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Welcome back to the show everybody well I have a question for you today on this Friday watching Bank collapses watching The government come in and nationalize Banking squash Community banking while We watch crypto in choke point 2.0 While we watched a geopolitical Landscape bricks set up to Coalition a New payment system I ask you is this the great reset we've Got that and so much more somebody Rolled that beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now We are looking at 1.19 trillion dollar Market cap for crypto it is up 5.4 here Let me just refresh to see if it's any Different here one second here 117 is Where we're at 1.17 trillion dollar Market cap for crypto up 3.6 percent Right now 26 500 for uh Plus for Bitcoin We see it's up six percent on the 24 Hour ethereum 1727 three and a half on The 24 hour tether market cap 75.7 billion they're saying 37 cents per Xrp it's up 1.9 the last 24. let's talk About this because this is your Opportunity to be that the first ever Xrp Las Vegas 2023 49 days left and Counting and I guarantee you this event Sells out ladies and gentlemen before we

Get to the conference day do not mess Around and miss this chance to come and Solidify the relationships that you've Built this community as a whole as it Should be on this day May 5th and May 6 Get your tickets before they are sold Out make sure you do it it is going to Be incredible ask yourself this question Really quickly how many other chances Are you going to have to be in the same Room with all of these people It may never happen with this exact Lineup again make sure you check it out I mean it is going to be remarkable no Question about it ladies and gentlemen Get your tickets now let's get started Here Fidelity digital assets quietly Opened access to Fidelity crypto for the Masses recently and that's 37.1 retail Customers in case you're not aware and Remember Fidelity is a broker dealer With a broker dealer's license I have to Start wondering are they offering it Because they already see these two Things as a security one has to wonder How this is being seen by Fidelity to Offer to their customers why now that's The question I'm happy but why now Silicon Valley Bank announced this Morning at 8 A.M as you could imagine it Is filed for bankruptcy protection Ladies and gentlemen that is just one More step towards where we're going here And there's a lot of

News and we know that now uh Signature Bank FDIC denies a report that the Purchaser must divest from crypto that Was a report that was happening earlier They came out and clearly said no that Is not the case but I have to be Skeptical here you know whether they're Retracting that statement now that They're getting called out about it or Not but they're saying essentially Whoever would would come in would not Have to divest from their crypto Businesses as it was originally reported However Tom emmer says here And he is asking whether the FDIC has Weaponized its Authority in an attempt To purge the legal digital asset Entities in Opportunities from the United States Justice was originally Reported from uh different sources I Don't want to say which ones but you Know this is the question now we have to Wonder what's going on here Tom emmer Told us there was going to be a new day And so far all as we've gotten is more Tweets However Brian Armstrong sees what's Happening here and He suggests the same Thing that exactly what's going on is The choke point is to choke off the Crypto access through the banking system And it is Despicable I'm using my words There on the end but nevertheless it is Despicable but it's what we're seeing

Right but I think there's a bigger Picture we want to pay attention to as We move through this material Understanding we are to some degree Watching a nationalization of the Banking system We are also watching a forced push to Send a message that smaller Community Banks will not be able to provide the Same protections as the larger banks Will So in the last few days alone 15 plus Billion dollars has made its way into The larger bank's pocketbooks Accounts I'm sorry But while all of that is happening And the timing is very interesting on This as as uh eleanora says the Federal Reserve will be launching its own Network in July that is designed to Settle payments in seconds The same year Financial Regulators are Trying to quash crypto Stay With Me Now and then we get this News that over this weekend the Long-awaited iso 2022 implementation Weekend is finally here for many of us After years of hard work it's amazing to See our efforts come to life wishing all Around the world the best of luck and It's uh the co uh wiener at ISO 2022 Payment standard evaluation group now Listen I don't know about you but all of this

Looks like working pieces to the same Picture of a puzzle I mean I could I'm speculating I could Be wrong you you could go Brad I think Brad I think Brad I think you're an Idiot I don't think it has anything to Do with anything they're all separate Issues fine great leave me a comment why Because I do not And I think it continues to build and Mount the questions Caitlin Long brings up a good question Here that with this new launch of fed Now the FED neglects to mention That because of the sped up payment Services 2473 or yeah 24 7 365 payment Services this July will increase the Speed of deposits moving therefore Necessitating the banks will need to Hold more cash to avoid becoming a Silicon Valley Bank type bankrupt Now that's a hell of a point right there To make and I think it's accurate Very accurate Now I want to remind everybody here that The Federal Reserve is a separate entity It is not a part it is a it works with The government but it is a private bank There's a private bank that controls the Federal Reserve Note Take a listen to this clip from Alan Greenspan's days of the fed and hear how They they make it clear what's going on What is the proper relationship what

Should be the proper relationship Between the chairman of the fed and a President of the United States Well first of all the Federal Reserve is An independent agency and that means Basically that uh there is no eight Other agency of government which can Overrule actions that we take So long as that is in place and there is No evidence that the administration or The Congress or anybody else Is requesting that we do things other Than what we think is the appropriate Thing then what the relationships are uh Don't frankly matter and uh and there You have it the FED doesn't care who's President because they don't do they do What they want to do that's what's up But we covered this earlier in the week And I'm asking this question again Because no one has been able to give me An answer First of all we've been watching for Weeks now There's no showing of value here the Dollar to oil ratio from M2 money supply Nor is it to silver or gold Very very cure suspicious what's going On there and then even more to the point Shout out to Molly Elmore who pointed This out to me and asked a question go Back to 2020 and you can see where it Shows Federal Reserve monetary base Which was it has always been there right

It had always been there but come back To now Right now on this day It now says U.S treasury dollars It doesn't say Federal Reserve monetary It doesn't it doesn't say that And when you go over the definition to Look at it Says U.S treasury dollars And this is interesting Says U.S treasury dollars Wealth-based debt-free non-interest Bearing money issued by the U.S treasury Not by the fed and in 1862 President Lincoln issued 450 million dollars Directly from the U.S treasury these Debt fee interest-free notes were known As greenbacks And then again on June 4th 1963 President Kennedy signed executive order 11110 issuing 4.3 billion dollars Directly from the U.S treasury bypassing The Federal Reserve Bank these debt-free Interest-free notes were known as silver Certificates Some believe that led to his demise But that's what it says it does not say Federal Reserve Note What in the hell's going on here Has it changed happened some people Believe that a change has happened Already and we're not aware of it I I don't know look I'm not trying to Suggest that I know I'm asking the

Question because what world we can go to The debt clock and and go back in time Here and see it clearly was Always the federal body look I'll go you Can go back 2012. fine go back to 12. Federal Reserve monetary base I mean you could you could do this Yourself and take a look for it but it Always says Federal Reserve monetary Base it it now says U.S treasury dollars There's no ratio to these important Commodities Look But we're watching nationalization of Banks happen the squashing of Community Banks That can't get the protection that the Largest banks get you know I'm not Suggesting hey uh Tuesday everything's Going to be different you're going to Have a new dollar I'm not that's not What I'm saying what I'm what I'm Suggesting is is that the tectonic Plates of the financial world are they Are absolutely shifting What all of this really means I don't Quite know I find it suspicious and compelling to Want to know more as to why we don't Know more about why the Federal Reserve Monetary Is not Reserve is not written on the U.S Debt Clock And then it reminds me of this that two

Years three years ago we reported on Visa patent Filing that would allow central banks to Emit digital currencies using blockchain And repatriate the physical cash Collected through this non-bank Financial institution payment company Isn't that interesting You know and obviously then that reminds Me of you know obviously Ripple partner Joins forces with visa to conquer Billion dollar market Thailand and Australia D money right reminds me of Currency Cloud being bought Ripple Partner for 925 million dollars is it All connected I don't know the answer But what I do know is is that we got a Geopolitical situation with bricks Coalition and the D dollarization of the U.S dollar is the global Reserve Currency and Saudi Arabia which props up The idea and understanding that that is Where the elevated status of the U.S Dollar as the GRC comes from Now I want you to listen to this clip Here Dai shared here and it is Andy Sheckman who is absolutely brilliant and He's going to break some things down to You about where he believes we are right Now and as we've been told in in both Cases in in whether we're talking the Brics currency or the Shanghai Corporation organization they will both Use gold to Peg to their new system

Whether it be a new brics currency that Will be pegged to Gold remember in order To get everyone to the table all you Have to do is say look at what those Bastards in the west are doing they're Going to freeze your assets they're Going to kick you out of Swift heck Europe just voted to take the assets That they froze from Russia and use them To rebuild the Ukraine so all of these Other countries who who maybe don't Really like what the US is doing well That's the rallying cry it is the gold Peg do a new system that will be the Glue that makes it work so whether it be The bricks current NC or whether it be The petrol Yuan which is immediately Convertible into gold on the Shanghai Gold exchange or the new settlement Currency by the Shanghai Corporation Organization do you think there's any Coincidence do you think that this is Any coincidence that the central banks Have bought more gold than at any time In the last 55 years look at the three Countries that are leading the way Turkey just joined the bricks India's in The bricks Uzbekistan Kazakhstan all of these Countries are part of the Shanghai Corporation organization they are Preparing for a global shift We are witnessing a massive Devolarization and here's the nail on

The dollar coffin just came out a few Days ago Saudi Arabia said at this Latest meeting that at Davos that they Are open to taking other currencies for Oil settlement why because there's Strength in numbers in and of themselves These countries cannot stand up to the West But together they have a bigger GDP a Bigger military presence and they are Indeed coalescing together against the Western hypocrisy against the Western Hegemony and they are coalescing against The West it's happening it's happening I'm telling you this is happening the World is moving to the dollarization There's no question about that but let's Just play it out for one second right What happens how does it happen how does The great reset that Klaus Schwab talked About happens it's really very easy Saudi Arabia gets up on stage after all Of the eyes are dotted and all the t's Are crossed and they say to the West hey Thank you thank you for the Memories It's been great we appreciate the 50 Years of protection but you know what You guys are going green you've already Told us you're going green we've Partnered up with 80 percent of human Population And they're not going green and so we're Going to open up oil sales in other Currencies maybe they say we're just

Going to do it in the new petrol Yuan or Maybe it's going to be the new brics Currency the Central Bank digital Currency Peg to gold But what I will tell you is this when That happens when that really happens And we just saw they're open to it but When it happens Bang Just like that every country on the Planet that's had to own dollars to buy Oil will dump those dollars and a tidal Wave a tsunami of inflation will hit the Shores of the West and when that happens God help us all because all of these Assets are inversely correlated to what To a spike in interest rates when you See that inflationary tsunami hit the Shores of the West you will see a spike In interest rates that has to rise in Order to compensate for the loss of Purchasing power The Federal Reserve is a side show they Will never raise rates high enough to Compensate To they will never raise rates high Enough to tackle inflation if this Happens and the dollar loses its Singular World Reserve currency and Every country on the planet no longer Needs to hold dollars in order to buy Oil just wait and see what happens to Asset prices in the wake of interest Rates that Spike to the moon the three Pillars of wealth in the in the United

States or in the west are what stocks Bonds and real estate all are inversely Correlated to a rise in interest rates So what Jay Powell tells you I'm going To raise it by another quarter point That's all a bunch of crap wait until See what happens when the dollar loses Its World Reserve status so what Klaus Schwab said isn't so crazy after all I think the rest of the world is coming To a point in time where they just say You know what Enough is enough and now we have a whole Schoolyard worth of of people to stand Up against the bully and I think if you Don't own gold right now you're making a Big mistake you need to own gold like The way the rest of the world is doing And you know what I mean that is just a Powerful powerful clip again shout out To Andy sheckman and Dai for sharing That clip uh but I tell you something he Spinach is right there with you know how He's like you know try he's he's owning Gold because he sees the Central Bank Zone in gold and that's exactly what I've been doing I've been doing it with Glenn and I tell you something you know This isn't the turn what we just covered Into a sales pitch but literally this is How I'm stacking my pennies next to Their dollars just as Andy scheckman Said and I'm doing it with Glenn and you Don't have to but that's what I'm doing

Because I do feel like something is Happening and even though I might not be Able to completely define exactly what It is I do not find that the banking Choke point that is taking place and the Nationalization of banking happening Right now is mutually exclusive to Trying to kill crypto I do not feel that It is mutually exclusive with brics Coalition and the new payment system That is being built I do not find it Mutually exclusive with the fact that The U.S debt Clock is now not even Showing the Federal Reserve Note at all But U.S treasury dollars now it says I don't have the answers but what I do Have on this Friday is a lot more Questions not Financial advice for me or Anyone else it's just my digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on The next one

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