Ripple/XRP-Google Run XRPL Node?, FedNow/Credit Unions Green Light Crypto, Saudi Arabia-XRP For Oil?

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got the FED now You're going to want it Saudi Arabia Pulling away from the US dollar as they Pioneer the use of xrp is it is Google Running a node on The xrp Ledger we're Going to take a look at it and why have Us Credit Unions been greenlighted for Crypto we got the answer somebody roll That beautiful Intro Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it's $1.37 Trillion market cap for crypto Market is Off by. 3% good afternoon good morning Good evening wherever you are Bitcoin 34,800 plus we see $1,876 and change for ethereum and Tether market cap is 85.8 billion plus whoa and xrp back at The number five spot taking a bit of a Breath here off by 6% in the 24 hours We're at 68 cents we're up 14.4 on the 7 Day ladies and gentlemen don't get Discouraged it's all just starting right The range of price between 73 and 63 Cents right now we'll keep an eye on it But until then the only thing better Than buying crypto is buying taxfree Crypto And you could do that with it trust

Capital it is the best crypto gold Silver Ira on the planet Bar None I Don't sell anything that I'm not a Customer of first this the reason I Decide to sell things because it worked Out so good for me as a customer that I Want to make sure you get the Opportunity and in most cases the best Offer as well so make sure you click the Link for itust Capital you can roll over Your 401k and many other products very Easily and have control of your own back Office lhb Bank founded founder has $470 Million worth of ethereum but lost his Private key look uh security is key and I put this in here specifically this Morning to make a reminder I woke up This morning to multiple multiple emails Trying to get me to click on something And it was based around Bitcoin and Other crypto uh products but it goes Beyond that remember anything that you Have to click on you're best to assume That it's a scam first work backwards From there if you get something from a Product or a site that you normally use A crypto exchange or even something That's not crypto related and you Believe that like hey why are they Sending me this or even if it looks Normal then take yourself and go Directly to the site don't click on the Email go directly to your provider or Whatever that company or whatever that

Product is go directly to the site and Lo log in and then see if they send you Notifications from with inside your Platform first always assume that all of Your emails are scams that is the best Way to handle this then Citizen Bank Becomes the fifth US Bank to fail in 2023 this is telling us that something Has to change ladies and gentlemen we Know Signature Bank Silicon Valley bank Now Citizens Bank is joining the list Here not good there's more to come to This believe it and this here we need Help verifying it's Google or is Google Running a node on The xrp Ledger uh Edo Finina uh shares something here and Believes that it is but if we could have A couple people help to verify this or Not we would really greatly appreciate It and certainly shout out to Edo for Sharing that information but we want to Get some extra verification on that to Support it if we could so appreciate the Group helping it takes a village right Now Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Proposes a rule to implement section 1033 of the dodf Frank act G granting Consumers greater access to and control Over their financial data this is from Director Rohit Chopra here the proposed Rules designed to promote compete Competition in banking and Consumer Finance while safeguarding financial Data well we're going to hear from the

Cfpb one more time today in this video This is a reminder right here about fed Now eventually taking on fed wire Transactions one quadrillion plus and Operation chokepoint 2.0 blockchain Applications used in fed now very Quickly it's run through this so you say Looking ahead said civan it looks likely Uh that at least some payment volumes Will migrate from fed wire to Fed now Service one of the key distinctions Between the instant Payment Systems in Fed wire is the dollar limit cap the Average fed wire transaction is in the Range of $5 million and many of the Payments are bank to bank but as fed now Gains more acceptance and raises Transaction limits there will be a Gradual shift of at at least some fed Wire transactions to Fed now then moving To this piece of information here from Ruhiku It says here the largest source of Present day volume traces its roots back To the creation of the FED wire at the Term of the 20th century how many times Have I said that the payment system is Antiquated and vulnerable something Needs to happen we've been hearing saber Rattling about cyber attacks on the US Financial banking system this is where We are extremely extremely vulnerable Here then we know this here uh in the Context of fed now may only speed up the

Process of Fiat to crypto inflows making It more convenient however if the Condition of using fed now is for banks To de platform crypto businesses vo Operation choke point 2.0 the Decentralized blockchain space may find Itself in a liquidity bind it may also Happen that Banks would have to conform To other conditions when using fed now Placing integrated fed now Banks into an Advantageous position now I'm reading All of this and reminded of uphold and Ripples new partnership which is going To really open the door for their Ripple Liquidity hub to provide all of this Access to the financial system stable Coins cbdcs other crypto products uh I'm Very excited xrp for cross border then You see this here fed now's open Architecture will enable Banks and other Financial institutions to develop apis To integrate with fed now blockchain Applications fed now will also become Useful resource uh businesses to Business payments as it is designed for Ripple and uphold especially because of Its use of Iso20022 so as a reminder we know that Fed now joined with by Ripple and this Is Ripple has officially announced his Partnership with fed now just as a Reminder for anybody who doesn't know Ripple client Volante Volante has Thousands of

Banks trillions upon trillions of Dollars moving through their system Every day and obviously Ripple uh Software is being used heavily inside of Their platform at Volante this is a reminder about Iso20022 that in help to Able The Next Step In global interoperability to meet Evolving needs of our customers Ripple Is now a part of the iso 222 standards Body the first member focused on Distributed Ledger technology Stellar Has since joined that committee as well And this is credit unions from uh Chad Stein robber here shout out to Chad give Him a follow in 2021 Federal regulators Gave Credit Unions the green light to Partner with cryptocurrency providers Don't believe it it's still true this is From the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which I told you we'd hear from Again back around 2020 when in fact it Was cited that Swift's GPI right Tracking product as well as the Continued growth of fintech nonbank Remittance transfer providers and their Future expansion into Partnerships and Other relationships with banks and Credit Unions which allow such entities To tap into Clos Network payment systems That nonbank remittance transfer Providers have developed the continued Growth and expanding Partnerships of Virtual currency companies such as

Ripple which offer both a payments Messaging platform to support Crossborder money transfers as well as Proprietary virtual currency xrp which Can be used to affect settlement of Those transfers these developments Suggest that in the future there may be Means by which banks and Credit Unions Could reduce their remaining Reliance on Estimates these developments all share a Fundamental similarity that all apply Elements of a closed Network payment System to crossb money transfers sent by Banks and Credit Unions right here you Could see November 6 2023 in the credit Union Innovation Playbook right and then You see Shannon Thorp sharing here in a Second we'll look at that but in 2021 Federal Regulators gave Credit Unions The green light I remember reporting on It and that document I just showed you Is a heavy part of it why should Credit Union still consider crypto this January 2023 we understand what's going on here Then to look at what Shannon torp shared Here do you remember this from fed now Look at all those Credit Unions look at Credit Union credit union credit union Credit union look at it Credit Union Credit union it's all here ladies and Gentlemen it is coming and this is Extremely extremely exciting to me this Is why you always have to look back and Never be afraid to reference something

That you may have seen a hundred times Because when something new comes out You're prepared you are prepared and I Believe all of this underpinning and Moving from an Antiquated vulnerable Payments Network system as we're seeing Happen is because of This it's Saudi Arabia in a bombshell move that's set to Send shock waves through the energy and Crypto sector Saudi Arabia confirms Extending its massive 1 million Barrel Per day oil production cut through December plus they're pioneering the use Of xrp for oil trade settlements stay Tuned for how this game changer unfolds Now I have have said multiple times now That we know that the dollar was Underpinned by the gold standard Originally then after 1971 to 73 we had Henry Kissinger come In after the Gold Standard was Dropped and brought in and made the deal With the OPEC oil producing countries Like Saudi Arabia to exclusively trade All oil in the US dollar for military Protection and that became the Petro Dollar agreement that elevated the US And to where it is today and its Continued role as a world Reserve Currency now why do we see the uh Pioneering the use of xrp for oil in This article it does not say anything About xrp but where we need to make the

Connection is is going all the way again Back to 2018 Saudi Arabia Central Bank Signs blockchain deal with ripple then Going to this today Dubai Financial Services Authority Approved xrp under its virtual asset Regime allowing licensed firms in the Dubai International Financial Center to Incorporate xrp into their virtual Asset Services now let's come back to Saudi Arabia central banks of Saudi Arabia Teams up with ripple to transform crossb Settlements if you look right here the Utilization of the cryptocurrency xrp For Swift payment settlement adds an Extra layer of efficiency and speed to The process so this is absolutely Leaning into the idea that why couldn't They use xrp for trade in oil we know The goal of bricks is to elevate their Own dollars first and to dollarize from The US dollar itself and in order to do That you're going to create a lot of Friction in the paper world and as these Paper dollars become digital dollars Like cbdcs or stable coins you also have The friction in the digital world and What would be better suited and Complement all of that digital friction Than to have a bridge currency like xrp To help settle it all before we get out Of here I'm asking you to join us in the Freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen Censorship is extremely real we're going

To touch on it Today we can't talk about it here but We're going to get into the greatest Fraud perpetrator on mankind to date and I will let it go no holds bar in here Not only will you get zero Google ads All my daily videos on YouTube in this Platform but you will get all the extra Content that we cannot touch and that I've wanted to talk about for many many Years and I hope you will join us inside Here so we get inside of this censorship Proof Freedom zone so we can all stay in Touch it is growing so so quickly just Click the link underneath the video or Go to dig Perspectives. and click Freedom Zone and Join us inside for less than the cost of A cup of coffee per month ladies and Gentlemen no one will ever stop us from Being able to stay in touch again and That is exciting to me not Financial Advice for me or anyone else I'll catch All of you on the next One


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