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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you Today the flare drop happened ladies and Gentlemen we’re going to cover it SPF Sdny prosecutors Congress and Gensler Finance bleeding 12 billion as the Subpoenas start to fly uh oh ladies and Gentlemen SEC versus Ripple update with Ripple defendants and Jeremy Hogan on The Hinman emails and 22 Cent xrp or 80 Xrp we got the chart you need to see Somebody wrote that beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody take A look at this we got 887 billion dollar Market cap for cryptocurrency the Market’s off by point three percent Bitcoin right now 17 200 plus ethereum 1300 plus tether market cap they say 66.2 billion xrp is 34 cents right now Let’s go ahead and get into this if you Haven’t done it how much longer are we Going to be able to get Ripple well as Of right now not at all this is what Happens ladies and gentlemen on link two Things like Ripple poly sign uphold Rippling you name it linked to itself This stuff moves so fast yes you have to Be accredited and yes it is SEC and fin Response that you have to be accredited And yes it’s true that link2 is doing Everything they can to democratize

Finance so everyone can have the Opportunity to participate make sure you Click the link below if you’re Interested you never know when the last Time will be this right here fully Subscribe If it happens to find its way back up There I think I’m going to be topping I’ll click that link underneath the Video and check out our sponsor there Ripple moves 100 million xrp is whale Shuffle 479 million tokens within two hours Little hint it wasn’t may look uh yeah That’s a lot you know and that’s a College term I don’t know if you know That but yeah that’s a lot of xrp again I don’t know where this stuff goes they Rarely do either but what I point to is This really speaks to on-demand Liquidity to me this doesn’t speak to Retail especially understanding how Suppressed the market currently is Take a look at this the flare airdrop Yeah this is ledger saying right here We’re ready for the flare airdrop flare Tokens distributed distribution later Today which was Yesterday afternoon but you’ll be uh Able to add a flare account in Ledger Live at launch and that’s wonderful I Have not had a chance to do that as of Yet but what I can tell you is I’m going To and I can also confirm that I

Received my flare drop on my uphold Account which is fantastic now I know That coinbase said that they were Participating but I haven’t seen Anything as of yet on that if anybody Else has please send me a message and Let me know because I would love to find Out when and if that’s happening they Have said they’re going to participate And it may take a few extra weeks but We’ll see this here from John Deaton the Field general for xrp holders ladies and Gentlemen and by the way the crypto Space yeah don’t believe it it’s still True he says please be advised that Crypto law received the below motion for Xrp holders who had their xrp on Celsius Network for those of you don’t know went Under on the day of the snapshot will Hopefully receive the airdrop fingers Crossed that people on that platform Won’t get burned on the flare airdrop as They they did the accounts they had with The Celsius as well Right here this is Charles gasparino Who’s been very very uh uh let’s say Opposing to the positions of a lot of The xrp holders in the community but Nonetheless I remain grateful that Charles has covered the uh SEC versus Ripple case up to this date everybody Has their own opinion and insight but What he’s pointing to here whether you See it as a narrative shift or whether

You just see it as him covering more News this is where we’re at today he Says prosecutors are telling all are Telling lawyers connected to the SPF Sam Bankman freed FTX fraud investigation Case is so sprawling that it could Exhaust resources of the southern District since it includes potential Bribery campaign contribution violations Market manipulation on top of theft and Fraud Holy moly that’s a lot and again you Know whether you agree with him or not I Appreciate Charles gasparino sharing the Information For the last two years the SEC gov tried To convince us that regulation by Enforcement would protect investors Turns out it didn’t Gary genza will do Anything to distract Americans from his Failed tenure at the SEC and the Financial housing committee will hold Him accountable good because you know What representative bill hazinga I hope The people hold you and everybody else Whose mouth this the sentence and this Thought to uh to be accountable as well Because you know what up until now it’s Been talk talk talk talk so I I Appreciate the focus but I want to see Action and I know the people want to Also so I appreciate your effort as long As it follows through Right here binance is bleeding assets

According to whale chart 12 billion Dollars gone in less than 60 days Goodness gracious who are we using for The accounting Alameda research oh my Goodness it gets worse ladies and Gentlemen U.S ramps up probe a probe of crypto Exchange binance multiple subpoenas sent Recently and we go into the article And the federal prosecutors have Reportedly issued subpoenas to several U.S hedge funds that have dealt with the World’s largest cryptocurrency Exchange Finance Global as a part of a years-long Probe into possible money laundering Rule violations this is according to the Washington Post reporting here and it Says down here if you look at this the U.S attorney’s Office of where Western District of Washington and Seattle is Reportedly seeking records of the Subpoenaed firm’s Communications with Binance as of December last year U.S Justice department was split on whether To charge binance and its Executives and Its anti-money laundering investigation Into the company the subpoenas would not Necessarily result in legal charges Being brought against binance according To the report the binance chief strategy Officer Patrick Hillman told Washington Post that the company is talking of Virtually every regulator across the Globe on a daily basis but declined to

Comment on the status of the Investigation ex-prosecutor John goes Told Washington imposed justice Department May examining whether binance Violated the bank secrecy act which Requires financial institutions to Conduct proper know your customer Protocols and Report species activities On their platform scrutiny of the crypto Industry has increased significantly Following the multi-billion dollar Collapse of FTX as we all know I tell You This ain’t over If you think we’re at a bottom this is Telling me we’re not at a bottom yet now Not Financial advice for me I’m just Giving my digital perspectives here Remember we’re waiting for now that’s Binance Global and we’re not even Talking about U.S exchanges which is Still I still believe John Dean’s right On the money there that we’re going to See Gary Gensler go forward and Sue some U.S exchanges and then there’s USD Tether so I don’t know that there’s a Bottom in unfortunately but if that is The case Won’t we see if we see those things Unfold and come to fruition Isn’t it true that that what else could There be about it right there could only Be a shutdown of the entire industry After that right and I do believe that

That would be a true bottom and if that Bottom becomes true then I think we have An opportunity to really see which Assets are going to survive the ultimate Uh crushing crypto winner right right Here we have uh Jim shout out to Jim Filen he’s giving us an update in the SEC versus Ripple here the xrp Ripple Defendants have filed their response in Opposition to the sec’s motion to seal Certain documents filed in connection With the parties cross motions for Summary judgment I don’t need to read That to you but I do want to go here And then we have this because we know That that has been filed this is Jeremy Hogan’s response here says will the Court Force the SEC to disclose the Hinman emails to the public we should Know very shortly well what’s Unbelievable about that is is that uh Marcus Mickel here asks when do we get a Ruling on this I thought Jim filing Thought it would be come with summary Judgment Jeremy Hogan reminds all of us I thought Jim thinks a ruling on the Dalbert Motions for expert motions right Will come at the same time as summary Judgment ruling and that is right Because we know that uh Jim has told us On or before March 2023 he believes We’ll get a ruling and the judge will Rule and one giant ruling on everything Left to speak on he says here the judges

Ruled on ceiling motions very quickly so Far I think within a week or two and at Least once even at least once even Faster so we could even see in a week or Two about the him and emails now that That would be extremely exciting now I Want to show you this chart before we Get out of here because I think it’s so Important I even I think I showed this yesterday a Piece of this chart Where it really was from egg rag crypto And what I love about this is that There’s a second chart of this that I Want you to see it’s going to provide The timeline inside of the graphic and The dollar price uh side as well so I Want to I want to show that but he’s Talking about if his thesis are candle Count is rhyming and with current price Action of xrp if the historical price Action will rhyme again then xrp Target Is as follows now you can see 60 cents 22 cents dollar twenty three dollar 13.30 which we’ve also heard from dark Defender sixty dollars and eighty Dollars now I know a lot of people focus On the eighty dollars but remember 22 Cents is mentioned in there as well Right so you know if that plays out Basically and I want to take a look at This chart because it shows it here Again and it’s a thesis right he’s not Saying it’s dead on the money but he’s

Taking this fractal right here right and Setting it right here and watching it Play out now we have to use a few things To look at this right One is this you could see look there Would even be a pop in price If This Were to repeat this fractal time frame Between 2017 2018 right and if that’s The case then we’re looking at Price Actually going up before it could Potentially spiked back down to 22 cents See I think that’s a great conversation In itself because it forces you to think To yourself listen this is not just a Once and done and we went to 80 bucks That’s what a lot of people feel like It’s just like where we’re at right now There is no guarantee where this price Will go right There isn’t There’s only what we’re speculating on And believed to hold true as the most Relevant pieces of information to make The decision about why we’re still in This xrp game on our portfolio And everybody has to make that decision For themselves But again to that point if we move past The talk of moving up before possibly Touching back down to 22 cents if History repeats this fractal Then that we could see the explosions That we’re all looking for and I being One of them right but this shows me

Going 24 into 25 is what I’m seeing here So if this were to be accurate to any Degree at all we have some time before Things unfold and it would be more of a Natural organic move in the chart action To me representing real adoption real Market infrastructure building into the Financial Legacy systems creating real Use case some kind of favorable ruling In the SEC versus Ripple to allow it to Move forward And there you would have I would see Something that would look like this Because back in 2017 2018 there was none Of what we’re dealing and talking about Now very real applications are happening Now that were not happening in 2017 and 2018. and I think that’s more Fundamental information and takeaways to Have as we look at this stuff again it’s Not Financial advice from egg grad Crypto me or anyone else it’s just my Digital perspectives but sometimes History doesn’t just repeat sometimes It’ll rhyme instead so anything moving Across the the chart that looks like This I believe is supported by Fundamental news behind it and that Would mean some kind of positive ruling To the SEC versus Ripple and some kind Of real adoption taking place and a real Use case happening in the business every Single day and just constantly being Scaled and ramped up and that is

Ultimately what I’m here to see for the Real use case of xrp I again not Financial advice for me or anyone else 22 cents 80 bucks I’m here for the ride That’s the decision I’ve made make sure You ask yourself that question too I’ll Catch all of you on the next one


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