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Welcome back to the show everybody check It out the SEC finally tracks one down We'll explain U.S senator wants to ban Crypto oh really we'll get this Finance Delisting all U.S cryptocurrencies we're Going to talk about it this isn't just a Demolition this is a transformation You're going to see evidence of it Before you leave out of here today and Quite possibly the new NYSE for crypto And so much more SEC getting sued I told You we'd have some good news in this Thing somebody wrote that beautiful Intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody man Do I love to smell a crypto in the Morning in the afternoon in the evening I love it eat sleep Repeat that's it crypto that's so that's All you got to do right now one trillion Dollar plus market cap we're off by one Percent Bitcoin right now twenty four Thousand two hundred plus ethereum 1600 Plus tether market cap 70.2 billion they Say I tell you this Market isn't really Healthy until we know how the government And regulation Regulators feel about Tether period full stop for me not Financial advice 39 cents for xrp we're Up two percent on seven day ladies and

Gentlemen let me tell you what's going On here and we are getting incredible Response about xrp Las Vegas who needs Bitcoin Miami good for them love them I Hope they make a gazillion dollars we Got xrp Las Vegas ladies and gentlemen And we're always going to have it from Now on and don't miss the inaugural Event 77 days seven hours plus from now Get your ticket now and I don't mind Telling you there are going to be There's going to be food there's going To be special room rates for attendees But click the link and book your room The seats for the event are limited and The seats and the rooms that are Available for attendees absolutely Limited discounted rates don't mess Around round ladies and gentlemen all Right let's get into this SEC charges Terraform CEO Dao Kwan with defrauding Investors in crypto schemes Really Now Now you want to chase him down Where in the hell have you been Oh that's right You've been suing legitimate companies Like library and ripple silly me now I Know Then we look at this Senator Sherrod Brown You know when is it time to hang the Gone fishing sign Senator brown maybe

Now He has called for a comprehensive Regulatory framework for Cryptocurrencies oh that sounds mild it Actually even sounds responsible but Don't go too far ladies and gentlemen Because what he's really calling for has Been a long skeptic of cryptocurrency And in December last year he suggested That crypto should maybe be banned This is what we're watching take place Here And I've got something for you to Consider before we get out of here Let us not forget ladies and gentlemen As Mr Huber here Sears with us ho ho ho Ho look at that look who ethereum Bull And cftc chairman Heath tarbet's Mentor Was at Sullivan Cromwell J Clayton well Now I'm getting in the game You know it seems very incestuous the Way these people are hooked together in The legal end the private sector the Regulatory world it's like you know There something really needs to be done To put clear boundaries I believe look it could be as simple as Just like in politics right I mean it They'll never do it because it they know It's the right thing to do not right nor Left will do it it'll be the one thing They always agree on is they will not Set term limits There should that you should be able to

Abolish the phrase career politician That should not even be a phrase that Exists in as a meaning That's going to solve a lot of problems Right there and here you could do the Same thing you could never be appointed To a regulatory body or whatever more Than once or twice in a so many year Time span I mean it'd be very easy to Clean a lot of this stuff up Eastgate Evidence keeps rolling in it really does Don't forget that the East Gate the Facts are not in dispute The free pass was in fact a free pass There's no question about that in my Mind Embrace yourself ladies and gentlemen This just in knowing Gary Gensler This just in But seriously folks it is serious what We're watching happen here we know that Gensler's just made the announcement About qualified custodians binance can See the writing where this is going on The wall Watcher Guru shares here Finances to consider de-listing all U.S Based cryptocurrencies From Bloomberg reports How about that I want you to think about that for a Minute I want you to think about that for a Minute then think about this Back to choir's digital asset custody

Company partner and you know their Partner with bmymelon right so this is Just a reminder that remember backed do You remember back Boy has been awfully quiet hasn't it Intercontinental Exchange owns backed And what else do they own oh that's Right the International Continental Exchange known as ice also owns the New York Stock Exchange And they've been awfully quiet during This time of uncertainty but they have Not gone away I can assure you that My speculation happens to be in the in The neighborhood of wondering if we're Watching this controlled demolition of Crypto has me thinking what if fact Owned by the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange becomes in fact the New York Stock Exchange for what's left Of crypto after the transformation slash Controlled demolition They've been awfully quiet just saying It really is true now I want to play for You something that may brighten your day A little bit the SEC being sued I sat Down with frederus Poley and I want to Share with you what he's got going on And it's based around ethereum ladies And gentlemen check it out Okay so now that isn't the only thing That you have going on Fred you also and By the way I I find this to be a what's Good for the goose is good for the

Gander the SEC likes to sue the Daylights out of everybody and that's True but now you're suing the SEC tell Us why Fred all right we are suing the SEC hot or law and if you go on to the Twitter handle for hata law which is at Hoddle underscore law we have updates on The sec's case but we're doing a Declaratory action against the SEC and What that is is that's just when you File a lawsuit it can be in a lot of Different contacts but say you know There's a federal issue here in this Case it's the Securities Act And we want to know what Hollow laws Rights are so the plaintiff in this case Is huddle law Um the Arizona firm we've got in Arizona And a California firm and the uh huddle Law our Law Firm you know we advise Clients on crypto related issues crypto Transactions but we also utilize crypto Day-to-day you know a lot of different Cryptos but the firm utilizes ethereum We use the ethereum network To go back and forth with ethereum Transactions also you use the ethereum Network or we use the ethereum network For ERC 20 tokens And a lot of metaverse projects that Huddle law is working on are based on Ethereum network Um metaverse projects so we engage in Use of the network and go back and forth

Exchanging the token ethereum and the SEC won't tell us if that's unregistered Securities transactions or not and People have been asking for years and Years how to law is new so you know We've only been asking for a little bit But as he sees like we're not going to Tell you if you're breaking the law but We'll Reserve our right to sue you at an Unknown point in the future and so You know we said we're not going to wait For this we're going to get what our Rights are we're going to get a judge to Tell us and we filed suit this one is in The southern district of California uh And the SEC just responded now the SEC Could have responded to real simple ways They could have said hey Law and this respoli guy are crazy Ethereum's not a security we had this Whole speech by Bill Hinman saying it's Not it's not a security case closed he's Right they did not do that they could Have also responded and said no ethereum Is a security and we're going to go Through with this case to tell you why Your honor they also did not do that What they did do is file a motion to Dismiss saying Huddle law doesn't get to know whether We think ethereum is the security or not And what it's doing with ethereum we Don't have to tell them whether that's Illegal or not but we reserve our right

To bring in action against them at some Unknown date in the future and so uh Where our firm is going to file an Opposition to that they'll file their Reply anybody who watches the SEC Ripple Case is well aware of the replies and Oppositions and Sir replies at times so But the hearing is March 13th and you Know if if it is going to be a public Hearing or if we actually get to go Forward with the hearing or if the court Is just going to decide on the papers Um you know follow huddle underscore law For updates on that but You know it's telling that the SEC you Know didn't answer one way or the other And you know I just caution everybody It's because they want to reserve their Right to go after ethereum at some Future point and you know nobody's safe You know I wouldn't even be surprised if At some point they go back and say you Know Bitcoin really has a lot of Security-like features and other things You can do with Bitcoin our security so Now we're going to go after that too Nothing would surprise me at this point Right I mean you know the only thing That actually is really surprising here Is that the guy who preaches about Transparency and coming in and being Open Gary Gensler I'm talking about from The SEC Talks all this game about transparency

And Clarity and all these things and Gives you a response that says not only Am I not going to tell you but I want You to be aware that I reserve the right To take action and sue you even though I Didn't tell you and you just asked Yeah I mean it's just Bonkers and You know there's a lot of confusion out There you know nobody that is uh a long Time audience member uh with your show Is gonna wonder what I'm talking about There with all the confusion that the SEC has purposely gives out and it's Just you know the the argument that I'm Going to give to the court for the firm Is your honor you know if using ethereum Is a security and it's illegal we'll Stop and if it's not we're going to keep Doing it we just want to know and There's only one agency out there who's Got jurisdiction oversecurities the SEC And they won't tell us so now we're Asking you to force them or for you to Make a determination whether it is or it Isn't and you know we just want to know That I mean it's basic Fundamental principles of American Justice which is you know you not you Got to know if what you're doing is Legal or not and you know the cop on the Beat is refusing to say if you know That's illegal or not so it's extremely Frustrating it's been frustrating for Years and years for industry

Participants and You know we're just I'm you know we're Not going to take it anymore and there's Only a few companies that fight the SEC Ripple Library Um you know the uh CAC interactive case That was one you know now in all those Cases the SEC attacked those companies And rather than roll over they decided To fight back but in this case in the Ethereum declaratory action our firm is Is leading the charge and we're suing The SEC so they're in the very Unfamiliar position of being a defendant And You know instead of doing the right Thing and giving an answer they're Saying we don't have to tell you Anything so it's interesting to see what Happens when the shoe's on the other Foot it is and I tell you it is just Lunacy when you think about this when You I I always think of the analogy if I Was on a highway with no speed limits And then I pulled into a convenience Station and I saw a cop in there getting Coffee and a donut and I said hey you Know what's the speed limit out here Because I don't want to you know I don't Want to speed I want to know what the Limit is and then the cop tells you what You just you just know that if I want to Stop you whether it's today or a week or A month from now I can stop you and just

Decide to give you a ticket or sue you Or whatever and it's to me that it's Just like what in the world is going on Fred I know lawyers are not much for Speculation and I but I have to ask the Question does any of this feel Deliberate from the SEC to bring about This lack of clarity benefits from such Suppression like this Well I love speculating so I'll Speculate all day long but you're in the Right place Fred what you have to Realize is you know I love the US Constitution I think it's A great document and but when people Talk about the Constitution says this or That or whatever you know at the end of The day you know this is just the way Life is is the Constitution is just a Piece of paper and if everybody's going To ignore what something in the Constitution says then it doesn't matter It's meaningless if enough people are Going to enforce it and abide by it well Then it's a very important document that Lays out you know fundamental rights and Privileges And so when we take that you know a Little bit closer to the crypto World We've got this industry where nobody From a regulatory standpoint seems to Have a firm grasp of what's going on Most of the Regulators are in an age Bracket where this is very difficult for

Them to grasp And it's not like it's new in a sense This happened with the internet and it Was you know unclear for a while but Then everybody decided to wrap their Heads around it you know in the crypto Case it's just moving a lot faster than The internet was I mean everybody I bet A lot of people probably not everybody Actually I bet you've got a younger Audience but when we had the internet You know you dialed up on a modem phone It was super slow so it wasn't moving Nearly as fast as the crypto world and You've got a lot of Um when you're talking about payments And moving money and value you've got a Thick Thick layer of middlemen that siphon off Money Every Which Way and so a lot of People are threatened by that a lot of People that are close with people in the SEC are threatened by that and I think You know could there be some more Nefarious you know high-level Conspiracies going on yes definitely Um and I would say that there probably Is an element of that but I think the The simpler explanation is we've got Somebody we've got an agency who wants To expand their Turf and get more Powerful that's the same old story in Government how do we expand get bigger And nobody's slapping them on the wrist

From Congress so why not do a land grab For as much as you can get I tell you You know sometimes it is just that Simple isn't it friend Yeah and I mean you know that's the uh You know that that's to me in my Speculation that that's what it is I Mean there could be some Grandeur things At play or elements of it but I think The just simple explanation is we want This power grab we want this money grant They just got 30 million from Kraken That's not going to any investors that Got hurt it's just you know a paycheck That goes right to the SEC I mean that's A lot of money that you know now you can Fund a lot of other things with so Um why not try and get all that money And get all that power if no one's gonna Tell you no 100 Fred don't go anywhere This is Fred raspoli from huddle law is French dot org dot org Brad I couldn't get it You couldn't have it you know but that That's our age right we understand but You know at this day and age you know as Long as you've got the address it Doesn't it doesn't carry the way Anymore right so it's that's Where you're at they can follow I'm sorry see if I can Mess that up one more time for you Now I'm at uh on Twitter I'm at Freddy Rizz

F-r-e-d-d-y-r-i-z absolutely and you Know what I I hope that you'll come back Here when you get some more information Uh Fred and update us on both of those Cases and what's happening definitely Will thanks again for having me thank You don't go anywhere man And there you have it ladies and Gentlemen I tell you shout out to Freddy For that one and as we watch what's Taking place and let us not forget the Announcement from Gary Gensler just two Days ago about qualified custodians for The real money from institutions to show Up the first thing you have to do is Have custody figured out and it sounds Like we're on the precipice of seeing That actually unfold and take place and Once it does Will back rise out of the ashes like a Lion in the bush And become the NYSE for crypto at least What's left I have no idea I'm Speculating but I tell you what I love Watching it unfold ladies and gentlemen If you haven't done it make sure you Take a look at this it's I trust Capital Ladies and gentlemen crypto IRAs retail Investors can't get institutional Custody but you can when you work with I Trust Capital because that's exactly What happens to the crypto that you own They have no access to it there's no Co-mingle funds everything's done in

Complete compliance and Regulatory Standard fashion roll over your 401K Check out all the amazing things that They offer but more importantly know This you have institutional custody as a Retail investor and you're buying your Crypto tax-free that's going to do it For me I'll catch all of you on the next One


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