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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we've got James Wallace from the digital pound Foundation ladies and gentlemen let me Tell you something else we got too we Got artificial intelligence chat gbt That's right it's past the medical exam It passed a bar exam and you know what It also told us how xrp can be a stable Coin somebody wrote that beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.08 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto we're up 2.4 good afternoon Everybody Bitcoin just over twenty three Thousand dollars at 11 Up on the seven day one point eight on The 24 hour ethereum almost 1600 bucks 15.94 and change it's up three percent Of the 24 hour 5.1 to seven day now we See 67.2 billion dollar market cap for Tether and we see here 41 cents for xrp Up point eight percent in the 24 hour And eight percent on the seven day let's Look at this it's uphold baby home of The altcoins well I got a surprise Coming for you in the very near term About uphold and you're gonna like it It's gonna be very good but until then Click the link underneath the video it's

Home of the altcoins you can do staking And hbar is a part of the 30. the list Of 30 that you can stake with it but you Got to click that link underneath you Want to get the best deal And you could use anything to anything With your uphold wallet as well as cash If you're just accredited you can buy These amazing products and let me tell You something when I first pulled this Up this morning I took a gasp I was like Because I looked over here and I said Okay they got a new product but that's Where usually I see Ripple sitting and Samba Nova's been at it which is Fantastic artificial intelligence ladies And gentlemen and we'll go look at some Artificial intelligence today chat gbt Getting ready to explain to you exactly How xrp can be a stable coin and give You more than one option on how to do it And then James Wallace is going to tell Us about how you can actually use The Xrp Ledger in the cbdc system you get Right here some stuff today but luckily Ripple is still on the board and I tell You don't mess around one of these days I'm gonna gasp because it isn't there Link underneath the video right here Reggie Middleton shout out to Reggie Awarded another patent out of Japan now We're going to keep an eye on this all Of this based around covering defy nfts Cold Storage stable coins and cbdc's

Is getting very interesting with these Patents that Reggie has that really kind Of bottleneck what happens in the Industry all together How will it go down how will this Continue to unfold I really enjoy speaking to Reggie I Think we're going to get him back on Very soon right here from digital asset Investor says hey uh Brian Armstrong From coinbase when do we get our flare In a world where you're about to have to Compete with Wall Street you better get Better at responding to your customers Or you won't have them as more options Come available Well said Where in the world is our Flair Brian Armstrong Then this right here is Danelle Dixon From Stellar foundation and xlm and I Tell you what there's great things going On there too let's listen to this very Quickly from the world you can no from Uh sitting down with a coindesk here but Take a listen to this we are the Technology provider for this so the the Back end of it and really it's Leveraging the blockchain and what the Blockchain is really good at which is uh Payments and then ask that issuance this Particularly the Stellar blockchain so On the Stellar blockchain we have uh the Usdc token which is a Fiat back dollar

One-to-one backed token um that can be Leveraged very very well in payments and So we created a disbursement platform uh Which is you can have I call it a bulk Uploading tool that you can upload Thousands of transactions at once to be Able to make payments uh to individuals Or companies frankly um anywhere and uh We worked with the unhcr to the unhcr Distributes Aid obviously I'll let Carmen speak to that piece of it but we Work with the unhcr they could Distribute Aid leveraging the Stellar The up the bulk uploading tool the Stellar Network the vibrant wallet and Also usdc but the important piece of it Is the off-ramp which is MoneyGram so we Have this pipe that is a really lots of Partners participate in it but what We're trying to do is to be able to Allow the end user to receive their aid Quickly in this case it's within with They can have their aid within two and a Half minutes of receiving the first text That they get that tells them to Download the vibrant app so then they Receive the aid in the app and then they Can walk into MoneyGram and they can They can choose to take out all of the Aid at that point in their local Currency or they can choose to put it in Their bank account or they can choose to Hold it so it's a pretty remarkable uh From the standpoint of transparency from

Instantaneous distribution from the the Notion of making sure that there is Security in the process and traceability So you can see exactly where the age Flew so that's what we did and we worked With the unhcr to make that happen And there you have that things are Moving quicker than people want to Really acknowledge Jeremy Hogan shout out to you my friend The xrp Ledger could interact with Cbdc's in a few different ways oh yeah He got busy talking with the API or the Artificial intelligence and I got busy Because it inspired me to do so One possibility is that a central bank Digital currency could be issued on top Of the xrp Ledger as an IOU Represented by a specific token this Would allow for the cbdc to take Advantage of the xrp ledgers fast Efficient settlement times Also another possibility is that the Central Bank digital currency Central Bank could open a Gateway on The xrp Ledger that allows users to deposit and Withdraw the cbdc this would allow for The cbdc to be used in conjunction with Xrp and other digital assets on The xrp Ledger then right here It's also possible that the Central Bank Digital currencies will be pegged to xrp And interact with the xrp Ledger as a Stable coin

Which would allow for fast cheap and Efficient cross-border transactions of Course he says I personally have no clue I'm a stupid lawyer but that is what Chat AI said well that inspired me to go One step further you know we've had tons Of conversations around these parts About xrp being a stable coin because The bank of China's talked about it the Former Governor of the bank of England Mark Carney's talked about it The group of 30 talked about it and we Know the World Bank has talked about it Now I asked here chat gbt how xrp could Be used as a sable coin and well well Well look at its answer and take a look Right here Xrp to digital asset associated with the Ripple network has been proposed as a Potential stable coin due to its Potential to facilitate fast and Inexpensive cross-border transactions a Stable coin is a type of cryptocurrency That is pegged to the value of a fiat Currency or other assets such as gold to Reduce price volatility One way that xrp could be used as a Stable coin is by pegging its value to a Fiat currency such as the US dollar This could be done by creating a system Where the XR where xrp is exchanged for The fiat currency at a one-to-one ratio And then used as a digital Representation of that currency for the

Cross-border transactions I remind you Before I read further remember when we Covered R3 fed coin and when we covered That it would matter of fact let me just Let me just highlight this very quickly To take two seconds Remember this right here our three Reports reports fed coin a central bank Issued digital currency huh And remember this part Where they went over the idea of the Pre-allocated Ripple that was pre-allocated 100 and it Talked about fedcoin would be Pre-allocated as well and then it went Into breaking down the idea and Understanding that fedcoin 2.0 could be Issued and you could do a one-to-one peg To a dollar you could do two to one peg A two hundred dollar bill between the Hundred dollar bill you could pay it to A fifty dollar bill you could pick it to The one dollar bill a hundred dollar Bill a five hundred dollar bill Yeah remember that I remember that I remember all that Now what I find interesting is about all Of this and then looking through is Let's go through the second situation Here on what the suggestion from chat GPT is on this from the artificial Intelligence another way is by using xrp As collateral to back a synthetic stable Coin which is pegged to the value of a

Fiat currency oh This could be done by issuing a Synthetic stable coin that is backed by A certain amount of xrp which would be Held in escrow the synthetic stable coin Would be designed to maintain a stable Value relative to the fiat currency Which while the value of the underlying Xrp would fluctuate how many times have I gone on about this How many times these are just proposals Not an official use case but how many Times have I talked about that that a Stable coin be issued with a price set And allow xrp to continue to fluctuate With the liquidity there and they could Price at it let's say if the collateral Is one million dollars worth of Collateral floating on The xrp Ledger is Just an example you could Peg the stable Coin at a half a million dollars or 250 000 and I wouldn't you wouldn't pay just One price at this where it would never Exceed the liquidity of a quarter of the Total volume or half of the total volume Or some percentage thereof so there's Never going to be a dry pocket tapped Into in the liquidity itself Again these are not official use cases But understanding that the world is Moving towards Central Bank digital Currencies Understanding that stablecoin CBD Legislation is really coming before

Anything to do with cryptos coming To me what I see here is exactly the Precipice of where we stand today We are on the edge of watching I believe Government or governments do exactly This remember the idea And understanding rather which is The Xrp Ledger is where the value is the xrp Token is merely a mechanism used to Bridge a settlement transaction Where applicable where needed What's really needed is a decentralized Exchange The xrp Ledger which works as a Stock market as a New York Stock Exchange but for everything FX market stocks derivatives right bonds We know the old drill Commodities One giant decentralized exchange one Giant Hong Kong New York Stock Exchange For every single thing And the token that resides on that Platform to bridge it all where Applicable Is xrp or a stable coin Fact and built off of xrp Because if you have an agreement to plug All the liquidity of the world from all The different stock exchanges and FX Markets and commodities markets into one Giant exchange for the best automated Market maker pricing and settlement Well well What would you have then

And what would you have if you take the First example And go one to one once that giant Exchange has been tapped into And then Peg a certain denomination of The U.S dollar to the xrp token and That's the wholesale backend cbdc For the United States I'm guessing I'm speculating in these Hills But it's looking pretty strong like That's a direction we could be going now This is James Wallace sitting down in The digital pound Foundation shout out To him and ripple and everybody there on The team at digital pound Foundation I'm going to take you into some clips Right here something you're gonna like And some of you won't The first clip right around here is Around seven minutes I'm gonna bring you In And again you're not gonna dig it They're going to talk about different Things that you could be doing condition Based payments you can set up it's Almost like describing smart contract if This happens and that happens and the Money can be released right that kind of Style thing and then from there he's Going to go into A conversation where they talk about Controlling your funds with cbdc's take A listen he's not fond of it either by

The way you know not in this other Situation and again I'll come on to an Example of that Um so I think this is a fundamental sort Of foundational layer that um a lot of Different countries are looking at Um a couple of examples Um I have to say the uh not Everyone Likes every example Um you know this one would be an example Of where government Um issues sort of release funding you Know could be covid it could have been You know the next time there's a Pandemic or whatever Um so that would be step one but in this Example what they're saying what we're Saying is you can actually control what That could be paid for so you know as an Individual you see receive relief Funding You go and Um you know go to the supermarket and You want to buy some food that's okay if That's an approved use of the funding But you go to the you know the gambling You know The Bookies and you want to Make a bet you know that is not allowed Right so you can determine what what the Money can be and cannot be used for yeah This is very very difficult to do with You know today's payment uh systems and There you have it and that really is the Dark Side of cbdc's right there and you

Could tell he's not quite a fan of it Either but nevertheless you got to talk About the conversations the conversation Is what it is then there's this Conversation retail payments with point Of sale tax collection collection Imagine that Tax collected right then and there when You do something and no more filing Taxes money's digital you make the Transaction you do to this and that it Keeps track of it every time you do it And that's it there's government gets The money right away same time you make The transaction take a quick listen it's Just showing the potential capability I Know the um You know the the hmrc uh like this idea Which is basically uh to do it's Essentially a split payment so you go You know today when you go into a store And you buy something You know there's the the store that the Merchant collects the uh the sales tax The vat and then eventually I think once A quarter typically they they provide The they forward that on to the to the To the tax authorities yeah with a with A programmable cbdc Um you could make that split at the at The point of sale right so the tax is Collected and sent off immediately to The government And the merchant gets the you know the

Base price of the product So split payments is really the Capability and that's something which Um you just can't do with with today's System Now comes streaming low value micro Payments Um another one is uh you know low value Micro payments or streaming so you know Maybe Cutting a tile as you drive into a into A traffic zone or if you you know you're Clicking on a newspaper article anything Like that where there's you know a very Low or potentially very low value Payment you know can be Um uh triggered and collected you know In an automated fashion which is again Something which is you know not really Uh very cost effective in today's world Um last one I'm going to talk about Because I want to and here we go Cross-border payments via intermediary Or a decks and this is what I've been Talking about how many times do I try to Remind everybody it's about the values In the protocol like Glenn Hutchins says Why is the value in the protocol Brad Well the values in the protocol because That protocol The xrp Ledger is a Decentralized exchange think of the World Exchange in the manner of all of The stock exchanges all the commodity Markets every Market that exists plugged

Into one Global exchange that's Decentralized that's what the xrp Ledger Is and he's about to explain that to you Right now You know here what the panel have to say Is Um it's cross-border payments Um yeah this has obviously been around For years Um maybe it's a little bit more of an Interesting topic now with brexit and Trade Um you know new trade Partners Developing around around the world Um but this you know it's a facility Very inefficient Um uh approach now obviously you know we Believe from the ripples perspective With our Ripple net we've sold that in Certain markets Um but with a with digital currency I Think you can go one step one step Further Um you can do these payments in a few Different flavors yeah one is through an Intermediary which is really a bit more Like the existing sort of correspondent Model And also you know you could go through a Digital exchange which would you know Automate the FX Um you know in a in a very cost Effective way

He just explained and described The xrp Ledger that's what it does So Um those are just some examples out of The as I showed you a long long list Before yeah it's all good James we get It he's proposing right there that the One of the better ways to do it is to go Through a digital Exchange A digital decentralized exchange a decks That's what the xrp Ledger is that's Where the real value is someday I hope It shows up in the token but we don't Know until we get to Clarity to go there The world I believe doesn't just want to Use it they need it But there has to be a very very clear Legal understanding about where we're Going here because as Linda P Jones has Said and I I have attached to it ever Since I heard her say it this way when It comes to money nothing is left a Chance that's going to do it for me hit The like And subscribe leave a comment Below I'll catch all of you on the next One Thank you

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