We either go into 18 cents somewhere in That neighborhood Or we could go up here almost two bucks A buck 80 two bucks This is our range this is what we want To watch and this channel in here Whether we remain in and start to move Up or whether we break down below should Give us an indicator of where we're

Going to go But I'd like a little fundamental news On Friday like maybe a ruling from the Judge in the SEC versus Ripple Fridays can be pretty amazing like that Sometimes head on a swivel you just Never know this is not Financial advice Or me or anyone else it's just my Digital perspectives I'll catch all of You on the next one


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