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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got for you Department of Justice Jay Clayton Sullivan Cromwell and conflicts of Interest flying around stably and The Xrp Ledger how about this how about Stable coins in The xrp Ledger we're Going to get into that India is still Calling for a crypto ban uh we know Russia is going for gold back stable Coins but guess who else is we'll tell You U.S Congress digital asset Subcommittee Davos World economic Forum In the top three themes you're going to Want to know SEC versus Ripple could it Be a secret agreement in order for a Settlement and how about xrp price we Got to take a look it's 50 cents into Books somebody wrote that beautiful Intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1 trillion point zero two is where we're At here and we're off by point four Percent of the market 21 000 slightly Over for Bitcoin 23.2 percent up Ethereum over fifteen hundred dollars at 21 gains this is all on the seven day we See the tether market cap at 66.4 Billion they're saying now xrp at 38

Cents we're up 12.2 percent let's get Into this thing ladies and gentlemen It's Ledger live it's actually Ledger Stacks have you gotten it have you done Your pre-order click the link underneath The video the inventor of the iPod what Are you waiting for it looks to me like Ledgers finally gotten his user friendly As we all wished it would have been Right now Not your keys not your crypto click the Link underneath the video I've got my Pre-order don't mess around I'd rather Pre-order it and have a back order right So make sure you get yours in today Click that link former SEC official John Reed Stark who I've disagreed with a lot On what he says talks about what he Thinks about the recent price uptick When it comes to crypto and Bitcoin and Basically what he's saying here is the Reason the reasons driving the Resurgence here in his book is Market Manipulation is being played in an Outsized role in bitcoin's recovery Citing a Forbes analysis of 157 crypto Exchanges Stark concluded that the Roughly half listen roughly half of the Reported Bitcoin daily trading volume Was likely bogus Half I'll let you figure it out from there U.S department of justice has opposed FDX hiring Sullivan Cromwell thank

Goodness the law firm currently tasked With exchanges investigation citing Potential conflict of interest ladies And gentlemen give Michael Branch a Follow he's amazing You get into this thing and it basically Points out the fact that in a recent Legal filing U.S trustee said that is Objecting the FTX decision due to two Overarching reasons in the first place The law firm's disclosures are not Wholly sufficient to evaluate whether Sullivan Cromwell satisfies the Bankruptcy codes Conflict Free of Disinterestedness and disinteredness how About that one standards furthermore There might be a conflict of interest Given Ryan Miller general counsel of FTX U.S previously worked at Sullivan Cromwell for eight years you see the Incestuous things going on here right Department of Justice said the Investigation replaced a law firm in a In the conflicted position of Investigating itself and its former Partner second the scope of Sullivan Cromwell's retention cannot be allowed As proposed the complaint added Detailing the bankruptcy rules Specifically preclude debtors and Possession from investigating the Themselves doj asked a court to deny Sullivan cromwell's application I want To remind everybody right now and there

Was also a letter that was written in a Bipartisan group from U.S senators Including John Hickenlooper Tom Tillis And then Elizabeth Warren and Cynthia Loomis lashing out for the same reasons Of Sullivan cromwell's involvement and Then we also know Jay Clayton is a part Of Sullivan Cromwell as well so lots of Reasons to put stop to that let's see This here binance however says they plan To hire 15 to 30 percent more in 2023 We'll keep an eye on that and I hope so And I hope that that is indicative of What the space will look like sometime Next year after all of this vagueness Lack of clarity and suppression to the Market is lifted Then we see this Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb adds space station to his Building resume or space station Building to his resume Stellar's Chief Technology officer and co-founder is now Building a team of Industry experts and Engineers to Pioneer a new frontier of Space exploration this is pretty Remarkable I mean this goes along with In the same path as Elon Musk and Everything that's happening right I mean I firmly believe Elon Musk I think Dai Really pushed this story when he was Catching a lot of heat it really wasn't Even popular for people to talk about But I think he was spot on then I think It's even more spot on now Elon Musk and

Starlink is the new internet It is the replacement of the Antiquated Satellites that are currently circling The earth right Don't believe it I think it's still true Stably official is a Fiat is a Fiat to Stable coin and crypto on off-ramp Widget designed to reduce friction for Web 3 users looking to top up their Wallets on blockchain networks you can Learn more by clicking this and we go Into it here this is the xrp ladies and gentlemen Now listen I want to be full disclosure Here I don't get any money from xrp I Don't ever get any money from any Ledger People I don't get money from Ripple Right I don't get money from corium but I tell you this corium token And core and Aquarium Network smart Contract network stably is built on that Network and that's why I hold it and see It's just a little thing like that as an Investor has been in this space and Certainly a Speculator a wild Speculator In these Hills That tells me that I want to be a part Of that and that's why I got a bag of it A while back there You know but I tell you we'll see where This goes but it's basically highly Regulated and compliant it says it here Why is dxr why The xrp Ledger stably USD Is a regulatory compliant and USD back

Stablecoin that supports the xrp Ledger's objective of providing a Scalable and sustainable blockchain for A tokenized assets and global payment Settlement now I just want to let's not Get confused now Right providing a scalable sustainable Blockchain for Tokenized assets that screaming Stockings stocks and bonds to me that Screaming poly sign to me right and Global payment system that global Payment settlement and that screaming Ripple net to me odl that's screaming Swift at some point R3 the collaboration Between all of these different payment Providers in this new digital space that Are absolutely inside of the financial System that's what I see there now I am Speculating and it's not fact I'm Speculating How many tokens are there how many Currencies are on The xrp Ledger well as Of La was it March 21st March 3rd 2021 Of last year or the year before Over 5400 currencies have been issued on The xrp Ledger over the past eight years Stably being one of the most recent India's Central Bank still calls for a Blanket ban on crypto if you have not Seen that video from this morning with The Central Bank Governor from India Laying down what he knows I highly encourage you to go watch that

My friends And it was a bad Russia was going to be doing gold back Stable coins guess who's going to be Joining them it's Iran ladies and Gentlemen yeah all of this is giving More confidence and more bullish feeling For me not Financial advice for me I'm a Permeable in this space And it just tells me that they're all Moving away from the US Dollars it Suggests here the stablecoin aims to Replace fiat currency such as the US Dollar the Russian Ruble the Iranian Real and cross-border transactions If there's anyone who has a greater Understanding Of why this new system is so important It is in fact Banks Especially central banks Imagine sitting at the table with Central bankers and they realize hey uh You know we we actually could do a System here where we don't have to trust Each other on a bigger greater grander Scale than we ever had before and still Do business with one another Every Central Banker in the world is Like oh do tell right And here I think we see something that's Going to turn into some motion at least That's the Hope right Is that U.S lawmakers finally create a Subcommittee for digital Assets Now what

Will it lead to we don't know will it Lead to poor legislation let's hope not Because they could easily make a bad Move there this is not handing out any Trophies there's no capes in DC I don't Live that far away from there and I can Tell you there's no Heroes there and if They are they're certainly not in Congress but I can tell you this it is The right thing to develop a Subcommittee where you get a specialized Panel of people with deep knowledge About what they're trying to create Legislation for And I firmly believe that when you look At like former Ripple advisor Michael S Barr who now happens to be the vice President of the Border Governors for The Federal Reserve and you understand That Michael S Barr was at the treasury Before going to rip was an advisor you Understand that when Michael Barr was at The treasury he was also one of the Architects of fsoc the financial Stability oversight Council which is a Group of regulators From Prudential Regulators like the Federal Reserve and and uh the U.S Treasury itself right all the way down To Market Regulators like the cftc and the SEC and all of these regulators and Board of directors sit on this group as Fsoc which was created after the 08

Crisis So Michael S Bar architect of of fsoc And Dodd-Frank That created fsoc Now at the VP Board of Governors to Really work on architecting legislation For stable coins Now a subcommittee in Congress I think These couple things working together Will take us to a place where we will Actually get some form of clarity when It comes to stable coins remember people Are like thinking themselves I get Messages all the time why do you go on About stable coins I can't get rich off Of stable coins yeah you can But it's not off of stable coins Themselves it's off of clarity and Legislation it is the bottleneck of how You get into the digital asset space if You have Clarity there then you're going To have a much bigger Market going on After that I can tell you that now which One's going to do well I can't begin to Speak to it but this we know Davos has Started World economic Forum at Davos Conference And apparently this gentleman I'm not Going to say his name sometimes you get Messed up from YouTube It is not a free network that is for Sure but this gentleman will miss the Opening of the world economic Forum due To some kind of health issue

You hate to see it hashtag sarcasm and Then here breaking George Soros is Pulled out of the 2023 World economic Forum in Davos following the uh similar Exit on this past Friday something is Brewing says James Bradley we will keep Watching it to see if that in fact is The case however what we do have here From Riz is a Quick Clip letting us know What the top three themes are and you're Really going to like one of them the World's Elite will descend on Davos for The world economic forum's first winter Meeting since 2020. the themes on the Official agenda are a bit of a mouthful So let's break it down here are the top Three things that will dominate this Year's agenda number one it's all about Inflation the postcode recovery crashed Headfirst into surging CPI in 2022 Supply chains stretched to Breaking Point and prices soared putting pressure On consumers the fed and central banks Around the world responded with Aggressive rate hikes taking the Possibility of a recession in their Stride but were they behind the curve Number two a shifting geopolitical Landscape Russia's invasion of Ukraine forced many Nations to choose sides and Shore up for Energy supplies Russia was absent from The form's summer gathering in May and Won't be there this year either China

U.S relations also hit a new low over Taiwan and human rights China is looking To come back bigger than ever at its First Gathering since the pandemic but Will they receive a warm welcome number Three crypto and regulation a late Addition to our top three thanks to the Implosion of sambachman Freed's FTX Empire in November his arrest and Extradition to the U.S has given Regulators more ammunition in their Drive to reign in the crypto industry so Are we already past P crypto those Themes aside the big question may be More about the event itself with Criticism in recent years about its Relevance in this year's Davos produce Anything more than talk Well there you have it ladies and Gentlemen she says it will uh can this Year's Davos produce anything more than Talk and I think that it will because we See the movement in Congress here in the United States and I happen to believe Unlike the wef beliefs of themselves it Is the largest economy in the world that Needs to move now And when the largest economy finally Tips their hat and shows Clarity to the Bottleneck of how you enter and exit This space Then I believe you will see a flood of Institutional money move into the fourth Industrial Revolution which is digital

Assets and blockchain Technology now Before we get out of here I do want to Touch this very quickly here is a great Comment from John Deaton shout out to John Deaton the field General ladies and Gentlemen boy oh boy there's a Conference coming up you're going to Need to know about and I'll keep you Posted on it when it's posted but I tell You what it's going to be amazing And uh let's see right here it says in This he's asked any chance that this Judge rules on keeping Hinman documents Sealed soon I'm thinking this may Jumpstart a potential settlement is it Possibly for a settlement between them That would include them not being Accessible to the public or is that too Late and then John Deaton answers here If there's a settlement it would include An agreement to not disclose any Documents receiving during the Litigation of the case but Ripple isn't Going to be the only company that seeks Disclosure of those documents other Defendants sued by the SEC will foia Litigation Etc and I think that's such a key point To remember and that brings the Conversation even further to this Okay now listen to this in a thread of Tweets at the start of January if you Remember Deaton emphasized that the Lawsuit might not settle because of the

Hinman emails the reason he says the Case would have settled if the emails Were damaging as most think they would Not have been turned over to Ripple After motions for summary judgment and Those who exclude expert testimony have Been fully briefed the ceiling disputes Remain in the pending issue in the Ripple lawsuit in the week The SEC filed its response and partial Opposition to the Ripple defend its Motion to seal certain documents filed In connection with the parties cross Motions for summary judgment that was Done in an Omnibus just this past week If you missed it now let's take a look At this It's at grad crypto saying hey is 55 57 Cents in our future Well he's looking at an atom Eve pattern Which might take xrp to exactly that but He says here if xrp did not move Max by 18th of January in another two days then I might be inclined to have a ranging Price action in two days we will know And this is actually the pattern that He's citing right here so we'll keep an Eye on it see if it happens I like the Way this guy does stuff so he gives you The up and down you know it doesn't Guarantee anything but this is what the Living breathing chart looks like at This moment and we'll keep an eye on it To see where it goes whether it's 57

Cents or back on down for a chance to Fill your bags again if you haven't got Them full already not Financial advice From me or anyone else I'll catch all of You on the next one


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