Ripple/XRP-Europe`s SEPA $2.6 Trillion/Ripple, Ripple Poised For United States Takeover

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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines here we got sepa Europe's Payment system we got Ripple Chris Larson and we are poised for a United States payment rails takeover oh we're Going to get into it somebody roll that Beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on in [Applause] Welcome back to the show you can follow Us on Twitter and YouTube for exclusive Content right now it's $1.52 trillion Market cap for crypto the market is Actually green this morning we're up 1.8% in the last 24 hours 38,500 for Bitcoin right now $289 and change for ethereum some say a Bargain still and number five spot right Now is 61 Cent xrp tether market caps 89.2 billion plus keep your eye on it Ladies and gentlemen because you know The Department of Justice is 61 cents For xrp we're up 1% in the 24 hour We're Off by 1.6 in the 7 day let's look at The range of price very quickly here 602 on the bottom and 6142 is the top of The price range for xrp right now pretty Tight trading range and we're sitting at 6096 we'll keep an eye on it ladies and Gentlemen if you haven't done it I tell You about it all the time because I

Don't offer anything that I'm not a Customer of first I don't sell or Promote things that I'm not a customer Of period full stop and that's why I Talk about I trust and other products so Much because I know that they work for Me as a customer and there's a good Chance that you're probably going to Want to use it too tell them I said come On in click the link below this is the Best and it's not I'm not guessing this Is the best crypto gold silver Ira on The planet Bar None you don't believe me Click the link below and check out my Sponsor yourself for Yourself look at this uh big moments are Coming ladies and gentlemen boy are we About to talk about it too uh xrp with Smart contracts flare networks beta Testing for f assets Begins come on in come on in Hugo smart Contracts are the game changer this is The main reason why so many projects Have been built on ethereum despite the High gas fees that's absolutely correct Shout out to xrp drops for this and you Know uh speaking of this look it the the Big challenge with platforms and Delegating your assets staking your Assets and things of that nature has Really been the vulnerable key point is The cross Chain Bridge to get you there That's where the vulnerability for Attack has really kind of reared its

Head generally speaking for most of These types of platforms now uh with Layer cake we're hoping that Hugo and The team there have got it figured out Because if they do this is going to be Massive think of it for a moment the Fact that you could take assets and put Them on flare networks and for the first Time put your portfolio to work for you Instead of it just sitting and lying Dormant it really is that definition of Moving from a debt based system to an Asset B back system but again we're Getting ready to see it move into the Beta testing phase now two things one I'm excited to see the results of this And the hard work from everybody over There at Flair and number two I want to See us get to a place where we Understand as far as legally Legislatively regulatory wise exactly How something like this a platform Offering this opportunity sits in the Regulatory world and the legal Compliance world that's what we need to See next as far as the beta testing as Well so all the best to everybody there In the beta testing very excited to see The results now this is a reminder here Just like uh Flair is we're moving to a Multi-chain world don't believe me Listen to Ripple partner from NVA say it Right Here there you go

Oh That's exactly right and here's Brad Garlinghouse saying as much it's all About utility and there's going to be Different shapes and different sizes We're going to live in what I describe As a multi-chain multi- crypto World There isn't going to be one winner to Rule them all and and there you have it And it really is true and you know uh Don't forget that you know we'd say when In the team have worked on bringing the Ability to incorporate the evm the Ethereum virtual machine with the xrp Ledger to create that cross chain Bridging capability very excited about That as well look the more we can be Interoperable with all chains the better Off you are right I mean then we have The idea and understanding about Settling products settling derivatives Take a look at this Eur clear's first Blockchain Bond presents a bridge Between distributed Ledger technology And traditional infrastructure now I'm Sure you all remember when I have played Countless times the SEC in the United States confirming unanimously to move to T+1 t+ 0 settlement and they are indeed Incorporating DLT and such measures as Such to do so so very exciting here now This platform happens to be built on R3 Quara and currently we know xrp is not Being used for settlement right now for

This but we do know that xrp is Something that can be incorporated for Settlement on the quarter platform as Well as other asset so this gets Exciting because they're starting to Connect it all to the new world the new Payment rails the new ways of Transmitting and settling value not just Making payments we already been doing That s settling and moving the value in Damn near real time now take a look at This talk about uh more Network effects Here an inevitable xrp exchange traded Product could send shock waves through The crypto industry this here from abs And good morning crypto shout out to Them and the whole team and Johnny and Everyone else and Coach JV and everybody Over there there's so many I love them All they're great but let's break down Why he says institutional Onslaught Picture this Institutional Investor Store forming in an xrp exchange traded Fund opens the floodgates making it Simpler for big players to dive into the Xrp pool this is absolutely correct Liquidity liftoff buckle up for the Liquidity boost ETFs tend to increase Trading volumes injecting lifeblood into Xrp markets and potentially reducing Price volatility another excellent point Mainstream Madness mainstream media will Launch a marketing campaign never seen Before in digital finan imagine xrp

Rubbing shoulders with traditional Assets on stock exchanges like NASDAQ It's not just a crypto party it's a Financial opportunity attracting a Broader audience Singapore Stands Tall Fun fact Ripple already clinch Regulatory approval in Singapore this Update from June could amplify Global Interest around xrp this is absolutely All great points to remember here and There is a uh Etc group physical XR p in Germany here and shout out to I think it Was Al uh down here yeah Al shout out to Al for pointing that out xrp already has An ETF over in Germany so these things Do exist I think there's also one if my Memory serves me correctly in Switzerland I believe as well so there's A couple out here already right so it's Very exciting to see the spread of these Different products opportunities that Are really starting to come to fruition Here and don't forget about sepa so sepa Is the European pay European payment System say that four times fast right so Uh 2.6 trillion per day so it's not a Corner store we're talking about here This is massive payments okay now this Is from a ripple insights talking about Obviously the EUR payment uh European Payments Council has also made progress Through sepa instant credit transfer System and update to the original sepa Single Euro payments area program

Designed to reduce friction we also know That expanding crypto forward Solutions Like Ripple's crypto enable payment Solution which frees up working capital By eliminating the need for prefunding And we know the rest of it right in Complex clearing mechanisms and the rest Of it so now with that being said we Also know that Iso20022 Standardization right messaging is going To be pushed back until I think they Said March of 2024 so just a few months About four months away right we could do That standing on our head I don't expect To see price necessarily move by them Because of that moved of standardization As I've said multiple times but I do get Excited because once we see that Standardization and adoption move by all The different Payment Systems around the World we have the standardization just Like we do in the shipping container Industry same boats same containers same Trucks to carry them same cranes to take Them off the ports are laid out the same You know this kind of standardization And efficiency is what's known as the Effect of the jevans Paradox right so That is really what we're getting ready To see in finance so that's why I'm Excited to see the adoption come to Light in uh March of 2024 for 2.6 Trillion per day how about that and

Here's Chris lson from multiple years Back here uh explaining how to Interconnect with sepa payment system Now take a listen to what he says here Yeah we just uh announced that we signed Up uh cbw out of Kansas and cross river Bank out of New Jersey and uh obviously With banks you know banks are rightly uh Careful about any new technology for Regulatory purposes and and for Stability purposes so you know these Conversations do take a while 6 months To a year we think to really sort of Introduce the concept and then how can It be applied and then starting talking About Pilots um but we're really pleased This is the first year US Banks now on The Ripple protocol so we think we are Starting to get our message out there That uh these new technologies Distributed ledgers really can be seen As Alternatives really valuable valuable Alternatives to correspondent Banking And that's very powerful for um Particularly smaller banks that Otherwise have to rely on corresponding Banks okay so I'm am I right in thinking The strategy is then to get a kind of a Nationwide deployment of Ripple and if So how how is that going to work what's The strategy listen so the strategy Really is now first uh try to get a bank In each of the key regions of the world Because if you can connect One Bank on a

In the US to One Bank uh on sepa in Europe you have effectively connected All of the banks on those two networks So you really get a multiplier effect Now we have this Fedor out of Germany on Sea and we have now these two US Banks On on ech this is years ago and he's Already told you that they're connected Right this is years ago well let's talk About what's happening today Ripple Confirms the approval in 31 US states For money transfer licenses more than Half of the United States Ripple is Licensed for money transfer come on in Take a look at It with the 31 money transfer licenses Across the United States excluding California New York Texas and Florida It's setting the stage ripples Global Reach extends to Singapore with a rare Regulatory Green Light Just in this past June despite the SEC attack on crypto Ripple continues to thrive and head Towards Mass adoption I believe that we Are going to see an Explosion of network Effects over the next coming months and Years certainly as we get clarity and This case finally comes to legal Finality where it is over not three4 of The way over not 78 of the way over it Is Over think of it for a moment stable Coin

Legislation you get clear stable coin Legislation where Banks can start to use It banks will immediately become 247 365 That has never happened Before think of the impacts here and Ripple's right there to serve the entire United States at the same time that's What's coming so excited ladies and Gentlemen if you haven't done it join us In the freedom Zone I tell you you're Missing it and the dpmg digital Perspective Mastermind group where we Have a brand new special going on right Now you can't afford to not make the Investment into yourself and do this I'm Telling you right now if you don't Believe me go to perspectives. look at The testimonials on the site they'll Tell you what's going on inside that Group and what's happening and I tell You what you'll be around the most Likeminded kind elevating people that Are all striving to do the same thing Which is create massive wealth for Theirself and their families just like You want to do too it starts with Surrounding yourself with the right Likeminded people that don't think You're crazy cuz you're not you're here For a reason and we are too and we're Not ashamed about it let's get in here And start getting focused and pointing In the right direction let's get Prepared for the windfall before the

Windfalls here right we want to be Prepared you want to do it the best Place to do it is right here and if You're in the dpmg you make the Investment yourself the freedom zone is Free so make sure you check it out I'll Catch all of you on the next one not Financial advice for me or anyone Else


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