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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines FTX back in the news We got Ripple with the state of cbdc's Very interesting stuff and three numbers You will want to remember World Bank Whistleblower baby and Swift going live To countdown is on xrpta where are we at Break out or retrace somebody wrote a Beautiful intro [Music] Laughs Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube or Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.09 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto we're up 2.4 Bitcoin 23 000 plus We see ethereum 1600 slightly over Tether market cap 67.2 billion they're saying and 41 cents Per xrp we're up 8.5 on the seven day Good morning everybody Ledger Stacks Baby the creator of the iPod yeah that's Right take a look at it look it it's Beautiful Look at it you can put nfts on it it's Amazing yeah I pre-ordered mine did you Pre-order yours get the best price get It done now click the link underneath The video Don't Mess Around don't make Them tell you you can't get it you don't Want to hear that I know that I didn't Want to hear it either that's why I got

Mine this here From met along man shout out to you this Will be fascinating he says because what He's talking about is today three Objections to the U.S trustee's motion For independent examiner in the FTX case Have been filed FTX debtors creditors Committee and the Bahamas team isn't That interesting he says four Senators Submitted a letter asking for Independent examiner will they do more Several states have entered the FTX case Will they lend support for an examiner The SEC asks for independent examiner in Enron will they say anything here We're going to keep following this Because it seems like that lsbf is The Golden Child they don't want him getting In trouble they're doing everything they Can to make sure that he doesn't get in Trouble that's what I see taking place Here and we're going to watch it close And we're going to blow it up if they Try to let him off the hook Right here shout out to you John He says he Says his regulations are clear and Gary Gensler abided by them to approve XP Ftx's broker dealer license or b Regulations are not clear which led Gary Gensler mistakenly approving ftx's Broker-dealer license and then I said or See he gave a broker dealer license Because FTX and SPF were the second

Largest Democratic donor to the Democratic party and Gary Gensler Decided to not do his due diligence and Take a look at the books which he could Find out in five seconds or less things Weren't on the up and up Yeah #regulatory capture of the SEC agency And let's throw the cftc in there as Well because they didn't do nothing Either Don't forget any of this Don't forget any of this this is how it Went down right they did nothing and Actually they didn't do nothing they did Something they elevated SPF and FTX Didn't they of course they did Change gears a little bit here Laughs Wall Street Silver says well he shares This and let me share this from Justin Amash right here Decentralized money no digital dollar a Digital U.S currency would be one of the Most dangerous developments in history When government can simply flip a switch To block all your transactions it Controls your entire life we need a wall Of separation between money and State Well said I one million percent agree With this I think Christian Carlo former Cftc commissioner knows exactly this Story and that is exactly what he is Fighting for from what I have heard him

Say Let me propose something before we move Through this information very quickly Here The U.S is lagging behind China is Furthest ahead you're going to see Evidence of that being said by a ripple Insights in just one second Is it though If we understand this threat of digital Money Think about something like usdc now I Know it's backed by Goldman Sachs yeah I Don't get the warm and fuzzies either But I also understand how the world Works The Legacy firms win right I don't like It either okay you go throw tomatoes on Wall Street it's not my you know I mean Whatever you know don't hurt anybody but The point is Is this We have the usdc right It is separate of government It can be interoperable with other Protocols to move it around If there is suspicious activity a Government agency doj whatever criminal Investigator Or Market regulator see something Suspicious they could regulate that Activity and drill down on that wallet Which is not revealing your identity Until something suspicious or illegal

Takes place and then they need to find Out who the wallet is attached to and That's where kycaml come into play and Then they go okay wallet number letter A B B one two three that belongs to Joe Dough whatever it is right To me that Area We're not gonna stop stop the world Going digital Right we don't get to choose how Technology affects us or not it's coming It's here If we're going to do anything we want to Move in a way that maintains our Citizens citizenship our freedom our Rights I believe global citizenship Should be that everyone has the right to Privacy when it comes to digital money But that didn't have the word works Right I'm in the U.S so I'm going to focus on What's going on here I feel like the Lack of action by the United States Maybe I'm glass half Watching here is the understanding that The retail digital dollar already exists And it's doing quite well And the Federal Reserve can't shut it Off Isn't that what we want as retail Citizens consumers They can take their time and develop a Wholesale cbdc on the back end directly From the fed and central banks can worry

About it but you know what other central Banks are smarter than all of us because They know that they don't want to hold Someone else's money Introduction Xrp is a bridge currency So maybe just maybe as we move through All of this lack of clarity U.S is Falling behind maybe it's just that the United States realizes they're the Largest economy in the world And once they put their hat in the ring It's over Because once they do it who else is Bigger than them to move into the space And declare it legitimate legitimate Everybody says around the world well it Doesn't matter what the SEC is doing it Doesn't matter what U.S Regulators think Really because the market was at three Plus trillion dollars and now it's just Barely at a trillion and it climbed to Get back to that Tell me about how the U.S can't do Anything again they're suppressing at Least two plus trillion out of this Market right now Foreign This is the state of global cbdc Adoption with Daryl Duffy shared by Yoshitaka katel from SBI I'm just going To I'm not going to read the whole thing To you but you need to see this each Country has its own reasons for

Exploring cbdc some like Sweden Canada Palau Bhutan Direct relations to Ripple and xrp one Two inch listen to this want to ensure The existence of a digital National Currency in the event that paper money Goes out of circulation Really or becomes too costly to print And has a negative impact on the Environment now doesn't that sound like Somebody knows the excuse it's going to Be given You know James Wallace will be speaking later Today I will be tuning into that I'll Bring you the highlights from it The digital pound webinar for the Digital pound foundation and the UK Treasury committee And here's three numbers for you you're Going to want to know about and I'll Tell you something these numbers are Running in the same calculation and size That we've heard from the confidential Committee shout out to Jimmy Valley and Val Hill capital for that and everybody On the committee take a listen to this In the size of these numbers and what is Coming the world is moving to a digital Age take a listen you're demanding a Technology solution and there's a long Tail to those Legacy assets to be Digitally twinned there's a long tail to Those digital assets to be digitally to

Those assets to be digitally twinned Talking about the physical assets that Exist in this world that need a digital Twin to exist in this digital age Let's talk about the this the long tail I've got three numbers for you 51 63 30. And those numbers are in trillions There's 50 trillion in private Equity That's you know private company value There's a 160 trillion in public private Debt and this 330 trillion in global Private real estate that's 540 trillion that's 540 trillion in assets that largely are Not in the financial system Now That is an incredible number and he's Talking about assets that are not in the Financial system this is outside of the Financial system shout out to Riz for This one give him a follow but this Shows the enormity Of what the digital age is going to Handle encompass Right It is massive where we're going Here is a video from Karen hudis Who used to be at the World Bank and She's going to explain to you now this Has a few years on it here but she Hasn't changed her tone I've been to her YouTube channel and checked it out and I Wish her all the best but I see that This is so timely with what's going on

Geopolitically economically speaking in The climate that exists today it really Is more relevant I believe that it was When she was talking about it and take a Listen to what she tells you now it's Going on right now with our Federal Reserve Note What is going on right now is that paper Is paper currency never works it always Crashes and we are just at the moment That we have the time To convert that to treasury dollars and This is exactly what Um what Ronald Reagan was trying to do When he did a study and he found out That a hundred percent of our income Taxes are leaving the country and going To the bankers Uh that's what John F Kennedy was doing And John F Kennedy um He had accessed the wealth Of the world and the gold that we're Supposed to have the Federal Reserve Does not have the gold that the United States is supposed to have backing its Dollar that gold is there but it's not Going to be backing the Federal Reserve Note and so we have got to transition Very quickly to the real currency in the United States and Ronald Reagan printed That currency it's there waiting for us And we just simply have to exchange it Very simply and and we will not um have Any economic dislocation otherwise you

Better believe this country is not going To have any more military might if we Stay with the Federal Reserve Note we Will have lost our standing completely As it is right now I want to jump in Because think about where we are now This is years old but think about where We are now China and Russia have developed a new Payment system and they are using it Also in a corporation uh cooperation With uh brics coalition Brics Coalition is expanding in its size Saudi Arabia is announcing they'll take Other currencies and agreed to use the Chinese Yuan through the Shanghai Exchange for oil They are starting to pull away from the US dollar now let's be clear because not To be an alarmist Some of the best assets that China holds If not the best assets that the China Holds currently is U.S treasuries And easily over a trillion in my last Memory account So it's not something they can just Abruptly do unless it's done in Cooperation with the United States and I Don't believe that the Saudi Arabia Pulls out and OPEC starts accepting Other dollars just openly you know Thumbing their nose at the United States Over the petrol agreement Because that's how Wars start

You just don't do those things because Then three letter agencies kick Something off and the next thing you Know that country needs help but hey We said we would give you military might If you needed it but you started Chucking our dollar to the side so you Could have everybody else's dollar maybe Asked him for help Isn't that how the world works It is at my house Then we see this It just so happens That the largest wiring messaging Payment system for financial Institutions on the planet Is beginning its migration to ISO 20022 In March of 2023. I don't need to play It there's music in it could be Copywritten I don't know But that's what's coming And do I find it coincidental is it Mutually exclusive that there's a great Potential impossibility that the Ripple Case could end on or before March 2023 As well I don't know but I'm leaning in Not Financial advice take a look at this Where we get out of here where's xrp Going Retrace or Break It Closing daily candle above 1.0 which is Around 42 cents will confirm that this Is not a retracement but is a breaking

Process We will watch we'll pay it close Attention to it but remember Pay closer attention to the news that Can excite the very real buyers and Sellers on this very real chart shout Out to egg rag crypto and everybody that Does ta for all of us to see very Grateful for them and all that they do And I'm very grateful for each and every One of you that you come here every day And listen it means an awful lot to me And I do not take it lightly and I won't Forget it thank you guys so much for What you do all the best I'll catch all Of you on the next one

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